The World doesn’t have a Pakistan nukes problem … It has a David Albright problem


It is high time the mainstream media should deal with David Albright for what he is (a third-rate reporter and analyst), and what he isn’t (a former U.N. weapons inspector, doctor, nuclear physicist or nuclear expert). It is time for David Albright, the accidental inspector, to exit stage right for issues pertaining to nuclear weapons and their potential proliferation are simply too serious to be handled by amateurs and dilettantes.



by Peter Lee


As AFP tells us, the Institute for Science and International Security just published a report on Pakistan’s nuclear program that seems designed to pour gasoline on the “the Pakistani nuclear program is outta control” story.

And, when you look at the story, there isn’t a whole lot of there there.The commercial [satellite] images reveal a major expansion of a chemical plant complex near Dera Ghazi Khan that produces uranium hexalfuoride and uranium metal, materials used to produce nuclear weapons.

Big whoop, I must say. The Pakistanis love their nuclear weapons, and it’s not surprising—as a sovereign state outside the NPT—they might decide to make some more.

The only conceivable takeaway from this report is muddled alarmism, which ISIS obligingly provides.

Given turmoil in Pakistan with the army waging war against Taliban militants in the northwest, the ISIS said the “security of its nuclear assets remains in question.”

“An expansion in nuclear weapons production capabilities needlessly complicates efforts to improve the security of Pakistan’s nuclear assets,” it said.

I don’t get it. How are things suddenly more complicated by an expansion in capacity?

Washington, apparently believing that it doesn’t have enough on its plate with al Qaeda and the Afghan Taliban and the Pakistan Taliban, is suddenly awash with dramatic plans to add a self-created problem to the mix: a quixotic effort to wrest Pakistan’s nuclear weapons out of the hands of the Army if the situation deteriorates.


It smells like an effort by some to put a radical U.S. nuclear counterproliferation doctrine on the table now, so when it’s the end of the year and it’s time to deal with that other Muslim country with the destabilizing nuclear capability—you know, the one on the other side of Afghanistan, the one that the Israelis are so upset about—public opinion has been primed to accept the idea that some combination of air strikes, special ops, and insertion of U.S. forces is needed to save the world from an Islamic nuclear program that’s…outta control!

A crisis in Pakistan—and high-profile U.S. handwringing over those dangerous Muslim nukes—might be the best thing that happens to Benjamin Netanyahu this year.


Anyway, I don’t think we have a Pakistan nukes problem.

We have a reckless and cynical fearmongering problem that should ring alarm bells for anybody who remembers the Iraq war.

In a small way, I think we also have a David Albright problem.


Scott Ritter delivered a devastating rip job on Albright in Truthdig last year, entitled The Nuclear Expert Who Never Was.

He characterized Albright as a dilettante wannabe nuclear weapons guy, who has self-promoted himself, his honorary doctorate, and his institute using the flimsiest of pretexts.

More importantly, Ritter identifies Albright’s key credential as a willingness to offer up uninformed and tendentious alarmism when the situation demands it.

Ritter’s conclusion sums up his feelings about Albright’s role in the nuclear non-proliferation debate:

Albright, operating under the guise of his creation, ISIS, has a track record of inserting hype and speculation about matters of great sensitivity in a manner which skews the debate toward the worst-case scenario. Over time Albright often moderates his position, but the original sensationalism still remains, serving the purpose of imprinting a negative image in the psyche of public opinion. This must stop. It is high time the mainstream media began dealing with David Albright for what he is (a third-rate reporter and analyst), and what he isn’t (a former U.N. weapons inspector, doctor, nuclear physicist or nuclear expert). It is time for David Albright, the accidental inspector, to exit stage right. Issues pertaining to nuclear weapons and their potential proliferation are simply too serious to be handled by amateurs and dilettantes.


Peter Lee is a business man who has spent thirty years observing, analyzing, and writing on Asian affairs. He can be reached at peterrlee-2000@yahoo.

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  1. Only a responsible and sincere state has privilage to have a weapon of mass distruction to play a meaningful role in international affairs.Pakistan do not fulfil the above condition and there do not dererves to be permitted to remain as a nuclear state on the world map.

    1. And I guess India is a ‘sincere’ and ‘responsible’ state and ‘fulfils’ all conditions to play meaningful role in internation affairs?

  2. Only a responsible and sincere state has privilage to have a weapon of mass distruction to play a meaningful role in international affairs.Pakistan do not fulfil the above conditions and therefore do not dererves to be permitted to remain as a nuclear state on the world map.

  3. Dr.A.K.Tewari might be able to explain what Hindu extremists are doing on sensitive posts in Indian Army.

  4. @A.K. Tewari,

    You say, India is a responsible state –Pakistan is not! Indeed Sir, India is a responsible state when it comes to the interest of its mainstream Hindu population i.e. the Hindutva guys, who only believe in Hindi, Hindu, Hindustan. However, when it comes to India’s religious and ethnic minorities, dalits etc. the same responsible state turns into a monstrous beast that wrecks havoc on the life and property of non Hindus living in India. This monster has eaten up lacs of Indian Muslims, butchered thousands of Sikhs in 1984 riots, what to speak of dalits who still are ‘maleechh’ the dirty and untouchables even after 62 years of independence. During all these massacres, the butchery done by the Hindu extremists, the law enforcing agencies of India’s provincial as well as central administrations were either silent onlookers to the scene or in other cases abetted these
    acts of terrorism.

    The same responsible state has to its credit a merciless slaughter of Christian community including Christian nuns who were first raped by Hindu gangs and then murdered. In contrast to this, the high caste Brahmins, [the Hindu Mullahs] the holy cows of India, the prophets of apartheid move unscathed in the vast landscape called India. So Mr. Tewari, before throwing stones on our country, please take care of your own glasshouse, a house that has too many ugly faces and where even basic human rights are denied to Non Hindus.

    It was the same responsible state that showed us Pakistanis, how to launch military offensives in other countries, other areas, for the same responsible state acquired Goa through a military invasion although it had a peaceful way of doing so. Given that majority of its population was Hindu / of Indian stock, yet it was responsible state that showed us how to achieve state objectives by launching military offensives. Here are a few more examples of this responsible state annexing lands through military means:-

    • Annexed Hyderabad Deccan again through a military invasion, under the pretext that it was Hindu majority state but same rule was utterly violated in case of Kashmir which has a Muslim majority and even up till this day is being ruled through a military occupation.

    • Occupied Manavdar, Mangrol and Junagarh states under the same pretext but again what was good for the gander wasn’t good for the goose.

    If now Pakistan may want to occupy Kashmir through a military action, [though Pakistan has always opted for a peaceful settlement of the dispute] on what logic should India deny such right to Pakistan.

    If Hafiz Muhammad Saeed’s reported Jihad in Occupied Kashmir aims to liberate Muslim brethren from the yoke of a ‘responsible’ state, on what logic would Mr. Tewari stop Hafiz Sahib’s Lashkaris when Hindutva Lashkaris already did similar acts in Hyderabad, Goa, Daman, Dev, Junagrah etc.

    Your responsible state infiltrated both regulars and non regulars of the Indian army to undertake subversive activities in the then East Pakistan and your former prime minister Indira Gandhi is on record to have boasted “We have drowned the two nations theory in the Gulf of Bengal “, obviously referring to Pakistan’s vivisection with an overt support of the Indian army. However, to the chagrin of your responsible state, two independent, sovereign Muslim states have now emerged on the sub-continental landscape, after you drowned the two nations theory in the Gulf of Bengal.

    Denial of water to Pakistan and Bangladesh is another demonstration of ‘responsibility’. In contravention of Indus Basin Treaty India has constructed dams at Salal and Baglihar on rivers which have been exclusively earmarked for use by Pakistan.

    While peeping back into history, we also can’t forget, the same responsible state murdered her own “Great Soul” on simple pretext that Mahatama was pressing on the Indian government to release funds which were to be paid out to Pakistan out of British India’s central reserves.

    As far Pakistani nukes, Mr. A.K. Tewari, you same to have developed same David Albright Syndrome to which writer Peter Lee has so aptly referred to in his above article.

    Factually speaking, it was your responsible state that started a nuclear race in the subcontinent (when it exploded a nuclear device in Pokhran way back in 1973). This is what pushed us Pakistanis also to go nuclear, for against a nuclear blackmail, going nuclear is the only deterrence. In this very blog there is another article which you may read. The writer therein has elucidated the very aspect i.e. who did start a nuclear race in the subcontinent. It was again India, a responsible state of yours which made us Pakistanis to ponder over this very question; If India can have a nuclear bomb, why not Pakistan too, especially when India being a ‘responsible’ state has always treated Pakistan as its worst enemy. (The whole Bollywood stuff you produce, is full of such trash, which though is mere propaganda, does have its ill effects on the masses, who unknowingly get poisoned against Pakistan).

    So merely because you believe India is a responsible state, does not mean that people of Pakistan and all of India’s other neighbours like China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka would too believe that India is a responsible state.

    And finally,

    Itni na barha Paki-e-Daman ki Shikayat
    Daman ko zra daikh, zara Band-e-Qaba daikh.
    (Do not claim too much of your innocence, you own sleeves are smeared with blood).

    P. S.

    I was a kid when I was forced to migrate from Utter Pradesh in India. Though I didn’t witness the massacre of Muslims in Kolkata (West Bengal) in the 1940’s which according to a British writer had Muslim corpses scattered throughout Kolkata for a whole week and there was no place to bury them, yet I did see how the Muslims were butchered on our way to Pakistan.

    Wasi of Kundian

  5. What had happened in India in past was all the repurcussions of the subversive activities of the communities concern who were adament to devide the country on the name of religion . Even today it is due to preachings of radical Islam muslims are being butchered and will continue to be sloughtered as they can not co-exist with other faith and will tend to increase their number through pig – breeding and conversion . population of Hindu has decline drastically in Pakistan where as their number has increased many fold in India .This streatgy of muslim dominance is now not going to work in any part of the world what to say in India . Now Indian main stream ie Hindu will not allow the kilker of Ram sevakas to escape and khalistanis to devide the nation . Incidence of Godhara and 1984 is the reaction to curb such mentality and may be repeated whenever required. Now we are selfsufficient to solve the Kashmir issue as China has solved the Xinjiang issue and Israel is solving Paletine issue since till now it has became clear to rest of the world that redical Islamist can only be tackeled with heavy hand and not by negociations .

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