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Sorry friends, I could not mail the index of posts that were uploaded in the month of March and April 2014. This was because of the continuous clinical tests, med consultation and the medication. Why did I do this? Because I was continuously feeling terrible weakness, feverish and sometime blurred visibility. So the whole month of March took up my time in looking into what had happened with me. Thank God, after all these consultations, clinical tests and medications, it transpired that it was due to shortage of Vitamin D3 and B12.

After proper medication, I am feeling alright now and that’s how am now back to my doing the web things.

But, why were there no updates in April either! Well this was because of the terrible connectivity we have at the hands of PTCL Broadband.  It started in the last week of March and it continues till this day. Many a time when I finesse an article and start uploading the same, the browser speed gets so poor that the whole material gets deleted.

In most of the cases I do keep a copy of the content on the hard drive but sometimes and this sometime turns into many times, I do transfer material directly from other internet sources as well. In such cases going down of the speed sends the whole material into the unknown world of abyss and as we all know from that unknown mysterious world its almost impossible to retrieve anything.

Any way here are now the updated content for the months of March and April.


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March 2014


Total # of posts this month: 10

1.  Crimea: Putin’s Triumph. Now the Confrontation Moves East to “New Russia” [2 of 2]


Published on : Mar 31, 2014


2.  Crimea: Putin’s Triumph. Now the Confrontation Moves East to “New Russia” [1 of 2]


Published on : Mar 31, 2014


3.  Ukraine’s message to Pakistan


Published on : Mar 26, 2014


4.  The Nuclear Shadow Over Karachi [3 of 3]


Published on : Mar 24, 2014


5.  The Nuclear Shadow Over Karachi [2 of 3]


Published on : Mar 24, 2014


6.     The Nuclear Shadow Over Karachi [1 of 3]


Published on : Mar 03, 2014

7.  Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (RA) advises his son so beautifully, wisely….


Published on : Mar 19, 2014

8.  The Man Who destroyed the Mightiest of the Mighty


Published on : Mar 19, 2014

9.  “To be or not to be…” [2 of 2]


Published on : Mar 11, 2014

10.              “To be or not to be…” [1 of 2]

http://wondersofpakistan.com/2014/03/11/to-be-or-not-to-be-1-of-2/Published on : Mar 11, 2014

Published on : Mar 11, 2014




Contents Blog site Wonders of Pakistan

Apr. 2014


Total # of posts this month: 20


1.     This image says…what you want to say.


Published on : Apr 30, 2014


 2.     Why not name Lahore underpass after Prof. Waris Mir!


Published on : Apr 30, 2014


3.     Change in Fata


Published on : Apr 29, 2014


4.     Ukraine: America’s monopoly ends…Russia a new superpower


Published on : Apr 27, 2014


5.     Setting the stage for war with Pakistan [2 of 2]


Published on : Apr 27, 2014


6.     Setting the stage for war with Pakistan [1 of 2]


Published on : Apr.27, 2014


7.      The Fall of the American Empire (Writ Small)



Published on : Apr 25, 2014



8.     Fishing the Phish of Internet


Published on : Apr 25, 2014


9.     Demands to Ban the Geo TV Channel


Published on : Apr 23, 2014


10.                       Is this journalism?


Published on : Apr 22, 2014


11.                       But never a city in Pakistan


Published on : Apr 22, 2014


12.                       Why I’m quitting my job to go to Pakistan


Published on : Apr 21, 2014


13.                       Time to end the subcontinent’s family feud


Published on : Apr 20, 2014


14.                       The First Timers


Published on : Apr 16, 2014


 15.                       Happy Baisakhi!


Published on : Apr 12, 2014


16.                       “Great Victory”, When we feel afraid to call the spade, a spade



17.                       ‘Genetic engineering’ in East Pakistan


Published on : Apr 12, 2014


 18.                       War Fever in the Air


Published on : Apr 07, 2014


 19.                       Ever heard! [2 of 2]


Published on : Apr 02, 2014


 20.                       Ever heard! [1 of 2]


Published on : Apr 01, 2014




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