Killer Drones: definition, images




A pilot less aircraft operated by remote control


Definition of a drone as given in the free online dictionary is as under:-

1. A male bee, especially a honey bee, that is characteristically stingless, performs no work, and produces no honey. Its only function is to mate with the queen bee.

2. A pilotless aircraft operated by remote control.

So the reason these pilotless aircrafts have been named as drones is probably due to their physical shape which is highly similar to drones, i.e. the male bees.



Above picture has been taken from a net source (Google Images), It shows different parts of a drone. On the sideline and the header are names of  al-Qaeda top operatives who have been  killed bythe CIA..


In the beginning and to some extent even till this day the Government of Pakistan has been denying that these drones fly from a Pakistani base, but then Google earth clearly shows the Shamsi air base in Balochistan from where these drones are flying and attacking among others, the  innocent Pakistani civilians as well.

Here is a pic that Google earth has put on the net showing the location in Pakistan. You can see in complete detail this location by visiting the Google earth site.


Readers who are inetrested to get further ews on this subject may vusit the blogsite CHUP!

And finally, here now is a video showing how these drones are being used in war and peace. As technology advances, so does the perfection to rescue as well as kill the humans.



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26 replies to “Killer Drones: definition, images

  1. Wtf is that all you two can say. Wow. Here’s my comment, Why haven’t we destroyed this pakisatn base if it’s lethal.

  2. Drone was the teacher of Arjuna who was famous for his archery. Arjuna was so trained by his guru Drone that he was able to target the eyes of a rotating fish without looking at it.The meaning of Drone is not related to a type of honey bee.Be clear about it.

    1. Are you a fish doctor? Drona, Hindu myths. I thought you should be better informed in Indian stories. Tackle if you can, no disinformation.

    2. “So the reason these pilotless aircrafts have been named as drones is probably due to their physical shape which is highly similar to drones, i.e. the male bees.”

      As confused as the good doctor’s posts are, he’s absolutely right: this plane look nothing like a honeybee. Even if you’ve never seen one, you could at least Google a picture in under four seconds.

  3. It is a delibrate hyperbole on my part just to glorify the state of art used ln Drone.It ls not a misinform.tion

  4. I say bomb bomb bomb. If citizens are willingly among terrorist then their stupidity is enough cause for bombing the hell from them.

    GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Patriot u r stupid. obviously not enough up there to generate enough sense in ur challenged brain… i wonder if u ever think if u have a terrorist living next door to u, and without u knowing, u could be collateral casualty of the anti terror efforts of the FBI or whatever… not every1 knows what their neighbors get up to on a daily basis and thats no reason for someone to lose their life…

  5. I wonder about the comments herein. Comments should be serious and directly related to the editorial content.

    Drones are America’s answer to war deaths. The American deaths experienced during Vietnam curtailed the plans of the warfare state and ended their wars for profit. With drones we can kill anonymously. That’s just what we’re doing and rather then suffer American casualties we see innocent people suffer death. Besides, the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan never entertained attacking America, until now. WE, the Americans, are the terrorists.

  6. @ Jeff Prager,

    You are very right Jeff, but let me correct you, its not the Americans who are terrorists but the Whitehouse / Pentagon’s Neocons who are in cahoots with Military Industrial Complex to wage such wars at the expense of US citizens, the common tax payers there and the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

  7. No, Jeff, we Americans are not the terrorists. We are striking legitimate military targets – ie targets which degrade the enemy’s ability to wage war. Muslims are the terrorists, inasmuch as they strike civilian targets, which are calculated to cause terror and fear and cause the civilian populace to lose faith in their government’s ability to protect them. We have to use Predator drones as most muslim “warriors” are too frightened to face the US military head on.

    1. @ Predator Fan,
      Since you are a predator fan and predators are flying assassins in the service of Pentagon, therefore, you will of course favor the predators attacking civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan. I have one question to you: It’s since last 9 years that American military and intelligence is after Osama bin Laden but still with their monstrous military might and super duper intelligence they haven’t been able to nab OBL. In last 3 years only through drones more than 1000 civilians have been killed in Pakistan, just calculate the number of deaths that would be required in the coming years and that phantom called OBL still would not be apprehended. But through these drone attacks, your government is creating more enemies than friends; still GW Bush would ask why the world hates us?
      As far as your opinion that Muslims are afraid of these drones than be clear about this, the people who are fighting against the NATO / ISAF forces are not afraid of the drones and similar gadgetry used by US occupation forces. They are fighting against occupation of their land. They are fighting the same way the US patriots would fight for their homeland, were their country be occupied by an enemy. Would in such case, the US citizens including yourself be afraid of anything like drones?

      1. Well, “Doctor”, looks like you spoke too soon. It was harder to find OBL since you were tenderly hiding the world’s greatest mass murderer since Hitler, but we got him anyway.

    [Obama killed Osama through Navy SEALS, no forensic data circulated, no DNA tests available to the media. OBL drowned in the sea. If tomorrow another Osama appears some where near Abbotabad, would you doubt it?]

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  10. Our country has changed,our leaders have given in to evil it’s the only answer,money,power and control.We are in grave danger;they are sadistic;too crazy to be true;read your bible,research: illuminati,bloodlines,mind control,cloning,
    aliens,the devil ……’s real people.

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