Hindu temple chief abducted in Balochistan

In April each year, thousands of Hindus flock to the cave temple of Hinglaj Mata, or the goddess Sati. According to a Hindu myth, Lord Vishnu cut up the body of Sati with his flaming disc into 50 pieces, which fell to the earth. Her head fell at Hinglaj. “Thousands of Hindus from across the country gather for the Hinglaj mela every year..Just two days before the annual pilgrimage at the site, the Chairman of the committee that runs the temple’s affairs has been kidnapped.




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The chairman of the committee that manages the famous Hinglaj Mata temple in Balochistan province of southwest Pakistan has been kidnapped just two days before the beginning of the shrine’s annual pilgrimage, according to a media report on Monday. Maharaj Ganga Ram Motiyani was abducted at Lasbela in Balochistan by two men in police uniform. His followers organized a protest outside the Karachi Press Club on Monday and demanded that the government take steps for his recovery.

Motiyani’s kidnapping appears to be a conspiracy against Hindus since he was kidnapped two days before the gathering. He has not been kidnapped for ransom because he is a poor man,” Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, patron of Pakistan Hindu Council and a former member of the Sindh assembly, was quoted as saying by The Express Tribune daily.

Thousands of Hindus, including yatris from India, travel to the cave temple of Hinglaj Mata for a pilgrimage in April. According to Hindu beliefs, Lord Vishnu cut the body of Sati with his flaming disc into 50 pieces, which fell to the earth. Sati’s head fell at Hinglaj. The Hindus of Sindh and Balochistan provinces have recently complained of forced conversions.

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  1. This is really sad. Though I am not really religious, persecution based on one’s faith distresses me…

    • Siddharta, I can understand your anguish and pain. I myself feel as much pain and feel in distress as you do. I am more in distress also because as I learn Maharaj Ganga Ram is not a rich man, so the purpose of his abductors doesn’t seem to be money but something else. Am trying to gather some more info from concerned sources. No sooner that I get this, will share this with you and other readers of this blog.

  2. would like to know the fate of Maharaj Ganga Ram Motiyani, Let Maa Hinglaz bless him for his safe realease at the earliest.

  3. On behalf of Bhavsar Kshatritya Graduates Association, Andhra Pradesh we request the fast release of Maharaj Ganga Ram Motiyani, this is a request on behalf of the one lakh Bhavsars in Andhra Pradesh

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