India and Pakistan: 63 Years of Fake Freedom – II




by Partha Banerjee


As an Indian-American who’s been involved with political movements in both countries, I’m deeply disturbed.

To celebrate the independence anniversaries, every year both in India and Pakistan there’s lot of government-sponsored patriotism, hype and euphoria. At midnight of August 14, 1947, then British rulers finally gave up on their two centuries of unconstitutional, immoral and brutally repressive colonization, and transferred power after partitioning India in three pieces, causing massive bloodshed and human misery.

Today in India, the ruling-class politicians and corporate media including the Bollywood film and entertainment industry are busy singing praises for the “prosperity” of Shining India. Military dictator Musharraf followed by a civilian president in Pakistan and the Indira Gandhi-Sonia Gandhi dynasty in India are making wise moves to exploit the time’s sentiments. Still, there’s perceptible lack of enthusiasm among the common “Desi” folks, who unlike the golden jubilee celebration in 1997, are not coming out in full force to observe this “historic” occasion.

We shall however pay attention to the Indian and Pakistani governments’ hollow prosperity drumbeats, and take a hard, “unpopular” look at the grim reality.

If the 1947 British-penned independence and blood-soaked partition have created any prosperity, it’s been for the region’s rich and powerful elite who inherited and perpetuated a feudal, pyramidal and colonial status quo where in half a century, a political colonization has given way to a social, economic and intellectual subjugation. The new “free” system makes the subcontinent’s younger generation blindly follow a U.S.-style, market capitalist model, where equal rights, education, employment and healthcare for all, and other such egalitarian concepts have been pushed into near-oblivion, or else, ignominy.

Rampant privatization without any attention to human values and safeguard for the havenots has taken over the subcontinent’s body and soul. Of course, mega-rich business magnets, big land owners, cricket players, movie stars, and yes, corrupt politicians and their pet mafia have prospered.

Reality is, the entire South Asia is reeling under massive corruption, explosive population growth, out-of-control environmental pollution and recurring natural calamities, and a jingoist-chauvinist war climate is in vogue. Hindu and Muslim middle class do not trust each other, a fact unthinkable even during the British Raj. Nuclear proliferation has brought South Asians on the brink of mass extinction a number of times, and the threat is ever-present.

Indian, Pakistani and the relatively new Bangladeshi governments have all thrived on mass-production of lies about the state of the state, and their mouthpiece media have stirred up ultrapatriotic fervors and a semi-fascistic leader-cult-worshipping, especially at the times of war. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have all seen scores of savage wars, resulting thousands of innocent being killed, and millions permanently displaced and impoverished. Refugees and war-traumatized families have lived for generations in makeshift, filthy “shelters” and “jhoñprhis” along the railway tracks and highways.

In South Asia, demands for rights and justice for women, religious minorities and the massive underclass tribals and lower castes have actively been rejected as concepts of “yesterday’s failed communist doctrines.” Communal riots have surged and claimed numerous lives and women’s honor.

Prisoners and protesters, including women and children, have been brutalized by the Indian military, paramilitary and police; due process and other basic legalities have almost always failed for the poor. Political dissent in particular has been silenced by the ruling-party mafia. The so-called democratic elections have seen the worst forms of money- and muscle-power, with help from officials and bureaucrats. Many key elections have proved to be pure travesty.

People in power endorsed massive booth-capturing, false voting, media muzzling, thuggery and religion-or caste-based divisive politics. The ruling Congress Party and former ruler Hindu fundamentalist BJP have proved equally efficient at this power-grabbing game. India’s regional parties in particular and establishment left to a lesser degree have not been far behind.

In Pakistan, for most of the time since 1947, coup-generated military regimes have ruled with support from the U.S., and an elected prime minister (one of the very few elected leaders) has been hanged. Bangladesh, in its post-1971 history as a sovereign nation, has gone through a number of dictatorships and martial laws; military and police tortured and killed some of its best-known intellectuals and noble men, the slaughters allegedly sponsored by the U.S. and CIA.

South Asia now has more than one-fifth of the world’s population. Eighty percent of the one-billion-plus mass still live in places where there’s little or no electricity, drinkable water, paved roads or public schools. In many places, farmers and day laborers die of starvation; many farmers have killed themselves out of despair. The disparity between the rich and poor in South Asia is one of the extremes in the world. Basic literacy and primary education are still out of reach for most poor. Brutality against women and children is sky-high in numerous places.

A conservative, superstitious patriarchal society has re-emerged where families are encouraging female infanticide, with help from corrupt doctors and medical practitioners. India now is one of the top AIDS-affected nations.

The 1947 partition was cooked up by the British and Western powerbrokers, at the behest of Gandhi and Jinnah’s policy followers who overnight became the new rulers. Most of these new kings (and queens) neither made any personal sacrifices during the 100-year-long, glorious independence struggle nor did they have any knowledge, connection or compassion for the reality on ground. The hundreds of thousands of young men and women who gave their lives to bring about the “azadi” were excluded from the post-partition power structure, and later the struggle itself was undermined.

The new feudal rulers were chosen by the British after their two hundred years of repression and pauperization of a truly prosperous India, to retain a class-divided system where the real power would never transfer to the masses, and the “free” nations would forever remain subservient to the West. They’ve succeeded in their mission.

Moreover, in sixty years of a fake freedom, we South Asians ourselves have been successful to raise an apolitical, apathetic generation wilfully ignorant of our own history and way of life — political, economic and cultural.

Thanks to the freedom 63 years ago, we are now completely colonized.


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Partha Banerjee is a human rights activist, writer and teacher based in New York City. He can be reached at
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46 replies to “India and Pakistan: 63 Years of Fake Freedom – II

  1. We are not only colonized in 63 years but have become more polarized and fragmented people.We are now considered as dangerous species for each other on the basis of sects, races and social setup.

  2. Nadia and Nazia ,may i love you .Don’t know the future of such love .The facts has now shadowing the truth .Ofcourse a very uncertain future ahead .

  3. Its me Nazia and future of love is almost bleak but impossible
    Facts are in front of us but we are not accepting it truthfully.The day we would start following the facts, future might get some shape.
    At present we are not run by any legal state authority but now cartels are controlling our state matters and us too.In that field we have shown improvement ,the visible goal achieved after this partition on the name of religion.

  4. The beauty of religion is now being ignored instead majority is busy in highlighting the superficial differences .Making identity on the name of religion is the root couse of confrontation which has to be removed at grass root level .The role of religion has to be minimised in the state affairs . Now there is a need of modern international code of conduct instead of any particular religion .

  5. Yes religion of a person is for self control, self analysis, and self modification purpose and religion of state have capacity to adjust/accommodate all kinds of faith under controlled state laws .Peace and harmony is first principle of all religions of world and if any state couldnt maintain this ,people of different faiths start making groups and demand of different states within a state for securing their faith.It is job of strong administration not to let people use their religious identity as driving force but unluckily Pakistan is throughout under control of grave worshipers,so called paid religious leaders and no state control on mushroom growths of abnormal religious groups have destroyed our peace in our surrounding and Ist nuclear power of Islamic world has become most dangerous place of the world to live as a normal Muslim fellow.

  6. Oh. Yes ,No religion can claim to be perfect and that is why we in India are bound to adsorb what is best in all religion in an open democratic secular set up which will be never 6bserved in Pakistan in normal course that is why we are compelled to support foreign presence in the region willingly or unwillingly .Surgery is the only cure in the present cercumstances ,now it is upto us to permit to be done by internal or external Docter .

  7. No Surgeon or miltiary man can mold the tendency of folks toward religious to national thinking but proper transformation of civil rights to all individuals via honest govt can do this job.
    Right man for right job.
    Oh you are Indian hhhhhn oh little bit of cough problem:p
    Indian democratic system is not overhauled by any kind of internal and external doctor or any general offered their free service to Indian system but credit goes to indigenous political leadership.No matter they are corrupt or weak but few characters in political main stream ARE reason of continuous democratic process and setup.

  8. Nazia , some time litle cough is benificial at the begning of the winter season,but the disease we are talking about is cronic in nature and can not be treated with yunani or H6meopathic approach .I think surgeory is now inevitable becouse docters have entered in the home and they are adament to cure this infectious disease once for ever.

    1. @AKT
      U want the surgeon to do a major act of dissecting the area. How simplistic! An Urdu poet of ur cuntry had said:
      Wasi of Kundian

  9. The reason of cough is not cold but when something is not swallowed properly that irritates your throat and become reason of uneasiness.

    You think that religious fanaticism is developed by some kind of trained miltiary men or some abnormal doctor is hired to implant this culture of hate among different sects living in same boundary??/

    No it is not like that an illiterate mullah’s service is enough to distort the faith of inhabitants by empowering him through state backup support and media coverage and he starts spreading his hate culture.
    yes military men or doctors are there to protect them as long as state want services of this mullah culture.
    This is the same state which discourage its educated and real working class to come forward and lead these illiterates.They are either demoralized/ politicized or killed on streets and rest of them prefer to go abroad and find new destination to use their working capacity and talent which are highly ignored in their mother land.
    You know why it happened because our miltiary men and surgeons take care of mullahs on the name of national interest and when these mullah culture starts burning our house , these are the miltiary men or doctors who run away from this country to another destinations, adopt western living styles, make fake ids and face book followers and love to comment on all issues of moderation and become problem solver for us who are actual sufferer of their real work. This way they think they can create army of cyber admirers who can bring revolution in Pakistan.
    We need field job of honest and local edcuated class to defeat this mullah culture.Faith is only countered by another faith which is more stable , attractive and have versatile impacts on people social, economical and culture living styles.

  10. Aamin , Nazia .you are talking about ideal approach to address the problem but in the prevailing abnormal condition this will not find place to operate that is why many more red stars are required .I may be wrong ……

  11. Nam rahkna Tewari and khena Aamin.
    Good contrast .
    For handling poor Pakistani like me you can use name as Dr kemari of Karachi like that
    just an humble advice nothing to take seriously.
    I am not talking ideal but giving practical solution of our hypothetical grave problems which would sooner remove the rest of working class if not controlled by some formula with some long term programs.
    The philosophy is very simple but it is badly in need of will of ruling group or govt and the campaign against terrorism would start from same places where it begins under the illiterate cleric.I mean in mosques Medressah, ISI cells and in our hospitals too where all leading characters of such places are regarded as Savior or Messiah of people.We just have to reverse the process by placing opposite kind of cleric who would preach religion of forgiveness and peace and in few years one would see the difference on grass root level.This was our past which has been distorted by wrong implementation of religious difference where people are not compromise less than killing or destroying of others.

  12. Dr. Kemari of Karachi ,I could not understand the suggested addressing style of a person across the border with whom I prefer to interact despite of difference in opinion .So far no one on this blog has attracted me to discuss the issues related to India and Pakistan at length .May God shape your views as reality .

  13. Dr don’t take pain of understanding my last ideas of 2010.
    It was so embarrassing for us to enter in new era with tagging of terrorism as our major area of working and identification in the whole world.
    Nations are not called modern by the data of users of mobiles or net .Modernity comes through civic senses and by maintaining peace within boundary and outside of borders with proper index of human development .These are the signs of modernity of any nation. We couldnt restore our already existing living privileged /facilities which were available to our last generation.At least they enjoyed clean environment, harmony among all communities living nearby and peace of mind were their memorable assets which have been withdraw from us by giving us poorly managed/designed urbanization and rural development
    along with bonus of yearly high inflation rate.
    So we are coming out of frying pan into hell like situation in coming years by decomposing the concept of partition of two nations.neither we are in position to secure our religion nor we restore our nationhood in last 63 years .
    In recent survey it is shown that In our side of world(south asia) 80% net users use fake or multiple Ids to dodge others as part of favorite part time activity.So in 63 years we even cant restore our image of being a nation of real people.

  14. dr.,I can understand the depth of pain you have in the heart .Being a devotee of nature ,I suggest the Mantra to cure it .Seek nature to Seek God , To Seek peace .

  15. Hey doc are you alright?
    where you are taking discussion,
    I mean now you are behaving like pir shahib who is giving me techniques of practicing jantar mantar.
    This is more profitable profession in subcontinent than practicing as skilled doctor.I dont how it can be clicked if professional doctor become pir of people.

    You can easily judge the pain of my national and personal spirit as it has no depth very prominent and strong from roots level.I love my nature and clean way of living without any fear of hiding about my real id as pure Pakistani.

  16. All right , I am not intending to deviate from the topic of discussion instead attempting to understand the that how far you are able to trace the root cause of present crisis being faced not only by a Pakistani and Indian but by the entire humanity on this earth .Any way it has been always difficult to understand the vision of a pir and pagamber .You are not an exception to it .After realizing the impact it only then a normal person can find that some thing has gone wrong .The oil pipe line has to remain secured for the servival of people living in Europe and America,and for that sake they are ready to use their so called proffessional skills .Be ready to face it .The only cheak is concern towards environmental imbalance but that concern can not be generated by people like OBL .

    1. Dr. AKT, You are suggesting jantar mantar to Nazia for the dilemma she is facing, a dilemma that not only she but all of us are facing here in Pakistan. But while we are facing dilemma at the hands of our corrupt, saleable politicians, power hungry generals, and above all these Mafiosis, the Pakistani Taliban; in India there is another kind of dilemma to which Partha Bannerji has referred to in his post. In this regard both inheritors of the British Raj are still not in-dependent in the real sense.
      Your second concern is environment, but the remedy you are trying to find from i.e. Uncle Sam, the same guys who are responsible for devastating the environment; and this makes me ponder whether you at all are serious about environment. Your third concern is OBL, but dear doc, OBL is just a cover. The man died many years ago but lives because it’s the need of neoconservatives to create perpetual hysterics against Islamic countries in general. On one hand they produce religious extremists [the human bombs] in their labs by using modern psy-ops [like mind control science and other such techniques], on the other huge funds are being allocated by them to fight out terrorism! Situation therefore is extremely foggy. Only game setters do really know what they have in mind, yet some hint in that direction was given already through the new world order [NWO] now renamed as the Project for a New American Century [PNAC].
      I don’t know about India but we in Pakistan are terribly under a crush of extremism from both sides, our home grown Pakistani Taliban and the “Taliban “ who are working on behalf of their bosses sitting in the corridor of power in the United States of America.

  17. As his jantar mantar was out of range of my mental approach so I was not in position of replying in some appropriate manner.
    Pakistan has come in state of shock or in some kind of trauma and that is very soothing for Indians and India as all investors and leaders of west are moving towards India or even preferring to negotiate/ settle in Bangladesh,to whom once we discarded as our lower community who was trying to stand against our strongest Feudal Prime minister.
    Indians had no interest left on our side since we said yes to Americans in war on terror as all democratic forces know well the consequences of striving in war status.They were only shaken when Bombay attacked was successfully executed and its all connection via indigenous groups reached Pakistan.So for future cover up and projection of Pakistani terrorism they are taking care of Kasab by spending huge investment on him No doubt such unexpected terrorist attack had shattered the fool proof security arrangement of super power of south asia for time being.
    Nobody know how many more jewels of terrorism like that are hidden in the Pandora boxes of ISI cells but it surly give strength to our traumatic state further.
    It is interesting that in India extremism is spread by visble extreme political forces like BJP but here tragedy is that the person or institute or political groups which pose to be liberal and moderate is main producer of terrorism in our side.i.e
    It was naseerullah babar who laid foundation stone of Taliban.
    it is secular Pak army who acted like protector and facilitator of extremist groups in our soil.
    It is sharif who was inspired by OBL wanted to be amir ulmomeem of Pakistan like saudi sheikh.
    Pakistani professionals have lost interest in international politics and problems s we are badly stuck in our whirlpool of problems.try to detach one and other would come and stick to us like leech.
    so who would think of other problems while living in this problematic Pakistan.

  18. jantar Mantar is nothing but a reality which we could not visualize due to our prejudice mind .The undivided India was having 36 Carore population now it is more than 150 Carore in all the three born countries and we are further increasing it by 3:o/o taking it as a gift of god due to our religious belife.The root cause of our problem is unmanagiable population .The population of Pakistan has increased 6 fold cousing deforestation on hill resulted flood which has innundated 3/4 of Pakistan .Dr Nayyer is blaming uncle Sam , Politician and eager to sit in the lap of Chacha China .Both have attained zero population growth .Our jantar mantar says YATHA PRAJA TATHA RAJA ,means Our polititians are our reflextions .It is through mantra dead OBl is still alive .

  19. Jantar mantars are effective for people who are strong believers of this mess as this jantar mantar mess is life line of our leaders and their families.
    Accusation to US for our down fall as a normal rising state is not very wrong approach but it is all done through Pakistani leadership .India always do one serious technical political mistake in her superiority complex that she always makes complain in front of US for all mess in the name of jihadstan which time to time breach and intrude in India via Kashmir side.Without US consent Pakistan army cant think of it and if they would think of it might become reason of withdrawal of military aids.
    Population explosion is problem of large portion of Asia but China is giving us fine example that how any country can channelize the energy of overpopulation by giving them work opportunities at their homes.Their one child policy is strictly or somehow brutally controlled by ruling party.So nations need political guidance to utilize their oversize population growth.Pakistan First and then India ,both govt neglected their large portion of people and enticed each other on this marathon of arms which can be ended in the form of huge destruction.So wrong shouldn’t be meant to follow it with wrong deeds.One has to work for improving peace environment in south Asian region.If they cant think of developing new kind of peace deals then just copy paste the theme of EU and we can think of better future for our new generation.

  20. It not the question of job opportunity but the carrying capasity of the land .More population means more exploytation of the existing natural resources of the country .At present even the water has became a scare comodity and efforts are being done to conserve it .All most all rivers are polluted .air is polluted and people are being religiously preached to follow polygamy to breed like a pig just to dominate over the world through demographic change .Such fear is very common in those country which are having managiable population and have progressed on the basis of advancement in the field of science and technology .Now they are bound to create unstability in our region so the foolish concept of dominating the world by number can be countered.For that sake they are killing us like an insect with the use of Drones and saying that human righ rules are for human being and not for insects .

  21. Dr
    this little thing is not coming your mind that mess has been created by overpopulation though people unintentional or intentional mood.So what should be planned to counter this tsunami of population.This class is always first to absorb wrath of nature and man made planning.So death and diseases rates are always high in thickly populated area.In our side no bus ever plunges into river or drain carrying at least 80 to hundred people.In population controlled areas in a whole year such number of people die which is our daily track record of casualties.Death rate of infants are also high in our side.People need awareness and forced laws to estimate the importance of small family and in this field we have worst performance.In Australia , Canada , japan and EU the trends have been dangerously reversed as over awareness have reduced their future workforce .So they are encouraging couples to have kids and bigger family or exporting manpower from our country by creating shortages of skilled people in our side.

    So what ever damage can be done is done and we have to go for options to consume this carrying capacity in better form instead of using it as robot of terrorism or criminal force which is ready to eliminate working class of our country.
    We have to create balance of share of resources, income and state facilities to all classes living within one jurisdiction.For last years rich has become more rich and poor have developed criminal attitude agianst state and its settled people due to ignorance of state management and imbalance of economical resoruces.
    We cant give poison to this over populated breed, nor throw them in space. we have to make them realize of their importance and facilities should be provided in their areas to decelerate the migration of people toward typical settled economical zones.This is the way they can bring good changes in their lives which would ultimately give improve social and economical conditions all over the country.

  22. Tsunami of population has to be managed ,But who will do it . Govt. will hesitate to take strict action against those who are encouraging the population growth .Now migration of eccess work force in advance countries is also not being facilitated due to fear of terrorism .In this way the condition is going to become more grim on this front .An open animal like struggle for existence is likely to prevail in the years to come .At present it is there but under cover .

  23. what I mean to say that a mutation is required in the dna ,for which high energy radiation exposer is required .It seems to be inevitable to me .Transition through noble approach is being prayed but existing ground realities are not condusive and telling different stories.We here in India are hopeful with people like you…kemari of K .

  24. God forbid we would think of process of mutation of DNA through high energy radiation exposures.We should adopt process to improve the process of DNA replication which is on its way of decay due to our negligence.It is not fault of the people that they couldnt get proper guidance but ill will of corrupt leadership who pick developed western destination for their kids and posh villas in Pakistan. Transition process would come either through bloody revolution or through civilized process as being seen in some countries in Latin America.
    Tsunami of population can be transformed into power generation procedure in their own domain.Agriculture population can give rise to our green growth, city population explosions can be busted in productive areas to increase yield in textile, food process and packaging, sugar , cement fertilizers or all industries which raw materials are indigenous. We have over growth of university graduates so one year if we dont produce arms or make billion dollars deals with super powers, huge network of school colleges can be setup to keep busy our energetic minds who are tending towards terrorism.
    So ideas are here neither new nor impossible only right man is required who cant think of treating us with radiation but use logic and concepts for its country.
    By the way just for your knowldege I have no link with dr of kemari K but Im proud Ms Ravi of lahore which is now showing the scene of drain nullah.

  25. Solution to existing problems of our area is to attain zero growth rate of population immediatly and for that sake we have to weed out all those who are accelirating the growth . The dna replication can not be allowed any more .

  26. Zero growth rate is not even possible in China that are adopting the cruel family control laws so it is impossible to imply it in hypocrite Muslim state like Pakistan.We have to take global zero option for managing our large population.These arms are acting like boggey man for enemies but this directly bringing up hunger monster which is attacking our main portion of population.

  27. Global zero option is being suggested only by those who still are not willing to realize the hazardious impact of the BIO-BOMB and they are swelling it due to their religious agenda .But one should not forget the fact that in future the benifits of advancement in science and technology will be allowed to percolate only in that society at grass root level which will have a better record of birth control .Human right violation is also going to occure on this front as it is going on at war front .Now there is no option left …..

  28. Mahe Muharram and Ummat ki Akeedat ka Ijhaar if you really wish to observe .Do come to India . Muharram -march despite of Varanasi,Kashi episode is being peacefully rolling on the road . IS BHARTEEY UMMAT KO DUNIYA DEKH RAHI HAI …,. We are least bothered whether it is having any impact factor on a Pakistani or not .

  29. Thanks for your open offer but we had good history of these processions where people of all faith had come and joined such processions to show friendship to all kind of faiths and we can recall it if required no need to come to India for observing all this.If we would think of visiting India we would surely take ticket of samjohata express and we don’t know how much Col Pruaht is still living in Indian army to attack on this friendly train.
    There are chances if we plan such visits our ISI would throw more pearls like ajmal kasab in front of Indian security and this way India would again lose its credibility of providing adequate security measures to its people.
    So it is better to stay and watch all such events while sitting in our homes for avoiding scene of embarrassment to both officials.
    By the way it is your job assignment to act like Indian in this fake net world.You think you people candig some Raw agent while acting like that.
    Do you think Pakistani and Indians have different level of Iq and approach to dodge each other all the time?

  30. Once the Indian muslims will start to realize that they have an IQ different than muslims living in other parts of the world then they will try to have a saparate identity.At present their superficial similarity with Pakistani is putting pearl on the path of their progress .

  31. It is through Jantar
    Mantar the dead Osama
    is still being kept alive to
    show the power of
    MANTRA to those who
    think that now OBL is
    dead. A stupid thing of
    Hindusthan is now
    being used at global
    level to wipe out redical
    Islam not only from
    Afghanistan and
    pakistan but from all
    corners of the
    world .Osama will
    remain alive till the will
    of Obama (US) is alive .

  32. Osama is not live because of some kind of jantar mantar but due to poor leadership of Islamic world who are playing the role of puppets in front of US war programs.
    Osama is dead or alive, majority people have no interest on him .Those who have interest on his name using it to justify their miltiary moves.General Petruas words are quite helpful to Muslim world that what kind of dirty and bloody politics are being played on three countries on the name of war on terror but US people are masters in picking black coals of politics from our soil and place them on important portfolios.So helpless people are waiting for some heavenly support or UFO to help them.

    1. Dr. Tewari thinks his jantar mantar is shaping the policies of the west to destroy radical Islam. I pity his findings because the people who are out to destroy the radical Islam are themselves the creators of this deadly form of Islam.

      Nobody in the mainstream Pakistani populace has any sympathy for these renegades but when the Jantar mantar of the US and NATO forces kills innocent Pakistanis, many amongst us do feel the extent of terror from air to common human beings who neither have an understanding of the western imperialists’ jantar mantar nor the one of radical Islamists, who somehow have coined an Islam of their own mind, however, a mind that is the product of mind control science developed by CIA’s top psyops experts to forward the aims of US military industry war machine.

      I would request Dr. Tewari to kindly do some jantar mantar through which the relations between India and Pakistan could turn into a true friendship for its an endeavour which we all strive for. But am sure Dr. AKT would put conditions for Pakistan doing this or that to achieve this objective, and when such things are approached in this manner, we reach back to square one. Hence even the jantar mantar fails to help us in this regard.

      So instead of a jantar mantar let us first have a clear mind, a total human beings first approach and once its done, then gradually the pressure of public opinions in both countries shall perhaps force the governments too to follow suit.

  33. Dr. Nayyer we both are condeming the religious fundamentalism from different angles.You think that this menace of terrorism has been created by out side forces.In contrast to it what i feel that we have given them a fertile soil to sow what they want to reap from here.Th story starts from the division of India and emergence of Islamic Pakistan. This baseless division on the name of religion is still being persuaded in Kashmir. The stone pelters are throwing stones on Saitan as their religious training they aquire at Macca Madina .Islam is a religion of peace that you say but the ground realities clearly suggest that it could not coexist with others .We are now fade up with the hope that through nonviolence means some solution will emerge to solve the kashmir and Israil issue.Now the Jantar mantar is being applied ….

  34. Docs
    We south Asians are expert in trusting jantar mantar phenomenon after complete failures/upsets in life which are surely out come of our wrong deeds and ill intentions at our peak working time. We want to make shortcuts to pass our lives .Trusting religious and corrupt leadership is part of that weakness. We have simple solution of our all sins and crimes that go to haj or Yatra and then preach religion for fooling others or perhaps for reviving lost virtuosity and nobility. We make religion as untouchable,unchangeable and non conservation taboo in the domains where we belong but as soon as we find good economical and living opportunity any where in the world this taboo lose its attractions and we leave our all beliefs and stubborn concepts of religion.
    Pakistan was made by opportunist by taking the flag of religious differences which were only ignited in lower class of Pakistan. This trend is still dominating in Pak India culture and that is why population of poor are not seriously controlled as these folks are timely need of our politicians or ruling group to give them jerk on top seats which is not acceptable literate class.That is why literate class has lost its interests in elections and these are dominants by uneducated, narrow minded and religious bonded majority of both countries.

  35. The cast system was actually derived from Varna system.It was a means to apply the scintific principles of Eugenics to improve the gene pool of human race which can not be done by any other means for human beings where as it is easily possible among the plants and through insemination in animals .It is the religious binding of marrage of a girl in higher Gotra the flow of suitable traits in one direction has been ensured that resulted the upper and lower cast and finaly resulted the deformation in the form of untuchability .Since that was never the aim of Hindu religion that is why now it is not having social acceptance in modern India and is regarded as offence but its individual and religious significance is still persisting which is being highlighted by others to accelerate conversion and to defame the oldest religion of the world- the Sanatan Dharma .On the other hand the converted mass through inbreeding and polygamy has degraded their gene pool to the extent that they are behaving like animals .Today we find that all muslims are not terrorist but all terrorists are muslims .The present state of muslims is the resultant of so many religious factors and they are behaving like sheep.

    1. Anil, first of all pls do not use such heavy titles like Dr…etc for me. Though I did defend my doctorate in Food Sciences, I hardly ever use it, until and unless its absolutely necessary. [I do like the American way of address which does not give into this air of formality that we in the subcontinent are so prone to use].

      And now about your comments. Am sorry, but your thesis smells of the Nazi philosophy of a chosen race of blue eyed Germans.
      Should I presume from what you write that you too would wish a chosen society of ‘blue eyed’ Hindus, or the higher Gotra Indians. Where would you then put the Indian Muslims, Christians Sikhs and the Dalits who do not believe in this higher Gotra society of yours?
      I respect all religions including Hinduism but to plead for Eugenics in the 21st century is something I hardly can digest.
      In your earlier comment you blame partition of British India for the ills the subcontinent is facing today. Though I do submit that the creation of Pakistan has been a geographical paradox yet it was very much needed. In this regard I would request you once again to read the excellent work by Jaswant Singh. Its titled Jinnah : India Partition Independence.

      It will be clear if you do read that book that Pakistan was not for Jinnah’s askance but it was the All India Congress which denied a proper representation to Muslims, and hence Jinnah’s demand for an independent homeland for the Muslims of India.
      But even if Jinnah had not asked an independent Pakistan, still the Muslims in the North Western parts of British India would have exercised their right for their identity as the inhabitants of the lands of Indus. And in this endeavour there would have been no distinction between the Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. This part would have been an Indus land which in the days of partition turned towards formation of Pakistan.
      Unfortunately we do have many problems at the moment but the people living in this country (people not ‘the leaders’) have through centuries demonstrated their resilience against all odds, not only today but during different periods of history.
      Anil, unfortunately you always try to tilt everything against Muslims, Islam and Pakistan. It’s definitely an anti Pakistan view which in no case can help improve the already tense and enemy like stance maintained by both India and Pakistan.
      Then you say this country offered fertile ground to the American hegemonists, who planted here the nurseries of Islamic terror. To some extent you are right but don’t forget Anil it were the Hindu nurseries of anti Muslim terror in British India like the RSS, VHP and other militant outfits in your country which pushed Mr. Jinnah toward Pakistan.
      While we condemn the terror committed by peoples who claim themselves as Muslims, we should also not forget the terror committed by the Hindu zealots in India as well.
      Anil, we have had enough of aggrandizement and now its time that we should not enflame the Hindu Muslim divide which befitted the British imperialists and now is also the aim of the American hegemonists.
      I would further recommend you to please write my note to an article by Michael Hughes who wrote a rabidly anti Pakistan article suggesting truncation of Pakistan by force. You may not agree with me, but I would do recommend you to read it at least.
      (As I said earlier, the number of posts [these are 616 to date] uploaded on my wordpress website and this has made the site too heavy and hence takes quite a time to open. I have been receiving requests from readers to do something in this regard. Though my independent website is still in preparation, I am now uploading more posts on my Bloggers site. This is the reason the note mentioned above has also been published on the Bloggers spot. Its titled BALKANIZING PAKISTAN- A COLLECTIVE NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGY BREAKING PAKISTAN TO FIX IT.] and

  36. @ Nazia , The collective streatgy to fix pakistan as assesed by Dr. Nayyer could became a reality if it will have intellectuals like dr.

  37. What can I say to you two docs as I cant be fit between two national intellectuals who always dip into deep history for finding solution of latest problems.
    His comments regarding production of talibans and jihadis against Hindu group are quite irrelevant as it was an old trend of subcontinent where typical deobandi and Anjuman hamiat Islam like organizations were actively working against hindu extremists.When they didn’t get popularity, sir syed had come forward to raise the backward status of Muslims.
    Jinnah wasn’t aware of such Islamic groups?
    He is ignoring the existence of pukhtoon drug trade under religious and tribal network to facilitate arm and illegal army in the area of northern region against reds and china.
    Nobody is interested in dividing Pakistan except our leadership.Foreign element act like boosters to enhance this process of division as per desire of our leadership.
    If it was an idea of Micheal hughes like analyst then dr should tag Jinnah and Bhutto as agents of foreign powers who forced and encouraged division of land through their political popularity.
    Pakistan can only survive by adopting global zero policy and zero religion affairs as we are seeing molestation of original Islam through the hands of those people who have remote control of religious.This distorting of Islam is producing monsters whom you are calling terrorists.

  38. @ Nazia , As I have already stated earlier that Pakistan despratly need people like you to bridge the existing gulf between us and to sail the sinking ship of Pakistan .We have to learn a lot from our real history but how those can give respect to Sir sayad ahmad khan who deliberatly wants to establish similarity between Islamic terrorism and Hindu nationalism .

  39. It’s hard to come by knowledgeable people in this particular topic, however, you sound like you
    know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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