Obaid Karki on The Truth About Muhammad (S.A.W.W)


Note for WoP readers: There is a lot of propaganda being made these days defaming Islam, Muslims and their cultural practices. Despite this fictitious, blasphemous and concocted info war that has been unleashed against Islam, such efforts are proving counterproductive, for their every propaganda campaign is generating more interest in Islam not only amongst non Muslims, but also the Muslims themselves; who are rediscovering the depth of their own faith and thus are getting more Islamised than ever before.

I receive a lot number of such messages from anonymous senders who also believe in such propaganda. The other day, one such sender commented on Holy Prophet’s marriage to a 6 years old girl. What a funny thing (definitely a white lie though) concocted by those who day and night want to defame Islam and the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W). Religion though is not my subject, interestingly I saw a very pertinent YouTube video, prepared by Stsheetrock’s blog which I put up here. I hope you would be interested to know the real truth and hence this video.


When someone attacks black people, you call it “Racism”, when someone attacks Jews, you call it “Anti-Semitism”, when someone attacks women, you call it “Sexism”, when someone attacks homosexuality you call it “Intolerance”, when someone attacks the country you call it “Treason”, when someone attacks a religious sect you call it “Hate Speech”. But when someone attacks Prophet Muhammad [S.A.W.W] you call it “Freedom of Speech”….???




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A Joke Called Democracy

Morris Herman of Divining The News talks about the US joke called `democracy`


Source: Divining the News
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American military casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan now exceed 500,000

This is what the neocons have done to America. Shame on them! Do not forget the cost of their Orwellian doubletalk and ambitions. Let no more “common Joes” die for their perverse pride and hubris.




by Alexandera Sandels


Here’s an eye-popping number:

A blogger and writer claims American military casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan now exceed 500,000.

That’s if you count certain injuries and diseases including mental illness that he alleges the Department of Defense doesn’t include in its official combat-related casualty toll in an effort to soften U.S. military losses in the wars and win funding for them from the Congress. (more…)

Is Pakistan a failed state? NO.

 Pakistanis have taken the challenge of defeating the local version of Taliban, the so called Tehrik-e-Taliban, Pakistan seriously.
The excesses of the militants in Swat, their refusal to honor a controversial peace deal, a video revealing their beating a young woman and their subsequent public rejections of the Constitution and democracy hardened public opinion toward them.
The public’s resistance to military operations decreased, and support for the various peace deals declined. Pakistan’s Army and Frontier Corps are taking up the fight and appear to have their citizenry with them.



by C. Christine Fair


Once again, Pakistan looms as a country deemed to be “critical” in Foreign Policy’s annual Failed State Index. But Pakistan is not a failed state, even though some of its institutions have declined in capacity, while others never worked well from the start. This year, Pakistan ranks tenth, below several African countries, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and above Haiti, which has recently been devastated by an earthquake.

Few would disagree that Pakistan has numerous problems. According to the UNDP, Pakistan ranks 141 among 182 states included in its Human Development Index. The Human Poverty Index ranks Pakistan 101 of 135. And the country has an abysmal track record at building the capacity of women, ranked at 152 of 155 countries assessed. (more…)

The Afghanistan Circus, McChrystal Leaves the Central Ring

Above: Pat Tillman,an amazing man, a top professional footballer who left a multi-million dollar career to become an Army Ranger.  Far from being a typical “dumb jock,” Tillman was a brilliant scholar and student of philosophy.  On April 22, 2004, Tillman was killed in Afghanistan.  He was posthumously awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart.



by Gordon Duff


Why would a general want to leave a command, especially one as challenging as Afghanistan?  Think of it, no more meetings with President Karzai.  Picture yourself, sitting in Kabul.  Still in Kabul, looking south at failure.  Long ago, when Paul Wolfowitz and Karl Rove, called “Dog Boy and Turd Blossom” by President Bush,  were selecting the worst possible weaklings and con men to act as American puppets, the new governments of, first Afghanistan and then Iraq, the names Hamid Karzai and Ahmed Chalibi were, not just the short list, they were the only list. (more…)

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