Rural Pakistan: More Colors, More Scenes [2 of 4]…

Pakistan’s famous truck art originates though in the big urban centres, yet these richly painted trucks most of the time ply on highways which pass along the villages. This biggest art show on the roads of Pakistan thus adds beauty of rich color, and aesthetics of elegant paintings on the move, to the already colorful, rustic but beautiful village life of Pakistan.



Text: Nayyar Hashmey 

Images: Saraiki Youth Forum/Value9


A very common village scene in Pakistan. Common? Yes, but why did I, select this image! Because image though common has been shot in such a way that some photoshopping, has rendered it have a look of painting and that’s the beauty of this image. 

381975_501544319867351_1264030421_n (1)

The wooden model of a whey churning device and a spinning wheel. Artistic carpentry and pottery has traditionally been popular in rural Pakistan. Apart from children who love such toys, handicrafts of the type are excellent decorative pieces and serve as souvenirs of the area where they are crafted.


Shavaa! meray shero, shaava! [Bravo my hoofer, bravo!] 

382121_502236053131511_1366693114_n (1)

Three village kids busy playing a game, when they saw the camera on my shoulder, posed in a line to be photographed. Here they are.

393990_496067083748408_522664566_n (1)

The deserts in rural Pakistan, like Thal in the Saraiki belt, Cholistan in the district of Bahawalpur and Tharparkar in Sindh as well as parts of Balochistan, camels are the most practical mode to travel. 
But as is the case, necessity is always the mother of invention, here in this image a villager from the Saraiki belt in southern Punjab has attached his bike also to his camel. When there is a pucca  road, he can leave his camel to a secure place and ride on his bike to move to any place he may like. No problem of CNG shut downs and escalating petrol prices!

394997_496160543739062_62934454_n (1)

Villager washing vegetables picked fresh from the field.

403408_496125587075891_814388639_n (2)

A stunning shot. [In background is the River Chenab].

404367_495005623854554_263934241_n (2)

Charkha (spinning wheel) is one of the oldest known tool for spinning of yarn. It works similarly to the great wheel, with a drive wheel being turned by hand, while the yarn is spun off the tip of the spindle.
Charkha, is ideal for spinning cotton and other fine, short-staple fibers, though it can be used to spin other fibers as well. The size varies, from that of a hardbound novel to the size of a briefcase, to a floor charkha.
Although Charkha nowadays is restricted to spin yarn for fabrics like khaises, durries (floor mattings) and khaddar for shalwar qameez ensembles, villagers’ fascination with their centuries old charkha sometimes takes such forms as the one here, [charkha studded with camel bone decorative designs]. For relatively cheaper models, white plastic or brass pieces in intricate designs are embedded into the spinning device.

522251_493916930630090_1815538361_n (1)

Although laser mounted land levelers are  gradually replacing the old manual mode of leveling the fields, there are still many such villages in Pakistan that employ the old traditional method of leveling the land with the help of bullocks.

406918_494396230582160_1730574505_n (1)

‘Daadi Amma’ [granny] with her grand daughter, waiting for the family for  dinner. A changair with freshly baked flat bread called Roti is lying on the floor. This along with the curry will serve the main meals at noon as well as in the evening.

417169_499438290077954_86304313_n (1)

The kitchen in a village home. There are four outlets for the smoke that comes out of wood fire. During my visit to the village of my in laws, about two weeks back, in Chak # 479 /GB in Tehsil Samundari, distt. Faisalabad, I noticed such outlets in my uncle’s home. I had an impression that they now use LPG cylinders for cooking. Was, however informed that fuel wood is still cheaper in our villages and therefore the people prefer wood over Sui gas stored in pressurized cylinders. 
479918_496448990376884_846103223_n (1)
The cart and the Bull

Another view of Rasoi or the kitchen of a village home immaculately kept by the dwellers of the house
525508_496403403714776_2128106112_n (1)

525597_495177573837359_791187889_n (2)

Amazing! Captured while on way to Multan

530869_502636169758166_316065718_n (1)

This image is a beautiful depiction of village having a river, a forest and the boat, (am not though sure of its origin).


Red Onions. Ready to pick for the best in flavour and taste, for your salad and for the main dish [whether stewed, barbecue, or the meet/vegetable curry] 

533688_499840700037713_1602979164_n (1)

406801_499597203395396_2081245487_n (2)

Tandoor has a special significance in the Pakistani cuisine. Compared to urban centres where people are used to try different types of bread [these vary from unleavened flat bread to chapati made on a tawa, or in the traditional tandoor, the common bakery bread as wll as bread in the form of buns, burgers etc.] the village folk mainly use flat breat cooked either on a tawa or in a tandoor.
Here in this image a helper is making dough balls commonly called pairhas. These are then flattened to a circular form and then applied on the inner walls of the tandoor. The radiant heat and the live fire inside the tandoor makes the flattened bread turn into hot, crispy, great tasting chapatis.

534463_498327960188987_835082237_n (1)

For the tasty bite. The  hot, crispy samosas, right from karhahi. 
542586_503185249703258_672688016_n (1)
The courtyard of a typical Pakistani village. On the right is a “choolha” or the hearth  and just along side the main entrance, is  the “cupboard” to  lodge the crockery used by the women of Pakistani villages.
542922_501798283175288_537663201_n (1)
The shots fired on the Pakistani school girl Malala in October this year, struck the heart of the Pakistani nation. As the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan refuse to back down, so too do the people of Pakistan. This violent and hateful act has accomplished the opposite of its intent, as the whole nation rallies to embrace Malala’s principles and reject the tyranny of fear.
A spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban said “let this be a lesson.” Yes. Let this be a lesson—that education is a basic human right, a right that Pakistan’s daughters will not be denied.
[In the image above at a school in the Kallarwali village, girls are busy doing their school work, send befitting reply to the forces of darkness].

548263_494835460538237_670736546_n (1)

A kid arranging roasted corn on cobs for sale. On  left is the crude, clay furnace having a cast iron wok  commonly called karhahi. Karhahi is a heavier, deeper and smaller wok than the stereotypical Chinese type. Traditionally these karhahis are the usual utensil for this purpose, however, these must be continually seasoned.

A milk man on his way to serve his customers

559139_501088656579584_854689096_n (1)

Traditional footwear for Pakistani men. Compared to western shoes, the foot wear commonly called chappal or in Saraiki areas as Khairhi are soft, airy and easily adaptable to meet requirements of all seasons weather.


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Source: Saraiki Youth Forum  Value9
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