How to Stage a War

War criminals undoubtedly find today’s news unsettling to say the least. The cover story for American intervention into Afghanistan and Iraq is beginning to unwind as the international effort to topple Qadhafi in Libya gained the media spotlight. The Spanish Audencia Nacional begun the process of criminal investigation of the “intellectual authors” of the Bush torture program. This will effectively bar from traveling outside the US those in the program once indictments have been issued. America should begin the same type of criminal investigation with regard to the attacks on September 11, 2001.




by Julia Mitchell


Since the end of WWII there has not been a single year that the United States of America has not been involved in some sort of military intervention somewhere in the world, whether it be direct intervention using U.S. forces, the supplying of arms to the aggressor in a conflict between other nations, or by supplying arms to forces within another country staging an illegitimate coup. Throughout all of this the American people have remained silent, sitting idly by as their government has engaged in actions that have ultimately culminated in our country becoming the poster child for unwarranted aggression in the eyes of much of the world to the extent that today we are hated and feared by much of the world’s population.

To those who would object to the contention that Americans have remained apathetic in terms of any objection to the unjustified and unwarranted military aggressions on the part of our government by referring to the protests that surrounded opposition to the Vietnam war, let me just say that recent research into those protests on the part of Ed Chiarini indicates that none of that was legitimate, and that those protests were in fact engineered by factions within our own government intent upon stirring civil unrest among the American people.

In fact, many of the actors involved in staging those protest are still active today, up to and including Abby Hoffman, who has since his fictionalized death functioned as one Paul Michael Glaser, and are still involved in the same sort activities at the behest of the same subterranean forces operating within our government.

But what has gone relatively unnoticed until recently, except for one brief incident in 1990, is the fact that much of the media footage that has surrounded these conflicts and that has been propagated as scenes filmed during actual armed confrontations has in fact been staged and manufactured using actors assigned to specific roles.


‘Syria Danny’ Caught Staging CNN War Propaganda Stunt. Footage appears to show “activist” coordinating fake gunfire

For the first few months of this year an individual referred to as “Syrian Danny” emerged as the poster child for western military intervention in Syria, appearing on an almost daily basis via satellite interviews with CNN reporters, of which the Vanderbilt family member Anderson Cooper was the most notable. By March 6, however, the jig would be up, so to speak, for “Syrian Danny,” as leaked CNN footage clearly demonstrated that the unrest in Syria he claimed to be operating in the middle of was a complete fabrication. In a video uploaded to youtube channel VexZeed, courtesy of a group referring to themselves a Syrian Youths English, “Syrian Danny” and his camera crew are caught red-handed fabricating the gunfire he claimed to be reporting in the midst of, and at one point “Syrian Danny” even mentions that his fingers are freezing as he waits for CNN’s Anderson Cooper to come on the line so they can commence with the interview, stating as well that he wishes he had a mattress to lie down on as he waits.

Footage showing terrorists targeting the oil refinery/pipeline in Homs. Thanks to Rafik Lutif for the leaked footage. Thanks for the terrorists for being stupid enough to film everything.

In addition, a story carried by all the major news outlets here in the U.S. which asserted that Syrian troops had attacked an oil pipeline running through the “rebellious” city of Homs was also proven to be a complete fabrication when Syrian Youths English obtained and released leaked footage that clearly demonstrated that the pipeline had in reality been set fire to by terrorist forces operating within Syria, and it goes without saying that those “terrorist forces” were more than likely black ops operatives operating in conjunction with the U.S. created al Qaeda and our own shadow government. These same tactics involving the fabrication of internal conflicts were also employed prior to the destruction of Libya at the hands of NATO forces.

In what could be a scandal so disgusting that it could bring down this news empire CNN was staging interviews with a person known as Syria Danny when before airing the broadcast with Anderson Cooper he could be heard coordinating war sounds and talking points in the background with the producer.

By now everyone should be quite familiar with the recent bombing of Libya, the murder of Moammar Gaddahfi and the rhetoric used to justify the destruction of what was in fact a beautiful and prosperous country; a country that could proudly boast that its human rights record was better than any other on the planet.

The truth about the sort of country Libya was prior to the invasion is well documented for anyone who wishes to do the research and confirm such.

What is not well documented is the fact that we have evidence to indicate that the so called clashes between Libyan “rebels” and the Libyan “army,” which were incessantly referred to by the mainstream U.S media as “forces loyal to Gaddahfi,” were in fact staged and filmed in the Nevada desert prior to the invasion and destruction of that country, as Ed Chiarini discovered in his investigations of the cabal of people that have been faking and staging news events in this country for decades.

In the process of investigating this group of people, of which the ringleaders seem to be the Rockefeller, Greenberg, Wohl, Blumberg, and Sexton families, Chiarini managed to track the conversations among the participants in which they discussed finding an appropriate location and transporting the equipment to be used in the process of filming the fabricated battle scenes in the desert somewhere outside Las Vegas on the Radian Helix Media facebook page, and Radian Helix Media is owned by none other than Brandan Lee Pittman and Kenny Blumberg, aka Cliff low Priest.

These manufactured battle scenes were subsequently carried by the American media and propagated as footage of the “uprising” on the part of “rebel forces” within Libya when nothing could have been further from the truth, and they would ultimately be used in conjunction with falsified stories about human rights violations on the part of the Libyan government to justify obliterating that country via Nato bombing raids, which brings us to the most highly publicized story of the most recent war in Iraq.

In November 2005 it was reported from Iraq that 24 unarmed Iraqi men, women, and children, of which at least nineteen were said to be civilians, had been mercilessly gunned down and murdered by a group of United States Marines, and in December of 2006 eight marines said to be from the 3rd Battalion 1st Marines were charged in connection with what came to be known as the Haditha Massacre.

By June of 2008 the charges had been dropped against all but one marine, identified as Staff Sgt Frank Wuterich, who was ultimately convicted of a single count of negligent dereliction of duty.

And America’s image around the world, already possibly irreparably damaged as a consequence of an unjustified war of aggression, was further diminished as a result. That was the very real consequence of just another manufactured news story, as it is my opinion that Chiarini’s evidence demonstrates conclusively that the individuals depicted in the televised scenes of that charade as it played out in the media are in fact the actors he contends that they are, two of which are Vin Diesel and Steve O of MTV’s Jackass, the cast of which have been deeply involved in the falsification of many, many other national news events. Steve O, as it turns out, is none other than a member of the Wohl family, and he is not the first member of that family to have been involved in the fabrication of news events surrounding the wars in Iraq.

All credit for this work goes to Dallasgoldbug, aka Ed Chiarini, founder of Please share as much as possible before this entire body of work is once again censored.

On October 10, 1990, a young woman referred to at the time as Nurse Nayirah testified before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus that upon invasion of Kuwait, the Iraqi soldiers had entered the hospital where she was working, taken the babies out of the incubators they were in, and callously and inhumanely left them to die.

All credit for this work goes to Dallasgoldbug, aka Ed Chiarini, founder of Please share as much as possible before this body of work is once again censored.

Her testimony subsequently became an integral part of the propaganda spewed by then President George Herbert Walker Bush and various US Senators to rationalize the war against Iraq on behalf of Kuwait that had begun a little more than two months prior to that. That story, which was also corroborated by Amnesty International, was proven in 1992 to have been completely and admittedly fraudulent when it was discovered that “Nurse Nayirah” was in reality the daughter of the US ambassador to Kuwait at the time, Saud bin Nasir Al-Sabah, or so it was said, and had witnessed none of the things she testified before congress as having seen.

However, according to the evidence uncovered by Edward L. Chiarini almost 20 years later, the original lie was simply followed by another in an effort to further mislead the American people as to the depth of the deception. “Nurse Nayirah,” according to Chiarini’s evidence, was actually a young woman by the name of Arden Wohl, and her family’s involvement in the falsification of news events can be traced at least as far back as WWII. And as it turns out, much of the wartime footage and many of the historical photographs from that war are staged as well.

In a recent interview with, Ed Chiarini stated that upon examination of some of the WWII photographs of wartime activity, such as the fabled Kamikaze attacks by the Japanese, he has discovered distinct and measurable evidence to suggest that those photographs were in fact created using miniatures, and so it appears that there is sufficient evidence to indicate that much of the wartime propaganda that surrounded WWII was falsified as well.

In addition to that, Chiarini has conclusively demonstrated that many of the people at the upper echelons of power during the years in which that war progressed, up to and including the character known as Adolf Hitler, were in fact merely actors playing the roles they had been assigned to play by forces that as yet remain unknown.

All of these things in conjunction with one another leave us with a history that all indications are is a complete fabrication, and the need to revisit and rewrite at least the last 70 to 80 years of it is apparent, and it is my sincere hope that people other than the few of us currently attempting to do that will eventually become involved in the analysis of the events in question. We need to question everything, because it is all questionable.

Further evidence:

• Steve O and Vin Diesel:  • Arden Wohl as Nurse Nayirah: • News footage of Nurse Nayirah: 
Julia Mitchell was born November 14, 1964. She earned a BA in history and philosophy from Western Kentucky University and currently resides in Jackson, Missouri.
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