American defends Dr. Aafia Siddiqui




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Salute to this US citizen [who along with millions of others like him in the US] restores our faith in the basic goodness of the American people and all peoples. Pakistanis never doubted for once this fact despite the info war that some in Washington have unleashed against us, scaring the Americans about Pakistan and its people; spreading anti-Pakistanism inside the US and worldwide.

Elements within the US government and the mainstream US media continue to demonize Pakistan and spread alarm about Pakistanis. The US authorities continue putting innocent Pakistanis into prison on trumped up charges. So does Britain, and their new found friend and partner in South Asia where some 800 Pakistanis rot in jail without trial and with a proven track record of extreme torture.

This video from a US citizen is also a message to the handful of pro-US defeatists sitting in the Pakistani government, who speak Washington’s language, and to the few journalists in some corners of the Pakistani media who are in the ‘Good Guys’ list prepared by the US Embassy in Islamabad.

’Good Guys’ of course being anyone who agrees to peddle US propaganda in order to please US representatives in Pakistan.

Dr. Siddiqui might not be perfect, we know. She might have held extreme views, could be. And might have sought to mingle with men wanted by law, but she symbolizes the humiliating treatment meted out to Pakistanis – by their own government and by allied governments in the US and the UK – during the course of the past eight years.

[Here now a note to WoP readers from Pakistan: Above video is a representation of fair minded people in the United States who frequently voice their opinions in the free media as well as at different other forums available to them. There are so many friends of mine too, some highly reputed minds in the US free media who oppose the hegemonic trends in the US administrations’ policies.

Unfortunately many people in Pakistan start equating the policies of Washington’s neocons with those of America which is contrary to the fact. As a matter of fact people around the world are nice people. It’s only the realpolitikers in the ruling elites / establishments of US and other states /countries who steer a wrong course


So while condemning the attitudes and policies of the US neocons, we should never forget that by and large America is a country that inhabits, apart from the neocons, millions of good and fair minded US citizens as well. Nayyar].

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