I too want to go on Hinglaj Yatra [1 of 2]

Hinglaj Mata Temple, located at 25°30’50″N 65°30’55″E, a holy place for Hindus, specially Brahamkshatriya (Khatri), Bhanushali (Bhansari, Bhansali), situated near three mud volcanoes eastward, the sight of geological interest.



by Jay Shah


Note for WoP readers: This is the concluding part of Jay Shaw’s experience of Hinglaj yatra and, is meant to guide those who also want to pay homage to Hinglaj Mata ji. But please note! The data provided here is for information only and therefore, without any obligation on our part. Wonders of Pakistan neither accepts any liability nor does it vouch for the veracity of these individuals, trip arrangers or tour operators. [Nayyar]

Hinglaj is one of the 68 teeraths of Hinduism. The following Seva Mandlis provide assistance to those intending a trip to Hinglaj.

Like in other such places of religious gatherings, certain rules and regulations are to be observed during performance of Yatra:

Groups will arrange transport for yatrees. The seva or deal for transport from Punjab has been fixed at R. 2,000/- (includes some meals and visit to Sufi shrines on the way)

    1. Every yatree will furnish his / her ID card
    2. Yatree will bring puja material, dress suitable for the weather, beddings  and other items of daily usage
    3. Also bring three pieces of coconut, a pack of incense sticks [agar battis], ghee and one piece of angoochha.
    4. Yatrees are advised to mentally prepare themselves for travel under strenuous conditions.
    5. Use of liquor, drinks and fireworks are not allowed
    6. Bus service for the yatrees is available at Bahawal Nagar, R.Y. Khan and Tando Allah Yar.

For Pakistani Yatrees, tickets are available from:

    • Karmoo Das Seva dari Rama Pir Mandir, Tando Allah Yar, (Sindh), Pakistan. Cell # 0301 3599227
    •  Guru Sukh Dev Ji, President Guru Gorakh Nath Sheva Mandal, Pakistan. Head Office: opp. Nishat Cinema, R. Y. Khan, (Punjab), Pakistan. Cell # 0300 670113
    • Ramesh Jiye Pal, Chairman, Scheduled Castes Movement, Pakistan. Cell # 0300 9675588
    • Sajin Bhatia, Shiv Shankar Sheva Mandli,    Bahawal Nagar, (Punjab), Pakistan. Cell # 0300 6329428
    • Sant Dongar Das Chak No. 80/P, Tarinda Savoy Khan. Cell # 0307 7636361

If you are an Indian citizen then the process to get visa to visit Hinglaj Shrine [due to the current state of relations] is very cumbersome. Same is true for Pakistani citizens wishing to come for pilgrimage to India. Typically there are three types of visa (all restricted in scope of travel)

1) Business Visa when a company does the paperwork to invite

2) Marriage or death of blood relative and

3) Sightseeing

However, each of these is limited to a given city/area and yatree must register with local police and should not go to other regions without having approved visa.

For Indian citizens, as I understand, you should first get permission from the Indian government and then of Pakistan government. Also if you do get visa then it is restricted for certain days and certain areas and clearly not for all regions of Pakistan.

For example, in this specific case of pilgrimage to Hinglaj, you would need to get a visa from the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi or the nearest Pakistani consulate in your area for a visa allowing you specific stays in Karachi and Lyari district of Lasbela in Balochistan.

You also have to register, as I further understand, at local police station once you arrive in Pakistan after the immigration and customs formalities. I was told that this is about the same process for a Pakistani citizen who intends to visit India.

Being an American citizen I had zero problems in getting visa and without any restriction (now I understand why my Gurumata insisted to go to Hinglaj Mata Shrine directly from USA vs. coming to India first!).

I pray to Hingula Devi to change this state of affairs. I urge you also to write to both governments to make the process smoother and open up the privilege to do this holy pilgrimage.

Though I was unsuccessful in getting any response from the Swami Narayan Madir in Karachi; they do organize the Hinglaj Yatra twice a year. I was given the following contacts but I did not have much luck. You may have a better luck and Mataji’s blessings. My Guru’s blessings made my Yatra a very unique one.  And as they say;


The temple is about 250 km from Karachi. One can travel to Aghor River Bridge, on the Mekran Coastal Highway, by own car or by public transport (air-conditioned buses or van).

Necessary information can be obtained from Mr. Veera Mal Dewani (0092-21-2624485), House No. 100 Swami Narain Temple Estate, M.A Jinnah Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

From Aghore Bridge, the temple is about 15 km away connected by a metalled road. One can go by walking or hitch-hiking. The area is perfectly safe for a lone traveller. One can find some means of transport like motor bike from a nearby village, Aghor. But if someone starts on the road to Hinglaj, one can find some help in the village along the road.

On the roadside, just before the Aghor Bridge, there is a café operated by a friendly owner, Jeeva. Talk for a while to him to obtain latest information and the best way to go there depending whether you are solo or with a party.

To reach Aghor, buses are also available at Inter-City Bus Terminal, Yusuf Goth, Baldia Town, Karachi (9221-5413837-8, 0322-2319855, 0313-2266992). The fare is Rs.400 one way. One can go by van with the same fare. It leaves from Kalari, Shah Abdul Latif Bhaitai Road, Juma Mosque, Karachi, Pakistan.

Main Persons in Pakistan, UAE and India [dealing in Hinglaj Yatra] after Navratri or the Festival of Nine Days  (October) are:

Veera Mal K. Dewani                                           
Chief organizer
Shri HInglaj Sewa Mandir
House No. 100 Swami Narain Temple Estate
M.A Jinnah Road
Karachi, Pakistan
Tel: 0092-213-2624485

Sunder Das K. Dewani
Office secretary
Shri Hinglaj Sewa Mandir
A-30 Amir House
Civil Lines, F. J Road, opp. PACC Cantt.Station
Karachi, Pakistan
Tel: 0092-213-5218109 and 0092-213-5652433

Suneel Parwani,                                         
Associate Organizer,                                         
P. O. Box No : 25047,                                  
Dubai – U. A.E                                             
Tel : 971- 4353-1986                                     
Fax : 971-4353-0394                                       
Mobile : 971-505643430                                
E-Mail : heenadxb@usa.net

Narinder H.Thawrnai,
31-M, Laxmi Industrial Estate,
New Link Road, Andheri ( W ),
Mumbai – 400 053.
Tel : 91-22-632 3319
Fax : 91-22-636 0310


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