Are Pakistani Taliban the ‘Khawarij’ of today?

The psycho-analysis of groups such as the Pakistani Taliban or cults shows the very maniac nature of such people, their sects, groups or lashkars, all a manifestation of what we see nowadays in the modus operandi of the so called Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, and their ideological masters like Sufi Muhammad, who neither accept the constitution of Pakistan, nor do they believe in the national political structure and even challenge the majority of Islamic scholars.




by Aftab Ahmad Khan


A Note from WoP: For readers who may not be well  conversant with the early periods of Islamic history, here is a brief on the conspirators called the ‘Khawarij’.

After the ‘wisaal’ of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), his trusted companions and followers (the first four) were elected caliphs through a consensus of all Muslims. However, at the end of the caliphate of Hazrat Umar, there arose a group of extremists who disputed first the caliphate of Hazrat Uthman (under self concocted pretexts and prejudices), in favour of Hazrat Ali but later turned against him as well.

Being extremists in interpretations of Islam, which they believed correct as against the majority of Muslims (whom they equated with the infidels) they were called the Khawarij. In the following post Aftab Ahmad Khan discusses the origin of this group, their mindset and their perilous role in any Islamic society. After quoting Ayaat from the Holy Qur’an, the writer concludes that these so called Taliban of Pakistan are actually a cult (not the knowledge seekers which the word Taliban connotates) and thus are akin to the Khawarij of the early period of Islam.

In a later period of Islamic history, we see once again the movement led by Hassan- ibn-e- Sabah, who created a paradise for his followers, the fidayeen as they were called, who were ready to kill Sabah’s enemies or otherwise would commit suicide by piercing sword into their own body. As an analogy, these fidayeen of Ibn-e-Sabah were similar to the suicide bombers of today.

The psycho-analysis of such groups or cults shows the very maniac nature of such sects, groups or lashkars, a manifestation which we see nowadays in the modus operandi of the so called Tehrik-e-Taliban, Pakistan and their ideological masters like Sufi Muhammad, who neither accept the constitution of Pakistan, nor do they believe in the national political structure and even challenge the majority of Islamic scholars.

Theirs is a case of typical paranoia, a phenomenon which needs to be curbed as forcefully, as was done during the rule of the third and the fourth caliph.

Hazrat Ali (Allah be pleased with him), the fourth caliph fought and crushed the Khawarij. However, it took 200 years for the Muslims to eliminate this menace though not totally. It has resurfaced now in Pakistan.  Dr. Mufti Sarfraz Naeemi is the latest victim of their brutality — how long will it take us to eliminate them and at what cost is a matter of conjecture only… [Nayyar]





On  May 22, the Swat versity’s V.C. Dr. Muhammad Farooq named these TTP hoodlums as the ‘khawarijis’ of today.

So said Dr. Farooq, the Taliban of Pakistan (TTP) are the ‘khawarijis’ who totally differ with the beliefs of Muslims at large. In his keynote address at a roundtable on the Swat situation at the Pakistan Institute of National Affairs here in Lahore, with Maj. Gen. Kh Rahat Latif in the chair, he said the Taliban and Soofi Muhammad were at the same wavelength in their understanding of Islam. Both condemned the constitution, democracy and women education as ‘shirk’ (polytheism) and were determined to destroy the ‘Taghooti Nizam’ (the evil system of infidels) and enforce their version of Shari’a at gunpoint.

Dr. Farooq further said that Pakistani version of Taliban had the most advanced arms and communication system and were financed by all anti-Pakistani forces. Moreover,  Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, India and the USA too had strategic interest in this part of Pakistan, which also cannot be ignored.

Update Jan. 10, 2010: This post put up on these pages on June 16th, 2009. I have in the meanwhile watched a video which further elucidates the viewpoint expressed by the writer on this subject. [Nayyar]

“We should STOP calling them ‘Taliban’; they should be called ‘Khawarij’ or ‘Khwariji of Pakistan’. The Ayaat  (verses) of Qur’an being violated by them should be given wide coverage. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the intellectuals, as well as electronic and print media should again take the lead to give moral and religious ascendancy to the soldiers that, they are fighting the enemies of Islam and Pakistan.

The killing of innocent people in Swat, Dir and other places in FATA and all over the country in the name of Shari’a or Islam, is commonly perceived to have linkage with the militancy of religious fanatics, the aftermath of Afghan War against USSR and oppression of Islamists under the pretext of the war against terror after 9/11 led by the US and her allies. The Drone attacks (here, here and here) by the US, resulting in a huge collateral damage have added further fuel to this fire. While on the face of it, this perception cannot be denied, there is a need to look at it deeper from another perspective, inflexibility, the hallmark of all militants who normally get linked into the ‘Cult’ phenomenon.


Let us analyze what the word ‘Cult’ stands for? According to Oxford dictionary ‘Cult’ means: “to inhabit, cultivate, and protect, honour with worship; Worship; reverential homage rendered to a divine being. A system of religious worship, especially as expressed in ceremonies, rituals, etc. Cult is the devotion or homage paid to a person or thing; especially a fashionable enthusiasm; a transient fad of an in-group.” The Cult leaders have different views form the majority and rigidly adhere to them. The scholars hold that one should be very careful to use world ‘Cult’ because while the word cult originally was intended to be neutral and innocent, since Jim Jones in 1978 provoked mass suicide among his followers, many have associated cults with killing.

That assumption, state the scholars, is unfair to all those who belong to quite peaceful and harmless movements. Yet no one has settled on a satisfactory alternative term, though some speak of ‘New Religious Movements’.


[Before Operation started last month, the TTP forced barbers to display such signs “Shaving is prohibited”]

Why do these cults exist? Human action, especially responses to leaders who invoke the sacred, the divine, is always complex. Cult followers tend to be people who are unsatisfied by the complexities, contradictions, and ambiguities of life including life as interpreted by the mainstream religions. They seek answers, and the modern world, with its pluralism and its rapid communications, can confuse them and undercut their belief systems and their “orthodox” communities. The cult leader offers a single answer, keeps the rest of the world at bay, and reinforces only “One Belief System” as advocated and preached by him. The history of all the religions is full of ‘cults’, the most recent being ‘Doomsday Cults’ in Christendom.


The cult leader or leaders may be suffering from the psychological disorder like Paranoia syndrome, or mania. These disorders are usually restricted to just two abnormalities of mood depression and elation, or mania. (Mood is a predominant emotion that colours the individual’s entire psychic life.) Mania is characterized by an elated or euphoric mood, quickened thought and accelerated, loud or voluble speech, over-optimism and heightened enthusiasm and confidence, inflated self-esteem, heightened motor activity, irritability, excitement, and a decreased need for sleep. The manic individual may become injured, commit illegal acts, or suffer financial losses due to the poor judgment and risk-taking behaviour he displays when in the manic state.

These outlaws (erroneously named Taliban by the western media) have repeatedly been advised by all the religious scholars of repute that; while their demands for the implementation of Shari’a are genuine, the methodology adopted by them to achieve their objectives through militancy is wrong because it challenges the very writ of state, which results in absolute anarchy (fassad fil ardh), but they decline to compromise.


The term Taliban [plural of Talib, (the seeker of religious knowledge, a student, particularly of Islamic knowledge), is generally used for the students of Madrassah (religious seminary). The term ‘Taliban’ was started to be used for the militant group of students and religious leaders who established the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in 1994-96, to end the lengthy civil war following the withdrawal of the Soviets from the region in 1989. Led by Mullah Omar, they promoted Islam as a moral, sable, and orderly alternative to civil war, ethnic divisions, and warring tribal chiefs. They followed strict, literal and conservative interpretations of Islam including the implementation of Hadud punishments.


Influenced primarily by Wahabi (Deobandi) teachings and Pashtun tribal tradition, the regime was denounced by international human rights organizations for absolute segregation of women and violation of human rights. Though they were initially welcomed by the people of Afghanistan for restoring peace, they, however, could not last long after 9/11, and that period is now part of history. However they continued to oppose US and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

The situation in Pakistan, a sovereign Islamic State is totally different than Afghanistan. Some ambitious and misguided local elements are being used by the enemies of Pakistan and Islam, against the state to weaken or dismember the sole nuclear Islamic state of 17 million dynamic people with strategic location and resources. Calling these criminal and misguided, semi-literate people having no link with the basic teachings of Islam, as Taliban is a misnomer, which must be stopped forthwith.

The Army and people are now fighting against them, the moral and religious aspect must be defined in clearest possible terms, because our soldiers and people are devout Muslims, there should not be an iota of doubt in their minds that they are on right side fighting for the safety and security of Muslims and Islam. Let us see; what is the alternative?


In Muslim history some Cults are linked with the term ‘Fitnah’ (‘trial,’ or ‘test’, which refer to heretical uprisings, especially the first major internal struggle within the Muslim community (656-661 C.E), that resulted in both civil war and religious schism. During the reign of the third caliph, ‘Uthman, certain rebellious groups accused the Caliph of nepotism and misrule, and the resulting discontent led to his assassination. The rebels then recognized the Prophet’s cousin and son-in-law, ‘Ali, as ruler but later deserted him and fought against him as well,  they were  called Khawarij. The word Kharaju, from which Khariji is derived, means “to withdraw” and Khawarij were, therefore, seceders who believed in active dissent or rebellion against a state of affairs they considered to be gravely impious.

The basic doctrine of the Khawarij was that: “A person or a group who committed a grave error or sin and did not sincerely repent ceased to be Muslim”. According to them mere profession of the faith “there is no god but God; Muhammad is the prophet of God” did not make a person a Muslim unless this faith was accompanied by righteous deeds. In other words, good works were an integral part of faith and not extraneous to it. The second principle that flowed from their aggressive idealism was militancy, or Jihad, which the Khawarij considered to be among the cardinal principles, or pillars, of Islam. Contrary to the orthodox view, they interpreted the Qur’anic command about “enjoining good and forbidding evil” (Qur’an;3:104) to mean the vindication of truth through the sword. The placing of these two principles together made the Khawarij highly inflammable fanatics, intolerant of almost any established political authority. They incessantly resorted to rebellion and as a result were virtually wiped out during the first two centuries of Islam. Although till recently Chasidism has been considered essentially a story of the past, which left permanent influence on Islam, because of reaction against it, it forced the religious leadership of the community to formulate a bulwark against religious intolerance and fanaticism.


No Muslim by the name will ever dare to reject the Commandments of Allah, clearly mentioned in Qur’an and Hadith, some are:

Mischief on land condemned by Allah: Allah says: “.. and do not seek mischief in the land, for Allah does not love the mischief makers.”(Al-Qasas; 28:77). Allah says: “When it is said to them: “Do not make mischief on earth,” they say: “We make peace. Be aware! They are the ones who make mischief but they do not realize it.”(Al-Baqara; 2:11-12 similarly also at 2:60, 206, 3:63, 7:56)

Killing of innocent human (Muslim or non Muslims) is not permitted: Allah says: “..whosoever kills a person, except as a punishment for murder or mischief in the land, it will be written in his book of deeds as if he had killed all the humankind and whosoever will save a life shall be regarded as if he gave life to all the human beings..”(Al Maidah, 5:32); Allah says: “You shall not kill anyone whom God has forbidden, except for just cause under the law. If anyone is killed unjustly, We have granted the right of retribution to his heir, but let him not carry his vengeance too far in killing the culprit through taking the law in his own hands, as he is supported by the law.”(Al-Israa;17:33).

Fighting permitted in self defence with in limits – No Transgression: Allah says: “Fight in the cause of Allah with those who fight against you, but do not exceed the limits. Allah does not like transgressors.”(Qur’an, Al Baqarah; 2:190).


“As for such of the unbelievers who do not fight against you on account of your faith, and neither drive you forth from your homelands, Allah does not forbid you to show them kindness and to behave toward them with full equity.”(Qur’an, Al Mumtahana; 60:8).

Suicide is not Permissible in Islam : Allah says: “.. do not cast yourselves into destruction by your own hands…” (Al-Baqarah, 2:195); Allah says: “ not kill yourselves by adopting unlawful means….”(An-Nisa,4:29).Narrated Thabit bin Ad Dahhak: The Prophet said; “whoever commits suicide with something, will be punished with the same thing in the (Hell) fire”.(Sahih Al Bukhari Hadith Numbr:8.126). Narrated Jabir ibn Samurah: (The dead body) of a person who had killed himself with a broad-headed arrow was brought before the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him), but he did not offer prayers for him.(Sahih Muslim Hadith. Number.486).

Killing by Burning Not Allowed: Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said: It is none but Allah Who punishes with fire, so, if you find them (enemies), kill them (in combat).(Sahih Al Bukhari, Hadith, Number.4.259). Narrated Ikrima :

Mutilation of the Dead Bodies is Prohibited : Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) prohibited to mutilate the dead bodies. (Sahih Muslim Hadith.804).

Prohibitions-of Killing Religious People, Women, Children, Aged, Sick People, Animals and Cutting Trees in Military Expeditions: Islam forbade killing of innocents. Narrated Abdullah: During some of the ghazawat (Islamic battles) of the Prophet a woman was found killed. Allah’s Apostle disapproved and forbade the killing of women and children. (Sahih Al Bukhari, Hadith, Number.4.257,258). Abu Bakr advised Yazid, the commander of Muslim Military Expeditions to Sham (Syria): “You will find a people who claim to have totally given themselves to Allah. Leave them to what they claim to have given themselves. You will find a people who have shaved the middle of their heads, strike what they have shaved with the sword. “I advise you ten things: Do not kill women or children or an aged, infirm person. Do not cut down fruit-bearing trees. Do not destroy an inhabited place. Do not slaughter sheep or camels except for food. Do not burn bees and do not scatter them. Do not steal from the booty, and do not be cowardly.” (Al Muwata Hadith, Number;21.10).

Freedom of Faith-No Compulsion: Allah says “Let there be no compulsion in religion: truth stands out Clear from error: Whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the Most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.”(Qur’an;2:256).


Allah says: “Those whose all efforts in this worldly life had gone astray from the Right Way, but all along they were under the delusion that they were doing good deeds; they are the ones who are disregarding the Ayaat (revelations, verses) of their Lord and the fact that they will meet Him for accountability of their deeds in the Hereafter, so their deeds will become null and will not carry any weight on the Day of Judgment.”(Qur’an;18:104-105)


Parallels may be drawn between ‘Cultism’, Pakistani Taliban and Khwariji due to the intolerance and militancy (including suicide bombing) being employed by them against fellow Muslims under the garb of enforcing their vision of Islam. It reminds us the words of Eqbal Ahmad; “We are chasing an Islamic order stripped of its humanism, aesthetics, intellectual quests and spiritual devotions…. concerned with power not with the soul, with the mobilization of people for political purposes rather than with sharing and alleviating their sufferings and aspirations.”

While the military operation against rebellious people is being undertaken, there is need that the government should urgently undertake concrete short and long term measures to fulfill the purpose of creation of Pakistan as envisioned by the founding fathers. State should satisfy the needs of morality, security, justice, social inequality and improve the economic conditions of people so that the unity of Pakistan and progress is not affected.

As a first step we should STOP calling these Pakistani outlaws as ‘Taliban’, they should be called ‘Khawarij’ or ‘Khawariji of Pakistan’. The Ayaat  (verses) of Qur’an being violated here should be given wide coverage.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that the intellectuals, as well as electronic and print media should take the lead to give moral and religious ascendancy to the soldiers that, they are fighting the enemies of Islam and Pakistan”. The religious scholars should also come forward in big way.”

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50 replies to “Are Pakistani Taliban the ‘Khawarij’ of today?

  1. Khawarij comes from the root ‘kharaja’ and has connotations of rebelling against a legitimate leadership, such as the old Khawarij who rebelled against the legitimate Islamic leadership of Ali (ra). Who is the legitimate leadership the Taliban are rebelling against? The secular unIslamic puppet-to-America Zardari regime? Surely not.

    1. Hassan! you do have a point about present regime who is blindly towing the line of American Raj, just what ‘Busharraf’ was doing in his tenure. But opposition to a regime doesn’t mean one should take up the gun and start pointing it at the innocent populace, burn schools, close barber shops, and demand girls not to go to schools at all. If Taliban, a part of whom could be like Khawarij of early period of Islam, do the same thing i.e. enforcement of Islamic practices which they interpret as the only truth, then nobody would and no body should endorse them.

      To approve what these so called Taliban are doing simply because of Zardari being in the government and for that matter anybody else doesn’t solve the issue.

      Here the question is not to oppose or support one party or another, the main question is certain basis principles, of statehood, social norms in the society and requirements of a new century, a new millennium. We must look forward, not backward.

  2. Author is attepmting to divert and mislead the attention of the readers by relating the definition of Taliban to the history of Islam.Taliban are the Taliban, a produce of the Madarsas of Pakistan and being produced elsewhere by the same.They are of course related to the history of Islam in respect of intolerance, forced conversion and armed attacks what the followers of Islam committed in the past.They have disintegrated but still trying to disintegrate a nation ( Kashmir ) in the name of religion.The presant senario is the repercussions of the past. Face it and try to rectify the Islamic past. Plz. don’t go away from reality. One has very rightly stated ~ As you will sow so will you reap~

    1. Am sure India’s mainstream would not subscribe to such views. Taliban’s definition (to some extent) put forward by the writer is quite logical, he himself says this is one aspect which should also not be overlooked.

      Indepth analysis of the groups fighting the law and the people in our north are not one and the same thing. Each group has its own axe to grind. They have been clubbed as Taliban which is in fact a misnomer. Talib in Urdu means a knowledge seeker and mostly it is the students of religious seminaries who are called Taliban (plural of Talib).

      Real knowledge seekers neither hide their faces, not do they slit the throats of innocent people. The elements discussed in the post are mostly illiterate, semi illiterate renegades who erroneously call themselves as Taliban.
      I do not agree with you that Islam was an instrument of force. If Muslim rulers used force, repression or harshness in the administration of their kingdoms, so did kings from other religions / faiths as well.

      Talking of Kashmir & religion being used there to disintegrate a nation, then let us all facts, because facts remain facts. No nation can be disintegrated either by religion, language, race or geography until and unless peoples’ rights are protected. Through history, nations have been formed, reformed, reshaped and the main cause of these changes was mostly injustice, mismanagement and deprivation of peoples’ rights. We have so many instances where even kings gave justice to people and people did give their whole hearted support to that ruler. Just take the case of Punjab’s Maharaja Ranjit Singh, he was a Sikh by faith but had Muslim as well as Hindu ministers in his cabinet. Though an astute Sikh, in state administration and in general outlook towards his subjects, he was a real secular.

      We can’t be specific on this issue. Endless arguments and counter arguments can be forwarded in this regard. So let’s not blame the history. It has two sides of the coin always, everywhere.

      What we need is not the super patriots. Such breed we have on both sides of the border. What we wish is: instead of blaming and counter blaming let’s think in terms of a South Asian approach, which in the first stage would be on peaceful borders, people to people dialogue, then utilizing the full potential of trade and economic cooperation and side by side there should be a peaceful solution to disputes that are lingering since so many years between the countries of South Asia.

  3. Taliban can not be defeated. Why? What is the need to boost the morale of such elements? Why we can’t appreciate the ongoing action of world community under the leadership of US and NATO army. Why the terrorist after death becomes innocent civilian? These are the questions, which have to be answered by all those who are responsible for masking or justifying and overlooking the adverse impact of the preachings being delivered by mullas in defferent Madersas and are responsible for the production of Taliban. If one feels that his or her country is known for super ldeals in the world, then he should feel proud to be called as supper nationalist. Such patritiosism should not be criticised but deserves salute from all right thinking people around the world. I will welcome only the efforts of such people in normalising the relation between India and Pakistan.Those who play dual game should not be allowed to play their game in the process to ensure the lasting peace between the two neighbours. Unity in diversity certainly demands no compromise on certain issues and there should be no room for all those who are expert in changing their colours according to the situation and circumstances. I have great respect to all those who wish a cordial relation between the two parts of a divided nation, but we have to go miles ahead to reach the destiny as acheived by East and West Germany. Hence we should not be in hurrry.

    1. Neither I advocate nor do I wish a union in South Asia on pattern of East and West Germany. Pakistan is an independent and sovereign nation. This is a fact which every Indian brother must understand and recognize. Atal Bihari Bajpai was a man of vision when he came to Lahore, visited Manto Park where Minar-e-Pakistan stands as a symbol of the 1940 resolution of All India Muslim League for an independent Pakistan. We respect India as a great neighbor but to compare it with East and West Germany would be negating the geographical reality of today. Meanwhile the mindset in both India and Pakistan is also not in favour of such a union. Even if it were so, I don’t think we Pakistanis have the slightest idea of an Anschluss with our great neighbor to the east. We Pakistanis are very proud of our nation despite the problems we have, its struggles and its predicaments, all are known to us but still we are confident that we will Insha Allah come out of all these predicaments. Pakistan is going to stay and Insha Allah will stay forever, for it is the people who make countries and their will to protect their national independence. We in Pakistan want cordial relations with India as a great neighbour as we have China as a great neighbour. To compare this feeling and wish for cordiality between India and Pakistan with that of East and West Germany is totally an illusion.

      When I talk of a common South Asian platform that means on the model of European Union and not the on the pattern of two parts of Germany which got united under the will of all the Germans.

  4. This documentary film shows the reality and history of Kharijis in the light of the predictions of the Holy Prophet SAW.

  5. I don’t think it is fair on your part to apply the Kharijee history on today’s Taliban. It just seems like a convenient approach. Too simplistic to believe as truth.

    The circumstances when Kharijees appeared and did their evil things are different from today. During Caliph Usman and Ali, majority of Muslims were following Holy Quran and Sunnah staunchly than the Muslims of today. Even if then Muslims were following it 50% of Islam, they were more of Momin than us. We follow less than 5% of Islam (Islam is not just about performing rituals). In those days the rulers were PIOUS and were performing their duties well. Today’s leaders are IMPIOUS, corrupt, followers of wrong practices. These leaders are mostly western elites.

    And look at our people. Majority of Pakistanis are NON-PRACTISING Muslims or PARTIAL Muslims. I swear to God, I have many Pakistanis who habitually miss prayers, drink alcohol, engage in pre-marital / extra-marital sex, take interests, and are busy hoarding their wealth. The goal of a common Pakistani is to have a 9-5 job full of amenities of life with luxurious houses, cell phones, latest televisions and other gadgets. We have forgotten the meaning of hardwork, earning halal money. We always look for easy way out to make money. Majority of Pakistanis put their wealth in interest bearing accounts, so without any effort they get huge sums of money every month making them live a very comfortable life. The same people shell out very less money for charities.

    Then on what basis can we say, “we are Muslims”. We don’t even know the meaning of Islam. Islam means complete submission to God making Him the SOLE SOVEREIGN. But in democracy the soveriegnity lies in human beings. We have become so PATHETIC as not to not see the grave error of ours. We casually take such criticism against democracy. We think we are following Islam and doing the right thing but we don’t know if Allah (swt) might have placed us in the category of disbelievers (solely because of our inaction).

    Don’t forget Jews are still waiting for thier Messiah. Even though Messiah came (Holy Prophet Muhammed(saww) and already left but they failed to recognize him. WHY???? Because they had created their own yardstick to judge the Messiah. They kept ASSUMING the messia will be from the progeny of Isaac and not Ismael.

    We, Muslims of today, are doing the same mistake. We think we are the “INNOCENT” muslims. I think a lot of these “INNOCENT” muslims will FAIL to recognize Imam Mahdi, Prophet Jesus (RA) and Dajjal when they appear because we have blinded ourselves with pre-conceived (and foreign-fed) notions of what terrorism, peace and progress are (in the western sense of the words).

  6. Entire world is now knowing who is interferering in the affairs of others. Now western sense is prevailing and you are bound to follow it at least for the time being. Thereafter the eastern sense from lush green India will prevail and the sense of desert will be burried and will not be given any chance to emerge once again .

    1. Tiwari,

      The NON-SENSE of India will NEVER prevail. It is bound to perish for it is based on ARROGANCE. Yes the Four Castes System of your society is NO good for the world which DOES NOT leave any room for Equal Oppportunities. The wrong beliefs and practices of your relgion makes the humanity suffer at large. By not eating meat, you are depriving a huge population from a nutritious way to gain health. By forcing people to eat dung and drink urine, you are contaminating human body and mind.

      1. Sensibilities of Islam is what the world needs right now. Islam alone has the strong capability to unite the black with the white; the poor with the rich;

        Islam is NOT a new religion born in 7th century. It is the religion that was first brought to this world by Adam and was then transmitted to his progeny but unfortunately, some of his progeny, under the guidance of satan, choose IDOLATORY over sublime TAWHEED.

  7. Masiha from progeny of Issac is required since the progeny of Ismael is before us and we and you are very well aware of the fact that they do just opposite to that what is suggested to them by holy books or Saadhu and Santa.They will continue Halal without considering the international law that prohibits cruelity against animals. At the gate of a Mosque there exists a Halal shop and no one has raised any voice against it from that community.

    1. “Dr.” Tiwari,

      I am LOL at your immature arguments. Any culture that was worth its salt was and is the Islamic culture. Islam is the religion of nature. You can recognize this fact if you read about it with an open mind. Take off your prejudiced glasses and use God objective abilities.

      Yes Muslims will continue to assert Islam because that is what is good for all human beings. When Islam comes, people will not have to make huge changes for the Western Law, Current Science, Literature and Culture is HEAVILY derived from Islam. The world of Islam will be ONLY better with:

      a) No one starving
      b) Rich and Poor being completely equal
      c) NO crimes (everyone will have enough; so no one will steal)

      1. You present a funny argument against Halal standard. Funny on the following reasons:

        a) Jews(Progeny of Isaac) also kill animals in EXACTLY the same way as Muslims. They call it Kosher and we call it Halal.

        b) Animal gets LOT MORE pain when killed by stunning and other non-halal methods.

        c) Indian Sikhs and Hindus kill their goats and chicken in the most heinous way.

        d) The non-Halal method keeps the blood in the body of the animal thereby INCREASING the chances of contamination of meat.

        e) Halal method is way better than eating Cow’s dung and drinking her urine as MOST of the Hindus and Sikhs do.

        f) Who the hell told you that plants don’t feel pain? Get yourself acquainted with current research. There are plants that feed on meat.

      2. Dr. Tewari is himself a patient not doctor in the sense that he comments on Islam and Islamic matters as if he is the authority on the subject. But in fact he does not even know an iota of Islam at all. Had he learnt Islam, he would never ever had offered such perfidious statements that he usually does against Islam, Pakistan and the Muslims in general.

        Not only this, he so often parrots out his ambiguous, many times funny ideas on this website and behaves as if he is the right hand man of president Obama. His leaders milked out Soviet Union in the cold war days and now that Soviet Union has disintegrated, they have found another cow in the name of the United States of America. They are trying to milk out America same way they did the Soviet Union and that empire crumbled. Now that they are milking out the U.S. the disintegration of the United States of America may not be very far away. This is typical of Chankya’s political philosophy of which the Indians are too eager to follow in letter and spirit.
        Wasi of Kundian.

      3. Islam is a religion of nature .Well said ,Then better go and live in caves and forest . Practice polygamy and inbreeding .Live like a carnivorous animal and breed like a Pig . The static nature of your faith is not suitable for the modern civilized society .The society it has created is just like hurd of sheep which moves on the commands of mullas without thinking what is right or wrong .The result of such static mind of the majority has resulted the present situation .So far no one was worried when it was confined to your community but now you are being expelled from the modern societies .This trend will continue till you people will not change your atitude .

    2. Tiwari,

      For your these embarasssing-2-urself arguments, I have nothing to say but to show 🙂

      The problem with the Hindus is that they blame Pakistan for the very things they are guilty of such as terrorism, intolerance and inbreeding etc.

      Here are the links on Hindu inbreeding:

      wife sharing:

      Hindu women marry their uncles, grandmothers, cousins and dogs too.


      This one is the most heinous. An old woman account of how her husband was butchered by Hindus:

      This tells us beyond any doubt the Hindu “sense” of life.

  8. Muslims are responsible for disintegeration of The Soviet Union and they are still busy disintegerating India and Russia further once again. Now China has shown us the way how such problem can be tackled (setting an exmple for us in her Xinjiang province). America is not USSR. It has done all as regard the home work and has generated an international support to crush those Islamic forces for ever who are posing threat to the world peace. Now Pakistan cannot go back. Its present leadership knows the consequences very well. The recent murder of Governer of Punjab should have opened their eyes. Now they will filter out all those pseudointelectuals who are instigating terrorists behind the screen.

    1. Tiwari, you should do your homework before making ridiculous statements. Muslims were responsible for the disintegration of Russia??? No it was the Jews that were responsible for disintegrating Czar’s Russian Empire through Communism. Once they saw communism resulting in a rich federation giving birth to Russian imperialism, they balked off and started to do it away. They got a chance in the Russian mistake of invading Afghanistan and then Pakistan. We fought back and boy we did fight back!!!!

      That is our message to Indians and others also. Don’t even think about invading us, you will be in there for a very longtime eventually resulting in your humiliating defeat.

  9. This following video shows the history of Islam and its rise in Europe. It is a very well made documentary. After watching this video and seeing how Islam has been accomodated in some western countries, I am forced to review my views.

    What is our responsibility as Muslims? What real issues should we stand up for? Why are we angry at the West? What is the right way to stop the persecutor from persecution?

    I think the majority of our Ummah has to come together and decide about what common Muslim charter is going to be.

    When we say we want peace, what do we really mean? Are we unhappy about the fact that finances of the world are controlled by a minority? Are we unhappy that we don’t have a single land where we can practise our Islam in true spirit where all men-women are equal regardless of gender, social and religious status?

    Being a Muslim, I am fed up with corrupt politicians who don’t rule with justice and equality. I also see that some super powers having imperialistic goals do support these politicians. I am also tired of the world at large where Machiavellian politics is being practised. Why is it that one country is after another country trying to destroy it instead of helping that country to prosper.

    I think Muslims should stand up for justice,equality, security and food for all but in struggling for their goals, they should adopt a very ISLAMIC way of dealing with the evil. Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) made pacts with non-muslims only to be broken by them but he persevered. Muslims would never fight old men, sick men, children and women or destroy local economies.

    I think we need to understand Islam as a whole. We don’t have anyone who would research Islamic history from every angle and present us a picture which we can adopt. They need to analyze if there is any persecution / injustice going on in this world and how Muslims are supposed to handle it.

    We have Takfiris who even kill Muslims but then we have Liberals who just don’t think any persecution is really going on. These liberals think that it is ALL the fault of Muslims.

  10. We have a number of forms of incarnation of god. Prophets Jesus and Mohammad being messangers of god have been accomodated as new form of god in our Indian society. So our main opposition lies with some outdated Islamic traditions.

    1. Tiwari,

      I think the reason lies more on your lack of education about Islam. You rely too heavily on the media. It suits the purpose of this “elite” class to demonize Islam. They once use to trash communism like that before. You will see hundreds of books in US bookstores spreading venom against Islam and Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). They have played women-oppression card before and now are playing Sharia-card. They are preparing stage for the future. They have done this so effectively that when a Muslim talks about implementing Sharia, he is considered terrorist.

  11. Sharia may be suitable for a homogenous society consisting of hard liner muslims but when it is being attempted to be justified on a hetrogenous society forming our global village and that with the help of arms then such elements will be treated as terrorists and will always be a suitable target of Drones.

    1. And that is EXACTLY what I call DISINFORMATION. Nobody is imposing Sharia on non-Muslims. We are demanding it mostly in Muslim lands. That is our right. As free beings of this world, we have the right to decide what form of governance is suitable for us. NOBODY has ANY right over this.

      But the imperialist, hegemonic powers directly interfered in removing that government which was just working fine in Afghanistan.

      Those who sabotaged our freedom and their supporters are the real terrorists. Not Muslims who wanted to practise Islam in their own lands for they know if Islam once is allowed to thrive, it has the quality to attract majority of human beings toward its fold because it is against injustice, inequalities, oppression, diseases and hunger.

  12. But in a global village not a single nation can be homogenous, then how sharia would or could be allowed to be the main mode of governance .Religion is exclusively an issue of the individual / s. It has to be segregated from the state policy otherwise the present confrontation will persist.

    1. Well if the “globalists” don’t realize that diversity, and whereas individualism and freedom is everyone’s birthright, but they are literally finding ways to IMPOSE it on the world, so there is naturally going to be resistance. Not everyone is going to buy this vested idea of “Globalism”, specially when this “globalism” ensures power resting in the hands of few families of a particular race (or group or religion). Globalism seems to be more like a euphemism for total control. I don’t know why you or people (who subscribe to your view) are unable to see that. Would you be willing that world’s natural resources: copper, gold, coal, salt, water etc be in the hands of a few individuals? Don’t you think that total power brings corruption? Even the desire to want to have total control is corrupt.

      We don’t need globalism. We need compassionism, sharing-ism, respectism etc.

  13. I am not talking about the particular meaning of word Taliban but their attitude and behavior. As far as word Taliban is concerned, in Arabic, a single word may have lot of meanings; for instance word ‘deen’ is used for Islam as well as for other religions لَكُمْ دِينُكُمْ وَلِيَ دِينِ but same word is also used for day of judgment مَلِكِ يَوْمِ الدِّينِ so saying that the Talibans are the students of madarssas, it means they are innocents, but it is incorrect. No doubt they might have remained in madarssas but their present cruel and outrageous role declares them totally barbariansand agents or the true copy of kharijis. No decent, rational person can support and advocate such killers.

  14. Mr . Munawar , When I outrightly point out the drawbacks of Islamic preachings, that doesn’t mean that all other religions are perfect. But my submission is that such preachings of DAWA are not only degrading Muslims but posing a greater threat to the world peace, which can. not be allowed any more. That’s why in the ongoing wars, Muslims are on one side and the rest of the world is directly or indirectly [participating] from/ is on the other side.

    The ongoing war against the outdated Islam is an irreversible process which is now being fought againt the terrorists under the leadership of USA. The revolutions in some Muslim nations have been allowed to happen not to defeat the set goal of war against terrorrsm but to give an oppotunity to those who wish to come in power to reshape the distorted Islam through a genuine mandate .

  15. I absolutely agree with the opinion expressed in this post. The Taliban of Pakistan are the present day Khawarij who are out to destroy everything that’s not to their liking.. They must be wiped out and not a single one of them should be spared. After finishing them off we must go after their roots. These bad blood Taliban are producing their filthy, dirty S.O.B’s. We must finish all their males and take their females as P.O.W’s. Let the valiant soldiers of Pakistan army go after them, wipe them out and help us create a new generation of hard core Pakistani nationalists instead of mad religious cocoons.

    1. We must hit them where it hurts them most”.
      Simultaneously, however, we must not stop the efforts to fight ideas with ideas. Military solution is never a permanent solution for such type of insurgency. Military efforts are always a supplementary support to the overall holistic approach to this menace of religious extremism. We must do everything to win them over. Though our military is fighting against these Khawarij of today because it has no other recourse, yet side by side we must also endeavor to:-

      1. Fight ideas with ideas. Using only guns agaist ideas sometime proves counterproductive.
      2. A mass drive be started to bring more education in FATA.
      3. Provide better, speedy and real mechanism by institutionlising the justice system in our tribal agencies.
      4. Assure better job opportunitie to the youth of FATA.
      And lastly
      5. A gradual assimilation of their tribal culture [without touching their tribal sensitvities] into mainstream Pakistani way of life.

    1. Dr. A. K. Tewari, Islam is the most open minded, peaceful religion. But it is not a religion in the sense of a set of rituals. Its a complete Deen, a complete way of life. You write such off the cuff things becasue you haven’t read Islam. If you would read this, you could never come off the cuff as you normally do.

  16. I think we should be careful with classifying everybody under one colour. There is a big difference between implementing shari’a and committing terrorism. One cannot group both of these acts into one category. As muslims, our constitution is the Qur’an and Sunnah, not any other ideology. Now, committing acts of terror in the name of Islam would definitely be a characteristic of the Khawarij, but striving to implement the Qur’an and Sunnah in as much as a peaceful manner as possible, would not be a characteristic of the Khawarij.

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