Who created the BLA [Balochistan Liberation Army]

Pakistan Army unloading goods in Balochistan

by Nayyar Hashmey


Peter Chamberlin is not only a blogger but a world class writer as well. He picks up his pen to jot down highly readable, analytical and thought provoking articles. And as I already said in a previous note, his is the blog that’s one of my most favorites. Some days back he put up a sensational [not in the journalistic sense but an alarming one] report rather for all of us].

This report has been compiled by five different journalists each one of them sitting in the very nerve centre that causes to move different state and non state actors to mark the dots. They do say though they still need a lot  of dots to connect, yet after going through their report, like a crystal gazer you can look through the glass and see so vividly how do these dots are put, moved, interlinked and above all where-these-dots-are, who-are-drawing-the-lines, and who-is-connecting-all- these-lines to land these into the very theater, where this whole drama of ruthless geopolitics, the great rich central Asian highlands is going to be staged very soon.

In the beginning [when I started editing this blog – it was in May/June 2008], I had a feeling that people who want friendly relations between India and Pakistan should not put up posts on their blogs & websites as this could further deteriorate the already tense situation that exists between the two.

I, therefore, kept the matter restricted mainly to tourism, history, heritage, art & culture. There used to be hardly 1 or 2 posts every month on politics. Contentious issues were not touched in principle.

Gradually, however, I came to realize that turning our eyes away from such differences and disputes would not solve the problem / s at all.


Because the machinations of respective governments, their spy masters including the top brass as well as the rank and file, groups with vested interests including the religio-mercantile-industry combine, notwithstanding the geopolitical players doing their job- disseminating the philosophy of terror, hate and animosity sometime in the name of religion, another time in the name of pseudo patriotism, and  then also in the name of a word that is very fashionable these days ‘the national security’ were mostly profiteering from exploitations of the common people every where.  The result therefore, has been more aggrandizement not only between the governments but also amongst the common public as well.  To add fuel to the fire, such designs, such machinations, such strategies were and are continually being hyped up by the mainstream media.


I felt the need to highlight such issues so that people at large know all sides of a particular contentious issue; without any taint or color as Peter would term it “without sunglasses”. In other words, every issue, every dispute, every contention be seen in the broad daylight. It has been in this context that I decided to put up matter on such political issues as well, for I now believe that all machinations, all strategies, all conspiring by respective governments  and their organs, vested groups, need be exposed as far as possible.

While writing these lines, I do understand: putting up contentious material on any medium does not and should not mean one has abrogated one’s true patriotism. Like any other Pakistani I love my country but my patriotism does not spring from a negative view of all those who may differ from us, neither is it based on animosity towards others, be they the individuals, communities, cultures,  different religions and nations. On the other hand, putting up material on all issues, particularly the contentious ones to the general reader, enables him / her to adjudge what’s wrong, what’s right.

It’s in this context that I accessed [courtesy once again to Peter Chamberlin’s blog] a report compiled by Turkmenistan News Agency. The report reveals some startling as well as highly alarming facts on what the US-Russian-India combine is attempting to do in Pakistan.

Though in the initial part of their report, the authors try to avoid attributing the subversion in Balochistan by using BLA as a surrogate, to any government, in later parts however, they  do conclude that it is most probably the CIA-RAW and Russian intelligence which of late have been joined by Iran as well [though partially].

The contributors conclude that by and large the people of Balochistan are as patriotic as their countrymen in other four provinces of Pakistan. However, as they say, a little spark needs a little of fuel, and it turns into a big fire, a fire that will not only burn the ‘les miserables’ but the whole body. Right now it’s our body, our corpus that’s at stake.

The happenings of late February / March this year have made our government celebrate the successes in having marginalized India in Afghanistan [at least it appears so] but question remains: success at what cost!

As we would increase the pressure on Taliban in Afghanistan our country being direct partner and a frontline ally of the United States of America, how could we then say [that’s what our government’s rhetoric is]. “It’s not our war, neither are we fighting this war nor we a party to it – we are trying to fight the terrorists who are attacking our people, our properties and our state institutions, we will defeat terrorism at any cost. It’s not America’s war, it’s our war”.

Contrary to such rhetoric’s, we are sacrificing our sons for purposes which fit precisely into the context of a larger geopolitical agenda of the world’s sole super power as her friend and ally. But as Henry Kissinger cynically would say Being America’s ally is more dangerous than being its enemy”.

We are America’s ally and we are throwing ourselves into more and more dangerous situations than ever before.

To quote our rulers once again. “It’s our war” they say. But it is not our war, its America’s war, our country is at stake, our people are at stake, the people who are mired in an unending struggle to earn bread for their children. The people are least bothered who is wining, the Americans or their opposing forces. They want bread, they need education, healthcare and a livelihood for their families. Unfortunately they have none at the moment. But they are paying the price for what their rulers are doing in their name.

It’s high time now that we realistically look to ourselves and ask, where do we stand in this war on terror! By offering our sons as cannon fodder, Pakistanis pitted against Pakistanis, can we keep our federation intact. Can we think of a stable nation state of Pakistan?

I remember, late Khan Abdul Wali Khan of National Awami Party used to quote one Pashtu proverb that says ‘when the elephants battle, the frogs are pissed off’ and that’s what exactly happened with us. We jumped into the war of elephants and were trampled upon.

That war gifted us heroin, Kalashnikov and suicide bombers. What this new war on terror will bring us, can be gauged from events that are being staged right before us now. A super power was no doubt crushed in the first war, the US won but we and the Afghanis lost terribly. Now one is under the physical occupation of its major sponsor and we are if not physical at least under a virtual occupation of our erstwhile friend and sponsor ready to be ally for another war. I wish what Peter said in his article that the next drama is going to be staged now in Central Asia, even then, I do not foresee an end to the mess in our country for Pakistan with its Balochistan province is the most sensitive economical and important route not only for the oil supplies but also the military might that is or would be required to exercise a physical hegemony over these pipelines.

Question that irks me hence again and again, do we want to keep our federation or are we going to continue doing this “pangabazi” in Afghanistan and that too at the behest of the same industry military complex that dodged us at so many occasions.

They know our rulers are hungry for their dollars, first Gen. Pervez Musharraf mustered these from the US and now the Zardari Gilani duo is trying to. But we shouldn’t forget, once they give something, they take something too. What they take is a subject our rulers have written books upon. One time it was: we want ‘Friends not Masters” and another time it was ‘In the Line of Fire’. Fact however, remains ‘takers can never be choosers’.

At this juncture, I do wish to emphasize once again, no state can compromise its national interests, neither should we. But as we make hollow claims for the championship of an Ummah at the behest of a super power, our neighbor claiming the championship of democracy ignoring at the same time that some of its states are either claiming more rights based on provincial / regional identities or a secession straightaway from the Indian Union e.g. the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir [a legacy of the British Raj and simultaneously a part of the unfinished agenda of the 1947 partition of British India].

What we need is, to avoid the mistakes committed by the previous generations in both India and Pakistan. The peace in the subcontinent cannot be left a hostage forever to what happened in the past or what was made to happen then. Both countries need to sit together and solve their issues around the table [see Peter Chamberlin’s article in TANS blog]. Aggrandizement or India-centric / Pakistan-centric policies by two nuclear neighbors augur no good for them nor for the world.

Simultaneously we in Pakistan need also move towards making this country an economically independent, progressive state. If we continued finding military solutions to all our political maladies, the day may not be far away when we might see many other East Pakistans coming to the fore; in other words a balkanization of Pakistan which is very much there on CIA’s agenda and which unfortunately Russia and India may also want. And its the theme and findings of the report being uploaded right now.

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85 replies to “Who created the BLA [Balochistan Liberation Army]

  1. Nayyar, I can’t wait to read the rest. I have been following the events in Balochistan closely, the Port of Gwadar, the highway to China, Iran’s interests, US interests and the many people imprisoned in Balochistan. This is a fascinating subject and one I can say with absolute certainty Americans know not a thing about.


    1. BRAHMDAGH hamara Baloch koom ka ek bahadur janrail hai, jo Balochon ki aazadi ki khatir jang kar rha hai. Balochistan zindabad.



    1. Lanat ho tum jaise Baloch pe… Tumhara sardaar bhi bhikaoo aur tum us se bhare bhikau ho… Agar thori si Ghairat hai tho Jago aur qaum ke liay laro.. Zehri na bano Baloch bano. Tum jaise Asteen ke saanpo ki waja se hi tho abhi tak Balochistan Azaad nahi horaha.. Agar saare Baloch ek hon Ye Azaadi chand dino me asakti hai… Balochistan Zindag baat

      1. Lanat ho tum jaise Muslman pe, jo khud ko Baloch kehta hai Muslman nahi … Tum bhi bikao hou aur tumhara leader bhi bikao hai …. Agar thori se gherat hai tou jago aur Muslmano ke liye laro… Bloach na bano Muslman bano.
        Tum jaise asteen ke saanpo ki waja se he tou abhi tak Muslman har jagah khawaar ho rahe hen… Agar sare Muslaman aik hon, yeh zulm chand dino mein khatam ho sakta hai … Pakistan zindabad .. Islam zindabad.

      2. Oey tu khabis ka bacha hai. Sharam nahi aati tujh ko magr.
        Zalim ka bacha tu Hindu ka ghulam hai khocha

      1. Tu agent ka bacha hai. Bakwas krta hai kyunke tujhe iss bakwas ke liye maal mila hai.

      2. Gadhey kay bachay tu bavaqoof hai ya phir tujhay kaafi maal mila hai yeh bakwaas likhney kay liyay.

  4. Entire land of Indian subcontinent has been and will remain a single geographical unit called Ariyavart. The division of of the subcontinent has led to suffering of all peoples living here. SAARC is the real solution which can solve our problems to a great extent but Pakistan is the main barrier in making this aspiration a reality.

    1. Pakistan is the biggest fort of Islam. Shame on u that inspite of ur maximum efforts, u cannot abolish the existence of Pakistan & we r maintaining our existence for the last 66 years. Pakistan will be on the map of da world till da day of judgement (roz-e-qiyamat tak).

      1. East Pakistan (Bangladesh) is an extended arm of Pakistan which is a pain in the neck of India. We should take pride in being Muslims and take all necessary steps against efforts of Hindus to diminish Islam from subcontinent.

    1. 2 or 3 baloch tribes are the tools of hindustan, the rest tribes 80 or so are in favour of Pakistan.
      these 2 or 3 bloch tribes are doing terrorism in balochistan just to please their master country to damage the writ of pakistan. but it’s not east pakistan where is terah ki man mani chalay gee.
      those days are gone now pakistan is a nuclear power and have a professional armed forces. at the moment there is no army in balochistan . There is just a security force namely FC under the control of provincial government.
      the elected parliament never waant seperation. It’s just the rogue small minority of feudal sardars who are defiant and playing puppets for the next door neighbour where their training camps for terrorism are being very well nourished with killer supplies to create destruction for pakistan.

  5. Well if we take a look at history since 14th August 1947 one can hold Pakistan responsible for all the mayhem between India-Pak-Afghan.
    1. Pakistan should not have attacked Kashmir in 1947.
    2. Pakistan should not have sent its army regulars in Kashmir in 1965.
    3. Pakistan should have let Mujib-ur-Rehman rule in 1971 and shouldn’t have committed atrocities on Bengalis.
    4. Another mistake was to sponsor Khalistanis.
    5. Kargil misadventure.
    6. Supporting USA against Russians in lieu of dollars and military aid.
    Now after all this how can you expect India to sit back and do nothing. Of course Indian agencies had been waiting for the chance and I think Balochistan is their chance……

    1. Its no good starting a blame game once again. Both parties have made mistakes, one more than the other but mistakes indeed have been made. You can’t single out this or the other country on this count.
      And to seek chance / s of others is no good sign either. Taking chance is nothing but going into tribal vendettas and vendettas as you know very well never have an end.

    2. @Sahi, If you go on finding opportunities in Pakistan, then how can you blame the Pakistani governments when they too find their opportunity “a soft belly” anywhere in India. Instead of finding a soft belly in each others’ areas, better sit together, discusss the problems befacing the two neighbours and try to reach an arrangement, somwhere, somehow both parties have to take somewhere here and give somewehere there. By doing this the two neighbours can jointly launch the South Asian Joint Forum, the SAARC which has heitherto been a dormant platform. As they say in Persian “they took seats, they talked and they left”. Let SAARC not be a speaking and leaving forum but a real, vocal, potent platform just like the European Union. Let it be a SAARC Union. No more blame games Mr. Sahi. Its going to do no benefits to India either

  6. My name is Ebad and am from Karachi. Friends! the destiny of Pakistan and Balochistan is set together by none else but the Providence. In other words ‘Balochistan aur Pakistan lazim -o-malzoom haen.’ Balochistan is nothing without Pakistan and Pakistan is nothing without Balochistan. May ALLAH save our Pakistan and our Balochistan! Aameen. Pakistan Zindabad, Balochistan Paindabad. Zaba-e-Balochistan.

    1. Ebad, I appreciate your visit and comments. You are very right when you say that destiny of Balochistan and of Pakistan is same, an act of Providence which united the main Indus Valley people with those of Balochistan. This has been the course of history not now, not in 1947 but much beyond that. It started in the prehistoric period when the first ever civilization on this planet earth emerged in the form of Mehrgarh settlement which later morphed into the main Indus Valley civilization.
      The vested interests are out to foment anti Pakistan feelings in Balochistan, to detract the Baloch just to grind their own axe. Yet it doesn’t mean our leadership occupying their cozy seats in Islamabad should not address to their grievances many of which are genuine. And this should be done on priority.
      May Allah grant our leaders enough wisdom to look after our nation’s interests instead of their petty but hefty vested interests.

  7. Pakistan ki pak dharti tumhari maan ki tarah hai. Issi Pak Watan ki kokh se tumne janam liya hae. Pakistan hai tau Balochistan hai. Baloch Bhaiyo, aankhain kholo! Kiya apni maan se ghaddari kro ge???

    1. Balochistan ka dharti Balochon ka maa hai. Pakistan amara dushman hai aur rooz hamara kabel rahnumaoon ko shaheed karta hai. jaese ki at sangat sana ko bhi Pakistanion ne shaheed kia. Azaad Balochistan zendabad.

      1. Meray ghairat-mand Baloch Bhaio….Tumhain Hindu kay agent Amrica ki ghulami main lay kar jana chahtay hain..azaadi kay naam par. Amrica aur Hindustan Balochistan main foji adday banaye ga aur Balochon ki haalat Afghanistan say bhi buri bana day ga kionkay kaafiron ko tum say nahin balkay apnay mufadaat say gharz hai….jaag jao ab bhi waqt hai….AAKHIR KAB TAK BALOCH AWAAM DOOSRON KI JANG KA KHORAK BANAY GA?

  8. If Pakistan supports separatist insurgency in kashmir, then logically, it shouldnt have any problem with separatism in baluchistan. It should respect the wishes of the baloch people. Self-determination or khud mukhtari as they say in kashmir. Why khud mukhtari for kashmir, and why not for baluchistan?

    1. Becoz Kashmir is a dispute which still there is, as an unsolved dispute on UN agenda. There are even today the UN Observers Mission on Line of Control in Kashmir.

      Balochistan is neither a dispute between any two countries, nor there are any members of UNMOGIP in Balochistan. The insurgency there is a local one, and will be tackled locally. Indian friends should better not use this as a ploy to make it a quid pro quo on Kashmir. Such efforts won’t solve tensions between India and Pakistan. No Balochi leader ever took Balochistan to the UN, neither did any Balochi leader committ any promise of a plebiscite on Balochistan.

      And my dear Hindu Militant, in spite of all this, I believe in long term fraternal relations between India and Pakistan. Yet comments like this raise the already tense situation in Indo Pak relations and this in no way helps create a conducive environment in which good relations can be forged between the two of us.

      I know your sentiments as a Hindu militant. Llike you, we too have our counterpart, the Islamic militants, but in spite of all this, I believe India and Pakistan have a common destiny. In spite of our differences, in spite of our highly divergent views on politics, on religion, on philosophy and on geostrategic implications of the present day world, we, the both of us have many things to share with each other. With a shared history of thousands of years, culture, poetry, and a landmass that’s the most adjacent one, we need to come closer, understand each other, trust each other and move forward to carve out a common destiny for the peoples of South Asia.

      Like our own country, we know India too has a diversity in its beauty, in its culture, religions and in its geography. People on this side of the border need to know all these beautiful things in their immediate neighbourhood, so do our Indian friends, who just need to enter the borders and can experience the all embracing hospitality of our people. So dear Hindu Militant do think about this too.

      1. My question is: why has Hinduism been wiped out from the land of its birth – Pakistan. Yes, Hinduism was born on the banks of the Sindhu river, from where we got our name, Hindu. The Indus river from where we get the name of our country India. If Pakistanis are PROUD of wiping out Hinduism, and are still asking to wipe out Hinduism from Kashmir, (the birthplace of shaivite Hinduism), then we too reserve the right to wipe out Muslims, (the Hindu converts) from the rest of India

  9. My comment has been edited to the extent that it has lost its meaning . It is against the ethics of journalism .

  10. @Hindu Militant,
    Calm, my dear Hindu Militant, if Kashmiris want their birth right, this doesn’t mean Hinduism will be wiped out from Kashmir. And as you say Hiduism has been wiped out from Pakistan, its not the case. Even today we have a good number of Hindus in Thar disitrit of Sindh. I have been visiting Jacobabad, Larkana, Shikarpur, Kandhkot and Mirpur Khas districts in Sindh, where mostly the Hindu community of Pakistan lives, and many that I met then, I found them as good Pakistanis as their Muslim countrymen could be.

    Of late indeed Hindus have been put to problems, but this is not exclusive to Hindus only, Sikhs and we Muslims as well have suffered at the hands of the terrorists who wrongfully use the name of Islam (a religion of peace) as many Hindu fundamentalists and the like of Andre Breivik respectively use the name of Hinduism and Christianity (though wrongly) for their murderous acts.

  11. The Baluchistan insurgency exists only on the internet and the RAW files. Theoretically Baluchistan could have been a corridor and staging point for activity against Pakistan and Iran, by USA, NATO and India, but never happened. In the practical scenario US and NATO armies will exit from Afghanistan after 4 years and subsequently the Taliban will take over power. During the exit most of the arms and hardware will be destroyed but some will fall in the hands of Taliban. The future is good for Taliban but the question remains whether they will glorify Pakistan or just increase the on-going killing and misery.

  12. Only that fraction of Taliban will be allowed to enter in the power corridors of Kabul who will surrender their arms and ammunitions. Terrorists will be weeded out from the entire Indian subcontinent by any or all means.

    1. You are talking as if you are the Commander of ISAF in Afghanistan. Even Gen. Petraeus won’t use such a language. The western block led by the United States itself is now negotiating with the Taliban to accept a government there in which should, at least be a coalition of Taliban, the NATO supported Afghan factions such as the Panjshiris and the Karzai led docile but corrupt US installed Pashtuns in Afghanistan, but so far the [Afghan] Taliban have strictly declined to accept such an arrangement.

      You are living in your own dreams of destroying Taliban of Afghanistan whereas they are controlling most of Afghanistan, barring the small bastions of Kabul and in and around the US bases in that country.

  13. Dr. Nayyar, It appears that you are annoyed with me. Anyway what I state is from my heart and this cannot be compared with any body else’s. My intention is very clear that war against terrorism and its sponsors / supporters has to be won. It is even in the interest of those who very often claim that Islam is a religion of peace?

    1. No. Dr. Tewari, am not at all annoyed of you. I love that fabulous country called India and of course its great multitude of people, in spite of our cardinal differences in national and international outlook. The only thing that makes you think so, is the fact that you want everybody to think as YOU think.

      Am against the Taliban version of Islam. We in Pakistan are of different mettle than the Afghans who have for centuries been moulded into a nation of rough, tough, friend of the friends, steadfast in friendship, yet much more so in enmity sort of people. But we Pakistanis are of a different breed, a breed that by history is a beautiful blend of world’s oldest civilization with modern day realities, a civilization that embraced all faiths, all people, all religions. The melting pot that Pakistan is, has generated a people who are devout Muslims [though practically they may not be practicing ones, amongst whom I count myself as well], but at the same time we have a fairly modern, a broadminded urban outlook than the tribal structure our brethren in Afghanistan have, but that is not our business. Every country has her own right the way they want to live, me you or the westerners have no right, ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to tell them how should they live, and mould their societies according to dictates of this or that power.

      Development of a national psyche is not a commercial product that can be manufactured in a laboratory or in a manufactory and then imposed on the people to accept this product on their body and spirit. However, this is what Uncle Sam and John Bull are doing in Afghanistan. They want to bring a manufactured democracy [made in Washington], a pseudo structured legal system and the US corporates with their commercial greed to the people who despise such values. Its on this point that I disagree with you.

      If you in India want to live the Hindu way, the secular way or any other way of life which the people of India think is best for them who am I or for that matter anybody else to tell the people of India, to live the way we want you to live. Same is the case with Afghanistan and many other Islamic states where US and her allies want to fashion the whole world.

      Such wishful machinations, strategies and military ventures [no matter how much meticulously articulated], for the time being do succeed but ultimately create more hatred amongst people of the concerned states and those imperialist bosses sitting in London and Washington. This is what happened in Iraq, this is what’s happening in Afghanistan and this is what’s going to happen in Pakistan as well.

  14. Dr H. N. World is a joint family and every one of this family has to abide by its norms. Don’t talk about compartmentalization. Tribals will be treated as tribals.

    1. Either you do not seem to understand the seriousness of what you are saying or if you do, am sorry to say then that you too have an imperialist outlook. Which globalised world you talk? A huge military machine attacks small states in the name of pseudo democracy, a pseudo globalization and then in the name of manufactured truths, the blatant lies, mercilessly uses the resources of those occupied lands. If this is globalisation, I only can pray, may God bless you this globalisation.

  15. A community that believes in the division, fragmentation and compartmentalization; terribly suffers because of these divisional and dissiparious tendencies. More so when their socio-communal fabric / tribal structure cannot sustain, because of these negative factors. Such community cannot enjoy the fruition of a joint family. The disadvantages thus incurred multiply many fold when further ailments such as polygamy, circumcision and halal foods become their religious norm and they liberally indulge in cruelty to animals.

    1. Well Doc. You are prone to castigate Islam and the Muslims because you are totally ignorant of what Islam and the Muslims are. You are a brainwashed mind totally infested with the evil propaganda broadcast by Neocons and the western money spinning media which is very in in India these days.

      Had you seriously studied Islam with an unbiased mind, you would never have ranted out in the way you have.

      Polygamy in Islam is allowed under certain conditions. Since Islam believes more in goodness of human character, therefore, it allows more [however, maximum four wives at a time] but as I said it is allowed under certain prerequisites. The spirit behind this allowance is not marriage for the sake of marriage but to be incoherence with certain requirements in the society specially when there are more women than men. Its in such circumstances that Islam has allowed polygamy. And Mr. Tewari, its better to have 2-3-4 legal wives than to sodomise young innocent kids, run and patronise brothels and or rape the innocent girls who become a prey to man’s brutality and thus suffer the whole life for the shame of the most sinful, heinous crime they experience on their body and soul.

      Circumcision is practiced by Muslims as well as Jews because it definitely helps combat venereal problems if one has undergone circumcision.

      Similarly Halal food is also practiced by the Jews too who call this Kosher.
      I myself have experienced the difference in taste of the dishes prepared from meat through non halal slaughtering of animals and the one done in the Halal way.

      Even in doing halal slaughter, there are certain requisites to be met. Dr. A. Tewari, do read an article which I uploaded on the subject. Go through it if you do want to study what Islam is but do this as an honest reader and not with a preset biased mind, which unfortunately you appear to me as I see you have nothing to write except finding all sort of faults in Islam, Muslims and Pakistan.
      Muhammad (S.A.W.W), A Pioneer of Environment

      Note: This is the last time that such topic is being discussed on these pages. This website is not meant for discussing the faults of this or that religion, the primary focus being the politics, history, heritage, tourism, travel, art and culture. I would appreciate if you concentrate your comments on these topics only.

  16. Well Doc. Your allegations and adjectives for me have fulfilled my mission to be available on this blog. Now I too am wishing to go into the shelter of Zews

  17. Dear Dr. Nayyar Hashmey:

    I am very proud of you research and analysis. Don’t worry about some of the comments here from few Indian/Hindu hate mongers. Most Indians/Hindus are peace loving and sick of Indian government’s involvement across the border. They would like to see India concentrating within its borders and solving the problems of poor masses perishing in the streets due to hunger. I for myself have a lot of Indian peace loving friends. Ignore the idiots there.
    I am a son of Pakistani parentage and very proud of our dear homeland [Pakistan] and consider all Pakistanis (first) as my brothers and sisters regardless of where in Pakistan they live. Most Balochis, Sindhis, Pakhtuns and Punjabis love Pakistan their motherland. However, so called leaders from all parts of Pakistan at the provincial level and at the center have done a great disservice to Pakistan. They all are busy filling their own coffers and coffins and ignore the plight of the citizens.
    MNAs and MPAs are fighting in the assemblies for development funds? I found out this is the money that goes directly to these crony members and leaders’ bank accounts overseas, not a single school, road, and institution of public service is built with these funds. And this story is all over Pakistan i.e. Punjab, Balochistan, Khyber Paktunkhwa, and Sind.
    I bet your article is above the IQ levels of all so called leaders of Pakistan and they are all playing with fire and unfortunately the liter is provided by the enemies of Pakistan.
    God Bless all mankind including those who have made more weapons to kill each other rather than help each other. Pakistan Zindabad and Peace Be On Earth.

    1. Thanks Aslam for appreciating our efforts. You are right. Common people on both sides of the border are peace loving. There are war mongers in India as they are in Pakistan also. But here they are a small faction of the society and so is the case in India too. Unfortunately such war mongers are always in cahoots with the industry walas, who dole out hefty sums to these zealots. Therefore, their voice is more vocal, otherwise nobody would ever listen to these prophets of hate. But never mind, these voices will definitely be weakened, if not completely silenced, when majority of the populace there as well as here becomes proactive to silence these war hysterics.

    2. Dear Dr Nayyar,
      I have been reading your articles and replies . I am a non political, ordinary indian…… etc etc etc
      You claim to be a good muslim and pakistan as an ideal muslim country…… etc etc etc

      1. Dear Mr or Ms Tellmore, am sorry I have to delete your detailed comment. In the words of my friend Peter Chamberlin(http://therearenosunglasses.wordpress.com)

        THIS IS A NO-Troll Zone.

        Although we all encounter such trolls and flamers–they exist to disrupt whatever conversation is going on. Yet they are different in the sense that they are offered by individuals with a false sense of power, pride and an inflated sense of intellectual superiority possessed by an overwhelming desire to spread the pride, fear, the hatred and the ignorance. And this includes people from all regions, all faiths, all colours and all creeds. Forums which think that everyone should have the right to express their ignorance are made pointless because of them, since everything degenerates into an argument or a name-calling contest. If everyone had the time to wade through all that crap to find the truths that have been buried beneath the excrement, then things might be different. I am here to cut through such crap and to lay-out what I find out in the straightest line that I can.

      2. Dear Dr Nayyar,
        It is ok if you delete my post as I am not interested in any argument. This is what ordinary people in India feel and that message I wanted to convey to you so that while creating an opinion in Pakistan among the people, you will keep our thoughts in mind as you are one of the opinion makers. You have got freedom to consider this as a crap. We consider this in another way. All the best any how.

  18. Whatever the story, but the sad aspect is that few of our friends just wait for this blog to express their personal grievances. please join hands together for an Intact Pakistan.

    1. In spite of all the problems, challenges as well as the crises, Pakistan shall, Insha Allah remain intact. The only thing is that all of us recognise the severity of these problems and make our leaders realise it too.

    ALLAH ne agar tumhain taqat di hai tau hamain himmat aur ghairat, ye matt samajhna ke Baloch kamzoar hain…
    History gawah hai ke Baloch kabhi peechhay se waar nahi karta, lekin ye Gorilla jang hai, hum itne bewaqoof nahin jitna tum samajhte ho.
    Long Live Revolution.

      1. Oey kis ki azadi??? Azadi apnay Baloch bhaiyon ko maar ke?
        Musalmano ka nahaq qatal kar ke? Laanat hae aisi azadi pe…!!

        Tumhain to sharam ani chahiyay apnay logon ko qatal kartay ho aur naaray lagatay ho azadi…!!

        Agar tumharay leader azadi chahtay hain to Israel aur India, Amrica ke kutton ki Ghulami kyun kar rahay hain??
        Apnay logon ko ay roz marna aur nara azadi… Lanat hae phrr… Khuda ke qahar se daro… Pakistan ka Matlab Hae ” LA ILAHA ILL LAL LAH”

        Pakistan ki Hifazat Khuda ne karni hae… aur as Muslims hamara Rasikh Eeman aur Yaqeen hae ke Jab Khuda Mohafiz hae to tum jaisy buzdil insaan hamari Sarzameen-e-Pak ka Kuchh nae bigarh saktay..!!

        ISLAM Zinda Baad… Pakistan Painda Baad…!! Insha’ Allah.

      2. ye baat to o baloch keh sakta hy jo isi k sat and pese k lalich dar waja wahi baloch keh sakta hy ye to baguladesh walo ne bhi kaha lekin sabse agye nikhla q ?


  20. BLA aur JAVID<HARBYAR and company ne Jhlawan aur pooray BALOCHISTAN mein BALOCH biradarion aur digar Mussalman hamsayon ka nahaq qattal aur moazazeen k khilaf jhoti byan bazi kr ke na-qabil-e-muafi jurm kiya hai, aur aise qomi ghaddar wa mujrim jald apne mantaki anjaam ko pohonch jaien ge. Angrez aur Hindu ki aashirbad k liay Javid and company mulk mein fasad phaila rha hai, iss ke aaqa Angrez, Hindu ka dunya wa akhrat donon mein shikast khana muqqadar hai. JAVID A, HARBYAR jaise mujrim ki kya haisiyat, JAVID and company k asal chehre se parda hatt-ta ja rha hai, iss liay wo hawas-bakhta ho kar apne kartooton ko chhupane k liay doosron per keecharh uchhal rha hai, iss ki koi haissiyat aur ahmiyat nhi. BALOCH qom ko maloom hai k is k hath BALOCH aur digar masoom nojawanon k khoon se range hue hain aur jis ne Angez k pas panah lekar iss ki ghulami ko Qabool kya aur yahan qomi tuassob ki bunyad par issi ka nizam chahte hai. MIR SHAFIQ UR REHMAN MENGAL k ghar pe khud kash bomb ka hamla bhi inhi sardaron k hawarion ki karistani hai, taki JAVID and company aur in k karindon ko doosron par tohmat lagane ka moqa mile. Mussalman BALOCH qom apne saron ki qurbani de rahi hai aur quffar k agent sardar nawab jo mulk BALOCH mein qom ko ghulam banane ka mansooba rakhta hai, gharat hoga, aur aman main roqawat dalne walay ka anjam FIRON, NAMROOD, ABU JAHAL, aur digar zalim sardaron aur ghaadaron jaisa hoga. Insha Allah.

    1. Waqaee ap Pakistan ke ghulam ho jo Pakistan jaese mulk ko jo nakam riasat kaha jata hae, ki bat krte ho, aur jo Islam ka sirf nam istamal krta hae.

      1. @baloch, Hamain fakhar hae ke hum Pak Dharti ke Baitay haen, tumari tarah nam-nihaad balochon ke ghulam nhin, jo Maadar-e-Watan ke khilaf hathyar uthayay phirtay haen, aur apnay hi Bhaen, Bhaiyon ko maar ke issay jang-e-azadi ka naam daitay haen. Ghaer mulki taqton ke ghulam bann kr doosron ko ghulami ka taana daina aesi hi hae jaesay chaand per thookna. Aap shayad bhool gyay ho ke chaand ka thooka hamesha moonh per ata hae.
        Ye kaesi azadi ki jang hae jis main maasoom school teachers, college professors, Wakeelon aur Doctoron ko nahaq qatal krke issay naam nihad azadi ka naam daitay ho.
        Ye Pak Dharti jis ne saadiyon purani Taehzeebon ke milap se janam liya aur jissay Islam jeasay Azeem Mahab ne jila bakhshi, apke khokhlay naaron ke bawajood Insha-ALLAH qaim -o-daim rahe gi.
        Tumhara bhagorha Jarnail Switzerland main baetha apnay Angrez, Hindostani aur American Aaqaon ka nimak halal kr rha hae. Ye Barham Dagh jo Pak Dhart se ghaddari ki bina per barham hua baetha hae, apna dagh saath liye moonh ki khayay ga. Iska anjam Mir Jaafer , Mir Qasim se bhi zyada ibratnak hoga.


      2. @baloch, Pakistan ko nakam riyasat kaehna Amrican samrajiyon ka purana hathyar hae, jo wo her uss qom ke ke khilaf istamal krte haen, jo Amrican agenday se muttafiq nhin hoti. Apki zuban bhi wuhi hae, jo Amrican samraj aur uske pithoo-on ki hae, issi se ye baat sanit ho jati hae ke aap aur aap ke naam nihad jarnail kis ke agenday per kaam kr rhe haen.

  21. I’m a Pashtun residing in Balochistan.
    We all should keep in our mind that this world has not been created by Almighty Allah for ill-doings, and harming innocent people of a religion, creed or colour, but for living in peace, tranquility and respect for each other. People of Pakistan, India and Afghanistan are very closely related to each other in terms of history, culture, customs and creeds, the only difference being of their religion and faiths. Their division into three independent states may be regarded as a Scheme of God for running their humanly affairs, and we must keep in our minds that this division is just like the division of a family after the death of their head or attaining adult age and marrying of members of family. So the question is that after such division, elders must not create hurdles in the way of their young ones. Unfortunately, this was not done in case of Pakistan at the time of partition and later by India. At the same time, however, I would suggest that we should forget the past and start a new era with mutual respect, cooperation, and well beings of the peoples of the subcontinent as well as of Afghanistan’s, so that our coming generations may not blame us in the way we are doing now.

  22. I, with due reverence appeal to the people of Balochistan not to trust the Americans because there in the US, they have the culture of “DISPOSABLES”. its means first use and then destroy, so please open your eyes my brothers and sisters, and if your have (I SPEAK TO THE PEOPLE OF BALOCHISTAN) any query, reservation, objection or demand, come to Islamabad before the Parliament house and demand for your rights rather than you bow before the US, please please please. i say here a verse of a poem: –

    “Fitrat or halat me tasadum hai verna”
    “har insan Dil ka bura nahi hota”

    May Pakistan live long together (Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab, KPK, AJK, GB, Fata and northern areas). Aameen.

    Mirza Umer Farooq Baig

  23. Pakistan is in eclipse due to sluggish economic growth in the SAARC region. Contrary to this, when whole of South Asia existed as a single political entity whether under the Hindu Rulers/Chieftains or under the Muslims’ rule, it was an economic power house and centre of trade known as “Sone ki Chirhiya” or the Golden Bird. In 1947 at the time of independence, West led by the US at that time wanted military bases in South Asia to dominate their adversary, the former Soviet Union and now China. So they created Pakistan to achieve their ends. We on our part are fighting like dogs and they have their military bases in Pakistan, whereas both India and Pakistan are their customers using US made weapons to fight against each other. Indian and Pakistani governments as well as some organisations in both countries are not willing to see peace in the area. They must understand that South Asia will develop only when Hindus and Muslims LIVE IN PEACE.

  24. Bilkul theek nahi kaha apne khan ji . YOU included India in the list of culprits responsible for current state of affairs in the region .

    It is only and only Pakistan which is creating problem in the region and posing threat to the world peace . OBL was hiding in Pakistan and not in India .

  25. Doston mein bas itna kehna chhhunga ki itihaas ne jahan pe lakeerein keench di thi unhe wahin rehne do……….agar lakeeron ki baatein karoge tou bharat tou kisi zamane me afghanistan tak tha but hamein aaj mein jeena hai or aage dekhna hai kyunki kya aap log chhhte hai ki hamara aane wala kal bhi ek nafrat bhari zindagi lekar paida ho usse bhi janm se he hindu muslim padaya jaaye nai pyar se raho tou Europe ki tarah bhi hamesha dono desho me aawa jaahi bani rahegi insha allah or bhagwan sab ek he hai na tumhare dus haath hai na hamare bs ek dharm he hai jo aisa gunha karwata hai or dharm kuch bhi nai hai nek or pak irado se bada dharm kuch nai hai …… baaki kya likhoo agar kabhi war hogi tou aane wale kal me hamare santanein langdi paida hongi or tumhari aandi poora duniya kahega dekho ek zid ke liye inn dono bhaiyo ne aapni aane wali nasal ko he kharab kar diya………. Hindustan Zindabad Pakistan Zindabad Balki Poora Sansar Zindabad

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