WoP Comment Policy

We seek open, educated and civil conversation on WoP forum.

The discussion area is moderated,


but very lightly. We might block those comments and discussions that are indecent, inflammatory, slanderous, uncivil or irrelevant to the discussion itself. If all you wish to do is to pick a fight, please do it elsewhere. If you want to have a reasoned, reasonable and civil discussion, you are most welcome.


We do not allow


personal attacks and abusive language. Blatant and obvious misrepresentations are also edited. Finally, flamers beware. Please do not try to ‘bait’ people into arguments just for the sake of controversy. Your opinions are your opinions and you have a right to them, but attributing false statements to others, or inventing unsubstantiated or unsubstantiable ‘facts’ is unbecoming in an intellectual forum.

Please do not try to use the assumed anonymity of the web to say things – or to say them in a way – that you would not do face to face. WoP reserves the right to permanently block repeat offenders, including trolls and flamers who try to assume multiple or false identities with the intent to or effect of derailing civil discourse. As widely practiced by  the media all over, WoP retains the right to edit or block submissions considered dishonest, inappropriate, inflammatory, uncivil or exhibiting and/or enticing religious, sectarian, or ethnic prejudice. Although publicly open, this is a privately-run blog and WoP reserves the right to remove entire comments or portions of comments that do not reflect these requirements.


All opinions–including contrary opinions–are always welcome and appreciated when stated civilly.


P.S. We realize that some issues ignite passions. If they do, we suggest that you (a) write the post, (b) take a deep breath 15 times, (c) drink a glass of cold water, (d) re-read your post and edit out any inappropriate language, and then (e) post your comments. This will spare you the embarrassment and us the effort of having to blank out offensive words from your post, or the entire post, or blocking you.

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Wonders of Pakistan supports freedom of expression and this commitment extends to our readers as well. Constraints however, apply in case of a violation of WoP Comments Policy stated above. We also moderate hate speech, libel and gratuitous insults. 
We at Wonders of Pakistan use copyrighted material the use of which may not have always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We make such material available to our readers under the provisions of “fair use” only. If you wish to use copyrighted material for purposes other than “fair use” you must request permission from the copyright owner.

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