Things The Real bin Laden Would Not Have Said [6 of 7]

Growing Up Bin Laden is a book that simply is too untrustworthy, for several reasons, for its claim that Osama bin Laden was right-handed to overturn the intelligence community’s long-standing description of him as left-handed. Further investigation, perhaps involving bin Laden’s wives or other children,  might help resolve the issue.



by Prof  David Ray Griffin


In the book, however, the supposed account by Omar says that he rebuked his father, after which:

“He stared at me with evident hostility, gesturing with his hands: ‘Omar, this is what you need to know, my son. You hold no more a place in my heart than any other man or boy in the entire country.’ He glanced at my brothers. ‘This is true for all of my sons.’ My father’s proclamation had been given: His love for his sons did not sink further than the outer layer of his flesh. His heart remained untouched by a father’s love. . . . I finally knew exactly where I stood. My father hated his enemies more than he loved his sons.” 83)

According to the Rolling Stone interview, however, this conversation – quoted time and time again as revealing Osama bin Laden to have been an unfeeling monster of a father – never happened. Jean Sasson apparently invented the entire scene. Lawson concluded: “In Omar’s world, it appears, it is possible to be misquoted in your own autobiography.” 84) That certainly seems to be the case if your autobiography was put into final form by Jean Sasson.

The moral of this long discussion of Growing Up Bin Laden is that this book is simply too untrustworthy, for several reasons, for its claim that Osama bin Laden was right-handed to overturn the intelligence community’s long-standing description of him as left-handed. Further investigation, perhaps involving bin Laden’s wives or other children, 85) might be able to resolve the issue.


In any case, even if Osseiran were able to overcome all of the problems discussed above, there would still remain what I consider the main reason for calling the so-called confession video a fake: the fact that its bin Laden figure said many things that the real Osama bin Laden, if he had planned the 9/11 attacks, would surely not have said. Largely repeating here the analysis I gave in my book – which Osseiran failed to address in his critique – I will examine five such statements in the video:

Pre-Boarding Ignorance of the Hijackers: Speaking about the young men who carried out the hijackings, the bin Laden figure in the video said:

“The brothers, who conducted the operation, all they knew was that they have a martyrdom operation. . . . [T]hey didn’t know anything about the operation, not even one letter. But they were trained and we did not reveal the operation to them until they are there and just before they boarded the planes.” 86)

According to the FBI, however, the 19 (alleged) hijackers had purchased their plane tickets two weeks in advance, so they would at least have needed to know which flights they were supposed to board. 87)

One might, to be sure, suspect that “bin Laden” meant only that the men did not know that they were intended to hijack and then crash the planes into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and one other target. But even this idea would be absurd. If the hijacker pilots did not know their targets until “just before they boarded the planes,” how could they have found their way to those targets without assistance from air traffic control? Even if they used hand-held GPS (global positioning system) units, as some defenders of the official account have suggested, they would have needed to know the coordinates of their targets.

In fact, a supposed “bin Laden video” that appeared on September 9, 2002, showed the alleged hijackers, as the BBC reported, “reading flight manuals and studying maps, one of which is of the Washington DC area.” 88) To be sure, Osseiran, believing that bin Laden’s original plan had been taken over and expanded by people in the US government, 89) could dismiss this video as a piece of post-operation propaganda. But the problem would still remain of how the al-Qaeda pilots could have reached their targets without guidance from air traffic control, unless they knew the details of the operation in advance.

Pilots as Not Knowing “Muscle Hijackers”: Making another statement that did not fit with the evidence compiled by the FBI, the bin Laden figure of the confession video said:

“Those who were trained to fly didn’t know the others. One group of people did not know the other group.”

According to what the official reports said, however, the pilots and the other men, usually called the “muscle hijackers,” mingled with each other: Some of the muscle hijackers reportedly settled in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, along with pilots Mohamed Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi, and Ziad Jarrah, while the other muscle hijackers settled in Paterson, New Jersey, along with pilot Hani Hanjour. 90)

Again, Osseiran might dismiss this contradiction as simply another reflection of the fact that the plan created by bin Laden was later modified. If so, however, one must wonder why bin Laden – who knew something about the need for close cooperation when people are carrying out dangerous missions – would have devised a plan in which the al-Qaeda pilots would not know the hijackers who were to subdue the crew and passengers.


Arguably the most problematic statement made by the confession video’s “bin Laden” is one that Osseiran quoted, but only partially. Here is the statement in full:

“[W]e calculated in advance the number of casualties from the enemy who would be killed based on the position of the tower. We calculated that the floors that would be hit would be three or four floors.. . . [D]ue to my experience in this field, I was thinking that the fire from the gas in the plane would melt the iron structure of the building and collapse the area where the plane hit and all the floors above it only. This is all that we had hoped for.” 91)

In an essay in which Osseiran argued that bin Laden really did confess to planning the attacks, he quoted a portion of this passage and then said: “That is enough for me.” 92) The portion he quoted, however, did not include the statement in which the bin Laden figure said that, given his “experience in this field,” he “was thinking that the fire from the gas in the plane would melt the iron structure of the building.” This statement is doubly problematic.

In the first place, given bin Laden’s “experience in this field” – he was a civil engineer – he would surely have known that that the Twin Towers would have been supported by steel, not iron. If the translation is correct, therefore, this is a statement that the real bin Laden would have been unlikely to make.

Even more serious is the second problem: As a civil engineer, Osama bin Laden would surely have known that the “fire from the gas in the plane” could not have melted any of the Twin Towers’ steel support columns. He would have known that a building fire, even one fed by jet-fuel (which is essentially kerosene), could not have brought any of the steel columns anywhere close to their melting point. The real Osama bin Laden, therefore, would not have expected any of the buildings’ columns to have melted.

He would not, therefore, have had even the minimal expectation about floor collapse expressed by the man on the tape, namely, that the fire would “collapse the area where the plane hit and all the floors above it.” Although the man on the tape formulated this expectation as a modest hope – that he expected “only” those floors to collapse – the real bin Laden, unless he expected Allah to help out with a miraculous intervention, would likely have laughed and said “only?” 93)


Another reason I gave for calling this video a fabrication was that Professor Bruce Lawrence, considered America’s leading academic expert on bin Laden, 94) had called it “bogus.” Adding that he had some friends in the US Department of Homeland Security assigned to work “on the 24/7 bin Laden clock,” he said that “they also know it’s bogus.” 95) Having quoted Lawrence’s statements in my book, I then referred to Osseiran without mentioning his name, saying:

“One defender of the authenticity of this ‘bin Laden video’ has claimed that Lawrence was talking about a later one.” 96)

I had shown otherwise by pointing out that Lawrence had called the video to which he was referring the “bogus smoking-gun tape that came out in November 2001.” 97) In saying “November,” Lawrence – whose statement was made in response to a question during a radio interview – probably had in mind the fact that this video was said to have been made on November 9 and was reportedly found near the end of that month. In any case, by referring to it as the “smoking-gun tape,” he clearly indicated that he was referring to the so-called confession video we are discussing.

Osseiran, however, claimed that this was disproved by an email exchange he had with Lawrence after hearing that radio interview. Having sent Lawrence a letter criticizing his statement and explaining his own hypothesis, Osseiran received a reply in which Lawrence explained that, by calling the tape a fake, he “meant that it did not originate with OBL.
” On the basis of that statement, Osseiran concluded that it could “hardly be described as a [mere] claim on my part that Dr. Lawrence back peddled [sic].” In explaining why he interpreted Lawrence’s reply as back-pedaling, Osseiran wrote:

“His play on words that the tape did not originate with bin Laden is either supportive of my work or, if otherwise, needs to be publicly explained.”

Lawrence’s statement, however, surely meant simply that the bin Laden figure in the tape was not Osama bin Laden himself. That Lawrence did not accept Osseiran’s theory about the tape is further suggested by the fact, reported by Osseiran, that Lawrence “has since been unresponsive to all communications.”

Conclusion: Osseiran accused me of “cherry picking” evidence in order to support my claim that the so-called confession video, which was released December 13, is a fake. This accusation is doubly problematic:

Besides the fact that the examples he gave do not support his charge, 98) he has himself engaged in this practice. That is, he simply ignored a major portion of the evidence I had provided in support of the conclusion that the “bin Laden confession video” is a fake.

Given Osseiran’s charge that my statement to this effect is an “outrageous falsehood,” it was incumbent upon him to address all the evidence I had presented for this statement. But he addressed only parts of it, ignoring the strongest part: the various examples of things that Osama bin Laden would almost certainly not have said. Osseiran cannot expect people to take his “sting” hypothesis seriously unless he can successfully counter this evidence.


Near the beginning of his critique, Osseiran wrote: “I have looked into the possibility of him [bin Laden] being dead while doing my own research and found all evidence to be inconclusive.” By thus phrasing his statement, he implied that I had claimed the evidence to be conclusive. But that is not so.

The strongest assertion I made, which occurs on the final page of the book, says: “The available evidence, therefore, supports Robert Baer’s statement, made in October 2008, that Osama bin Laden is dead.” To say that the available evidence “supports” a thesis is not to say that it conclusively proves it. Moreover, to speak of the “available evidence” is to acknowledge that evidence supporting the opposite conclusion might surface.


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50 replies to “Things The Real bin Laden Would Not Have Said [6 of 7]

  1. Do you think Osama bin Laden has survived after the Tora Bora bombarding ? The answer is that he is no more now but will remain alive till there is a single terrorist in the region .

    1. @ Tewari,
      You are right Doc. Osama bin Laden most probably perished during the Tora Bora bombings and even if he did survive that attack, there are so many chances that he died because of his kidney failure for which he was undergoing dialysis. Its almost 10 years hence. Am not a man of medical profession but have talked to a good number of my friends in the profession specially who are urologists, and they are of the opinion that there is hardly some chance of he being alive, particularly when he is reported to had been living in caves in an area in Afghanistan where even the basic medical facilities are not available what to speak of dialysis and other modern facilities for kidney washing etc.But as you also say and I fully agree with you that he is no more there. However, he will be given life till this war or any other war that suits the military industry complex in the United States and their lackeys in the developing world require such war of ‘terror’ against ‘terror’.

      1. Sorry, doctor, but his own son who lived with him said his father never had dialysis. He had kidney stones. I think Omar knows more about his father than all the ongoing speculation… I’m sure you would agree. Jean

  2. guy lawson got it wrong as he did with many of the other facts not jean sasson as you have tried to state, please before you print what is not true, please check the facts, it is very easy to contact zaina, she will be please to take any calls and give correct information
    regards omar

  3. @ Omar , The editor of the blog is not concerned about the fact . He select and publish only those articles which suits him in propagating Anti american feelings and boosts the moral of terrorists .

    1. Omar, Tewari,
      We are neither an intelligence set up nor a media court to judge what’s correct, what’s not. Prof Griffin’s detailed account on Jean Sasson’s criticism on his book takes this criticism [point by point] and jots down a pertinent, reasoned reply to each. If either of you think, there is a counter opinion to that and has more weight logically, we would be much pleased to print that as well. Jean Sasson, the writer herself, who lodged this criticism against Griffin’s findings [on bin Laden having died before the two videos on OBL’s role in the 9/11 attacks came up] is also most welcome to forward her viewpoint. Plz rest assured, we shall give her too, an equal consideration in this regard.

      1. Where did I lodge a criticism against this man’s findings? Perhaps I saw it months ago and said hogwash or something similar? Please do send my criticism to me so I can read it. I must have forgotten, but then again, when I have TIME, I try to correct incorrect information about the books I write and the courageous How can he find anything that will take precedent over the son of Osama binladin who LIVED with his father and knew him so well. There is NO reason for Omar to lie about anything about his father — while there were things he did not want in the book, and I respected that, I never once saw any indication that Omar will lie about anything… He was very careful about everything that was put in the book, read it before it was published, and signed off on it… No one knows more than Omar about his father, at least up until the time Omar left.

    2. What a pity if this is true. I hope not… But, In that case, we are all wasting our time telling the facts and truth… Such a thing makes me sad because facts are what we should all stick with, no matter how it turns out — once we can’t depend upon publishers or people online printing the TRUTH from FACTS, then all is lost…

  4. Now Pakistan will say that Osama bin Laden is no more but rest of the world will insist that he is still alive and hidden some where in Pakistan .It is in search of Laden the international force will enter any where in Pakistan wherever the terrorists are being sheltered, trained and motivated .The action of world community will continue as war against terrorists and their supporters in many more years to come .It is not going to halt without realising its goal what so ever is being interpreted by pro Jehadee as antidote to it .

  5. please read the book growing up bin laden, this book is the only true version of my life and my fathers life that has ever been writen, every thing in the book is fact and not just a myth as many of the books writen before i decided to tell the true version have been based on, jean and i wrote the book exactly as things happened, i lived the life and i lived with my father, none of the other writers or agencies came close to that
    regards omar

    1. Well Omar, I thought it was some other guy, posing as Omar and writing on your behalf. Am glad that you came up to explain your viewpoint. But why don’t you put up your explanation, point by point [as done by Prof David Ray Griffin] and I will publish this in “Wonders of Pakistan” magazine.

      Alternatively if you may so want, I can send in my own observations, remarks and notes in the form of a question set and you may jot down your views acc. As soon as I receive your consent, I will revert.

      Note: Wonders of Pakistan is an independent online medium. Its a totally non profit set up chartered to provide quality content, including independent & unbiased opinions to its readers].

  6. Dr. Nayyar Hashmey, I am the lady mentioned in Prof. David Guy Griffin’s article concerning the copyright-case that was filed in a court of law against Jean Sasson’s hoax ‘PRINCESS” trilogy. There is a further article which will give readers more insight into some of this authors dealings.

    Please look up the following article for more info.
    Google: “PRINCESS’ Plagiarism Suit Provides Rare Look Into Literary Arab-Bashing.

    1. Fredrike,
      Good that you wrote. Have read the piece you have mentioned.
      1. Regarding Prof. Griffin’s reservations about the whole story by Jean Sasson and the part relating to your lawsuit, As far as I see the available information is that the law suit was finally rejected by the US judge saying your lawyer wasn’t able to produce enough evidence in the court [that J. S.’s book is imdeed based on plagiarism]. How would you comment?
      2. Will further appreciate your viewpoint on any further steps [if you at all did take] to prove that Jean Sasson plagiarized, as according to you, its major part was based on your own manuscript which Peter Miller presumably took from you and handed it over to Jean Sasson’s publishers.

      1. Dr. Hashmey, the facts are that a judge took a long time reading everything and realized that NOTHING the woman was claiming was true. For the first time in USA court history, the plaintiff was FINED a monetary fine for bringing the lawsuit. That’s how ridiculous it was. The publisher’s attorney, Richard Dannay, the most highly respected copyright attorney in the USA and used by most of the publishers, told me that the lawsuit brought against me was the most frivolous lawsuit he had ever seen. At the same time he was defending my publishers and me, he was defending similiar silly cases against John Grishom and Michael Crighton. He said that all were ridiculous, but none more than the one brought against me. Thankfully the Judge took the time to read everything and rule against Adsani and her attorneys. They appealed her decision and a PANEL of 9 judges read and agreed unanimously with Judge Cote. If we all stick to the facts, then this delusional woman will not get this attention that she so craves. I just looked at the dates and realized I’m a bit late to this party… Anyhow, I’ve said my piece. We are all wasting our time with this woman who will attack innocent women until the day she dies…


    After readind the articles below, people will get to know the truth and reality concerning this bunch of attention-seekng nutcases.

    Regards, Friederike Monika Adsani



  8. IF you are in any way further interested in the so called ‘authoor’ Jean Sasson who is responsible for writing the Growing Up Bin Laden-book, PLEASE GOOGLE:

  9. Hi… This is Jean Sasson. I have just discovered this site and see that Omar and Zaina discovered it before I did. (Hi Omar! Hi Zaina!) ANYHOW, I sent your site to Guy Lawson as Guy told me after he wrote the piece that if anyone had a question regarding that point of confusion during the interview that they should ask him if he believed I wrote the book accurately from Omar’s memories. In fact, after the article came out, I sent Guy the email where the entire episode was discussed between Omar and me and the incident happened. Guy told me then that he believed I had written it correctly, but of course, by then it was too late as the article was published. I didn’t put a word in the book and attribute it to Omar or his mother unless they provided me with the facts of the episode and for anyone to say so is slandering me, Omar, and his mother. In fact, everyone read the book prior to the publisher publishing it and even signed off with their attorneys saying that everything in the book was told to me by them. I see that Omar is already on to this which is a good thing. When Guy was interviewing Omar about his father making it clear that his sons could volunteer for suicide missions. Although Omar now speaks very lovely English, his English understanding was not as good at the time of the interview, so don’t forget that English is his second language and during an interview sometimes people get confused. It has happened to me. Get peppered with a hundred questions one after the other and it is easy enough to get confused. NOW, as far as this woman who is creating all the doubt about Omar’s story and insulting him by calling him simple minded, I’ve known Omar for nearly 3 years now and Omar Binladin is absolutely one of the smartest people I’ve ever known. HE IS NOT SIMPLE MINDED. He is certainly very kindly and does not attack others like this woman attacks him and his wife Zaina. He is a man I admire and he and his family feel like family to me — I trust them all completely and I know they trust me. For someone to say such a slanderous thing about him should be cause for some kind of punishment. ANYHOW, if you are interested in the FACTS, the fact of the matter is that this horrible woman splashing lies all over the internet is nothing more than a sick stalker, pure and simple. She has stalked me and my heroines for the past 16 years! As far as this Professor Griffin, I’ve never heard of him in my life and he is obviously a friend of Adsani’s or someone who simply does not know what he is talking about. How can he write about me any my books when he has never had a single discussion with me, or in this case, with Omar, the person who LIVED with his father and knew him better than anyone? Every word Omar told me, I believe. Omar is not a liar — never once in the 3 years that I have known him have I known Omar to lie. I will send you a link over the next day or so where you can read about her and read the judge’s ruling. This woman is a delusional wanna be writer and has targeted not only me, but a British writer by the name of Deborah Moggach. Deborah wrote a screenplay about Pakistan (STOLEN) and a mother who lose her children and this same woman (according to a court document) harassed Deborah to the point she was so fearful for her safety that she MOVED. As far as me, I never heard of her until she came out of the woodwork screeching that the story of a Saudi princess was her story. The judge threw out her frivilous lawsuit and fined her for even bringing something so ridiculous to the court to take up the court’s time. The reason the case was tossed out was because nothing she and her attorneys said happened — only in America would attorneys take such a frivolous case. I would hope that you would stick with the facts rather than the rantings of a woman who admitted to Deborah Moggach’s child (when she was calling and harassing the family) that she was off again to a mental institution. This is a woman who has sued me, (LOST) sued the Kuwaiti government (LOST) and God only knows who else she is harassing. I used to feel sorry for her because I feel badly for anyone who appears to have a mental problem, but she has proven herself to be a very MEAN person who devotes herself to trying to insult and harm innocent people. I work hard on my books and the courageous people I write about do not deserve being attacked by someone who gives every impression of being criminally insane. She has nothing to do with me, my books, my heroines. In fact, I have filed for a protection order with the USA court because I honestly believe that she is dangerous and would try to harm me physically given the chance. Poor Deborah Moggach told me (and the court) about her experience of being threatened by this woman. You are listening to someone who is spreading many lies. Use your common sense and know that NO PUBLISHER would touch me or ANY AUTHOR with a ten-foot pole if ONE WORD she utters is true. My publishers support me 100 percent because they KNOW what this woman is. In fact, all my heroines (including my hero Omar) have either met or spoken with my publishers, including the princess who has a nice friendship with one of my publishers. The courts looked at her unpublished manuscript and my published books and Judge Cote ruled, and I quote: “In conclusion, the only similarities between these two books stem from the fact that each has a female protagonist living in a Middle Eastern country. Beyond that, they bear almost no relationship to each other. These two stories are not similar in mood, details, sequence, or characterization. Even when viewing the works in a light more favorable to the plaintiff, the conclusion is inescapable that there is no substantial similarity between “Princess” or “Daughters” on the one hand and “Cinderella” on the other.” Judge Cote’s ruling was upheld by a PANEL of judges. No one who has ever read her unpublished manuscript and my bestselling books can even believe that she thinks my books have anything to do with her story. Add to that, I didnt’ even KNOW the agent in question until after I had a complete manuscript and that is when I started looking for a new agent. The agent is innocent, the publishers are innocent and I am innocent. I strongly suggest that anyone who has any doubts to read her book and read mine and compare — you will come away shaking your head and feeling rather foolish that you ever once took this woman seriously.

  10. Dr. Nayyar Hashmey, at long last I can tell you, and people who have been mislead and duped by Jean Sasson’s hoax book writing, that the clock is in the 11th hour of exposing her as the fraud and hard core liar, she happens to be. I know intelligent people, who read Sasson’s rants, are not taken in by her lies. For if she were innocent, she would’ve defended herself by taking people, who accuse her wrongly before a court of law. But Sasson, having become a multi millionaire from writing lies, can’t take this step because she knows damned well that the truth facing her in a court of law would strip down her layers of lies and expose her to be exactly as what her accusers said she was: A hoax author with a fraudulent X Factor of the highest order. In the meantime find out some truth about OMAR BIN LADEN’s life, please GOOGLE: SARASOTA FI PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR BILL WARNER ZAINA BIN LADEN AKA…..

  11. Dr. Nayyar Hashmey, at long last I can tell you, and people who have been mislead and duped by Jean Sasson’s hoax book writing, that the clock is in the 11th hour of exposing her as the American author with a fraudulent X Factor.

  12. DR. NAYYAR , In hind sight, I would also like to mention here that Omar bin Laden’s e-mails that turned uo all over the internet, concerning the Bin Laden book, were never written by him. More likely by, his now ex wife, or of course by Jean Sasson to up the sales of this GROWING UP BIN LADEN Joke-book. In 2010, I had read an interview with Omar bin Laden in the NewStatesman by MEHDI HASAN. The interview was so fluent and the language which Omar used, was that of a person who speaks the English language properly, while Omar has a problem to get a couple of sentences out, for which he needs assistance. I was interested, so I called Mehdi Hasan. He told me the interview was conducted via e-mail. Well, that made sense to me, that told me everything. I knew it was not from Omar but from either of his two females from the West, who used and abused Omar’s Bin Laden name to shuffle $$$$$£££££$$$$$££££.
    Thank you.

    1. Without seconding or rebutting your statement I would like to add: When I received comment from Omer bin Laden wherein he refuted the assertions by rolling stones, I requested Omer bin laden to jot down his own views on what Prof. David Ray Griffins had said. I did receive a reply from Omar B/L but surprisingly he said that I should address my request [with my questions] to his wife. Zaina. I received then a mail from Zaina too that I should send in the questionnaire and she would reply.
      I then sent in the questions to Omer bin Laden with copy to Zaina but then I received a mail by Omer that he was on a tour away from his house and that he will respond to my quires when he’s back. I waited and waited but no response came. I then sent a remainder but in the meanwhile the news started to appear in the press that Zaina and Omer bin laden had separated and Zaina had a good number of allegations about her former spouse. There were also news (right or wrong I can’t say] that Omer bin Laden had suffered from mental depressions.[The basis once again were his former wife’s statements].
      I therefore knew that the questions I had put forward for the couple to reply won’t be coming forth now.
      And as I said earlier I am not in a position to adjudicate over his position or yours but one thing I can say for sure that book by Jean Sasson that I read, clearly left an impression on me that the style of writing she had “was not up to the mark”: of a writer that one expects from an award wining author.
      I do intend to address my queries to Jean Sasson as well [although she has sent her view point already by commenting on the story on these pages, but these are more directed to the tussle and less on the subject]. Hence if she agreed, will send her my questions so that readers have a good amount of transparency on different aspects of this bin Laden story.

      1. Well, I do like your statement Dr Nayyar Hashmey. I guess Omar and Zainas’ e-mails are one and the same. Omar can’t utter one proper sentence in English without being helped along, let alone write e-mails in English on his own. His now ex-wife Zaina is his agent and P.R. The book, and all that’s in the media about Omar comes from, and through, Zaina who is media mad. The English news-papers called her bizarre. You have sussed out Jean Sasson beautifully. She is a fraudulent con artiste and will soon be exposed to the world as such. I will let you know in time.
        In the meantime pleas,
        where you can catch up on some of the Omar, Zaina circus. This will show you the kind of people best seller hoax author Jean Sasson is associated with for her books.
        Thank you.

  13. There is an animal called Bijju, the grave digger.
    The fact about OBL is that he is still alive by virtue of the mantra and these Bijjus are wasting there time digging OBL while the real OBL disintegrated into mere dust long time ago.

    1. @ Dr. A.K. Tewari,

      Anil: To call the truth diggers as grave diggers is something which I don’t expect from a doc. Truth has indeed been put to grave, so like grave digging Bijjus there are also the truth killing Bijjus who sent and still are sending truth to grave.

  14. Dr. Hashmey, I too wasn’t expecting such remark from you either for truth cannot be graved.It is the truth that ultimately prevails. SATYA MAIV JAYTE.

    1. Semantics apart, truth has always been graved in history, its another matter that there has always been truth diggers like Socrates, Galileo Galilee and so many others who even though they suffered mentally as well as physically at the hands of the oppressor regimes, the church and the “information controllers” of the day. Yet they did not desist from upholding the truth. Like you, I too [and for that matter every sensible person with a conscience would do] believe in TRUTH SHALL TRIUMPH. TRUTH INDEED DOTH TRIUMPH.

  15. Matter of fact, even before I actually read the GUBL book, when I first read in the media what Omar, the son of Osama, dared to tell the West about his father in that book, I knew instantly that Omar damn well KNEW that his father had long perished. I am very familiar with Islam, the Saudi Society and its culture, therefore I know, that if Osama were alive, Omar would not have dared to open his mouth. But influenced by the West, he plays along and lets his father stay alive. I don’t blame simple minded Omar, I blame the shameless, moral compass-less politics of the West. Omar is a lost soul trapped between the devil and the deep blue see.

  16. What’s so exiting about life, is that one never knows what’s just round the corner.
    If Osama bin Laden was really only caught and killed by the Americans last night, I am the first one to put up both my hands and shout out laud: “SORRY, I APOLOGISE, I WAS WRONG!”
    But when somebody tells and writes so manny lies, it is mighty difficult to spot the odd truth somewhere in between.

  17. Bin Laden is dead.
    He has been killed in the Pakistani city of Abbotabad with help of the Pakistani authorities.
    His body is now in the deep sea.
    In similar way Gaddafi has to be eliminated by Libyans. The war against terrorism is being well supported by Pakistan. The war will now progress in its right direction with active support of all Muslims [I do hope so]. Ultimately through these efforts world will realize that Islam is a religion of peace.
    This is a desired development. Now terrorists will sink in the sea to recite requiem for their godfather.

  18. The operation in the Pakistani city of Abbotabad cannot be aborted as such. Yes 9/11 false flag can be replicated now as a Pak – U.S joint venture to root out terrorism.
    Obama’s popularity graph has leapt up. Yet

  19. A resolution need to be drafted and adopted for a political solution of the Afghan issue,
    incorporating all factions of the country
    with surety from other countries in the region and
    the international community.
    See the sea change in the language of a critic due to graving…in the deep sea.

  20. Yes ,The second death leads to second term in office .The war has to continue till all his supporter are send to the deep sea .For this perpose the second term is a must .

  21. Is the recent so called false flag is justified for ensuring the second term in office ?

    The answer is cetainly Yes .

  22. The flag of truth fluttered above all for the last ten years but no one noticed it. Now the very fetus of terror has been killed right in the very womb where it nurtured to demonstrate to all those who thought terror as an instrument to let down the world opinion and overpower others through terror alone. The will to fight the terrorists has now been reinforced by Navy Seals’ action in Abbotabad.

  23. After hearing the mighty President of the U S telling us that Osama bin Laden has finally been found and killed, I was the first to put up my hands on the 2nd of Mai to apologised here on this blog, for believing Osama had long perished. Well now I apologise for being so naive because there is absolutely no proof that comes with the Presidents shameful altered statements. There are: no genuine photos, no video, no body, no nothing. So what we are left with happens to be: “plenty of no nothings”

  24. 9 / 11 was an inside job and 2nd May was the job as I suggested in my earlier comment on this page. Monica you are not required to apologize. There are people who don’t know the power of Mantra. Osama can be made alive and killed thousand times at different locations in Pakistan for complete disintegration of those using Islam as a tool to expand their extremist ideology through force. For this purpose the world community appears determined to locate all the traces of Osama that can germinate again in Pakistan or elsewhere.

    1. Thank you DR. A.K.Tewari. I have a question: Have you by any chance looked up the two bloodthirsty people who endorsed Growing Up Bin Laden? You might want to GOOGLE their names, or start by watching them on UTUBE. Their names are: RALPH PETERS and DALTON FURY.

      After chopping up Osama bin Laden, accusing him repeatedly of 9/11 in the book, hypocrites Jean Sasson and Omar bin Laden now use the media to complain that the way Osama bin Laden was killed and burried at sea is a crime against all kind of international laws. In reality, the silly book long forgotten, it’s of course all about making the most of the newly developed Osama bin Laden opportunity which allows them to stand in the limelight and collect KER-CHING, KER-CHING $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      1. Fredrike, am not yet acquainted to this Dalton Fury, but I do know that this Ralph Peters is a former US Army officer, who now is working in some think tank but actually working like so many other CIA contractors who are no more on the actual payroll of the US armed forces but doing all the dirty jobs which US army would otherwise not like to be stained with. This Col. [R] Peters is also the man who has actively been working on the theorem of Balkanizing Pakistan [the father of this political theorem has been the learned Prof. Bernard Lewis. Col. Ralph Peters is active on geostrategic / intelli moves by which the objective set forth by Prof. Lewis can be materialized. The idea behind this balkanization theory is that by truncating Pakistan they would be spared of the wrath of Pakistani masses and their armed forces to keep the integrity of Pakistani nation state intact.
        But as it is mostly so, man proposes, God diposes. Prof. Lewis and Col. Peters both have been active working on the theorem of ‘blood borders’ but am pretty confident that these blood borders theorems will remain only as an academic topic in the books of contemporary geopolitical history.
        I am quite interested to know what link this guy Ralph Peters has with Jean Sasson and Omar bin Laden [which I understand from your above comment that he indeed has]. Why not you jot down a piece on this subject so that readers of Wonders of Pakistan too are enlightened on the behind the scene maneuvering by Bernard Lewis-Ralph Peters and Company.

    Ralph Peters-author of BEYOND TERROR and THE WAR AFTER ARMAGEDDON.

    Before publication, Sasson must have send her manuscript, to Peters for him to endorse it as he did. So there is some kind of a relationship going on.
    After reading the above, I and others, did some research on Peters to find out his advice would be to kill all muslim Arabs and likewise nasty stuff which turned my stomach. Watching him on UTUBE, he comes across as some kind of very arrogant, all knowing self-styled God.
    Peters writes Jean Sasson Is A MIDDLE EAST AUTHORITY, but let me tell you that in reality she can not seven speak nor God forgive write any Arabic. And neither does she know anything about Islam. Her books are seasoned with huge unbelievable mistakes. When it comes to Islam or the Arab culture Sasson tries to write about, the game is up because she makes constant blunders. But in America it all goes down without a question asked, because readers don’t know any better there. But her game will soon be up. Sorry not to be of more help.

  26. I say Hello to friends on this educational site.
    Today I like to inform you of a new book on It’s titel is “THE PHONEY PRINCESS” This book lifts the veil on what’s so far been hidden away from readers about author Jean Sasson activities and her array of hoax books sold as none-fiction when in reality they are pure fiction.
    ‘Please pass the word’
    Thank you

  27. Putting it right.
    My name is Friederike Monika Adsani, after posting the note above which comes from Princess Sultana, (that’s my blog’s name)
    I realise I’ve used a different address this time. Before my calour was white now it’s light green.
    When clicking on the Princess Sultana name above it warns that it might be a physhing site, well, it’s OK it’s no such thing.

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