Webster Tarpley: Bin Laden narrative is a prelude – to targetting Pakistan


CIA’s Garbled Bin Laden Narrative a Prelude to False Flag Terror Campaign Targetting Pakistan; General War Threatens

  • In an interview with RT, author and researcher Webster Tarpley says the CIA has announced the next false flag terror op will be blamed on Pakistan’s ISI.

  • China backs Islamabad in looming confrontation, and the collapse of the U.S. empire brings a heightened danger of general war.


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3 replies to “Webster Tarpley: Bin Laden narrative is a prelude – to targetting Pakistan

  1. The Central Intelligence Agency is supposed to gather intelligence not carry out covert operations in other countries. Training terrorists in assassination and causing civil unrest to overthrow one leader for one most receptive to US interests. Case in point. Qaddafi, Saddam and Noreiga.

    I once read a report stating the CIA was responsible for the deaths of more than 6,000,000 civilians. All third world countries. Many of them women and children. I wish people would read about the El Motoze Massacare. I am afraid what Obama has started can’t be stopped.

    The neocons in Washington think the world has too many people and we would be better off if two thirds were eliminated. That way the remaining world would be easier to control. I am a Marine Vietnam veteran with three tours of service. I believe our governments lie like so many others are doing today. Americans knew that Saddams’ planning of 9/11 was a lie. Since they wanted revenge and blood. They didn’t care.
    There is a long list of names in the Whitehouse as well as some of whom were there before this administration that should be tried for treason. Even after Bush admitted it was a lie. Many Americans still refuse to believe, not only does our government support terrorist but also train them. No wonder our national debt is 14 trillion+ and growing. The Federal Reserve and the CIA are untouchable. Obama declared War without Congress approval. Probably didn’t want to wake them. I notice some members like to sleep during congressional hearings. Our tax dollars at work.

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