The day I met a living saint

60 years ago, as Sattar Edhi stood on a street corner in Karachi, he was begging for money for an ambulance, raising enough to buy a battered old van. In it, he set out on countless life-saving missions. Gradually, he set up centres all over Pakistan. He diversified into orphanages, homes for the mentally ill, drug rehabilitation centres and hostels for abandoned women. He fed the poor and buried the dead. His compassion is boundless. No wonder, today he enjoys the same reverence no Pakistani ever has  been able to after Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.



by Peter Oborne


Sixty years ago, Abdul Sattar Edhi, 82, gave up everything to devote his life to helping Pakistan’s poorest. Here, Peter Oborne hails a truly selfless spiritual sage.

In the course of my duties as a reporter, I have met presidents, prime ministers and reigning monarchs. Until meeting the Pakistani social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi, I had never met a saint. Within a few moments of shaking hands, I knew I was in the presence of moral and spiritual greatness.

 Mr. Edhi’s life story is awesome, as I learnt when I spent two weeks working at one of his ambulance centres in Karachi. The 82-year-old lives in the austerity that has been his hallmark all his life. He wears blue overalls and sports a Jinnah cap, so named because it was the head gear of Muhammad Ali Jinna, the founder of Pakistan.

 No Pakistani since Jinnah has commanded the same reverence, and our conversations were constantly interrupted as people came to pay their respects. Mr. Edhi told me that, 60 years ago, he stood on a street corner in Karachi and begged for money for an ambulance, raising enough to buy a battered old van. In it, he set out on countless life-saving missions.

Gradually, Mr Edhi set up centres all over Pakistan. He diversified into orphanages, homes for the mentally ill, drug rehabilitation centres and hostels for abandoned women. He fed the poor and buried the dead. His compassion was boundless.

 He was born in 1928, when the British Empire was at its height, in Gujarat in what is now western India. But he and his family were forced to flee for their lives in 1947 when the division of India and creation of Pakistan inspired terrible communal tensions: millions were killed in mob violence and ethnic cleansing. This was the moment Mr. Edhi, finding himself penniless on the streets of Karachi, set out on his life’s mission.

 Just 20 years old, he volunteered to join a charity run by the Memons, the Islamic religious community to which his family belonged. At first, Mr. Edhi welcomed his duties; then he was appalled to discover that the charity’s compassion was confined to Memons. He confronted his employers, telling them that “humanitarian work loses its significance when you discriminate between the needy”.

 So he set up a small medical centre of his own, sleeping on the cement bench outside his shop so that even those who came late at night could be served.

 But he also had to face the enmity of the Memons, and became convinced they were capable of having him killed. For safety, and in search of knowledge, he set out on an overland journey to Europe, begging all the way. One morning, he awoke on a bench at Rome railway station to discover his shoes had been stolen. He was not bothered, considering them inessential. Nevertheless, the next day an elderly lady gave him a pair of gumboots, two sizes too large, and Mr. Edhi wobbled about in them for the remainder of his journey.

 In London, he was a great admirer of the British welfare state, though he presciently noted its potential to encourage a culture of dependency. He was offered a job but refused, telling his benefactor: I have to do something for the people in Pakistan.”

On return from Europe, his destiny was set.

 There was no welfare state in Fifties Pakistan: he would fill the gap. This was a difficult period in his life. Shabby, bearded and with no obvious prospects, seven women in rapid succession turned down his offers of marriage. He resigned himself to chastity and threw all of his energy into work.

 He would hurtle round the province of Sindh in his poor man’s ambulance, collecting dead bodies, taking them to the police station, waiting for the death certificate and, if the bodies were not claimed, burying them himself. Mr. Edhi’s autobiography, published in 1996, records that he recovered these stinking cadavers “from rivers, from inside wells, from road sides, accident sites and hospitals… When families forsook them, and authorities threw them away, I picked them up Then I bathed and cared for each and every victim of circumstance.”

 There is a photograph of Mr. Edhi from this formative time. It could be the face of a young revolutionary or poet: dark beard, piercing, passionate eyes. And it is indeed the case that parts of his profound and moving autobiography carry the same weight and integrity as great poetry or even scripture.

 Mr. Edhi discovered that many Pakistani women were killing their babies at birth, often because they were born outside marriage. One newborn child was stoned to death outside a mosque on the orders of religious leaders. A furious Mr. Edhi responded: “Who can declare an infant guilty when there is no concept of punishing the innocent?”

 So Mr. Edhi placed a little cradle outside every Edhi centre, beneath a placard imploring: “Do not commit another sin: leave your baby in our care.” Mr. Edhi has so far saved 35,000 babies and, in approximately half of these cases, found families to cherish them. Once again, this practice brought him into conflict with religious leaders. They claimed that adopted children could not inherit their parents’ wealth. Mr. Edhi told them their objections contradicted the supreme idea of religion, declaring: “Beware of those who attribute petty instructions to God.”

 Over time, Mr. Edhi came to exercise such a vast moral authority that Pakistan’s corrupt politicians had to pay court. In 1982, General Zia announced the establishment of a shura (advisory council) to determine matters of state according to Islamic principles. Mr Edhi was suspicious: “I represented the millions of downtrodden, and was aware that my presence gave the required credibility to an illegal rule.”

Travelling to Rawalpindi to speak at the national assembly, he delivered a passionate denunciation of political corruption, telling an audience of MPs, including Zia himself: “The people have been neglected long enough. One day they shall rise like mad men and pull down these walls that keep their future captive. Mark my words and heed them before you find yourselves the prey instead of the predator.”

 Mr. Edhi did not distinguish between politicians and criminals, asking: “Why should I condemn a declared dacoit [bandit] and not condemn the respectable villain who enjoys his spoils as if he achieved them by some noble means?” This impartiality had its advantages. It meant that a truce would be declared when Mr. Edhi and his ambulance arrived at the scene of gun battles between police and gangsters. “They would cease fire,” notes Mr. Edhi in his autobiography, “until bodies were carried to the ambulance, the engine would start and shooting would resume.”

 Mr. Edhi eventually found a wife, Bilquis, but his personal austerity was all but incompatible with married life. When the family went on Hajj, a vast overland journey in the ambulance, he forbade Bilquis to bring extra clothes, because he was determined to fill the vehicle with medical supplies. Reaching Quetta in northern Balochistan, with the temperature plunging, he relented enough to allow her to buy a Russian soldier’s overcoat. Later on, when their children grew up, Mr. Edhi would not find time to attend his daughter’s marriage.

But Mr. Edhi’s epic achievement would not have been possible but for this inhuman single-mindedness. Today, the influence of the Edhi Foundation stretches far outside Pakistan and Mr. Edhi has led relief missions across the Muslim world, providing aid at every international emergency from the Lebanon civil war in 1983 to the Bangladesh cyclone in 2007.

 There are no horrors that Mr. Edhi and his incredibly brave army of ambulance men have not witnessed, and the numerous lives they have saved.

 The story of Mr. Edhi coincides with the history of the Pakistan state. More than any other living figure, he articulates Jinnah’s vision of a country which, while based on Islam, nevertheless offers a welcome for people of all faiths and sects. Indeed, the life of Mr. Edhi provides a sad commentary on the betrayal of Jinnah’s Pakistan by a self-interested political class.

 One evening, as the sun set over Karachi, I asked Mr. Edhi what future he foresaw. “Unless things change,” he said, “I predict a revolution.”


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US attempt to Assassinate Gaddafi fails




The video up-loader also made these comments:

US bombs Gaddafi’s offices in Tripoli in attempt to assassinate him every day but fails.

John McCain, Joe Lieberman and Lindsay Graham, US Senators, call for the Assassination of Gaddafi and for an all out bombing of Tripoli to overthrow Gaddafi and to install a compliant US Puppet regime as CIA proxy. There is a stalemate due to popular peoples support for Gaddafi government.

Libya is united for Gaddafi and ready to crush Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy Colonialist plot to overthrow the Green Revolution and recolonize Libya.

News show rallies around the World in support of Libya and Gaddafi. News reports there are pro Gaddafi rallies this weekend in Tobruk and Benghazi and other eastern cities that are under Benghazi Terror Gang CIA proxy army control in defiance of these terrorists.

News clip shows Libyan Women learning to use Weapons so they can defend their Nation against the Terror Gangs and NATO and US Marine Scum invaders.

The Libya Army is confident they will kick the ass of the Benghazi Terror Gangs as well as NATO and the 2,500 US Marine criminal sociopathic killers who are skulking around on their US fleet of Pirate ships that are anchored offshore of Libya.

The Libyan Rebels and their phony Feb 17 th movement are a creation of the CIA, the Mi6 and French Intelligence, with money and arms snuck into Libya from Qatar and Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Al Jazeera and CNN and BBC and Fox News and SKy News are all Propaganda rags who have been working overtime to “massage” the masses of people to accept a NATO and US and French and British Invasion of Libya.

Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow and the rest of the fake American Liberals have actually been tripping over themselves to promote another US War for Oil in the Middle East., showing how there both the Democrats & Republicans in the US are merely two wings of one Vulture, which is US Imperialism.

John McCain and John Kerry and Joe Lieberman and Obama and the rest of the US political elite are united in trying to destroy Libya and Gaddafi because Libya is a beacon of light to the oppressed of Africa and the Third World.

Africans and Arabs and Muslims and Anti-Imperialists and Peace loving people of the World must unite to defend Libya and to defeat Western Imperialism and their Benghazi Terror Gangs, who are mostly a mix of Al Qaeda and Islamic Fighting Army members, Criminal Gangs, and CIA and MI6 agents and Libya Expatriates who have not lived in Libya in years, even decades, but who have been sent back in by Western Intelligence agencies to create havoc and chaos and to be a proxy army for London, Paris and Washington DC..

The US , France and Britain are guilty of War Crimes against the Libyan People for dropping thousands of bombs tipped with Depleted Uranium that are poisoning our Land and which will kill and maim thousands of Libyans for hundreds of years to come. Although most of the planet has agreed to never use depleted uranium in their weapons due to its radioactive poisoning for centuries to come, the three evil Gangster nations – US France & Britain, refuse to stop using Uranium in its bombs, killing and poisoning thousands of people in Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and now in Libya. Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy are War Criminals who need to be indicted and imprisoned.

The Italian fascist dictator Berlusconi has now also openly admitted that NATO are using cluster bombs on Libya.

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The Pakistan US Friction

The US drone strikes in Pakistan are not some new found notion, brought into practice under the current government, but thanks to Musharraf, have been a practical strategy since 2004, though the intensity of the attacks has increased exponentially since 2008.




by Bilal Ahmad Khan



Note for WoP readers: What a fellow blogger says in his detailed essay [am going to put that up right now] though to a larger extent what he says is the most probable scenario that  might hold in the Af-Pak scene in the near future, I do not subscribe to his views on Pakistan army conquering the Takht-e-Delhi. We are no more in the 300 years old Mughal empire but right in new millennium. The conditions, the priorities and the realities of this 21st century are far different than they were 300 years ago.

Then the very thesis that Pakistan should occupy Delhi does not carry any sense. We are neither a power that has the means to think so grandiose nor we can afford to think on such perilous course. Even if we come under attack whether of India or America’s, we should only strive to defend our motherland.

I don’t think Indians are that stupid to launch a full fledged attack on Pakistan. The geography of the subcontinent as well as the demographic spread in India does not justify such venture. If India did it in 1971, the reason lay within our own house which was in a terrible mess those days [unfortunately even now situation is not much better either]. Had we settled our differences with the East Pakistanis in those days, I don’t think invasion of East Pakistan by Indian forces would ever have occurred. During my student days I have had close contacts with the East Pakistanis [With many of whom I had real friendship terms]. They were more patriotic Pakistanis than even we in the west. But once our military Juntas continuously denied them their due rights in the federation of Pakistan, all East Pakistanis including the devout Pakistan minded ones turned into vocal and vociferous Bangladeshis.

So the fact remains, if we in Pakistan have our house in order, India would never dare to do such folly as attacking Pakistan. Political gimmicks and mass appealing gambits like issuing strong anti Pakistani statements do appease the voters to caste their opinions in favour of this or that party but to say that they would do so under any circumstance, I do not think so. But it doesn’t mean that this is not impossible.  Everything is possible and we should keep in mind when it’s a matter of survival, one has to fight one’s war by oneself.

Second is the point raised by my friend Peter Chamberlin. Peter is of the opinion that Pakistani army would betray its people. I do admit many of our top brass [as are so many of our politicians] are a commodity with their own price tags, but by and large our army comprises of professional, dedicated and patriotic soldiers led by commands who are honed in the true mill of competence and dedication.

I say so because I know so many from our armed forces who feel as much worried about Pakistan as we do in our civil life.

I do not think Pakistan or India should ever come to a war, BUT God forbid if it so happens, Insha Allah our forces would do what the nation expects them to do. [Nayyar]

[Note by Peter Chamberlin: The following article offers the most probable scenario of about to unfold events that I have come across (by writers other than me).  In addition to the references given in the article, the following two articles point to the same conclusion–Pakistan’s intransigence and Obama’s demands have brought the issue to a point of decision (SEE:   U.S. charges Pakistanis in 2008 Mumbai attack plot ; US lawmakers tell Obama, dump Pakistan and go with India), NATO  and India are about to attempt the eviction of China from Pakistan.  I, however, don’t share the writer’s faith and enthusiasm that the Pakistani Army will come through in the end, to defend the Pakistani people from their treacherous alleged allies.  But I sincerely hope that he is correct. 

Long live Pakistan!]

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Assalamu-alaikum (Peace be unto you)

I hope you have been keeping well. It is certainly very nice to be back and writing quickly. I intend to keep this ‘not-so-short’ and ‘not-so-sweet’ (As if there is ever the other variety on this blog).




My focus today is on the apparently rising tensions between Pakistan and United States. This is a key juncture in the progression of events that will define this period in history. There are some interesting facts that need to be taken into account in this aspect.

The key element in the rising tension has been the drone strikes.

The drone strikes are not some new found notion, brought into practice under the current government, but thanks to Musharraf, have been a practical strategy since 2004, though the intensity of the attacks has increased exponentially since 2008.

One should note that General Kiyani took over as Chief of Army Staff, Pakistan Army in late 2007. Consequently, 2008 stands out to be a noteworthy year. The general elections took place in 2008 and the present setup was established in the same year. (Please note that this writer is of the view that there is no such thing as a ‘fair’ election, neither in the US nor in Pakistan, hence the word ‘established’).

It seems that the plan that was undertaken painstakingly by appointing Musharraf was now being taken to the next level i.e. from 2008 onwards. Hence, to bring the public opinion to square one, new faces and a new regime was placed. Eventually Musharraf was phased out and Zardari was placed in the presidency.

But coming back to the drones, they have continued unabated and with increased frequency since 2008 until January 23, 2011, ‘Raymond Davis’ was captured on January 27, 2011, the next attack came on February 21, 2011, and have resumed ever since. (‘Raymond Davis’ was released on March 16, 2011)

Surprisingly, while it has been maintained that ‘Davis’ was released in exchange for halting drone strikes as well as restricting the CIA setup in Pakistan, on March 9, 2011, while the ‘Davis’ ‘crisis’ was in full swing, ‘General Officer Commanding of the 7th Division, Major General Ghayur Mehmood, called a media briefing at Miranshah a major town of Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal region, on 9 March 2011. He defended CIA’s drone attacks inside Pakistan, saying they killed over 900 militants ‘and very few civilians.’’(




Just to add General still retains his position as Maj Gen Ghayur Mahmood TBt, FF[68] — GOC 7th Infantry Division, Peshawar. (One of the three divisions that conducted Operation Rah-e-Nijat in 2009-2010 and the earlier Operation Zalzala in 2008 in South Waziristan. Currently based in Miranshah, North Waziristan)

Military officers do not act like politicians (though some certainly behave like them). They are always to restrict themselves by the guidelines set by the top commanders. Reviewing the above facts, one is forced to question the seriousness of the military top brass’s reservations regarding these attacks. (I am certainly not criticizing the institution or singling out the military, the political leadership has always been the lackey of the anti Pakistan forces)

Additionally, it is also interesting to note that General Kiyani was given an unprecedented 3-year extension by a political government on July 22, 2010. And interestingly, do you remember who just happened to be in town that day, US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

It is also interesting to note that Lt. General Ahmad Shuja Pasha, DG ISI, is also on extension.

The idea of the above brainstorming was to review the conduct of the military regarding the drone attacks which seems to be the bone of contention between the US and Pakistan.

Apart from that, there are some other interesting facts that need to be looked at. The COAS announced the other day that Army was pulling out from Sui. Perhaps he was signaling a reduction in the military’s role in the province. This coming at a time when it is an open secret that the CIA, Mossad, RAW as well as Iran and certain Gulf states are busy stoking separatist movements in the province. From the face of it, hardly seems like a very prudent step.

Let us leave the military matters for a while and concentrate on the geopolitical situation. As I said 2008 onwards is a very important and noteworthy period, which is ongoing,

As the new setup comes in, the new US AfPak policy is unveiled in March 2009

(Some state that it was already in play in 2008) which marks Pakistan and Afghanistan as a single theater of operations. In June 2009, General Stanley McChrystal is assigned command of US and ISAF forces in Afghanistan. General Stanley McChrystal was also the commander of JSOC (Joined Special Operations Command) for 5 years. JSOC is a special branch of US armed forces which is also assigned the responsibility to undertake nuclear weapons extraction from Pakistan. Incidentally, the bill for provincial status of Gilgit-Baltistan is passed through the Parliament in ONE day, in 2009.

In 2010, additional 30,000 troops are sent to Afghanistan. (The joke was that US withdrawal was to start from June 2011, one may ask why the 30,000 troops then? To have a grand camp out?). It was suspected that these troops were under JSOC command and not under the ISAF flag, in short these troops were for Pakistan. The same year NWFP was named Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, granting the wish of separatist elements in NWFP.




Start of 2011 brings us to ‘Raymond Davis’ and now apparently the ties between US and Pakistan are steadily declining.

Throughout this period there has been a steady rise in provincialism advocated by separatist elements emboldened by the Gilgit-Baltistan and Khyber PK ‘initiatives’ by the current ‘government’ and the establishment. Slogans and echoes of ‘Azad Balochistan’, ‘Hazara Province’, ‘Saraiki Sooba’, ‘Sindhu Desh’, and ‘Jinnahpur’ are steadily becoming louder.

Balochistan and Karachi in particular are resembling more and more like the ‘Wild West’, lawless lands where might is the only right. The terrorist/separatist elements in these regions under direct support of foreign powers and anti Pakistan forces are operating to bring the situation from bad to worse under the garb of racist and sectarian violence. Moreover, these terrorists / separatists are well entrenched in the political circles directly or indirectly hence, they enjoy political immunity. Reports are consistently emerging that there is heavy CIA/RAW presence in Gilgit-Baltistan to stoke an insurgency there, worse than Swat.

 Worse because it would result in the disconnection of the road link between Pakistan and China. Furthermore, I recall reading that there is heavy US troop presence in Kunar and Nuristan provinces of Afghanistan, which are coincidentally adjacent to the Northern Areas and Gilgit-Baltistan region. The US is maintaining this presence despite taking heavy losses from the Afghan Mujahideen in these provinces.

Federal authority is being silently delegated to provinces such as Reko Diq (via the Supreme Court), Thar Coal power project (via the Federal Government), HEC (via the Federal Government) to cite a few examples.

Under the direct instruction of the IMF and the World Bank, price hike and inflation has been unleashed like a beast to prey upon the masses creating fertile ground for anarchy and chaos.

The performance of the Judiciary has been a testament to the implementation of the Enemy’s plan for Pakistan. Just one fact is enough to unmask its ugly face. In the past one year 16,000 innocent people have been killed in terrorist attacks, yet not a single conviction or a death sentence has been awarded. Not a one since 2001 actually.




The ‘Raymond Davis’ affair was the perfect moment to unmask the true standing of the government, its allied parties, the judiciary, the opposition, and the military leaderships. Based on that one incident alone, it can perhaps be concluded that all of them are in Uncle Sam’s back pocket.

My question is when all of these pillars of the state could not interrogate much less convict and hang a proven spy and killer, how in the name of heaven can we expect them to get the drone attacks stopped or the CIA setup dismantled?

Suddenly, the members of Parliament are demanding the resolution against the drone attacks. My my, where have they been since 2008?

The ISI Chief standing up to CIA counterpart Leone Panetta? Was he in a coma since his appointment when even a layman like me knew what the Americans were doing? Why don’t some rogue terrorists start hitting the US contractors in Pakistan? So many terrorist activities are taking place, can’t the ISI hire some gunslingers and let them loose on these Blackwater/Xe/CIA operatives? 14 Americans were slaughtered in Somalia and these cowards packed up and left. That is the extent of their bravery. Was the top brass completely unaware of this? And has seen the light only this January? Maybe the extent of our generals’ bravery is even worse. (I am excluding the majority, patriotic, Muslim soldiers of the Pakistan Army, I have fierce pride and great hopes for this great institution which will lead Pakistan to its promised destiny, Insha Allah).

This ‘breaking down’ of the relationship is so ridiculous, it’s laughable. Why? Because when men like Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh start criticizing the US, you know something is up. ‘US hasn’t delivered under Kerry-Lugar: Shaikh, Wednesday, April 20, 2011’ (

Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh is Pakistan’s Finance Minister and one of THE World Bank/IMF’s men in Pakistan. Hand picked by anti Pakistan forces to lead the country to economic ruin. His criticism of the US is bad drama at the most.

My personal evaluation on the matter can be better understood if you read US Vice President, Joe Biden’s latest statement in which ‘Biden argued that Washington had to decide whether to spend resources “focusing on Iran, Egypt, North Korea, Afghanistan and Pakistan”, or give Libya more attention’

It seems that the decision has already been made. The Yankees are coming to Pakistan. Those 30,000 JSOC soldiers should just be getting battle ready having arrived in 2010. They are probably holed up in Kunar and Nuristan as well.

From what I have gathered and once again I am also stating this on the basis of spiritual knowledge sources, I believe that Gilgit-Baltistan is about to up in flames and a regional war might be in the offing. Reports of Chinese troop presence in the area certainly consolidate this forecast (and lends some encouragement that my faith in the Pakistan Army is not unfounded). In the midst of this conflict or insurgency, Pakistan should expect the NATO forces to cross the Durand Line into Pakistan (‘to pursue terrorists’), they will probably make it as far as Attock where Pakistani forces can mount a defense using the Indus river as a natural obstacle.

If Pakistan offers stiff resistance, 30,000 or 300,000, the Yanks will not cross. Either the bullet will get them or the river.

Of course, India has been primed for exactly this moment. India has conducted military exercises on our eastern border in 2002, 2005, 2009, and 2011 (No doubt under American and Israeli oversight).

The latest one is called “Vijayee Bhava” (Be Victorious). These exercises aim to achieve ‘Cold Start’ readiness, meaning a quick, rapid strike against Pakistan

ideally in the south Punjab region to cut the country into two halves. (In 2002, in response Pakistan army actually mobilized and achieved battle readiness before the Indians who had actually planned the exercise). Additionally, 2011 features a ‘NBC (nuclear, chemical, biological) overhang’. Meaning, how to maneuver in the event of utilization of such weapons.

So, as the Crusaders move in, we can expect all out war on the eastern front, the result of which will be that we may initially lose ground on the East. That is why I am of the opinion that conflict with India will be two-phase, in the first one we should expect difficulties especially on the Lahore front. The second phase will be the one where we regain territory and push into India making as far as Ganges and Jumna rivers, possibly even further. The time frame for the second phase can be up to 6 months which can also be the minimum timeframe for the eastern campaign (Ghazwa-e-Hind).

So, in conclusion, this ‘breaking down’ of ties is the beginning of the ‘end game’ in South Asia. It is certainly being orchestrated by the Americans to justify aggressions against Pakistan. Our government, their allied parties, the opposition, the judiciary are directly or indirectly in on this plan and are singing to the tune taught by the White Man. The only question mark is the military leadership. Is the top brass in on it or are they sincerely trying to salvage the situation for Pakistan? It must be remembered that what I have stated is based on apparent and available information. Consequently, conclusions can be a very tricky business.

As far as the Enemy’s designs are concerned, I think I am close to the truth, same goes for our political forces and the judiciary. The Army is the only anomaly in the equation.

Either way, if the military leadership is sincere, then this is a positive sign, it means that the military has already developed a plan to deal with these impending scenarios. The testing of short range, tactical nuclear capable missile Hatf-IX certainly seems like a statement in this regard.

However, if the military leadership is in on the Enemy’s game, this is very good news, it means that there is a military takeover in the offing, and we can expect real Muslim, patriotic Pakistani soldiers to emerge from the dust and smoke to take the mantle of leadership and steer Pakistan to glory it richly deserves.

Continue to maintain that no power on Earth can destroy Pakistan because it was created by Almighty Allah. Though, Pakistanis may have to initially pay for their complacency.

So, here is to seeing you in Delhi while sitting on top of an Al-Khalid tank, looking at the Red Fort with the Pakistani flag flying over it.

Zindabad Pakistan

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U.S. charges Pakistanis in 2008 Mumbai attack plot

FILE – In this Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2009 file courtroom sketch, Chicago terrorism suspect Tahawwur Hussain Rana, appears before federal Magistrate Judge Nan Nolan, in Chicago. –AP Photo


[This is the clearest sign yet that the US is actually dumping Pakistan in favor of its preferred relationship with India (SEE: US lawmakers tell Obama, dump Pakistan and go with India).  Will the “gloves come off,” in the American campaign against Pakistan, forcing a geostrategic split, with the US and India on one side and China and Pakistan on the other?]

(Reuters) – Four Pakistanis have been charged as co-conspirators in the 2008 Mumbai attack that killed 166 people, including six Americans, U.S. prosecutors said on Monday.

The four were previously mentioned, but not named, in indictments charging American David Headley and Pakistani-born Chicago businessman Tahawwur Rana with helping to identify targets in Mumbai.

Headley and Rana have also been charged in a plot to attack a Danish newspaper that was never carried out.

Headley pleaded guilty in March 2010 and is cooperating with U.S. investigators about taking several trips to India — and later to Denmark — to scout targets for the coordinated and lethal assault.

Rana has been held since his arrest in 2009 as a conspirator with Headley, and his U.S. trial is scheduled to begin May 16. His attorney was not immediately available for comment.

All of the four newly-indicted figures are linked to the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba, one of the largest and best-funded Islamic militant groups in the region. The group is blamed for the November 2008 attacks on Mumbai, which killed 166 people in India’s commercial capital.

Those newly indicted were Sajid Mir, Abu Qahafa, Mazhar Iqbal, and a fourth defendant known only by the alias “Major Iqbal.” None are in U.S. custody. All four are believed to be in Pakistan.

They were charged with six counts of aiding and abetting the murder of U.S. citizens and other charges related to the Mumbai attack and providing support to Lashkar, identified as a terrorist organization by the United States.

Mir was also charged in the plot against Denmark’s Jyllands-Posten newspaper aiming to revenge the publication of cartoons of the prophet Mohammad that enraged many Muslims and prompted protests.

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald in Chicago had requested the superseding indictment handed up by a grand jury on April 21 charging the four to be sealed to give the government time to alert U.S. agencies and consult with foreign authorities.

The Mumbai attack strained already difficult India-Pakistan relations.

India has said it is not satisfied with the pace of Pakistan’s investigation, and has demanded more people be put on trial for the attack, including the founder of the Lashkar-e-Taiba, Hafiz Mohammad Saeed.

(Reporting by Andrew Stern; Editing by Laura MacInnis)

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Khawarij: Has the destructive ideology reincarnated? [3 of 3]

The surviving insurgents under custody of the Saudi Authorities. c. 1980. During seizure of Islam’s holiest shrine, the lead person of the insurgents Juhaiman ibn Muhammad ibn Saif al Utaibi of Najd had declared his brother-in-law Muhammad bin abd Allah al-Qahtani to be the Mahdi, or redeemer of Islam..



by Ahmed Raza


The process of polluting Muslim school of thought started well before the incident of 1979 by radical ideologues like Egyptian ex-Communist Sayyid Qutb. He declared that a Muslim is either a “revolutionist” or an infidel, and went so far as to declare all the Islamic societies of his time apostate and fit to be overthrown, invoking the memory of the original Kharijis.

Sayyid Qutb was an Islamic scholar from Egypt. His views of the West were shaped by two years he spent in the United States. Sayyid Qutb was executed in 1966 for his role in a failed conspiracy against the Nasser regime. Yet his call for Muslims to replace the sovereignty of man with that of God continues to haunt Egyptian state authorities. Sayyid Qutb is said to be the intellectual godfather of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Leo Strauss an American philosopher also famous to be the God Father of the Neocons was responsible to draw a parallel theory of American nationalism on the lines Qutb’s apostate theory of own and other Islamic nations.

Similarity lied in the aim, destruction of Islamic Civilization for Khawarijs and subsequent control of west on 60% of world’s energy resources for Americans Neocons. The only difference was the basic foundation on which both the extremists were drawing the lines. (more…)

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