Senators oppose US gunman`s release

Demonstrating relatives of three Pakistanis, who died after a U.S. consulate worker opened fire, hold up a portrait of a victim, left, and a flyer against the alleged suspect, Raymond Davis, near the scene of the incident in Lahore on Feb. 2, 2011. (Arif Ali, AFP/Getty Images)


Dawn Report


This news item is  courtesy the daily Dawn of Karachi

The members of the Senate were unanimous on Tuesday in rejecting US demands for the release of Raymond Davis, accused of gunning down two men in Lahore.

They warned the government of eruption of mass protests if it succumbed to American pressure on the issue.

Speaking on a point of order, the Prime Minister`s Adviser, Mian Raza Rabbani, said the government was duty-bound to respect the sentiments of people as expressed by the parliament.

Mr Rabbani said: “A strong message needs to be sent by this house that people of Pakistan will not accept anything less than fair trial of the murderer and punishment under the law of the land.

“We do not accept any immunity to a murderer even if the American is a diplomat. If the Vienna Convention gives immunity to diplomats, it also envisages some laws for them to follow.”

He said the Americans should not repeat their history when black slaves were killed by the white and all the blame was also put on the victims.

The senator said the US should be told that Pakistan did not have double standards when it came to enforcing laws on the locals on the one hand and foreigners on the other.

Prof Khurshid Ahmed of Jamaat-e-Islami criticised a statement by Information Technology Minister Sardar Aseff Ahmed Ali that the US citizen could be released if he enjoyed the status of a diplomat.

He said the government would be inviting a strong protest if the American involved in murder was released. No one was above the law, he said.

He said the Washington Post had reported that Davis was working for a private security agency. “What was he doing in Lahore equipped with telescope, pistol and other gadgets which were found in his vehicle?” he asked.

According to other reports, 60 to 70 agents of the US Central Intelligence Agency were freely roaming all over the country, especially in Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta and Karachi, since 2004, he said.

Humayun Khan Mandokhel said: “If the US law can be applied in the case of Dr Afia Siddiqui, why cannot we try Davis under our own law.”




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  1. This issue is attempted to use to ignite Egypt like people revolt in Pakistan by the supporters of hard liners and anti US forces to destablize the present Govt which is commited to keep away the religion from the state policy .Any such attempt could be disastrous for the country and will be delt with heavy hand .After all Pakistan is not Egypt and Tunesia .

  2. Life for life will be the motto of the mob . The Shariya driven mob is about to emerge in Pakistan and all required preparation is on to deal with them .Since the mob has rejected the Jeneva convension therefore do not deserve to get an umbrella of the provisions of human right .

  3. Now in Yaman ……
    .Confine it there .
    It should not be allowed to happen in Pakistan .
    Let the people of pakistan visualize the consiqueces at Chiro and Yaman before adopting the mob mentality .

  4. The Egyptian army is still on the duty, got success in creating buffer zone required to implement Moon-Mubarak Plan .

    1. To me, all ur 4 comments on the prevailing situation in Tunisia, Egypt and Pakistan r nothing but the wishful thoughts of a person who is fighting for a lost cause. But u r right when u say Pakistan is neither Tunisia nor Egypt. In spite of all our drawbacks, v do hv at least some record of democratic setups [although the people of Pakistan have never ever been able to reap any benefit out of our democracy] even then at least we have an independent media & independent judiciary. Both these institutions in Egypt and Tunisia could not be thought of. But to say that Mr. Zardari is doing a commendable job in Pakistan is nothing but day drams of a lone thinker.
      Then to say that demand for justice for the three Pakistanis murdered by an American is mob justice is like denying the day light facts.
      Question is not whether he is an American or a Pakistani. The man who is named Raymond Davis is a murderer, how far is this allegation true, let the court decide on basis of factual proofs and then doodh ka doodh aur pani ka pani alag ho jayega.

  5. We all should follow Law. Please Dont spread hate against any country or any culture… just demand justice. We need to establish role of law….

    Justice should be done in any case. Raymond Killed 2 Pakistani citizens …. there is no doubt about it. Now let the courts decide… We have free courts in place. We should have trust on justice system and wait for the verdict.

  6. Raymond ,Rana , Rabecca , Rabbani ….and the cook Raja Mujtaba , aii are set in to ignite a Revolt in Pakistan . Why their effort is will remain a futile excercise becouse what is happening today in this world is due to Jehad and Islamic fundamentalism which has been cultivated in Pakistan for the last sixty year .

    1. Dear Dr AKT,
      Jihad and Islam hv mercilessly bn used by the US neocons (with connivance of the late Pakistani dictator Ziaul Haq and later thru the usurper named Pervez Musharraf. Both left their legacy which unfortunately continues till this day under Mr. Zardari as well).
      These individuals having the power of the Pakistani state played into the hands of US imperialists to fight their war on terror and thus helped Uncle Sam in creating their own robotic warriors whom they named as jihadis. These robots have so meticulously been programmed to act as Jihadis, that they kill their own fellow Muslims and malign the name of Islam, and Jihad (an agenda framed by the AmBrits). These robotic warriors are exactly doing the jobs (unfortunate thought it is) they have been programmed to do.
      Wasi of Kundian

  7. It’s a WONDERS OF PAKISTAN’S LEAK ..Pandits of Pentagan are looking in to the matters highlighted in this leak..

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