Barry Obama leads US into another illegal quagmire in Libya




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Its already a month from now when our beloved anti-war President and Nobel Peace Prize Winner–in chief announced that he has ordered military action against Libya. The great leader did this without mandatory congressional approval, which is required to attack a sovereign country.

 No doubt the Democrats (and their vocal anti-war activists) will “fully support the President” like the hypocritical sheep they are. When Bush was starting illegal wars in the Middle East it was wrong, immoral, and an impeachable offence. But now that good old Barry Obama is in office and has a D after his name, war is suddenly a virtuous action to protect civilians.

 The always reliable pro-war Republicans will start to denounce military action because war is only acceptable when a Republican President starts one. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. These are the pathetic and corrupt leaders you have elected.

One would think that two full scale wars would be enough for Barry, but evidently power has gone to his head and he wants to “show leadership” by blowing shit up. Hey it worked for George W. Bush who perfectly timed the Iraq war so that he could win re-election by campaigning as a wartime President. Obviously, Barry could care less about the men and women of our military who are risking their lives for nothing in Libya. Instead the President is too-busy jet-setting in Brazil, schmoozing it up with the Brazilian President.

 But then again, Obama is not sending his daughters to battle or any of his family members so the rest is simply immaterial collateral damage. He can make it up by visiting a military hospital and handing out purple hearts to wounded American soldiers. He will smile, serve them food, chat for 20 mins and crack a few jokes. The pictures can then be used for his 2012 campaign to show how much he loves the troops. Is this really change? Or is exactly what George W. Bush did with the Iraq war?

Before you get the idea that I am some disgruntled anti-war liberal, let me state that I am not against all wars, just aggressive wars. If the communist Chinese attacked my home state of California you can bet that I would be ready to defend my home and community. This would be a just war because you are defending your-self from an aggressor. But the US, in attacking Libya and is launching another illegal war that will no doubt lead to unintended consequences and casualties on both sides. Why on earth should American taxpayers have to pay for this when it was not properly approved by Congress? Because America is no longer a country ruled by the people. Instead it is run by a world elite which decides policy.

 All it took to arrange the attack on Libya was for Obama to call up the leaders of France, Britain, and Canada. They agreed and suddenly we are all at war–without any public debate on the issue (and no, debate at the UN is not sufficient). Tyranny at its very best!

What is more bewildering is why so many Americans seem to support this illegal no-fly zone set up by the UN. According to a poll on March 14 by CNN 56% of Americans support a no-fly zone, while only 40% are opposed. This really shows how puerile the American public has become thanks to the deliberate dumbing down of the population through public education and popular culture. We have bankrupted this country by spending trillions of dollars in two wars over the last 10 years, on top of this we have spent the usual $500-600 billion on the defense budget.

 Millions of Americans are permanently unemployed/underemployed (17% ), our housing market is in a depression, we are 14 trillion in debt, and yet the American public in all their wisdom wants another war. Are we this fu-king stupid!!!! Apparently. 

Lets get it straight to all of you good old boys out there who like the US invading other countries and flexing its military might. You (the average American) don’t benefit from foreign wars. No, you are the sucker who pays for it through increased taxation and inflation.

You are not part of the elite who benefits from war. The only beneficiaries from war are the defense and oil companies and other select corporations (and their owners). They use the American taxpayer as a chump to fund their adventures around the world. They profit while you pay for the war.

You send your sons to die in foreign countries so that the elite can make a buck. So don’t think for one second that you are part of “Empire America,” dominating the world and imposing our will.

Only the elite enjoy this privilege. The average American gains nothing from these for-profit wars, but pays dearly through their blood and treasure. Remember, we went into Iraq to get the oil, but the American people are still paying $4 gallon for gas. It was the oil companies who won, not the American people.

One last thing. Before I get hate mail saying I support Gaddafi please save yourself the time. I despise Gaddafi and his ilk and would enjoy nothing more than to see his dead body dragged through the streets of Tripoli. But that is up the Libyan people to decide, not the US military.

If the US wanted to overthrow Gaddafi, why did we not arrest him when he was giving a speech to the UN in 2009? He was the same nefarious dictator back then, as he is today, but back then he was our welcomed guest! So there were plenty of times to kill or arrest Gaddafi in the past without war.

I am surprised that our over-hyped Nobel Prize Winner could not come up with a better solution than war. It really shows you what a liar Obama is when he talks about peace, etc.

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