Wahhabi Doctrine: Origin and the Manifest under House of Saud [3 of 3]

Turks who had taken refuge in the Kaaba, to take advantage of the edict that no blood was to be shed in the holy precincts, were surrounded and killed to the last man. The courtyard of the Kaaba was a pool of fresh flowing Turkish blood. Please remember, the Kaaba too is not in Najd but in Hejaz, the beloved homeland of the Holy Prophet. .





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“Uploaded on Sep 24, 2008

We start with the name of Allah the Lord of the worlds, and thereafter. This is a book called Umara al-Baladil-Haram authored by the headmaster of the scholars in Mekka and the sheikh of its speakers, the Mufti of the Shafi^ies, our master Ahmad bnu Zayni Dahlan who died in 1304 Hijri.

This book is printed by ad-Dar al-Mutahidah for Publishing. On page 297 the author said: The Story of the People of al-Taif and what they Encountered from al-Wahhabiyyah. Then he said: and when they [al-Wahhabiyyah] came into al-Taif, they killed people indiscriminately including the elderly, the children, the subjects and the princes, the high ranked and the poor.

They [al-Wahhabiyyah] slaughtered infants at their mothers chests. They climbed into houses and kicked out those who were hiding killing them all. They found a group of people studying the Quran, so they killed every single one of them and anyone who was in a house. After that they attacked the shops and mosques killing anyone that was in, even the men who were in sujud praying, till they wiped out all creatures there.

Surely [al-Wahhabiyyah] will face the severe punishment of the One Who subjugated the heavens and earths.

This is the dark history of al-Wahhabiyyah, and if we want to follow the trail of their deeds through the years we would need so much time to do so, and we would speak volumes about it. It would also be more clear to us how the wahhabies have neither mercy for the young nor respect for the elderly.

They have neither shame from Allah nor from the creations. They devastate, destroy and commit all these repulsive actions in the name of Islam, while Islam is far in the clear from such people and such actions.

May Allah protect us from the Wahhabi tribulation, and may Allah uncover their truth throughout the whole world as He is the One Who is able to Do whatever He wills.”

(Ahmad Dahlan, whose description is printed, was the Mufti of Mekka in his time.)

Shias are special targets. Karbala was twice surrounded by Wahhabi armed men and all residents were murdered.

Turks who had taken refuge in the Kaaba, to take advantage of the edict that no blood was to be shed in the holy precincts, were surrounded and killed to the last man. The courtyard of the Kaaba was a pool of fresh, flowing Turkish blood. Please remember, the Kaaba too is not in Najd but in Hejaz, the beloved homeland of the Holy Prophet. (Did he foresee all this when he refused to pray for Najd?)

Let us move downstream a little more in history. All of you who have seen the movie LAWRENCE OF ARABIA have some familiarity with what is known in history as the WAHHABI REVOLT against the Osmania Empire. This movie is a story from the First World War when Turkey was allied with the Axis powers.

Those who have not seen the movie, please see it now either by getting the DVD of the movie from the market or by seeing it on YouTube by clicking on link below. It is a great movie, a must see, even if we do not like this shameful episode of Arab history.


Please note. Orders of the Holy Quran are clear: you will not become allies of the non-believers and fight against Muslims.

I said above that in this new religion, Shias were and are special targets for murder. Let us come to even more recent history. The Taliban gained power in Afghanistan after withdrawal of the Russians.

During their two years rule they came out with full hostility against Shias. The Afghan population includes ethnic Hazaras who comprise Shia population. In 1989 the Taliban surrounded Mazar-e-Sharif and massacred 5,000 Shias. Somewhat later they again surrounded the Shia population of Bamiyan and committed the same atrocities.

They also enslaved their women and took them away as sex slaves.

Next let us see what is happening in Pakistan today. Hardly any day passes without a news of the atrocity or murder of “Mushrikeen.” Sunni ulema are killed. Shrines and mosques are bombed. Schools are destroyed. Bombs are also set off in funeral processions carrying bodies of victims of an attack.

There has been a tradition of Shias travelling to Iran for ziarah of their holy places. They travel to Quetta and take a bus to Iran. Religious killers wait in ambush at a lonely spot on the route. They stop the bus, disembark passengers, line them up on the road side, men women and children, and shoot them all. Don’t leave it to me to report here what we read daily in Pakistani newspapers and see on Pakistani TV in all its gruesome details.

What we are witnessing in Pakistan is a non-stop show of the utmost level of degradation to which human beings can fall in fulfillment of their religious obligations, men who claim to represent the “true” faith of our Prophet (SAWW).

Leaders and members of all our mainstream religious parties are fellow travelers in promoting these unlimited atrocities. They parrot the same stock explanation for each and all these atrocities saying these are done by American agents and are paid for with dollars. (To say with Petro-dollars would be closer to the truth.)

Now let me make an explanation to clear up a general misconception. Are all those who subscribe to the religion of Abdul Wahab insane killers? No, but listen. Let us take any belief system, such as our own Islam. Islam has its codes: believe in Allah, believe in the Quran, pray five times a day, contribute zakat, go on Haj etc.

As a Muslim, I subscribe to all the requirements as an intellectual obligation. But do I also actually fulfill all these obligations in practice? No. I have no time for namaz, cheat on zakat, maulvi saheb reads the Quran which is good enough for me and so on. This is so for followers of Abdel Wahab also. 

THEY UNCONDITIONALLY SUBSCRIBE TO ALL HIS TEACHINGS but all of them do not necessarily put on a suicide jacket and go and blow up school girls. Why don’t they do that if they believe this is an obligation? Because they can sit back and pray: Allah forgive us for our failings, for our inaction to fulfill our religious obligations of murder and atrocity!

And more importantly, gravity of these sins of omission can be reduced by VIGOROUSLY PREACHING THE DOCTRINE OF SHIRK AND MURDER OF MUSLIMS AS PER ABDUL WAHAB! This will hopefully egg on the killers and affirm their virtue as killers. The principle we can discern is this:

All religious killers are followers of Abdel Wahab, but all followers of Abdel Wahab are not active killers.

After an overall review of the movement, Prof Algar of The University of California, Berkeley, writes the following conclusion in his book WAHHABISM:

Wahabbis have seriously distorted fundamental teachings of Islam; functioned for many decades as the ideological mainstay of a regime which has squandered the wealth of the Arabian peninsula; vilified Muslims both Sunni and Shia, as non-Muslims and shed their blood; introduced or exacerbated division and strife wherever they have gone; destroyed a significant part of the cultural patrimony of all Muslims, first in the Hejaz and then in places such as Chechnya, Bosnia and Kosova; and finally failed to contribute anything either to the intellectual elaboration of Islam or to the advancement of its political and civilizational agenda in the present age.


Najd and Ibne Abdul Wahab Najdi :: Part 1

Najd and Ibne Abdul Wahab Najdi — Part 2.avi

Najd and Ibne Abdul Wahab Najdi — Part 3.avi

Najd and Ibne Abdul Wahab Najdi — Part 4.avi

Detailed studies on the Saudi rulers are well documented in many reputable books. A book THE HOUSE OF SAUD was published in 1982.

This book was written by journalist and researcher David Holden. He found out too much of the dirty story of the Sauds. He was murdered in Egypt in 1977 by Saudi agents. It was a clean and clever job. The killers disappeared without trace. But the murder accomplished much. Much of the information held by Holden did not come to light. However, another journalist, Richard Jones took up the work and it was published in 1982.

In brief the book tells us that: The House of Saud ruled the region of the Najd. They dispossesed the House of Rasheed through the use of a fundamentalist Islamic religion called Wahhabism. Then they conquered the Hejaz, ruled by the Hashemites. The leader of the Najd was Ibne Saud. He lived a long and fruitful life, having over 50 sons (no mention of daughters though). When he died in 1953, his sons took over and have ruled since. The current sovereign Abdullah is one of his oldest.


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Note: This post has been inserted to highlight what the mainstream of Muslims thinks about the doctrine introduced by Abdul Wahhab of Najd and to throw further light on the role of the Saudi dynasty and the present day religious extremism in different countries including Pakistan. If any one from the Ahle Hadith may wish to put up his views, we will be most pleased to publish that as well.
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9 replies to “Wahhabi Doctrine: Origin and the Manifest under House of Saud [3 of 3]

  1. According to an assessment, more than 50 % of Muslim population in the world including the educated lot are now infected with the so called
    ”Wahhabi Doctrine” which needs a disinfective treatment .

    1. No, Dr. Tewari, you are not right. Idon’t know from where you have taken the assessment that determines 50% of Muslims including the educated lot are the Wahhabis…
      Fact is that mainstream Muslims do neither follow the Wahhabi philosophy nor do they believe in such doctrine.

  2. The authenticity of the said data can’t be proved but in a country where persons like Hafiz Saeed, and Hamid Gul are being praised and protected, one can easily get convinced of the assessment cited in my comment. A society where blasphemy law is in force, there is no need for any proof of the given data.

    1. Dear. Doc Tewari AK, You are inferring wrong conclusions on wrong assumptions. I am neither a fan of Hafiz Saeed nor of Hamid Gul, [being a humanist I don’t believe in compartments like a faith in this sect or another, I rather leave it to Almighty to decide who is right or wrong in being a Muslim, a Christian, Jew or a Hindu] but to put these two gentlemen as being praised and protected is no justification in saying that 50 percent of Muslims the world over are of Wahhabi mind.

      I know Hafiz Saeed does belong to Ahl-e-Hadith, another synonym of the Wahhabis but am not sure about Gen [R ] Hamid Gul. Even if he is one, doesn’t mean that they are criminals.

      No Pakistani court has put either of the two gentleman under trial and hence, just on hear-say, they can’t be declared terrorists, which US and Indian propaganda masters try to paint them.

      As far as terrorism initiated by Wahhabists like those of the TTP and their co travellers in the bandwagon, is concerned, that’s something which needs condemnation in the strongest possible words.

      Its the politicization of the Wahhabi faith which most of us Pakistanis abhore and would like this virus to be eliminated from their very bases and whoever is sponsoring or abetting them needs to be exposed not before the people of Pakistan only but before the people of the whole planet earth.

  3. Dr Hashmey, may Allah hold your words true so that we can praise the activities of Pakistan but at present it seems a far distant reality to me. There are certain forces, who are trying to separate the tree from its roots and additionall trying to harvest bitter gourd from mangoes. We know it is impossible but am afraid the tree may die down because of continuous damage being done to its roots. I hope people like you will do your best to keep your identity intact and will be successful to pull out all these harmful weeds from your fertile land.

  4. @Tewari AK, Doctor Sb. I appreciate you good wishes. We endevour and pray that all sorts of extremism gets rooted out from the soil of Pakistan and this land of Vedas, of Buddha, Guru Nanak and above all of green Crescent becomes a land of peace as it has been since centuries.

  5. May Allah change the white crescent in to green crescent now . Green and good Pakistan is the need of hour .

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