Lake Saif-ul-Malook

Saiful Malook is one of the most beautiful lakes one can imagine to exist on the surface of this earth. When we talk about this lake, words fail to describe its beauty. Anyone who has been there once can never forget the time that was spent in the company of this enchanting lake. Once we are there we never feel like leaving it; quite opposite to the Trevy Fountain in Rome, the eternal city where the visitors throw coins to wish they would come back soon. Here in the fairyland you don’t need to throw any coin.



by Nayyar Hashmey


This is the second part of our series on beautiful, cool, fun and adventure packed spots in the vale of Kaghan. Not very far from Naran, this legendary lake carries a mystic milieu, which is wholesome and refreshing for every soul. A stop over or a full fledged holiday in Saiful Malook can be full of recreation as well as adventure. The biggest plus of this romantic lake; it’s easily accessible from all corners of Pakistan.

From Taxila I traveled along the road that took me to Abbotabad. A cool, green and vibrant town Abbotabad is also the divisional headquarter of Hazara and Kohistan districts. It is a two hours drive from the capital Islamabad. Abbotabad is also the gateway to the vale of Kaghan. Here you can have a wholesome lunch or refresh yourself with a cup of tea before driving onward to Mansehra and Balakot.

The road from Balakot ascends along the Kunhar through lovely forests and the villages of Paras, Shinu, Jared and Mahandri. The valley is somewhat narrow along this stretch and the views are limited, but as you ascend, the surrounding peaks come to view. One spot that is quite famous for its spectacular view is Shogran. This tiny hamlet surrounded by peaks and forests, is east of the main Kunhar River and hosts the famous Siri-Paye Mountain with a breathtaking view.

The next stop of my journey is Khanian. This small town has the best trout you can taste in the north. The dazzling green of Danna Meadows and the slippery glaciers at tarmac, on way to Naran are quite an experience. The way is highly vegetated as the narrow valley is influenced by the annual monsoon season like in rest of the country. I climbed up in elevation and upon entering the valley could see the subtropical pines of the foothills being replaced by forests of the magnificent Himalayan pine. The steep sides of the valley were high and terraced with agricultural crops. Houses and small villages seemed to cling precariously to the steep slopes. The tops of the mountains surrounding the valley seemed to disappear into the clouds. Forests of evergreen trees adorned the steep slopes, where agriculture had yet not invaded. At the mouth of the valley I was at about 3000ft, but I was climbing steadily as I progressed.

The Kunhar River flows along the length of the valley about 100 miles. Halfway up the Kaghan village is Naran at an elevation of 8000ft, where I spent my next night. Late in the afternoon, after I had checked into the hotel I wandered though the small village bazaar. The street was unpaved and muddy, with a mountain stream flowing through the center of the town. I went out to the edge of the village and down by the river Kunhar, found a cave in the side of an enormous boulder wall. The cave is tied to the legend woven around the intense love between a fairy and her lover Saiful Malook.

Up a picturesque side valley east of Naran is the lake of my dreams. The lake and stream is named for Saiful Malook, the prince who spotted a mountain fairy bathing in the stream flowing from the lake, and stole her clothes just to tease her but then fell into love with her.

The lake is at a distance of six miles from Naran at a height of 10500 ft (3200.40 meters) above sea level. It’s easily accessible by jeep or by trekking. If you wanna trek, you need around two hours. Trekking is real fun. There is huge glacier on the way and crossing it is both adventure and fun.

Saiful Malook is one of the most beautiful lakes one can imagine to exist on the surface of this earth. When I talk about the lake, words fail to describe its beauty. Anyone who has been there once can never forget the time that was spent in the company of this enchanting lake. Once I am there I never feel like leaving it; quite opposite to the Trevy Fountain in Rome, the eternal city where the visitors throw coins to wish they would come back soon. Here in the fairyland you don’t need to throw any coin.

 The Serenade

The lake itself is so charming, so luring and so tempting that I fall in love with it. But as the fairy tales are. There are demons too. The landslides, the thunderstorms and heavy rains though have a romance of their own, yet in the hilly areas they do often reverse their roles with demons of the fairy tales. So even if I don’t want to leave, these villains of the mountains force me to. It’s a pity there is no proper rest area, no hotel or a guesthouse so I must come back even though I don’t want to (neither the federally owned PTDC nor any private organization has ventured to put up a facility here where you can find a shelter from the heavy rain). There is no hotel either where you can have a rest or can enjoy the serene, cool and magical evening in the company of this most enchanting lake. So visitors beware! Take meals with you, there is no restaurant. No place to refresh and no building except the loony hut maintained by the forest department, which most of the times remains closed. So before you plan to see the fairyland, be prepared to travel like Ibn-e-Batuta.

Here used to meet Prince Saiful Malook his love, the faity Badr-e-Jamal

Once you have your food with you and have complete gear to travel, you will enjoy your stay, as you never did before. It’s here at my lovely Saiful that I met the queen of the mountains, the “Malka Parbat” peak which reigns over its kingdom at a majestic height of 17360 ft. Standing in the east and looking in the transparent waters of Saiful Malook I can view the majestic Malka in blue waters of the lake for the lake itself is like a mirror. It has the shape of a bowl where water from surrounding glaciers and peaks falls to form one of the loveliest wetlands in Pakistan.

Boating facility at the lake is available to but can’t recommend because the lake is so deep, its depth has not been measured yet. And there is no emergency equipment or help. So dudes don’t take risk! There are a few camping sites available though which I would strongly recommend because its here that beautiful lake meets with all its charm, grandeur and its magnificence. There are small huts and shops near lake selling items you may need.

Boats ready [but at your own risk] to take you around the fairyland called Saif-ul-Malook

Elders in the valley tell the story of a prince by the name of Saiful Malook who fell in love with a fairy. The prince was a fond lover and explorer. He would usually come to the lake in wilderness, which was surrounded by tall snow clad peaks. One day the young prince saw a fascinating spectacle. A beautiful fairy was dancing on the surface of the lake. Curiosity brought him close to her and he stole her clothes. The modest fairy agreed to marry him in return for her clothes, an incident which turned into intense love. The couple started meeting but the union enraged the fairy’s demon lover, who was so angry that out of anger flooded the entire Kaghan valley. When the floods subsided, Saiful Malook went up the lake only to find that nobody was there.

After waiting all day he would come back in the evening. This went on for some days until he started to worry for the safety of the fairy. But he had no other way of finding about her whereabouts besides coming to the lake.

One day he was waiting by the lake when he spotted a group of fairies having bath in the waters at the other side of the lake. He went to the other side and begged them to let him know about Badar Jamal’s (that was the name of that beautiful fairy the prince loved) whereabouts but the fairies laughed at his abysmal state. Yet a kind-hearted fairy came forward and told the prince that Badar Jamal’s movements had been confined to the close vicinity of the Koh Qaaf; a mystical range of mountains located in the Caucasus. The prince left for the Koh Qaaf, braving all odds, and finally succeeded in his mission – getting married to the fairy Badr Jamal.

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252 replies to “Lake Saif-ul-Malook

  1. What should i say about this Heavenly place. i didn’t see this place but i can imagine there must be heavenly cool weather, ……….. hmm i wish i could go there and spend my whole life there with the one i love sooooooo much.

    1. My dear,

      it’s beautiful and calm but u can’t spend all your life there…1st visit it and then decide…!

      1. Yar janay do, kon sa sakoon! sakoon ki be kayi Qismain hoti haen. Aaienay main baap ko pyar se daikho tum ko sukoon hi sukoon milega, meray bhai.

  2. AoA. When you see the creation of Allah (SWT) such as Saiful Malook & the surrounding mountains, definitely your Imaan (Faith) in Allah (SWT) is strengthehed. There are signs for those who ponder upon such creations by our Lord. May Allah (SWT) forgive us all. Aameen.



  3. i is simply awesome. fabulous, fantastic……………………………………………………………………………………………………………n the greatest gift 4m ALLAH G to us.

  4. Salam ‘alaik. wow. lake saif ul malook really beautiful. wonder that i can go there someday. pakistan is so far from indonesia 😦

    1. but now its not very far. you can visit between March – Sep. you can contact any reliable source here in Pakistan. i visited mid july of 2012.

  5. its a good place to see, its a real Fairyland.I love to see these places. Because from my childhood i am listening to the enchanting tale of saiful malooque. i love this place…..really love it.

  6. i want to know the depth of lake saif ul maluk if some one can with reference from authentic resource

    1. Tam, Definately you should visit this fairyland. Whenever you may like to visit, I would be your host and guide. I have visited this magical place many times.

  7. this lake is world’s most beautiful so I must want to go to this place and some similar places like this one; that carries the memory of immortal love between prince saiful malook and the fairy badar jamal.
    Muhammad from Oman

  8. Wow!!! I really love the views. I wish soon I can go to this lake, take a lot of photos and experience for new adventure of my life. Lets take care of our “Mother Nature”. Godspeed Pakistan! Mabuhay!!!

    Its me,

    Ma. Lorena
    Carigara, Leyte, Philippines

    1. you can visit between March – Sep. its the best you can contact any reliable source here in Pakistan. my last visit was in mid july of 2012. Whenever u want u can contact me.

  9. I have once visited lake saif-ul-malook, there is no doubt about those mysteries connected with it when u see it with your own eyes you may realize that. It was so beautiful that i always urge to visit again.

    Sharjeel from Pakistan

  10. Breathtakingly beautiful.

    I live in Calgary, Canada and about 150 kms from here are also beautiful and scenic spots like Kananaskis and Lake Louise but they’re commercialized..summer resorts and winter skiiing. But I’d love to be away from the hustle bustle and be in a place like Saif-uyl-malook.

  11. well i have visited it a few days back, its truly a beautiful place being polluted by tourists. i boated there as well. its completely a lie that the depth of the lake hasnt been measured and the stories related to the lake are all fake!
    but the place is worth seeing. do go there!

    1. Hi Eman Khan, i think all guys n girls who had been there at any time also vote me that THERE IS SOMETHING. Anyone will go there and feel the truth. Its depth is unknown to till date and i m sure that there is surely some truth in the fairy tale of Saif-ul-malook.

      1. @Adil Javed, What Eman Khan says may be true though, yet the “Magic of the Lake” is so captivating, so zauberhaft that the story, especially its ambience appears as true, and that’s the ultimate beauty of Saiful.

  12. I have been there twice and i still want to visit Lake Saif-ul-Malook again and again.Its rally a heart touching and magical place.Words are not enough to describe its beauty.I simply can say that “I am here but my heart is still in the mirror of Malka Parbat, Lake Saif-ul-Malook”.But a bitter reality is that in Winter season that place converts in a cold freeze Hell.And life there looks impossible and impassable. We can say it a dual faced view. (Beauty and the beast)

    1. Karel, I appreciate your visit and your good sentiments for us. I have been in the Czech Republic [though many many years ago] and found the C.R. equally fascinating, hospitable and true to the word as they say in German “gemuetlich”.
      I look forward to your future visits as well with your pertinent comments, if any, [on anything that may interest you or readers of this blog.]

  13. Unforgettable place, I recently visited Lake Saiful Malook and I have no words to describe the beauty of this wonder of nature. Superb…….!!!!!!!

  14. AOA. it is most beautiful place. I want to spend my wholel life here. that is my big dream n i will make it to reality one day INSHA ALLAH

  15. @ Ruby Angela, Misbah Ch, Muhammd, Mudabber, Kaleem Ullah, Faisal Zia, Dua, shahzad khan, Vie Achmad, Dr. Tam s, Muhammad, hafiz younas, Ma. Lorena, eman khan, Naeem Mughal, mariyam,Kaleem Akhter, sara

    I appreciate you all for your visit and comments. Thank you.

  16. MASHALLAH…..Well lots of guys who have been to or have seen this in real or even in pics, they believe this is it. I mean the beauty of nature that ends here. Am I right guys???? But just imagine or think about it what we will get in JANNA, Masha’ Allah. ohhhhhh we can’t imagine. Some of peoples could make some plan to visit that place and if they tried they will reach there, there is no question, they won’t….then why we can’t not get more then this in JANNAH if you work for it……..this is simple question and answer lies inside the heart………Humair

  17. Am glad Zuhaib that you liked this post. Do visit us again [whenever you feel like] with your pertinent comments on many more articles that we have on Pakistan’s beautiful North. You will find a list of such articles under ‘Related Posts’ at the end of this reportage.

  18. Friend,

    The depth of saif al maluk is 50 feet. A team made a survey on all lakes of northern areas of pakistan. I asked about the depth of Saif al Maluk… According to them the depth is 50 feet.

    1. On January 31, 2010 Faisal Zia enquired about the depth of Lake Saif ul Malook and wished that the figure be authentic. Quite naturally he also wanted that source be mentioned as well.
      On December 3, 2010 we had the figure from Turab warraich saying according to the depth of the lake is1 km.
      Today, May 30, 2011 Fahad informs that the depth is 50 feet. As he says a team made survey on all lakes of northern areas of Pakistan and he asked them the depth of the lake… According to them the depth is 50 feet.Well Fahad, I checked various sources on line and here is my take on the subject: 1.7 KM
      Yahoo Answers: Best answer chosen through votes by Yahoo Answers readers: It is unknown. There is supposedly an underground river which empties into the lake.
      I checked in the meanwhile the two most authentic sources namely the Encyclopedia Britannica as well as Encarta. Surprisingly there too was no mention of lake’s depth. So take your choice.
      However, I would appreciate if Fahad could give us further details of the team that measured the depth. Any other reader having an authentic figure in this regard or an input from the Survey of Pakistan which normally collects such data would be most welcome.

    1. Thanks Hannan for your visit and comment. Am glad you like our post.
      I wish you a good journey. Am sure you will have a wonderful time there in the company of the beautiful lake Saiful Malook. Once you are back, your memories, your experience of having met the lake of love, romance and adventure, will always stay with you and that is the magic called Saiful Malook.

  19. My Name is Fahim Ahmad Janjua, am working in Ferozsons Lab.We went to the beautiful fairyland, the Saiful Malook lake on 25th Jun with Doctors Trip. It was first time that I saw this heaven on earth. No doubt its eternally beautiful place that I ever saw. I have a permanent desire now to visit this lake again and again. Really amazing.

    1. The beauty of the lake lies in the love legend, of Prince Saiful Malook and the fairy Badar Jamal. While you are there, waves of this pristine lake whisper into your ears the story of intense love the valiant prince [he travelled thousands of miles to meet his love] he had for the fairy. To this comes the locale that binds you to such an extent that you even can visualize the two loving souls in and around the lake; the fairy dancing over water and waves harping to the steps her love takes.
      But the words do not do justice until you yourself visit the area. If you haven’t been there as yet, do visit and you will see yourself the magic, the charm, the fun and adventure that the lake presents to every visitor who goes there to meet the Saiful Malook.

  20. I have been to Saif Ul Muluk two times in my life… It seems a heaven on the land of Pakistan.. One who visits there wants to visit again and again.. Really a worth seeing place.. I use to tell all my friends to visit the lake at least once in their life.

  21. Yes its really a wonderful place but the way is too dangerous special when its raining so its also an adventure to go there..

  22. Walked up there from Naran. I guess the view there in winter should be awesome but in summer it wasn’t all that. Actually I enjoyed ma last trip in 2010 when we were stucked up in Naran due to heavy rain.
    Awesome sight people running around in fear and the main masjid were suddenly full of scared little humans. And this year it was like nothing ever happened, nobody bothered to even pray….

    I did also visit another lake Lulu patsar. In doing so also saw where the river Qunar begins. Planned on going to udu pat-sar as well but unluckily some one was shot and the whole group was robbed and the locals suggested its better not to go so we returned. And then we didn’t stop. Got in the van in the morning at 9 and went to bed at 11 at night whole day walking and travelling in jeeps, was crazy but the day I would remember for life.

    Also you must see Ansoo lake above Saiful-Malook and I suggest you go there in Feb or Mar. To cover these beautiful mountains should be an awesome adventure to view, so my next visit probably will be to go there in winter….

  23. Wooow! This place is so beautiful! We feel its a part of heaven. Thanks to Allah Almighty Who made Saif ul Malook. A great sight no doubt to see and to feel. Wish I could go there every fresh morning of every second day. Kainat Taqi. 😀

    1. Thank you v/much 4this extremely superb piece on an equally superb piece of wonder mother nature bestowed on Pakistan.

  24. I have seen this wonderful creation of the Almighty through your eyes. Thanks a lot for providing such valuable information to your readers.

  25. A wonderful place. And the way to lake Saif-ul-Malook is really an Adventure………………………….,,and I like it very much.

  26. This is heaven on earth…we are blessed with such beautiful places…..Alhamdolillah……

  27. I visited this lake in August, 2001. Its indeed a wonderful place. But most wonderful thing is that where from does the cold water come, particularly when it is descending from a height of 10,500/- ft. above the sea level and a reasonable quantity of water comes out from the lake every time yet the level of the lake remains same. The water is so cold, clean and has a shine, one can’t imagine.


    Abdul Rauf

  28. Regarding the depth of the lake: I would say that common sense dictates that at an elevation of about 3 km above sea level you are not going to get a lake that is 1km or 1.7km deep. It would be a marvel of nature, also considering the geography surrounding it, it seems impossible. I think as someone else pointed out the depth of 50 feet sounds about right.

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  30. I visited the lake. It’s a very beautiful place indeed. When we saw it, our souls were completely refreshed & rejuvenated. A lovely place no doubt.

    1. Afrasayab, Its the story of Saiful Malook’s real presence in the Vale of Kaghan and it is the [real] depiction of the love legend between Prince Saiful Malook and the Fairy Badar Jamal.

  31. This is a wonderful place … Jub main ne issay pehli bar daikha to muje yaqeen he nahi howa k itni beautiful place hamaray Pakistan main hai …InshaAllah issay main zaroor dobara visit karoon ga…………:-)

  32. Last year I spent 5 days there. I can’t 4get those days at least in my life. I also can’t wish to go there again, because I only want to live with the fond memories of those wonderfully sweet days of my life.

  33. The lake of Prince Saif-ul-Malook and the fairy Badar-e-Jamal is a nice, fascinating place.

  34. I hear so many news about this Lake. I don’t know whether it’s true or not? But there is some truth coz, there is shine all over the lake every Fourteen of Moon Night. There is some strange type of creature dance on this Lake.

  35. An intriguing discussionthat is definitely worth commenting. I do think that you need to publish more about this topic, it may not be a taboo but usually people do not discuss such subjects.
    To the next on this topic! Kind regards!!

  36. It is a heavenly place. I had been to many such areas during my Army service, but never been to the places like these. I wish to visit & see these places, I love nature, Asif Ali Agha.

  37. i just visited it on Eid this time and it’s true i never imagine a place like this on earth ever in my life.
    that’s really a ALLAH’S gift to our Pakistan.

  38. i m madni from zahir pir. last time i have experience to visit the lake jheel saiful malook. its a wonder of nautre and the master piece. i m offering you all to visit in this area if you have a chance. thanx and regard

  39. Thank you for yet another informative website. Where else could I be getting that kind of info written in such an ideal approach?
    I’ve a venture that I am just now working on, and I have been on the glance out for such information.

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    comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that
    over again. Regardless, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

  41. I’m leaving for Naran today…Since my childhood days, I’ve been waiting to see this amazing lake…And there is a mystery bout Saif-ul- Malook that has been fascinating me ever since. So wish to see all what is there. Will share my views once I’m back.

  42. It’s actually very complicated in this active life to listen news on Television, therefore I simply use world wide web for that purpose, and take the most up-to-date news.


  43. I’m gone to tell my little brother, that he should also visit this blog on regular basis to obtain updates on latest news about such beautiful places in Pakistan.

  44. I want 2 go there. This place is gorgeous. Very nyc lake. I love Pakistan nd Pakistan Army ……………….. 😛 😛 😛 …………… plxxxx pray for Pakistan.
    We support Pakistan, Pakistan zindabad……. 😉 😉 😉 …………. I love Pakistan.

    1. We also love Pakistan ……. 😛 😛 😛 yup !!!!!!!!!!!! My lil sister N i also want 2b there. Baba is planning 2 go there. Pakistan zindabad ………………. I also support Pakistan nd our Army …… 😉 😉 😉 ….. wow! Such a gorgeous place, this lake.

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  51. I savor, cause I discovered just what I was having a look for.

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  52. Tha tiny lake Saful-Malook (From photos) reminds me of mountain lake Kausar Nag in Kashmir India.In mid summer huge snow chunks of glacier float in this beautiful lake.

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  55. I also vizited saif ul malook……………What a wonderful place it is…..Praise be to Allah…..:)))))

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  58. Well there is no doubt that the lake is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I will Insha’ Allah go there to see the magnificent beauty of Saif-ul-Malook.

    Otherwise too, Pakistan is a beautiful gift of Allah SWT. We should work together to bring prosperity to our motherland. Nowadays Pakistan is passing through critical situation. May Allah help us to become one nation under one flag. A nation of Pakistanis and Pakistanis alone, and there should be no concept of Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Pathan and Kashmiri in our country. We are Muslim and we should be united as one nation of 180 million Pakistanis.

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    1. @Anas Muneeb, The matter regarding the depth of Lake Saiful Malook already came under discussion at the WoP forum here. Had you cared to read the comments, you would’ve gotten some idea about the depth of the lake.

      Anyway I’m putting up once again my earlier observation that I already posted.

      On January 31, 2010 Faisal Zia enquired about the depth of Lake Saif ul Malook and wished that the figure be authentic. Quite naturally he also wanted that source be mentioned as well.

      On December 3, 2010 we had the figure from Turab warraich saying according to the depth of the lake is1 km.

      Today, May 30, 2011 Fahad informs that the depth is 50 feet. As he says a team made survey on all lakes of northern areas of Pakistan and he asked them the depth of the lake… According to them the depth is 50 feet.Well Fahad, I checked various sources on line and here is my take on the subject: 1.7 KM

      Yahoo Answers: Best answer chosen through votes by Yahoo Answers readers: It is unknown. There is supposedly an underground river which empties into the lake.

      I checked in the meanwhile the two most authentic sources namely the Encyclopedia Britannica as well as Encarta. Surprisingly there too was no mention of lake’s depth. So take your choice.

      However, I would appreciate if Fahad could give us further details of the team that measured the depth. Any other reader having an authentic figure in this regard or an input from the Survey of Pakistan which normally collects such data would be most welcome.

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