Cultural Imperialism: How the world of music is manipulated by US corporate to control the global cultural scene

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  1. A dynamic culture is never worried about cultural imperialism. Military industrial complex too is not a new thing. The Third world war is being avoided and therefore a new kind of war is in place. The final result is yet to emerge. The war is being fought on different fronts including the economic, political, diplomatic, cultural, academic, Eco-information and on the floor of the UN. The military-industry combine is going to have an upper hand in this war.

    1. Mr. Dr. AKT, Culture is just culture. It can’t be compartmentalised into a dynamic or non-dynamic cultures. Culture is neither process theory nor an economic policy. Culture sprouts from the very soul and psyche of a people, therefore, it carries all the richness of a people, a society or a region. A compartmentalised culture is no culture at all.

    1. Nobody is teaching anybody, but anyone teacher or no teacher ought to know what culture is. Nomenclating culture with political intones, means objective is either vested / infested or a depiction of ignorance of — what culture is all about.

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