What was Raymond Davis Shooting for in Lahore?

An op-ed in the daily New York Times, mentions at least for the first time the forensic evidence that both of Davis’s victims were shot in the back and the back of the head, and quotes police as saying that Davis had told them he shot the men not because they had menaced him with guns, as has earlier been asserted in the US media, based on misleading statements from the State Department, but because “he believed that the men were armed.”(According to a witness, the shot to the head was fired execution-style at one of the wounded men by Davis after he exited his car.)
If that was the accepted standard for shooting someone in Texas or Arizona, half the residents of the state would be shooting the other half. It’s also a pretty lame justification for shooting two people in the back! [Image above : The tight pattern of bullet holes in the windshield shows the precision of Davis’s shots at his victims].




by Dave Lindorff


The mystery surrounding Raymond A. Davis, the American former Special Forces operative jailed in Lahore, Pakistan for the murder of two young motorcyclists, and his funky “security” company, Hyperion-Protective Consultants LLC, in the US continues to grow.

When Davis was arrested in the immediate aftermath of the double slaying in a busy business section of Lahore, after he had fatally shot two men in the back, claiming that he feared they might be threatening to rob him, police found business cards on him for a security company called Hyperion-Protective Consultants LLC, which listed as its address 5100 North Lane, Orlando, Florida.

A website for the company gave the same address, and listed the manager as a Gerald Richardson.

An investigation into the company done for Counterpunch Magazine that was published on Tuesday, disclosed that the address was actually for a vacant storefront in a run-down and almost completely empty strip mall in Orlando called North Lane Plaza. The 5100 shop was completely empty and barren, save for an empty Coke glass on a vacant counter.

Now Tom Johnson, executive of a property company called IB Green, owner of the strip mall property, says that the 5100 address was rented by a man named Gerald Richardson, who used it to sell clothing. “We made him move out in December 2009 for nonpayment of rent,” he says. Johnson recalls that at one point when Richardson was leasing the space for his clothing store, he told him, “Oh, I have another company called Hyperion which might get mail there.”

Hyperion-Protective Consultants LLC, as reported in the Counterpunch article, is not registered with the Florida Secretary of State’s office, although it still lists the vacant 5100 North Lane, Orlando address as its headquarters on the company website, which also provides an email address for Richardson, who is described as the company’s “manager and chief researcher.” (Efforts to reach Richardson via his email and by leaving a message on the one functioning number listed on the website have gone unanswered.)

But there are other mysteries here, too, regarding Davis (whose name does not appear on the Hyperion-Protective website), and regarding Hyperion.

Just a security guy? Guns, shells, clips, multiple cell phones and batteries all found in Davis’s possession by police

As reported last week in the New York Times in an article by Jane Perlez, there is also a company in Las Vegas Nevada called Hyperion Protective Services. That firm’s 2006 registration information lists as its owners Raymond A Davis and his wife Rebecca J. Davis of 9811 W. Charleston St., Las Vegas, Nevada, 89117. It lists the company’s address as 9345 Boulder Opal Ave., Las Vegas. A registration in Nevada of that name says that Gerald Richardson “founded the firm” in 1999. In an curious twist though, Channel 7 News in Denver, a local ABC affiliate, has learned that Davis and his wife, the two listed principals of the company, actually live in Highland Ranch, Colorado, which would be a fair commute to Vegas.

This company, which Perlez says claims it at least hopes to win government contracts, advertises its services (basically providing due diligence for companies making property purchases, and running background checks on employees), on a website called LasVegasComplete.com. On that site, it lists its website, which is the same original site for Hyperion-Protective Consultants, LLC, the apparently virtual company that borrowed the mail address of Gerald Richardson’s clothing shop at 5100 North Lane, Orlando until he couldn’t pay the rent and got evicted, and that doesn’t have a listed number, or a person to answer the phone.

One reason may be that it may no longer exist. Lee Rivers, an official of the Florida Secretary of State’s office  says that the company was registered back in before 2008 as Hyperion-Protective Consultants LLC, but that it was dissolved that year for “failing to file a report with the Division of Corporations.” Rivers notes that it is illegal for a company to “hold itself out as a Florida Corporation,” when it is not actually one.

Meanwhile, the phone number listed for the Nevada incarnation of Hyperion-Protective is a cell phone with a Tucson, Arizona area code, which is registered to Raymond A. Davis. A call to that phone reached a recording of a male voice, with no mention of Hyperion-Protective, and no name offered, asking for call-back information. The call was not returned.

Perlez in her article, datelined Lahore, Pakistan, at least for the first time mentions the forensic evidence that both of Davis’s victims were shot in the back and the back of the head, and quotes police as saying that Davis had told them he shot the men not because they had menaced him with guns, as has earlier been asserted in the US media, based on misleading statements from the State Department, but because “he believed that the men were armed.” (According to a witness, the shot to the head was fired execution-style at one of the wounded men by Davis after he exited his car.)

If that was the accepted standard for shooting someone in Texas or Arizona, half the residents of the state would be shooting the other half. It’s also a pretty lame justification for shooting two people in the back!

Perlez also confirms another point–the suspicious array of items that police found in Davis’s rented Honda Civic when they arrested him–though she diminishes their significance by offering the snide comment that the local Pakistani press has been “dwelling” on the items, as well as on his various, and mutually exclusive array of business cards, which included one listing him as working out of the Peshawar Consulate, on the edge of the Pashtun Tribal area, one listing him as a Defense Department contractor, and one listing him as an employee of the seemingly non-existent Hyperion-Protective Consultants LLC in Orlando.

The items that the Pakistani press are “dwelling” on though, as listed by Perlez, include a Glock handgun, a flashlight that attaches to a headband, and a pocket telescope. Unmentioned by Perlez, but also found by police in Davis’s car, were a large number of cellphones, including at least one satellite phone, a cellphone tracker, a collection of batteries, bucketloads of bullets, both for the Glock and a Beretta allegedly used by Davis to kill the two motorcyclists in his pinpoint shots through his front windshield, and a load of M-16 shells.

Police report that the bullets were high-powered killer projectiles not allowed in many countries. There were military-grade knives, wires, wire cutters, and a surprising array of high-capacity magazines for the handguns, too (like the one used to such devastating effect in the recent Tucson massacre that killed several people and left Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords with a serious brain injury). And, reportedly, also some very odd items for a “consular official” to be carrying: masks and makeup.

There were also some other things police found that are profoundly puzzling and disturbing: masks and make-up, and a camera loaded with pictures of dozens of madrassas (religious schools) and other religious buildings around Lahore, as well as with photographs of Pakistani military installations, some on the critical borders with India and Afghanistan. The photos have reportedly led prosecutors to ask that espionage be added to the list of charges facing Davis.

This was not the run-of-the-mill office equipment one would expect for an embassy security officer (one of the various titles (covers?) that the State Department has claimed for Davis at the Lahore Consulate).

The US, which seems to desperately want this guy out of Pakistani hands, is reportedly threatening to cut off financial assistance to Pakistan and to cancel a planned visit by President Obama if Davis is not released–pretty heavy pressure for a low-ranking consular contractor–especially one who has admitted he shot two locals to death while apparently not working in any official capacity.

Perlez also uncritically parrots the US government’s line that Davis is “protected by diplomatic immunity under the Vienna Conventions and that he must be released from custody.”

The problem, as I reported in my earlier Counterpunch article, is that Vienna Convention that Perez and the US government are relying on to demand his release states very clearly that any immunity for diplomats or consular staff does not apply to “serious crimes,” and it would be hard to imagine a more serious crime than a double murder, which is what Davis is currently being charged with.

What seems clear at this point is that Davis, 36, is not what the US government is now claiming he is: a “technical advisor” to the consulate. That geeky description is belied by the eight or more perfect shots that he put, rapid-fire, into the two motorcyclists, shooting through the front windshield of his car.

His record –10 years in US Special Forces, supposedly ending in 2003–and his shell “security” company in the US, with its faked addresses, suggest strongly that he is working for the US, either in some intelligence branch, or more likely as an employee of some mercenary-for-hire company like Xe (Blackwater). In fact, a former long-time Army Special Forces veteran familiar with black-ops, speculates that Davis may still be in the Special Forces. He says, “Consider the strong possibility of our man being active-duty military, not Agency, not contract. Military people from special units have more and more taken responsibility for covert ops, especially those that involve shooting.”

This veteran adds, “Military folks are sometimes given an “official” cover, ie, a diplomatic
passport and some BS story about what they do (consular section, eg). This is a problem, because it violates agreements with the host nations about reporting how many military are in country, and covers some sensitive operations. Thus the panic of the Department of State et al right now.”

What Davis was actually doing on his ill-fated drive into the commercial heart of Lahore when things went wrong is up for grabs.

There have been several reports in the Pakistani press, unmentioned by Perlez, that the two men he killed were not, as initially reported by the US, petty thieves, but were actually agents working for Pakistan’s intelligence service, the ISI. Today, ABC’s Nick Schifrin, who has been the best reporter on this story in the US corporate media, reports that while the State Department “adamantly denies” the claim (big surprise, that!), four Pakistani officials, off the record, have told ABC that the two men Davis killed were ISI agents assigned to tail Davis because he was a spy who ISI felt had “crossed a red line.”

What “red line” might that be? Again there is further speculation in Pakistan’s media that Davis, instead of simply gathering intelligence, may have been involved in some kind of covert US program to actually finance or orchestrate some of the bombings that have been rocking, and destabilizing Pakistan. (Certainly that could be an explanation for the stop at the ATM for a bundle of cash, and for all of those cell phones recovered from Davis’s car and person, which could serve nicely as bomb detonators–a popular method adopted by terrorists everywhere– though of course they could also have been dedicated lines or throwaways for “cutouts,” as one veteran of such black-ops notes.)

The suicide by rat poison of the 18-year-old bride of one of the two slain men would seem to point to the victim’s being more than just a petty street thief, too. The young woman, from her hospital bed, before dying, said that she was killing herself because she despaired of seeing justice done for the murder of her husband.

Dave Lindorff is a veteran reporter, master raconteur and founder of the “This Can’t Be Happening” web site. Dave’s remarkable background – and that of his three colleagues at the new “news collective” – informs the style, content and unmistakable attitude the new venture brings to Internet journalism. 

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34 replies to “What was Raymond Davis Shooting for in Lahore?

  1. An article by Sayeed Qurashee an America based freelance Journalist and former Diplomat of Pakistan ,appeared on Opinian Maker ,seems to be complementary to the unfulfilied intention of Raymond’s firing plan .It appears to me that conducted the broad day light murder with a well intended mission as an important operation required to finish the war against terrorist within the stipulated time frame .The episode will give momentom to WAT as most of the hidden faces will come forward to lead the mob to destablize the present set up in Pakistan .And the demand for the release of Devis will leave no room for double game .

    1. Anil, its not only the war on terror but also Pentagon’s grand scheming in south Asia to forge a strategy by blessing on one hand the TTP terror in Pakistan and on the other the Hindutva terrorists in India. Through this strategy the CIA bosses are killing not only two but many birds with one stone. The TTP terror is being orchestrated in such a way that Pakistan thinks they are originating from India and Hindutva terror in India being linked to Pakistan whereas factually the events in both theaters are being staged by movers and shakers of one and the only one source i.e. the military contractors + the in service as well as the former operatives of the US Special Forces. Wait for my next post which exclusively covers the story covered by a French citizen journalist on this and some related issues.

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  3. Dr. Nayyar, Why are you deliberately trying to degrade the authenticity of your blog by comparing TTP with Hindu terrorism? In fact Hindu terrorism does not exist as such, it is just an attempt to hide the basic fault that exists in the fundamentals of Islam which is now well exposed before the world due to which despite of surplus natural resources Muslims are holding a second grade citizenship in the community of nations and instead of realizing the fact most of the Muslims like you have faith in the blame game .TTP and Al-Qaida is being dismantled through use of Drones by the international community as they were posing threat to the world peace. Hindu terrorists on the other hand if any, are posing threat to the Pakistani agents in India and they are being eliminated by our Govt and not by foreign forces. Kashi, Ayodhaya, Godhara, Mathura, and Kashmir are the issue which cause sporadic incidence of Hindu terrorism which is bound to emerge due to an open support for this by the nationalist forces spread world over including UK and USA.

    1. You seem to have lost patience to listen to a viewpoint opposite to yours. To say that there is no such thing as Hindutva terrorism, is like saying sun doesn’t rise in India.

      Terrorism by the TTP in Pakistan or the Hindutva in India is like two faces of the same coin; terrorism whether done under the cloak of ultra rightist Hindu elements or under the banner of extremist militants of TTP in the name of Islam, is terrorism only. They do not have any religion as they just use religion to grind their own axes.
      And you equate Islam which basically is a message of peace, with the extremist version of Islam which is not a positive outlook [This is just what the mainstream media in the west is always trying to do i.e. mould the minds of the common citizens to accept and follow what the demigods of the powerful military industry complex would wish them to follow]. Hence world over there is a need to understand the true nuances of terrorism i.e. who are these terrorists, who creates and nurtures them and how can they be defeated.
      You blame me, you blame Pakistan and you blame Islam for everything bad happening in the world. Isn’t this the blame game which you surprisingly attribute to me.
      If Muslims agitate in India against largesse of the Indian state agencies or if Kashmiris demand Azadi, in no way does this justify the extremism by Hindutva forces in India.

      Anil, I did not want to touch this subject because I strongly believe in India Pakistan friendship. I further believe that the machinations of our Big Brother, the United States in collusion with the erstwhile Imperial Britain have always tried to widen the gulf between India and Pakistan. Unfortunately what you believe write and express is exactly what the AmBrits would wish and this is a very unfortunate situation, which in no way can contribute to a peaceful environment in South Asia

  4. Kia Khoob Meray Shehar Mai Insaaf Howa Hai,
    Ek Khoon Baha Bhi Hai To Pir Maaf Howa Hai,
    Ay Qom Teri Qismat Mai Ezzat Hai Na Gherat,
    Yey Raaz Barri Dair Say Ab Saaf Howa Hai =|

    1. *Barring our sold out leaders, bureaucrats and other men in power, the verses you have quoted are indeed the voice of 170 million Pakistanis. I would say ‘”VERY WELL SAID KHAN SAHIB.”

      As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, similarly an appropriate verse is definitely worth many thousands of words.*

      1. Hello Nayyar, It’s been awhile and I hope that all is well…
        It is sad enough when we, like all freedom loving people, have to share this one commonality… That we both must live under the yoke of a corrupt government. A government which is in turn, is subserviant to the industrial corporate elite. The militaries may dictate ‘how’ the wars are fought, but the decisions of ‘where’ are made in the board rooms of the wealthy. Take care my friend, Steve.

  5. Thanx Steve, nice to see you here. I agree with you. The decisions are made in the meeting rooms of the powerful of the military industry machine, but it doesn’t mean we should accept such unjust wars merely becoz these are ordained by the mighty and the wealthy.. And I don’t think Steve we should lose our hopes, because every dark night ushers us into a bright morning day and I do believe the world will one day move to a better course, if not in our lives, at least it would in the lives of our children or their children’s children.

  6. Pkistan is fully cooperating in war against terrorism so far .The terrorists camp operating there will be identified with the help of information received from Raymond .

    1. But Raymond has been part of the scheming in which he was to have secret contacts with the TTP goons on one hand and to track the activities of JuD in Pakistan on the other. This is typical of the modus operandi (special psyops) of the CIA to create first the Mujahideen in their Jihadi factories and then dupe their own public as well as world opinion to paint same Mujahideen as a danger to the world peace and hence justify US led wars in different parts of the world.

  7. But my perception is different .U.S is adopting a policy to treate thorns with the help of thorn.

  8. Osama bin laden is an agent of the American CIA similar to what Raymond Davis. Both disturb the situation in Pakistan. Both were trained in America. Raymond has gone now to America while Osama is already there. Hakeemullah Mahsood, Baitullah Mahsood etc. the founders of the Tehreek Taliban Pakistan are also agents of the same CIA and thus Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan is also a creation of America; as reported by an American journalist in the Pakistani media a few months back. The task of Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan is only to admit that suicide attacks are being made by them while American CIA in collaboration with Indian Agencies do the task of launching Drone attacks and suicide bombings in Pakistan .King Abdullah played a vital role for the release of Raymond Davis. King Abdullah himself is an agent of American imperialists. In cahoots with his imperial masters he is disturbing the situation in Pakistan with the help of American Agents like Raymond Davis. Many Tribesmen from the tribal Areas of Pakistan belong to the Wahabi school of thought (Wahabism itself originated in Saudi Arabia). All such people are creating problems for Pakistan with the help of the American CIA, the Indian Agencies and Saudi financial supporters and similar groups. The religious affairs minister of Pakistan Hamid Saeed Kazmi is also a victim of such people.

  9. Now the eyes of maternal uncles of the World are set on the oil-fields of Libya and for this purpose maternal Aunty i.e. Hillary Clinton is moving heather and theather i.e. to France, Britain etc. The thieves, dacoits and beggars go there where there is wealth. In Iraq and Libya there is oil wealth so all the international beggars, dacoits are setting up their camps there. Where is osama? His other name is Manmohan,Yahoo and Obama and all this drama orchwstrated for oil looting and for looting the wealth of Frozen Bank Accounts of Muslim Jihadi Groups. These beggar countries do not like to solve the disputes of Kashmir and Phalesteen and promoting terrorism in the World since 2002.They are behind the scene of 9/11 and extra judicial killings of Muslims in the world. How their greedy ambitions can come to an end? In my opinion if considered, the only solution is to finish their High Extent greed by dropping Atomic Bomb upon these international Beggars and there is no other way to control such international dacoits and their mean-natured ambitions. They are no better than the dacoits of Somalia(sea-dacoits or pirates) who often loot the sea-ships taking oil.
    America, Britain, France, Germany, India, Israel are all the main terrorist countries who promote terrorism in the world and they are killing so many persons daily in the world. We should openly face these dacoits. They have no right to stay in Afghanistan and Iraq and no right to interfere in the internal matters of Libya. In Pakistan they have sent about 350 black water spies with the help of Zardari Govt. and in consonance with advice of Hussain Haqqani are disturbing the situation in Pakistan through suicide bombings and Drone attacks. Although Raymond David was pardoned by the heirs of effected persons but he was involved in terrorist activities. Maps of sensitive Military Prohibited places / sites were recovered from him and he was working against the solidarity of Pakistan and against the national interests of Pakistan and there was no justification to release him on the call of King Abdullah. Did in case of Raymond Davis the military, judiciary, the central and provincial governments play their role for the solidarity of Pakistan? The answer is Certainly NO, an absolute NO. Then from whom can you expect to be the Messiah of Pakistan? The Islamic parties do not enjoy the support of the majority of the people of Pakistan, so the trust of majority was reposed in the PPP, PML (N) and they too have dodged the people as far as the case of Raymond is concerned. I think all Deptts of Pakistan may be leased out after considering proper terms and conditions in the Parliament while safeguarding their religious rights.

  10. I dont know what is going on in Pakistan after the Ameriban action in Libiya . What I feel very clearly that if people in Pakistan will revolt against the present set up they will not get success .

  11. A very late realization…
    has proved that US
    friendship is cancerous
    and toxic. Was the release of Raymond a trap on terrorist thinking in Pakistan?

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