Pakistan: The Decapitation Papers [1 of 2]

1947, When the moths  that already had eaten up the the two halves of Muslim majority provinces of Bengal and Punjab, the infestations went further into the body politics of Pakistan [in 1971] culminating in secession of its Eastern Wing. The 1971 debacle turned the then East Pakistan into Bangladesh.
Note for WoP readers: Pakistan came into being after British India [the Indian dominion] was partitioned into two independent sovereign states of India and Pakistan. After having maneuvered to offer a moth-eaten Pakistan [when Muslim majority provinces of Punjab and Bengal were partitioned, one half going to India and the other to Pakistan] the anti Pakistan forces at work brought further infestations into the body politics of Pakistan thus further truncating its geography. Its majority province [East Pakistan] seceded from the centre and became independent Bangladesh.  With parochialism and separatism [the anti Pakistan forces rampant in the country]abetted by outside antagonistic forces brought the 1971 debacle when the country lost its eastern wing.
It appears now that similar forces are at work again. Reports that the U.S. was seeking Pakistan’s approval for expanding its controversial drone attacks in Balochistan as well- a clear red line for Pakistan – have raised serious concerns in the country about Washington’s ultimate intentions.
As the Obama administration escalates its military campaign in Afghanistan, [today’s removal of Gen Stan McChrystal is also a link to the same chain of events that have been orchestrated to happen in this part of the world], the people in Pakistan have deep concerns about the potential destabilization of Pakistan resulting from the intensified fighting expected in Afghanistan in the coming months. As if these concerns were not enough, Balochistan remains a hotbed of ethno-nationalist militancy, drug smuggling, and organized crime. Balochistan is also in the throes of a refugee crisis that has been largely ignored. The confluence of these trends – which indirectly or directly reinforce each other – is making an already dangerous situation worse with severe implications for Pakistan and the wider region.
Zahid Ibrahim a passionate Pakistani has authored sets of documents [e-books] titled Pakistan – the Decapitation Papers. These documents carry a well thought out approach and analysis; a deep insight into the machinations of corporate America, its dragons sized military industry complex and its neocons oriented think tanks.
Zahir as said, is a passionate and a patriotic Pakistani, has been living in the United States since last three decades, but as he says he still is a Pakistani ‘by choice’. What he says therefore is from the heart of a Pakistani who leaves no holds barred when its question of his country’s integrity. His anguish, his concerns therefore, are those of a Pakistani nationalist who thinks, writes and speaks as a Pakistani and Pakistani alone. [Nayyar]

Zahir Ebrahim


Who in Pakistan has not heard of the famous fable of King Solomon the wise. When presented with two women feuding over a baby, each claiming to be the real mother, the king drew his mighty sword to cut the baby in half to give to each quarrelsome woman. One of them, the real mother, cried out: “It’s hers, it’s hers, please give the entire beautiful baby to her, she is the real mother; I don’t want half of the dead!”

Alas, on the face of it, not one among the rulers of Pakistan is the real mother of the Pakistani peoples.

Pakistan has been under the hectoring hegemons’ sword the moment the Berlin Wall came down. Almost overnight, with the calculated destruction of the Soviet Union, a new perpetual enemy of mankind was brought to the fore in the continuing game of Hegelian Dialectics to raise a new phoenix of world government from the ashes of the old world order.

Variously titled as militant Islam, radical Islam, islamofascism, but most often called Islamism to bring it in kinship with the earlier enemies of mankind, namely, Fascism, Nazism, and Communism, though not Zionism, Pakistan has been the unrecognized eye of the storm from day one.

The only Muslim country with nuclear weapons, also harboring a ready-made psychological-tribal ethos which makes some of its inhabitants easy recruits for enabling the perpetual World War IV with just the right “tickling”, Pakistan had to be both harvested for fodder, and setup for destabilization and balkanization. The latter not primarily for the purpose which is most apparent, the riches under its soil, but to continue the path of creating World Order.

The previous four decades since the end of World War II until the dismantling of the Soviet Union, saw most of the world held hostage into two partisan camps of two combating nuclear titans. These bastions of civilization and high-morality of course only exchanged blows in proxy warfare upon poorer nations, but primarily used that Cold War as the pretext to run up a phenomenal expense on arms buildup. That was deemed World War III. The moment that ended, World War IV began right away, albeit it remained poorly recognized as such until 911.

The first barbaric invasion of Iraq, followed by the 13 years of strangulation regimes of economic sanctions and silent warfare – which notably elicited the famous affirmation from the US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to the reporting of deaths of half a million Muslim children for a want of medicines “We think the price is worth it” set the stage for it.

9/11 created that shock effect of “New Pearl Harbor” upon the American public to provide the full pretext to the remaining superpower left standing after World War III, to launch its final gambit to entirely overthrow the remaining Old World Order. Thus, the past one hundred and twenty years have seen four World Wars, or their preparations, and in each war, three unusual things transpired: 1) existing world order and existing empire were partially destroyed, to be replaced by a transient world order that was to be an incremental baby-step towards the ultimate agenda of world government, and repeat; 2) no territorial expansion occurred for any warring nation; 3) a private financial oligarchy continually emerged the most victorious, consolidating its gains from each war, and each economic boom-bust cycle, to grow more and more powerful.

All warring nations ran up astronomical debts to these financial barons who armed all sides of the manufactured conflicts, and also controlled the monetary policy and currency-issue in each of those nations. The victors, as well as the vanquished. The war debt was administered by the Bank of International Settlement, or BIS for short. Who owns BIS and what do its owners want with world government? Was it foreseeable that Pakistan would be put on the chopping block of the war planners?


Humanbeingsfirst’s letters and essays compiled in book form examine the latter question, of the predictability of Pakistan’s sorry fate. Had it not been for her own cowardly and treasonous rulers alternately cowering and thumping their chests while killing their own civilians in the most barbaric way imaginable; and for a public watching in apathy while waiting for Allah to come save them, it was a fate that was completely avoidable! Who gave the mandate to military dictator General Pervez Musharaf to ally Pakistan with the hectoring hegemons in the aftermath of 9/11?

At Nuremberg, the rulers of Pakistan would all hang for creating and maintaining an alliance with the aggressor who committed not just war crimes, but “the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole” as was concluded by Justice Robert Jackson, US chief prosecuting counsel at the Nuremberg Military Tribunals. General Pervez Musharaf treated Pakistan as his private inheritance, and the same is being done by his successors, both military and civilian.

It is my hope that in presenting this document to them, that they might suddenly recall that six feet under, the maggots can’t tell the difference. While surely, the soul extractor can!

For gaining a deeper comprehension of the larger context of one-world government in which Pakistan’s dismantling is situated, please acquire the Monetary Reform Bibliography” from Project Humanbeingsfirst’s website, or take the online tutorial titled: “The Hegelian Dialectics of Deception Today’s Focus: Anatomy of Modern Lies, Senseless Warfare, Merchants of Death”.



Source: humanbeings
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10 replies to “Pakistan: The Decapitation Papers [1 of 2]

  1. A country like Pakistan that willingly does the dirty works of other nations in exchange of dollars, does not deserve to be treated any better……

    1. Do you mean to say India does the dirty work of other nations 4 free? Doing the dirty work and that too 4 free? How simple!!!

  2. This has been part 1/2 by Zahir Ebrahim. Good introduction about the two mothers.

    He has written about the One World government. Kindly read my article ONE WORLD, IF YOU WILL on Countercurrents where I start with Rockefeller’s memoirs.

    I’ve considered that Mr. Jinnah, the “fatherof the nation” was very fortunate to have died naturally soon after creation of Pakistan for if he would not have, then certainly he’d have been assasinated as Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan was. Pakistani people lost their father without knowing a mother, leave alone two claimants of maternalism. Pakistani people upon the death of Jinnah became orphans and have remained so for the past 60 years. No father, no mother.

    There is I beleive a destiny for Pakistan and they shall never know one because they’ve been badly corrupted. When Halagu invaded Baghdad, the big discussion among the Baghdadis was “is the crow halal or haram?”. Now the people and, I don’t mean most but I do mean most of the classier ones, are engaged in the discussion “is bribery and corruption halal or haram?”. If they’ll remain discussing such silly things without knowing that both bribery and corruption is haram, the destiny of Pakistanis is to be bonded to the Nazionists.

    I’m surprised that most so called educated, rich and westernised gentry are unaware of the agenda for Pakistan because they’re too engrossed in merrymaking. All lessons of history are forgotten upon their minds. They’ve even forgotten the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan or chosen to purposely blank it out. Anyways, I compliment Mr. Ebrahim for the article.

    1. Mitha,

      In your comments in part 2 of this post by Zahir Ibrahim, you talked about the so called gentry of Pakistan who has no other aim in life except to grab money by fair or foul means and who live just to eat, to see and to be seen. They are the ‘gentry’ who discuss on such ‘petty’s whether a crow according to Shariah is halal or haram, or in which category does corruption and bribery fit in. But Mitha! to destroy the gentries of Pakistan no Hallagu will come,for these very Hallagus of today have pampered these gentries, their cronies in our politics, our services, in our parliament and of course in the media as well. For them [the gentry, the filthy rich of Pakistan, leaders, corrupt bureaucrats, MNA’s, MPA’s and the purchased journalists], for them the people of Pakistan, the have-nots will themselves act as the Hallagus. When there will be “Dama Dam Mast Qalander” on the streets of Pakistan.

      Referring once again to your comments from part 2 of this post where you observe that this gentry seeks a mental escape in “Allah will let no harm come to Pakistan”. Its a hard, and bitter fact of Pakistani society but Mitha, I too have a firm belief in ‘Allah will let no harm come to Pakistan” for He lives in the hearts of the poor, the have-nots of this country. The have-nots not only bow their heads five times a day before Him but also endeavor in the spirit of Iqbal’s forebodings

      Khuda ne aaj tak uss qaum ki halat nahiñ badli
      Na ho jislo khyal app apni halat ke badalnay ka.

      The poor of Pakistan will not only fight the usurpers, the looters and the kleptomaniacs of this land but would also fight with equal zest and zeal the patrons, the promoters and the creators of these “gentries”.

  3. @ Mitha, means sweet, Bear the bitters of this blog. Now I will not comment on the response that you have just received .I think you are competent enough.

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