Will Pakistan be fragmented? Viewpoint Sri Lanka – II

The dossier handed over to the Indian government also mentions an India-funded training camp in Kandahar where Baloch insurgents, particularly those from Bugti clan, are being trained and provided arms and ammunition for sabotage activities in the Pakistani province of Balochistan. Although the information given to India is being kept highly secret, broad outlines of the dossier available with Dawn reveal details of Indian contacts with those involved in attacks on the Sri Lankan cricket team and the Manawan police station”.



by Latheef Farook


It is common knowledge that India wanted to destabilize and partition Pakistan from the day it came into being in 1947. India played a crucial role in breaking up Pakistan and creating Bangladesh in its eastern wing facilitated by the blunders of the Pakistani’s ruling elite.

India, hand in glove with American installed Hamid Karzai’s puppet regime, has 14 consulates in Afghanistan from which RAW operates and the US has turned a blind eye. Pakistan has stockpiles of evidence against Indian consulates in Afghanistan used to fund terrorism in Pakistan through Baitullah Mehsud’s TTP as well as Brahamdagh Bugti and his Baloch Liberation Army-BLA.

According to DAWN, a dossier containing proof of India’s involvement in “subversive activities” in Pakistan was handed over by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh during their meeting at Sharm el-Sheikh in July 2009.The dossier, broadly covering the Indian connection in terror financing in Pakistan, is also said to list the safe houses being run by RAW in Afghanistan where terrorists are trained and launched for missions in Pakistan.

The dossier also mentions an India-funded training camp in Kandahar where Baloch insurgents, particularly those from Bugti clan, were being trained and provided arms and ammunition for sabotage activities in the Pakistani province. Although the information given to India is being kept highly secret, broad outlines of the dossier available with Dawn reveal details of Indian contacts with those involved in attacks on the Sri Lankan cricket team and the Manawan police station,” the newspaper said.

“Operatives of RAW who remained in touch with the perpetrators of the attacks have been identified and proof of their interaction has been attached,” it added.

A description of Indian arms and explosives used in the attack on the Sri Lankan team has been made part of the dossier, besides which the names and particulars of the perpetrators, who illegally entered Pakistan from India and joined their accomplices who had reached Lahore from Waziristan, have been mentioned, the report said.

Here is what Christine Fair of RAND Corporation had to say about what the Indian consulates are up to in Afghanistan and Iran:

“I think it would be a mistake to completely disregard Pakistan’s regional perceptions due to doubts about Indian competence in executing covert operations. That misses the point entirely. In addition, I think it is unfair to dismiss the notion that Pakistan’s apprehensions about Afghanistan stem in part from its security competition with India. Having visited the Indian mission in Zahedan, Iran, I can assure you they are not issuing visas as the main activity! Moreover, India has run operations from its mission in Mazar (through which it supported the Northern Alliance) and is likely doing so from the other consulates it has reopened in Jalalabad and Qandahar along the border. Indian officials have told me privately that they are pumping money into Balochistan. Kabul has encouraged India to engage in provocative activities such as using the Border Roads Organization to build sensitive parts of the Ring Road and use the Indo-Tibetan police force for security. It is also building schools on a sensitive part of the border in Kunar–across from Bajaur. Kabul’s motivations for encouraging these activities are as obvious as India’s interest in engaging in them. Even if by some act of miraculous diplomacy the territorial issues were to be resolved, Pakistan would remain an insecure state. Given the realities of the subcontinent (e.g., India’s rise and its more effective foreign relations with all of Pakistan’s near and far neighbors), these fears are bound to grow, not lessen. This suggests that without some means of compelling Pakistan to abandon its reliance upon militancy, it will become ever more interested in using it — and the militants will likely continue to proliferate beyond Pakistan’s control.”

Confirming the Indian support to TTP in Pakistan The Foreign Policy magazine said: “The Indians are up to their necks in supporting the Taliban against the Pakistani government in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” a former intelligence official who served in both countries said.

“The same anti-Pakistani forces in Afghanistan also shooting at American soldiers are getting support from India. India should close its diplomatic establishments in Afghanistan and get the Christ out of there.”

Afghan officials have also confirmed that India is using Afghanistan to stir trouble in Pakistan. “India is using Afghan soil to destabilize Pakistan and Afghan security agencies are unable to stop Indian intervention due to absence of centralized government mechanism”, said Afghan Government’s Advisor, Ehsanullah Aryanzai on sidelines of Pak-Afgan Parliamentary Jirga at a local hotel on April 2, 2009.


An Islamabad datelined report by Akhtar Jamal Wednesday, 21 October 2009 stated that: Reports reaching here confirm that hundreds of militants from Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), and other associated groups are equipped with most sophisticated American, Indian and German weapons.

According to a survey the weapons in the possession of these militants included U.S. made M249 automatic machine guns, U.S.-made Glock pistols, Indian hand guns, FN Browning GP35 9mmx19mm, Indian automatic machine pistols GLOCK 17 9mmx19mm, Indian machine guns Heckler & Koch MP5A3 9mmx19mm, Indian made Sterling L2A1 sub machine guns, Israeli licensed Indian made UZI 9mmx19mm sub machine guns and German Walther-P1 pistols.

During Swat operation, a number of the Indian army used Vickers-Berthier (VB) light machine guns were also recovered. The recoveries of Indian designed weapons were not astonishing for Pakistan. However, what was more surprising is that the U.S. and German weapons were recently introduced in the Waziristan area.


Pakistan’s ruling elite comprising the armed forces, bureaucracy, feudal landlords and capitalists never learnt any lesson. In fact, within a quarter century after Pakistan was created they created the conditions, exploited by India and other hostile forces, to create Bangladesh.

Columnist Ahmed Quraishi pointed out that “ fake democrats produce a fake democracy. This is what our westernized Pakistani elite and some of the self-styled ‘liberals’ in our media don’t understand. A Parliament filled with feudal lords who rape the women of the peasants on their lands and operate secret prisons, and then come to the Parliament in expensive shiny cars and jewelry thanks to political parties where another set of feudal run them as family grocery shops – this is no democracy.

Accusing main political parties and their leaderships of undermining the existence of Pakistan Dr. Mubashar Hasan, co-founder of the Pakistan People’s Party with Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in 1967 said:” over the years, they have failed to understand that the state of Pakistan is unraveling. The administrative structure of the state is no longer capable of ensuring the performance of the basic duties of the state, mainly the protection of life, property and dignity of the people, dispensation of justice to all citizens as equals, semblance of equitability in the distribution of wealth and assuring a sense of belonging to the Balochis, Pashtuns, Sindhis and Punjabis that the Government at Islamabad is their Government.

The gulf between the rich and the poor has widened enormously. Ninety-eight per cent of the population is in a state of despair and frustration and has lost hope. The wealthy 2 per cent, armed with foreign passports and visas with huge wealth stashed abroad, are ready to leave the country any time.

The old grievances among the provinces of Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan and NWFP have reached all time high. Cooperation at the federal level has disappeared; complaints and prejudices have taken the place of patriotic fervor.

What had begun in the early years of Pakistan as grievances and complaints between East and West Pakistan, between the Bengalis and Punjabis, has now been replaced by tensions between Punjabis, Sindhis and Mohajirs and between independence-seeking Balochis and Pashtuns. The absence of cooperation between the provinces has snowballed, making Pakistan a fragile state.

It was under this unfortunate circumstance Asif Zardari was elected as President showing the depth to which the state assemblies had descended. Zardari is neither a politician nor a professional. He was known as the husband of assassinated prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, twice elected as prime minister and dismissed on both times on corruption charges. Zardari, better known as Mr. 10 Percent, has been accused of corruption, fraud, underworld links and even murder. Even after elected president, he was implicated in several scandals including an alleged submarine deal for Pakistan navy.

Eric S. Margolis, a contributing editor to the Toronto Sun chain of newspapers, said in an article that;

“Zardari has been dogged for decades by corruption charges. Washington seems unaware of the fury its crude, counter-productive policies have whipped up in Pakistan. The Obama administration listens to Washington-based pro-Israel neo-conservatives, military hawks, and “experts” who tell it what it wants to hear, not the facts. Pakistan’s military, the nation’s premier institution, is being pushed to the point of revolt. Against the backdrop of bombings and shootings, come rumors that the heads of Pakistan’s armed forces and intelligence may be replaced. Pakistanis are calling for the removal of the Zardari regime’s strongman, Interior Minister Rehman Malik. The possibility of a military coup against the Zardari regime grows. However, Pakistan is dependent on US money, and fears India. Can its generals afford to break with patron Washington?

It was in this context one should view Zardari’s military onslaught on his own people to please President Obama who began drone attacks, almost immediately after he assumed office, violating Pakistan’s sovereignty, killing hundreds of innocent civilians in the footsteps of his predecessor George Bush.

In fact in a report presented to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday 26 October 2009, UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Executions Philip Alston described US drone strikes against suspected terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan may well violate international humanitarian law and international human rights law.

” My concern is that these attacks in Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan have often resulted in civilian deaths and drawn bitter criticism from local populations. Since August 2008, around 70 strikes by unmanned aircraft have killed close to 600 people in northwestern Pakistan,” said Philip Alston.

Meanwhile after Pakistan launched its military strike there were several deadly bomb explosions including the one on the International Islamic University in Islamabad and the market place in Peshawar.

Taliban denied responsibility. However, analysts were quick to accuse the notorious US security firm Blackwater, known for its heinous crimes – rape, torture and bombings – in Iraq and Afghanistan, perhaps aimed at putting the government and the so-called Taliban against each other.

Erik Prince, the founder and the boss of Blackwater ,world’s most powerful mercenary army, accused in court papers of seeking to wipe out Muslims, views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the planet, according to a former employee. These Blackwater mercenaries are in Pakistan and the question is why did the Pakistani government allow them into the country?

In the midst, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Pakistan on a stormy three days visit on Wednesday 28 October 2009 to convey the Obama administration’s support, praise the Pakistani government for its military offensive, and tackle rising anti-US feelings among the Pakistani people.

She was greeted with a sophisticated bomb in busy Meena Bazar market in Peshawar killing more than 107 people – most of them innocent women and children. Taliban denied. So the question is who planted such a sophisticated bomb?

She faced sharp rebukes from Pakistani citizens and journalist on the third day of her visit when a woman who chastised the US stating, “Using aerial drones to target terrorists amounted to “executions without trial.” while another journalist said “we’ve been fighting your war”.

US appeared to be trying to push the government go beyond South Waziristan when she warned, ”after South Waziristan, the Pakistanis will have to go on to root out other terrorist groups”. She never spoke a word about the devastating impact on the entire civilian population in South Waziristan forced to flee for their lives as villages and towns were literally being bombed into rubble.

The question is what next? Will Pakistan be next Iraq? How far the Pakistani government could go in killing its own people to please US?

It appears a poem by Khalil Gibran written in 1934, and now in circulation in e-mails, well suits Pakistan’s current dilemma?

Pity the nation that raises not its voice
save when it walks in a funeral,
boasts not except among its ruins,
and will rebel not save when its neck is laid
between the sword and the block.

Pity the nation whose statesman is a fox,
whose philosopher is a juggler,
and whose art is the art of patching and mimicking.

Pity the nation that welcomes its new ruler with trumpeting,
and farewells him with hooting,
only to welcome another with trumpeting again.

Pity the nation whose sages are dumb with years
and whose strong men are yet in the cradle.
Pity the nation divided into fragments,
each fragment deeming itself a nation.


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  3. Ghazwaay Hind

    Dajjal’s first phase was like a year; represented by Britain.
    Dajjal’s second phase is like a month; represented by USA.
    Dajjal’s third phase will be like a week; represented by whom???
    Dajjal’s remaining days will be like normal till the arrival of Jesus, the prophet Isaiah PBUH’.

    Here is what the third phase could be and represented by whom? Dajjal’s third phase will be India, where India will help Dajjal to fight with Pakistan so the greater state of Israel can be established.

    India’s real name is Hindustan, representing not a secular state but a Hindu state and anyone who is Hindu is a Kafir by all standards and by all holly religious values.

    So this Kafir state India= Hindustan will be the Israel’s third phase. Both were created during the same time; India in 1947 and Israel in 1948; BOTH ARE REPERSENTED BY I=EYE.

    War that is waged on Pakistan is part of launching India as a next phase for Israel. In resent west and USA took a turn to make India big economically, geographically, politically and militarily, whereas weakening Pakistan economically, geographically, politically and militarily.

    Grand plan of the great game is on and against the Muslim states of the world and in this context Pakistan, which represents the Islamic world is the last stronghold of Muslim Ummah.

    The war on terror has begun and it is in full swing against Pakistan. This war will lead to a final showdown between the two nations, Pakistan and India and this showdown represents Ghazwaay Hind.

    The Ghazwaay Hind will reach its final conclusion where Pakistan will capture India and once again the rule of Islam will prevail in India under the new name, The Islamic Republic of All Pakistan.

    The Islamic Republic of All Pakistan will establish his rule for forty years until the arrival of Imam MahdiPBUH.

    The military might of The Islamic Republic of All Pakistan will turn and march towards Iraq to meet and join Imam Mahdi’s forces towards the final battle of the good and bad upon the arrival of prophet Isaiah PBUH’.

    The final battle will be led by prophet Isaiah PBUH’, where Dajjal will meet his death in the hands of beloved prophet Isaiah PBUH’. Allahu Akbar!!!

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  5. Excellent web site you’ve got here.. It’s hard to find quality writing like yours nowadays.
    I really appreciate individuals like you! Take care!

  6. Yesterday evening I was alistening a programme being relayed by NBC called Kashmir ”update” . The open moral support to the freedom fighter there with false propaganda realiy forced me to abuse my govt. at .Delhi . But the above article and comments has cooled my heart . If 10% of it is true then I will think that our govt. Is not sleeping . In fact we should also extend an open support to BLA as a tit for tat policy . I was thinking that a new Pakistan will emerge under the new leadership but the said radio programme has dismentlled my illusion .

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