Chechens’ fight for freedom [terror]

During Chechens’ struggle for independence, powerful Russian forces invaded and crushed the life out of Chechen resistance. All moderate Chechen leaders were assassinated, leaving mostly militant Islamists. A Moscow-installed Chechen puppet regime imposed a rein of terror upon the population, using torture, murder, mass reprisals, hostages and rape.
The world ignored these violations but paid rapt attention to another crime, the death of over 300 Russian child hostages in the still murky school massacre at Beslan. As the outside world totally ignored the death of another 100,000 Chechen after Moscow successfully branded them, `Islamic terrorists’ a quarter of the Chechen people, Muslims and Russians, died from 1991 until 2010, not counting Stalin’s mass murder. Yet Chechen keep fighting on.




Note for WoP readers: Chechnya is a country in the Northern Caucuses. Majority of its people are Muslim by faith.

Chechens are fighting for freedom since last 300 years. They first fought against the Tsars, then Soviets and now again they are up in arms against the Russian Federation.

The Chechens’ spark for freedom has unfortunately been hijacked many a times by different forces.

In WWII, the Chechens in Stalin’s army defected to the German side but the Nazis, who had developed a cult of superior German race, treated them as second rate fighters more befitted to serve as cannon fodder for the German advances on Russian front. Disgusted, the Chechens switched back to Russian side again.

In our recent history, when the mighty Soviet state collapsed, the Chechens again started their struggle & were very confident to attain freedom, as their Muslim brothers in central Asian states had. However, they were not so lucky. Consequently the Chechens intensified their efforts to seek independence. This time it were the Americans who, first provided support to Chechen freedom struggle. This support, however, was provided not for the Chechen’s freedom but to bring the Russians under pressure so that US could strike a deal with the Russians to her own advantage only. Once the Russians agreed to the US terms, the Americans did not take much time to label the Chechen freedom fighters as ‘terrorists’, a polity not different from the one they adopted for the Afghans, who were declared first as the ‘Mujahideen’ but once the Soviets were defeated at the hands of the Mujahideen, they branded the same Mujahideen as ‘terrorists’.

The sad story of Chechens’ aspirations for freedom has not ended yet. Their struggle is still on. Whether and when will they succeed, no body is in a position to give any time frame. But the Chechens’ aspirations for freedom cannot be suppressed for long. These very aspirations of the Chechen, is the subject of Eric Margolis’s following story. [Nayyar]


by Eric Margolis


There is an old saying about the fierce Chechen tribes who inhabit southern Russia’s Caucasus mountains: `Chechen cannot ever be defeated. They can only be killed.’

Chechen are Russia’s nemesis. Even the notoriously brutal Russian mafia fears the ferocious Chechen, and for good reason.

Last year, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin proudly proclaimed that resistance to Russian rule in the North Caucasus had been eliminated. The region was pacified.

Confounding Putin’s claim, Chechen suicide bombers hit Moscow’s subway last month [29/3/2010] , killing 39 and injuring over 70. Chechen suicide bombers in Dagestan killed twelve, mostly policemen. There were further attacks in neighboring Dagestan. The North Caucasus was again at a boil.

The attacks seriously rattled Russians and left the Kremlin deeply embarrassed and enraged.

Two `black widows’ – wives or daughters of Chechen independence fighters killed or raped by the Russians (Russians call them `Islamic terrorists’ and `bandits’)  – took their revenge last week, as so often in recent years.

The latest Chechen leader,  Doku Umarov –  all his predecessors were liquidated byRussia – claimed from his hideout in the Caucasus mountains that the subway attacks were reprisal for the recent killing of Chechen civilians by Russian security forces.

He warned Moscow, `we will make you feel what we feel.’

In recent years, Chechen `black widows’ have brought down two civilian airliners. Other Chechen hijacked an entire Moscow theater, and derailed the “Alexander Nevsky” Express that runs from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

Chechen are a tiny but fierce North Caucasian mountain people of Indo-European origin. They, and other Muslim Caucasian tribes, such as Dagestanis and Cherkass

In 1877, Imperial Russia killed 40% of the Chechen population of  about 220,000.  Four hundred thousand Cherkass were expelled.

Stalin, from neighboring Georgia,  hated Chechen. He divided Chechnya, creating therepublic of Ingushetia. Then, in July 1937, his secret police, NKVD, shot 14,000 Chechen.

Neither bullets nor gas chambers were needed in Stalin’s death camps. A third of the prisoners died each year from cold, starvation or disease in the concentration camps. In all, some 2.5 million Soviet Muslims were murdered by Stalin, ‘the Breaker of Nations,’ among them half of the Chechen people.

In 1944, Stalin ordered the entire Chechen people rounded up and shipped in cattle cars to his Siberian concentration camps or dumped to perish into icy fields. Other Muslims followed: Ingush, Tatars, Karachai, Balkars.

In my new book, “American Raj,” I entitle the section on the Chechen, “Genocide in the Caucasus.”

Gulag survivors filtered back to Chechnya. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Chechen demanded independence like the Soviet republics.


Chechnya is a province in the Northern Caucasus and has been the site of two devastating wars between Chechen separatists and the Russian Federation. When the Russians overran Grozny in 2000, the Chechen government was exiled to various Arab countries, the U.K., the U.S. and Poland. In 2007, Ichkerian President Dokka Umarov declared himself the “emir” of a greater Caucasus Emirate, though this was rejected by pro-republican forces and members of the former Chechen government.

Instead, Boris Yeltsin’s government invaded Chechnya, killing some 100,000 Chechen civilians through massive carpet bombing and shelling. Chechen leader Dzhokar Dudayev was assassinated, reportedly thanks to telephone homing equipment supplied to Moscow by the US National Security Agency.  President Bill Clinton actually lauded Boris Yeltsin as “Russia’s Abraham Lincoln.”

Incredibly, Chechen fighters managed to defeat Russia’s army and won de facto independence.

But in 1999, apartment buildings in Russia were bombed, killing some 200 people, and  creating a national panic.

Chechen `terrorists’ were immediately blamed. But there was disturbing evidence that government agents staged the bombing to justify invading Chechnya.Moscow media reported that a group of Federal Security Service( FSB – the successor to the KGB’s internal security service) agents were caught red-handed planting explosives in an apartment building. They claimed the explosives were merely bags of “sugar,” part of a “test.”

An ex-FSB agent, Alexander Litvinenko, joined other critics in accusing the government of a false flag operation in staging the attacks to justify a new war against the Chechen. In 2006, Litvinenko was poisoned with radioactive polonium-210 inLondon.

Litvinenko also accused the Kremlin of being behind the murder of the crusading Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya. She told me before her death that she was marked for assassination by the government because of her stinging exposés ofRussia’s human rights violations in Chechnya.

FSB chief Vladimir Putin was catapulted into power by the anti-Chechen hysteria caused by the mysterious bombings. Two years later, the eerily similar 9/11 attacks would similarly turn George Bush from a non-entity into a hero, and provide a pretext for the US to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

Powerful Russian forces invaded and crushed the life out of Chechen resistance. All moderate Chechen leaders were assassinated, the last in Qatar in 2004, leaving mostly militant Islamists. A Moscow-installed Chechen puppet regime imposed a rein of terror upon the population, using torture, murder, mass reprisals, hostages and rape.

The world ignored these violations but paid rapt attention to another crime, the death of over 300 Russian child hostages in the still murky school massacre at Beslan.

The outside world totally ignored the death of another 100,000 Chechen afterMoscow successfully branded them, `Islamic terrorists.’  A quarter of the Chechen people, Muslims and Russians, died from 1991 until 2010, not counting Stalin’s mass murder. But Chechen keep fighting on.

Moscow worries insurrection is spreading across its soft Caucasus underbelly. President Dimitri Medvedev made laudable efforts to humanize Russia’s rule there. But after the subway atrocity, Putin and Medvedev vow to `destroy’ remaining resistance in Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia.

Moscow should end this historical tragedy by granting  Chechnyaindependence. Doing so is of course risky: it could spark demands by other Caucasian Muslims for independence, and enflame some of Russia’s 20 million-strong Muslim minority – though most still appear content to live in the Russian Federation.

An independent Chechnya could also open another door to growing US penetration of the Caucasus and campaign to encircle Russia.   The US and Russia came frighteningly close to a head-on clash over Georgia.   The Cold War has not ended.

An independent Chechnya would be unstable and violent. But that is better than the savagery and atrocities that this terrible conflict continues to generate.

Modern Russia needs to set the Chechen free.

Copyright: Eric S. Margolis 2010

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29 replies to “Chechens’ fight for freedom [terror]

  1. This is a wonderfully written expose of truth Nayyar.

    I’m still amazed that western countries, including Russia and certain Arab nations, Pakistan and others, can label people fighting for freedom as “terrorists” and convince most of the world that this is so.

    Palestinians, Chechens, Afghans, Iraqi’s, even certain Pakistanis and Indians should have the same rights that we all have.

    The blame is placed squarely in the laps of governments. I will repeat again what I have said many times.

    “We are not our government and they are not us.”

    That statement applies to people the world over. It applies to every poor or oppressed person whether that oppression is based on religion, color, creed or social status.

    My question is, when will humanity mature?

  2. Humanity has evolved out of bloody past and will keep on swiming in the blood stream in future as will .The modern armies of the world with modern equipment are now engaged to eleminate all non state actors and terrorists where ever they are as a prerequisite to turn the stream not in to river, even by applying conspiracies . The war is on and will culminate with a result . The Statue of lord Buddha will be erected by those who demolished it . No one be allowed to breed…..a new country .

  3. @Tewari,
    Humanity has seen not a bloody past but many such bloody pasts where there were horrors and holocausts of every kind. Unfortunately, this was not the exclusive domain of followers of any particular confession. The Christians, the Muslims, the Jews or the Hindus, whoever had the might, perpetrated it against innocent, harmless common souls, some time in the name of religion, another time in the name of the kings, and king of the kings, then sometime in the name of patriotism, a superior race, culture and or values. Nowadays it is being fought in the name of democracy and human values, a superior civilization vs. a civilization that has been named by Bushes and the likes as axis of evil. Actually it is same as a thief shouting at full throat Help! Help me! A thief thief, thief is there, Help me please!
    Its quite unfortunate once again that modern armies of the world with modern equipment which you refer to in your comments again and again are the forces that are breeding terrorism and at the same time shouting against terrorism.
    In my previous response to your comments I had even then, said that we in Pakistan do not condone the sacrilegious act committed by the Taliban by demolishing the Buddha statues in Bamiyan. Having such a magnificent Ghandhara art in our Taxila valley [of which we Pakistanis are very proud of and take it as our very own Pakistani heritage, no matter what the Taliban of Pakistan may think or say about it] but I have one question to you my reverend Doctor Tewari, do you think the lives of hundred thousands of innocent youth, old men and women, the children who paid the price of this war on terror with their own lives, don’t you think their lives were worthless vis-a-vis the lifeless statues of Buddha??
    I personally eulogize the great soul called Gautama Buddha and believe that he too was a prophet sent to the humanity by God to put them on a straight path.
    The other day a friend sent me an SMS which reads as follows:
    While addressing his followers when he was going to depart for his heavenly abode, here are some words he said:-
    • I have finally washed away the stain of evil out of my existence
    • I have wept as much as I could and thus freed myself of the devilish existence
    • My dear fellows, by taking upon the pains of life unto myself, I have understood the very secret of my present life and the life to come after
    • Every thing is pain, life is pain, life’s existence is pain, the pride, the boast, the farcical show of life is pain
    • Death is pain
    • This invisible, this non entity, this whole universe is pain.

    Read these final words of Lord Buddha and decide for yourself, had Siddharta, the Lord Gautama who could not see a sick human being, who could not bear out poor in the community, who could not bear out an old man in trouble, were he alive today, would he deny the demolition of Bamiyan statues and allow the killings of hundred and thousands of innocent souls in Iraq and Afghanistan??

    And finally your prophecy that no one will be allowed to breed a new country. Please go through the history of the subcontinent, such remarks were often repeated umpteen times by the British imperialists when the people of the subcontinent clamored for independence, the British too said the same thing [becoz for the British imperialists in those days India was just the British India], a marvelous gem in the crown of the British empire, for whom the only reality at that time was the British empire and empire alone and to think of an India, a country sans the crown of Windsor was UNCONCEIVABLE.
    The people of British India, the present subcontinent, who fought against the British particularly in the first war of independence [1857], were also the same non state actors.

  4. If Chechens are born to die and not to live then their wish is likely to be fullfiled soon . The Gorvashov’s Glassnost was not to disintegrate a super power and to result a unipolar world .Now see the result ,every one including Pakistan is eager to extend support to the Foreign policy of US A. Now US is also deadly against the Jehad on the name of Islam and disintegration of any country on the name of religion . The malafied comparision of freedom fighters of India and else where against the colonial rule is enough to expose you and it is not going to work.If you are a real welwisher of innocent people then stop to extend them moral support otherwise the Chechen will be roasted like a chicken by the organised force and world will not criticise them on the name of human right violation any more as it happened in case of Xinjiang ..

  5. @ jeff. Peter and Hashmey ,… Publish an article to fioat an idea that subway attack was a conspiracy of Russian fedration to fined a reason to attack Chechen so that half of their radical Islamic population could be roasted like a chicken . Get such article published soon as Russia is going to tackle the issue with iron hand as did China in Xinjiang .

    1. The Iron hand policies are adopted by fascist regimes and such tactics have brought miseries to the people of such states. I don’t think Putin is so naive to use “such Iron Tactics” as you suggest. Iron hand tactics whether used by Russia, America, India or Pakistan, have succeeded nowhere except that they breed more contempt and hatred for the authorities.

  6. @ Dr. Hashmey, you are absolutly right but some time there is no way out for peaceful negotiation except to go for a cleansing operation as was done in Bosnia, in Iraq and now Afghanistan followed by a carrot & stick policy to pave the way for some negotiation. It is the only way available now to the civilised world; to deal with Islamic radicals who are being motivated by intellectuals having dead cells on their forehead.

  7. Neither Eissa – nor Musa will be able to change situation. Blind eyes cannot see the realities on ground. Religiously blind individuals, communities or the countries can never realise this, so will always remain in a confrontational mode – against others or amongst themselves.

    1. The will of a people to self determine their destiny is the inherent right of humankind. This has always been the case, human aspirations do reach their goal, if they have sincere leadership and if they struggle for people’s independence and not a group or groups of vested-interest individuals or groups.

      It were the Eissa’s and the Musa’s who spilled their blood and ultimately gained independence – if not for themselves, yet for their coming generations.

      Unlike the foreign sponsored, west-construct liberties based on the selfish economic interests of the western oligarchs, Muslim masses are giving their blood. And a nation that knows how to give life, the ultimate, singular possession of a human being, definitely achieves independence, not for themselves but for their generations next.

      Uncle Sam and John Bull are trying their utmost to destabilise the oil rich Islamic world or contemplating to truncate them further, but the debt ridden US will utimately have to yield to peoples’ aspirations. This happened in case of India, Pakistan China and so many other countries in Asia and Africa, who followed the independence movement of India culminating in two independent states.
      Chechens’ apsirations for independence is genuine but Uncle Sam successfully hijacked their struggle for independence. Still independence they will have. We only wish that their struggle does reach its logical end without further bloodshed and without west’s machinations of sometime supporting Chechnya’s independence to blackmail the Russians and another time stabbing in the back of Chechnyan partisans once it felt it was able to pressurise Moscow meet its own vested agenda.

      As regards people seeking independence on basisof religion, culture, economic ineterests; you must understand independence is the birth right of humans. Imperialists or their neo-imperialist cousins can enslave some peoples, some countires, some regions some time but they cannot enslave all peoples, all countries, all regions, all the time.

  8. Oh, so you Pak’s are worried about Muslims in Chechnya? Why? Tumhare rishtedaar hain kya? You support the Islamic insurgency in Russia. I ask you all. Why can’t Muslims stay happy in Russia?

    And why does Pakistan support the Islamic insurgency in Kashmir? Why can’t Kashmiri Muslims stay happy in India?

    Vice Versa, why is Pakistan NOT supporting (atleast officially) the Islamic insurgency in Xinjiang province of their “all weather friend” China?

    Smacks of hypocrisy doesn’t it?

  9. Now China will show the path way to the world and us that how we should deal with Islamic saparatists .

    1. @AK Tewari,

      China will do what it thinks good for its interests, so should you. But do not confuse Uighurs’ case with those of the Kashmiris, the Chechens or other Muslim communities who are fighting for their right of self determination. Because the euphemism employed by the US for independence is stricltly framed to meet US hegemonic / imperialist agenda and not the independence of this or that country.

      During the cold war days US some time covertly and another time overtly supported the Kashmiris’ struggle for independence. Not only did Washington support Pakistan and the Kashmiris on this issue but to some extent it hyped up the issue so that no understanding was reached between the two. Am dead sure had America wanted a solution of Kashmir, it would have done it, as it recently did in case of East Timour and Southern Sudan. But as I said Americans would never want that Kashmir issue be amicably settled between the two of us, which is why after the 1965 it was the Soviet Prime Minister Alexi Kossygin who arranged a meeting between the Indian P.M. and the Pakistani president, after which the Tashkent declaration was signed.

      In the cold war days US had this policy because India in those days was almost alligned to the Soviets.No surprise, therefore, that the same Americans in the post cold war era when they won over India vis-a-vis the Russians, the US propaganda machinery starting terming Kashmiri freedom fighters as terrorists and believe me tomorrow if India leaves the Americans, they would again be terming the same terrorists as freedom fighters.

      The US did the same with the Afghan Mujahideen who after the collapse of the Soviet Union in a nu were termed terrorists. Washington played the same game with Chechens. In order to make Russians come to Washington’s terms, they first covertly supported the Chechen partisans as freedom fighters, but once Russia was forced to accept Washington’s terms, the same Chechens were labelled as terrorists. This is a tactic which our friends in the Pentagon usually employ i.e. to bleed their adversary to such an extent that it comes to their terms.

      In the Xinjiang province of China the lady Rabbia who is an Uighur and has the CIA on her back, has been fomenting these riots in Xinjiang. The objective again is the same i.e. to bleed China to an extet that it comes to accept America’s hegemony. So we the common men on the street, the people of Pakistan watch these machinations with amazement and awe. BUT once.bitten.twice. shy, the people here [not the government] will now think twice while filtering off facts from fiction.

      Lastly I think its now time that we in the subcontinent come out of this bleeding syndrome. Nation A bleeding nation B and vice versa. Such machinations bring nothing but more bloodshed, more hatred and more beliggerant communities. Hence this politik of bleeding is goig to do no good to any nation. This particularly holds good for the subcontinent where there is a perennial amnimosity, whereas both have the most common factors to act jointly. The differences are there, and these need to be tackled if there is a spirit of goodwill and understanding.

      Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan envisioned a relationship between India and Pakistan on same pattern as between the United States and Canada. We in this subcontinent need this pattern, now more than ever before.

      1. @Nayyer Hashemy
        Quote,”China will do what it thinks good for its interests, so should you. But do not confuse Uighurs’ case with those of the Kashmiris, the Chechens or other Muslim communities who are fighting for their right of self determination. ” Unquote

        Doesnt it smack of hypocrisy? Same problem in china. muslim majority province wants independence, same like chechnya or kashmir, or southern thailand or mindanao in phil. Why are you NOT supporting the right of self determination in zinjiang? Just becuase china is your all weather friend?

  10. Dear Hindu Militant, I do have a pertinent reply to your question, but the charter set by Wonders of Pakistan website binds me not to comment on such statement/s that come under the purview of trolls and flamers. Such things have been repeated umpteen times in the subcontinent but without any result. Hence better talk of peace not war.

  11. How am I a troll and flamer? yes I am a warmonger, dont wanna talk peace, unless it is peace of graveyard. But just answer my question on hypocrisy. Why double standards, when it is china or india or russia?

    1. Dear Hindu Militant, First a quote for you from Willy Shakespeare: “Not soon provok’d, nor being provok’d soon calm’d;..”

      You say you are a war monger but am unable to understand what type of war do you wish. We, I mean people of Pakistan [can’t say about our government which anyway we do not think represents the people of Pakistan] believe and we wish peace, in spite of the fact that there are many amongst us too, who day and night talk of war, who think Hindustan is a darul-harb. Such religious extremes and their likes, talk of war because its only the clergy, which in collusion with the moneyed class and some filthy smart general like P. Musharraf launch such stupid wars that reap the benefits. The common masses pay the price of these wars in shape of mothers losing sons in prime of their youth, young children which are yet to learn how to walk, lose their fathers, young women who espouse a beautiful family life with their hubbies and their sweet kids, get all their dreams shattered, and the society pays the price through maimed and mangled bodies who lead a life worse than death.

      I appreciate your comment, which though are very harsh, yet speak truth in your heart. I appreciate it in so far as you admit what you believe; as compared to those Congressites who play lot of lip service to secularism but do what kills the very spirit of a secular society.

      I haven’t called you a flamer, but your question does come under the purview of a flamer.

      And dear Hindu Militant, you should know also that I receive a lot of comments from my Pakistani readers as well and all such remarks, comments and phrases that come under the category of trolls and flames, I do not put those up on these pages, because if I do so, there will be at least a war of words, which I do not wish. We have had four wars already and these wars did not bring anything but more hatred, more animosity and more bloodshed. So better not talk of hypocrisy by this and that country. Let’s talk of peace.

      And again my dear HM, if you still insist on asking for a reply, I won’t be ashamed to say that yes HM, I do not want to reply to such question. Otherwise I am open to any free and frank discussion but not an exchange of hot words, blames and counter blames which can create further embitterment between the people of India and Pakistan.

      And finally a very personal matter that I would wish to share with you and all my other Indian readers. During my student days in Vienna and Prague, I had two very good friends. Both were Hindus. One Shri Hari was I think from Hyderabad (India) and he was quite a liberal Hindu. He was such a good, sincere and honest friend that I still feel proud of being his friend.

      Then I had a second friend, Rakesh Bajpai. When he told me he was a member of RSS, believe me, I was aghast, because here in Pakistan, we are told that RSS are the Hindu extremists who want to kill any Muslim where ever they can find him. But when I met Rakesh, I found him likewise a sweet, loving and a sacrificing friend. I never for a single moment could think that RSS member could be such a nice guy. Unfortunately after coming back to Pakistan I lost contact with both of them but the sincerity of their friendship I still cherish and may perhaps never forget in my life.
      So this is what I call people to people contacts.

      Once the governments ease up the visa restrictions and stop treating each others’ nationals as dushman, am quite sure the colored glasses that government’s propaganda machinery makes us wear, change into a much clear and transparent view full of warmth, goodwill and bhaichara.

      I do not know about how Indians behave vis-à-vis their Pakistani visitors, but many Hindu and Sikh tourists who come here and do shopping in our bazaars, the same shopkeepers who won’t forgive a single penny to their Pakistani customers, they many times offer their Indian customers to accept the bought goods as a gift to them from Pakistan.

      Allah na kre ke abb Pakistan aur Hindustan ke darmiyan koi jang ho, agar Khuda nakhwasta ho gyi, tau maen bhi aik Pakistani ki tarah apne mulk ke liye larhoon ga. Issi tarah aap bhi apnay mulk ke liye larho ge. This is what patriotism demands from each of us, but then I ask, why fight, war is the lost resort. Let us, as I said in my previous response to you, GIVE PEACE A CHANCE.

      1. I may lack sympathy, compassion and mercy, I never lack reason. And you seem to be a REASONABLE man. Incidentally, I too lived in gulf, and met many Pak’s, and the average Pak, leaving aside exceptions, has more respect for my religion, than any Indian Muslim I know. sometimes, I feel maybe Jinnah was right. And believe me, I am saying this as an Indian, something I can’t say in India

  12. @ Hindu Militant,

    Thanks for appreciating what I hold as very sweet memories of my student days and my views regarding relations between the people of India and Pakistan. In your previous remarks you had mentioned that it is Pakistan [well in those days it didn’t have this name] from where the very name India was coined. You are very right.

    The Indus Valley Civilisation prospered around the Indus River, and it is from the very name of Indus that the Greeks started calling it the land of the Indus, which later the Persians started naming as Hindustan, or the land of the Indus dwellers. For quite a long time we read our history which was highly distorted [to give a tilt to this land as if it originated only in 1947]. But this land existed many millennia prior to the birth of Pakistan. So while we love our religion, [as you love yours] we also now feel more proud of our land being the harbinger of world’s oldest civilization. In spite of our religious belief [barring of course some religious fanatics who orientate this land as a country that started just in 1947, obliterating the very fact that the land of Indus with its beautiful mosaic of different civilizations has had a history that embraced all religions, the Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Muslims and lastly the Sikhs]. The essence of the soul of this land has been the Sufis and Saints who practiced Islam with its local colour. And this was the main factor which attracted the masses to join the fold of Islam.

    It is the latest and must say an evil phenomenon that the Salfi Islam, which has had no roots in this country, is imposed upon us by Uncle Sam and oil money doled out by the Saudi Salfis that created these monsters called the Taliban of Pakistan.

    It is these Salfis who believe in demolishing the statues which they consider as synonymous with idol worship. But by and large the people of Pakistan, though Muslim are more secular in approach than our Afghan brothers, who strictly believe in an orthodox interpretation of Islam. It’s the very reason that in general elections the religious parties hardly bag 2 percent of the total votes [excepting of course the period when P. Musharraf ruled Pakistan and manipulated elections in such a way that they got 10 percent votes which they never had got in the history of Pakistan].

    We have places like Hinglaj Mata Mandir [which many local Muslims also revere as Nani Bibi ka Mandir] in Balochistan, the Katas Raj, not very far from Kallar Kahar in Punjab, where god Shiva wept for his wife and as the Hindu history goes, it was one of the two tears that he shed and the sacred pool in Katas was created], and the Gor Khatri site in Peshawar, in KP where Hindu holy men came and got their heads shaved].

    Gradually the Pakistanis are rediscovering the real origin of their country and this origin includes the Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh heritage of Pakistan. I pray to Almighty Allah that we remain Pakistanis who respect all religions and not the Pakistani Talibans’ version of Islam which is an interpretation quite alien to the spirit and soul of this land, and opposite to what the philosopher poet Allama Iqbal and Qaid-e-Azam M.A. Jinnah had envisioned for us.

  13. Yes, you say lot of people believe Pakistan history starts from 1947. Actually you are wrong. Pak history starts from 718 AD, when Mohammed bin Qasim invaded and defeated Raja Dhahir in Sindh. So, Sindh is called Bab al Islam. Got a copy of “History of Pakistan” again in Gulf, from Pak. What about emperor Kanishka? Or Ashoka? Maurya empire, or Gupta empire? Or King Porus who fought Alexander, was (technically) a Pakistani, even the great mathematician Panini, was actually a Pathan. NOTHING. Even Pakistani official government websites, DO pointedly mention, churches, gurudwaras, etc, but not ONE single Hindu temple.
    Makes me want to become a Hindu Taliban. And India should become a Hindu Pakistan.

    1. You take me wrong. I do not think you read my comments seriously. What I said was that some people here think that Pakistani history starts from 1947. Fact is that Pakistan’s history starts not from 1947 but from 718 AD [and you are perfectly right in that context] and even beyond that.
      As far being no mention of Hindu temples in Pakistani website maintained by the GOP, I neither subscribe to what the GOP does, whom we anyway do not consider as the true representative of the people of Pakistan, nor do I agree with such fanatical approach.
      Unfortunately, the prevalent psyche of a certain section of the masses on both sides of the border sometimes moves around this ‘tit for tat’ policy advocated by Tewari and the likes. These tit for tatters have put the two countries on a tattering, shattering course of wars in the past. Even now such mindsets believe as their religious code that if you destroy my mosques in India, I will destroy your temples in Pakistan and vice versa.
      Personally I believe that the places of worship whether temples, mosques, churches or the gurdawaras, are all the house of God and they should remain so. Destruction of a mosque by a fanatic TTP hoodlum is as much condemnable as the destruction of a Hindu or Sikh temple, its though another matter that the TTP walas have so far attacked only the Muslim mosques [of Sunnis, Shias and Ahmadia sect worship places] in Pakistan. This makes me wonder about these Taliban of Pakistan; are they so secular to attack only the Muslim mosques or there is something MORE to it????

  14. H. M. There is differet types of Islam so are the different shades of Dr. H. N . To me both the H. N. and H. M are RESONABLE PERSONS in different perspectives.

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