is to present to our viewers, the touristic wonders of Pakistan—wonders which have survived the vagaries of time and weather. Many are pre-historic and thus unique in the world; there are others, that the Mother Nature has blessed this land with; like majestic mountains and fairyland lakes.




we shall try to bring news, articles, pictures, videos, and anything related to these wonders in a user friendly web style for easy search, readability and reference.




This blog and the author of this blog are not associated with any of the Government tourism promotion agencies, neither does it represent, nor operate on behalf of any governmental or private commercial enterprise. It’s an individual effort to reverberate the news, the activities, content and graphics not only on Pakistan but tourism across the globe, and to offer a virtual platform to all those interested in tourism, heritage, art and culture.




a forum to all tourism minded individuals, writers, photographers and tourism bodies to interact with each other and contribute in a manner which would project Pakistan Tourism on world map as one of the best choice destinations. So feel free to leave us comments, compliments, criticism with your name, email ID and country location.

P. S.

Since our permanent website is under construction and even the material on this blog is on a trial run, therefore, we tender our apology for any error and omission. Nevertheless, we are trying to complete our website soonest possible. When ready, we will be shifting it to a permanent location. And we are quite confident; the content then on this site will be of a mark you will appreciate yourself.

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  1. Hi there,

    I’m a features writer for Gulf News and I happened to stumble across your site whilst researching an article on the Sufi Festival at Sehwan Sharif. There are many interesting stories on this site, so keep up the great work – I’ve really enjoyed reading them.

    I was wondering if you or anyone you know has ever attended the Sufi Festival and would like to share your experiences with me for the article i’m writing, for our special magazine on Pakistan? I want the story to be as authentic as possible, so I need to speak to people who have been to the festival and can tell me about it.

    Please let me know.

    Many thanks, Andrea

  2. The new Afghan Intelligence Agency being organised by the RAW(Indian operator) has been named as RAMA, derived from lord RAMA considered as avtar (Hindu god). Previously it was named as KAMA by PDA govt, later converted to KHAD by Najeeb govt and now on Indian wish as RAMA. May GOD help Afghans and their allies, forgetting the fate of Sir Burnes of UK and Vitkovitch of Tsarist Russia.

  3. Ms. Shahida Durrani, Do you find any similarity with the past and present situation in war in Afghanistan. You think it is due the defeat in the past, but the present war is being handled by many countries though India is not in the scene but its moral boosting is enough to change the course of war. Do you think that world will allow a repetition of the past? Since this time defeat means defeat of the peace in the world, therefore, this is never goinng to happen. Be prepared to face more combat, more casualities.

  4. What an interesting, selfexplaining and well convincing interview has been given by Gen. Gul. His experience will be of great value for all those who wish to crush the crusade, but how will they deal with RAMA, Who is present every where.and has reincarnated to re-establish lord Buddha once again at Bamiyan. RAMA is present in the heart and minds of all right thinking people of the world including those converted Muslims who migrated to Pakistan (Mahajirs). Gen. Musharraf was one of them. Gen. Gul says Taliban cannot be defeated .The experts also says that they cannot be defeated but can be eleminated. Now this is not the work of a man but machine. RAMA is there to target all those who destroyed the statues of lord Buddha and their supporters arround the world.

  5. Hello, I found your site though Google as it is related to my own travel site. I wanted to ask if you would be interested in a link exchange as I have some high ranking travel blogs many with a PageRank of 3 or more.

    I have a list of my sites here: http://www.migranchile.com/mysites.html

    I have been swapping links for while now and have found it very beneficial to search engine rankings for everyone. If you are interested just mail me back and I can show you my sites and hopefully give you some links asap.

    Thanks for your time.

  6. “Touristic” wonders of Pakistan? Sic! Where did you learn your English? Blasted shame on our country. Also, you talk of history – from prehistoric time to now. But does i jump from Ghazni to 1947 or is there something in between? have you hear of the Mauryas? Gupta? The Kushan period? Does that belong to us? What of Mohenjo Daro and Kalinga? Are they part of our legacy? Have we reconciled with all of that? Get some education is my advice to you.

    1. If you think we should restrict our history only to 1947 then I think you would be doing sheer injustice to our history for history can never be changed. I am not ashamed of me being a part of Pakistani soil; on the other hand I am very proud of it, without assigning any tag of religion, sect or dogma to my nationhood. Right from the ancient era start of our history, it’s our history and will ever remain so. I am proud to be a Muslim but I am as much proud of being a Pakistani.

      Islam is a message of universal import; it can’t be confined to geographical limits. Being universal it belongs to the whole community of humankind, so please do not interpret it in a narrow sense. This is what the Mullahs are doing already and we are reaping the bitter fruit of this history minus history context of our mullahs’ philosophy.

      Thanks for your comment on my English, would definitely work on this.

    1. I’m glad Irteza that you have liked our e-mag. To subscribe to the wondersofpakistan site is very simple. Just go to the end of the post you may be reading. There you will find a square box with the note:
      Subscribe by email to this site
      Just click on this box and you will in a nu be automatically subscribed to this site. Happy reading ‘Wonders of Pakistan’

  7. Thanks for your great website and the information that you have included in it. I hope that in the future I will find more intereting articles and photos.

  8. Respected

    Could you please reply me who was Mohd.Ramzan ‘Hamdam”? Have you ever read his poem ‘Lai gaye”?


  9. Brilliant read, very informative and breath taking pictures. Actually I myself blog on Pakistan and am a travel writer 🙂 I was searching for an adventure out to Deosai Plains and came across your website. Simply love it and will surely bookmark it. You may want to read on my blog as well, http://www.cameraadventures.hubpages.com

  10. Hi there, love the images. I am bookmarking this site. I have a question though – who are you? 🙂 Tell us about yourselves – as individuals. I’d really like to know who the team is, what you do and what motivated you to create this blog and what motivates you to ‘continue’ with this blog as it has been around for quite some time now.

  11. Hi. I love your blog. I am in the process of setting one up and have been looking for inspiration on how to do it and I just found it! Thank you. I look forward to your future posts. I lived in Pakistan for a long time and love the country. I hope I can return someday soon.

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