NEW U.S. STUDY – The Taliban have nothing to do with Al-Qaeda 3/4

Is CIA following the age old policy? For its failures, being a stronger party passes on the buck to weaker ones!




These individuals, the Americans, in fact, have been playing hide and seek for more than thirty years now with Pakistani ISI, the latest case being the recent serious incident in Lahore of a U.S. embassy employee, Raymond Davis, who ruthlessly cooled two Pakistanis in the street, too curious, but too obvious, and which has a third innocent person who was crushed by another US consulate employee who was trying to help Davis escape from the scene.

Such incidents are symptomatic of a US attitude known for ages: U.S. embassy employees are above all law and nothing else matters for them.

That the case is obvious is too obvious, Washington has done everything at the beginning of the case to get its nationals exempted from the clutches of the local police as usual. An embassy employee who is a criminal, in the eyes of the U.S. still enjoys diplomatic immunity. Even James Bond would not have desired to indulge in such a cold blooded kill! Except this time, it was not entirely the case … and that Davis himself has felt abandoned …  what kind of diplomat is he who walks with a loaded gun ” , The Telegraph wondered ….

According to the newspaper, he works for the Hyperion Protective Consultants , LLC, a company of “consultants” in Orlando, Florida, in fact a company of mercenaries … Calamitous!

The website is under investigation, and it appears Davis is perhaps not his real name, Lashkar-e-Tayyabad he already visited Pakistan ten times… and this reminds us of some…. Michael Headley and his fruitful contacts with thean…

But for him, it seems there is another problem: The story seems to come straight from a novel by John Le Carré. And it’s probably good that it is spying, even if the United States remains the least discreet about the identity and activities of Raymond Davis.


While getting into merits / demerits of the case, one gets bound to be curious to know what was he doing near the old city of Lahore in the morning of January? Everyone knows, the U.S. diplomatic personnel deployed to Pakistan have stringent security precautions, and Davis probably would not have to be in such a neighborhood that day. Unless … ” we are told by Le Figaro, all wrapped up by the Hollywood side of the case …

“The most plausible theory is that man had an appointment with one or more” of his contacts “and that the case has gone bad. The theory that he was assaulted and would have defended pulling – and killing – two young men is less likely. Davis would be a spy working for the CIA. A widely held view shared by the Pakistanis, which is though yet to be proven “But why not recognize his diplomatic immunity? Because he is not from the diplomatic corps but from the security company Blackwater, renamed Xe, according to some hints by the authorities of the Province of Punjab, … But there is every likelihood that it might be, because another tenth had already been in trouble some time ago … In 2007, Ghulam Khan village, in Waziristan, residents had found a decapitated body of a man named Ghafoor, who came from the village of Tanai located in Afghanistan, near the Khost valley; the man had been accused by the Pakistani Taliban of spying for the benefit of the USA.


In 2008, Blackwater had entered Pakistan in another way: by becoming the stewards of Benazir Bhutto and Asif Zardari.

And one of the mercenaries from the corner was also the subject of accusations of espionage. Bhutto was killed by failure of security service that was bound to protect her: she had received three shots in the head, contrary to the official version of an explosion (which occurred afterwards) which hit roof of the vehicle Bhutto was using. It was one of the few previously asserted fabrications that bin Laden was dead, killed by a long time … associate, an officer … of the ISI, a member of the Islamist movement Jaish-e-Mohammed !

” In PeshawarIn fact there had already been a serious incident in May 2008 when the NGO Creative Associates International (which is an anagram of CIA!), Or CAI, deemed as another screen of the CIA, whose mercenaries Blackwater were supposed to ensure the safety of their trigger-happy reputation.  CAI opened an office (American NGO Covers For Blackwater In Pakistan?) working on projects in the tribal agencies in neighboring Pakistan. All of these projects, interestingly, are related to the government of the United States. In other projects CAI outside Pakistan are also linked to the U.S. government. In short, this NGO is not an NGO. It is closely related to the government of the United States.


The Brilliant Pakistani investigative journalist, Ahmed Quraishi, had reported on Blackwater’s shenanigans in an article on 6 August 2009. According to him it was another USAID intervention into Pakistan’s affairs somehow. There is already the famous Blackwater guard who was spotted as a spy? Look no further: it was already called Davis, but Craig, this time! Craig Raymond would have happened; it seems plausible, “ Pakistani security officials have apparently got scared with the reports. that the Blackwater employee was in the office of CAI on Chinar Road, University Town, Peshawar.

The man in charge of the office, which would be an American named Craig Davis as reported by Jang, the leading Urdu-language daily of Pakistan, was arrested and charged with establishing contacts with “enemies of Pakistan” in surrounding areas of Afghanistan. His visa was canceled, the office sealed, and Mr. Davis was deported to the United States “:wo years apart, would be entitled to the same famous Davis? Everything suggests indeed!


What have the Pakistanis discovered? They are very specific“In May,an American diplomat was caught in the act of organizing a meeting between a suspected Indian spy and some Pakistani officials in the privacy of his home. In June, when Pakistan authorities  brought this matter to the attention of officials in Washington with evidence that terrorists in Pakistan possessed sophisticated American weapons, the U.S. media quickly responded by disseminating stories about the lack of U.S. arms training centers in Afghanistan . And now, the reports confirm that the dirty arm of the U.S. government – the Blackwater mercenaries – has seeped into the sensitive areas of Pakistan,writes Quraishi. What were these weapons “sophistiqué?

Left: Lt. Colonel Srikant Prohit, of the Indian army, was arrested by the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad in connection with the September 20, 2006 Malegaon blasts in India.

Bombs, cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine, better known as the RDX, or T4 , a military component similar to the one that exploded …in India 29 September 2008 in Malegaon and where was involved a senior Indian army officer, Lt Col Purohit Srikant. He was later arrested. He confessed to have supplied the RDX bomb also to attack the Samjhauta Express in 2007 which killed 68 people, mostly Pakistanis... Headley is reallnot far! Not far at all !

For Afghanistan, the same scenario of destabilization, through manipulation of a threat a la Al-Qaida, which boasts even Rumsfeld interview to justify his intervention unfolds each day a little more: the famous Mullah Omar, talk about him, hey, just because we have heard from him recently: it’s good, long time ago we had not had: he had a heart attack, the poor Mullah Omar. This good Omar, a guy so practical: not seen over ten years, one or two waves to show pictures (three, it seems!) rather vague, the real mentor of Al-Qaida has always been a career it is true … discreet to say. The strong media career of her first true Bin Laden did a little work in comparison.

A very surprising career, as in this day of 2008 when the U.S. will present information manuals, the perfect little terrorist allegedly made at his direction that recommended not to kill prisoners. Americans, prisoners, or NATO forces, of course: it is so human, that good … Omar is well known! A Omar, who also advocates Sharia (?): The CIA is not a contradiction.

Our spectrum of ghost (a ghost who died would have risen!) Just redo the headlines coming out of its usual lethargy (or the Afghan winter, who knows) to tell us he entered the hospital, forced to by a heart attack. To learn that Tunisia would not end Islamist, had him a shock, for sure! No, joking aside: announcing, very seriously just made by a U.S. Think Thank, thEclipse group , which everybody knows has close links with the CIA.

Its founding leader calling Duane “Dewy” Clarridge and his close collaborators Kim Stevens, a retired diplomat who served in Bolivia and Italy, and also Brad A. Patty, a civilian advisor to the 30th Heavy Brigade Combat Team in Iraq from 2007 to 2009. Thank the U.S. government who cares for the health of its enemies, and it decrypts the message so that it just makes the announcement today in the international arena, although the whole question here is…

Especially since Clarridge is far from white as snow: ” His news – an amalgam of facts, rumors, analysis and unconfirmed reports – were sent to the military, at least until spring have found some evidence, sufficiently credible to be used in planning air strikes against militants in Afghanistan. They have also fueled the conservative commentators including Oliver L. North, a fellow of the Iran-Contra period, who has now become analyst at Fox News and Brad Thor, author of thrillers military and a frequent guest of Glenn Beck “… ensures Mark Mazzetti at the New York Times, Clarridge who is above all a disinformation expert, a manipulator and a creator of hate and nothing but hate.

Quite a phenomenal known fact that Omar presented in the press as the Taliban supremo, and exaggerated by his opponents in their own words “The primary target for the United States is Mullah Omar … It was under his guidance that Taliban have rebounded from their defeat in 2001 almost complete and are now in a position to threaten the survival of the NATO operation in Afghanistan and beyond.

The future of the Alliance, said “Bruce Riedel, an ‘expert’ from the Brookings Institute” (in fact also a former CIA …). is at stake. Omar is able to threaten American forces with his slingshot, Kalashnikovs and RPG’s. .. it is thought he is as hard as iron, for sure. As it was, the story was believed and his incredible biography, narrated throughout the American press with many a Hollywood focus, but with the current reading of the report of U.S. specialists, all ideological hodgepodge collapses: Omar Bin Laden is a power of ten, the guy in reserve if the puppet Bin Laden no longer works, especially if such news are broken by son … Wikileaks in particular.

Must say we were a bit loaded, with his biography, the American version  : “The former, No. 1 in Taliban, held his Afghan authority, of his piety and his feats of arms against the Soviet occupation. During this conflict (1979 -1989), he was wounded at least three times in combat and lost an eye. However, it was totally unknown until 1994.

Incensed by looting, murders and rapes committed by the Mujahideen in Afghanistan facing a civil war without end, he would have met thirty fighters to save two girls kidnapped and raped by two local commanders. His action was applauded by students of Koranic schools (the “Taliban” – hence the name of the movement) spread throughout the province and beyond.

He thinks that Disney will one day make a cartoon, such a scenario would beat Shrek to safe or last Rapunzel: Simply replace the hair of heroin a turban, and rape of girl by flying toys. The U.S. screenwriters’ imagination is boundless, it can be trusted.

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9 replies to “NEW U.S. STUDY – The Taliban have nothing to do with Al-Qaeda 3/4

  1. Taliban is the local wing of Al quida in Pakistan and Afghanistan .therefore they will remain a main target of US IN Years to come .

    1. Do u hv an intelligence link that lets u know Taliban in Pk and Afg r the local wing of the al-Qaeda? And again how come do u know what Americans would do next in this regard. R you sitting in the Pentagon HQ’s to know the secret strategy of the Pentagon walas?

  2. .,….Finally,
    .what a Dervish told me
    many years ago, was
    indeed bewildering in
    every sense. It was
    related to the Muslim
    world in general and
    Pakistan in particular.
    He said he could see/
    read great changes
    occurring in the Muslim
    world in the first
    quarter of the next
    century (21st century).
    These changes will
    transpire as a result of
    events occurring in one
    of the four countries –
    Egypt, Pakistan,
    Indonesia, and Saudi
    Arabia. He further said,
    the changes will be
    unprecedented and will
    spread to the rest of the
    Muslim world, toppling
    tyrant Muslim leaders
    and their oppressive
    regimes replacing them
    with the governments
    free of corruption and
    suppression. The
    changes will also revive
    original Islam of
    tolerance and
    understanding identical
    with the psyche of the
    people of the time. With
    these changes, Islam
    will become one of the
    major global powers in
    21st century. What he
    said further was
    disillusioning. He said in
    the process of this
    change, the borders of
    Pakistan will change but
    the country will emerge
    as a leader of the Muslim
    world in global politics.
    Was he illustrating
    cosmic language or
    merely expressing his
    wishes; only time will
    tell. All I can say is that
    when the Egyptian
    revolution started
    taking shape, the words
    of the Dervish echoed in
    my mind. I asked
    myself; was I observing
    interpretation of Cosmic
    Language uttered over
    two decades ago ?….

    Amin …The day above change will be allowed to happen in Islam, there will be no differece with other greate religion of the world and we will like to be treated as a part of Ummah with required change in our perception about Islam .

    1. @AK Tewari, Am really surprised but immensely pleased to read & frankly admit that a person like u can be so articulate, so logical to write such a “prophecy” about Pakistan. Like u, I too believe what ur dervish said.
      Actually Dr. AKT, it’s not the people who r to be blamed for this terrorism, that the believers of different faiths indulge into. In fact the governments twist the facts using the science of propaganda & now this has been fortified by the mind control science. Together these two tools of information hv brainwashed the masses & they start hating other religions, other nations & other cultures.

      Once people led democracies emerge in the Muslim world and other nations of the Afro-Asian region, the people will interact with other people and things will be much different than they are now. That will be perhaps a better time and a better world than the world that we have now.

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