A Jewish Defector Warns America [4 of 4]

They sent our boys over there to be slaughtered. For what? So the Jews can have Palestine as their “commonwealth.” They’ve fooled you so much that you don’t know whether you’re coming or going.



by Benjamin H. Freedman


Did I know it? I had a pretty good idea of what was going on: I was liaison to Henry Morgenthau, Sr., in the 1912 campaign when President Wilson was elected, and there was talk around the office there. I was “confidential man” to Henry Morgenthau, Sr., who was chairman of the finance committee, and I was liaison between him and Rollo Wells, the treasurer. So I sat in these meetings with President Wilson at the head of the table, and all the others, and I heard them drum into President Wilson’s brain the graduated income tax and what has become the Federal Reserve, and I heard them indoctrinate him with the Zionist movement.

Justice Brandeis and President Wilson were just as close as the two fingers on this hand. President Woodrow Wilson was just as incompetent when it came to determining what was going on as a newborn baby. That is how they got us into World War I, while we all slept. They sent our boys over there to be slaughtered. For what? So the Jews can have Palestine as their “commonwealth.” They’ve fooled you so much that you don’t know whether you’re coming or going.

Now any judge, when he charges a jury, says, “Gentlemen, any witness who you find has told a single lie, you can disregard all his testimony.” I don’t know what state you come from, but in New York state that is the way a judge addresses a jury. If that witness told one lie, disregard his testimony.

What are the facts about the Jews? (I call them Jews to you, because they are known as Jews. I don’t call them Jews myself. I refer to them as so-called Jews, because I know what they are.) The eastern European Jews, who form 92 per cent of the world’s population of those people who call themselves Jews, were originally Khazars. They were a warlike tribe who lived deep in the heart of Asia. And they were so warlike that even the Asiatics drove them out of Asia into eastern Europe. They set up a large Khazar kingdom of 800,000 square miles. At the time, Russia did not exist, nor did many other European countries. The Khazar kingdom was the biggest country in all Europe — so big and so powerful that when the other monarchs wanted to go to war, the Khazars would lend them 40,000 soldiers. That’s how big and powerful they were.

They were phallic worshippers, which is filthy and I do not want to go into the details of that now. But that was their religion, as it was also the religion of many other pagans and barbarians elsewhere in the world.

The Khazar king became so disgusted with the degeneracy of his kingdom that he decided to adopt a so-called monotheistic faith — either Christianity, Islam, or what is known today as Judaism, which is really Talmudism. By spinning a top, and calling out “eeny, meeny, miney, moe,” he picked out so-called Judaism. And that became the state religion.

He sent down to the Talmudic schools of Pumbedita and Sura and brought up thousands of rabbis, and opened up synagogues and schools, and his people became what we call Jews. There wasn’t one of them who had an ancestor who ever put a toe in the Holy Land. Not only in Old Testament history, but back to the beginning of time. Not one of them!

And yet they come to the Christians and ask us to support their armed insurrections in Palestine by saying, “You want to help repatriate God’s Chosen People to their Promised Land, their ancestral home, don’t you? It’s your Christian duty. We gave you one of our boys as your Lord and Savior. You now go to church on Sunday, and you kneel and you worship a Jew, and we’re Jews.”

But they are pagan Khazars who were converted just the same as the Irish were converted. It is as ridiculous to call them “people of the Holy Land,” as it would be to call the 54 million Chinese Moslems “Arabs.” Mohammed [PbuH] only died in 620 A.D., and since then 54 million Chinese have accepted Islam as their religious belief. Now imagine, in China, 2,000 miles away from Arabia, from Mecca and Mohammed’s birthplace. Imagine if the 54 million Chinese decided to call themselves “Arabs.” You would say they were lunatics. Anyone who believes that those 54 million Chinese are Arabs must be crazy. All they did was adopt as a religious faith a belief that had its origin in Mecca, in Arabia. The same as the Irish. When the Irish became Christians, nobody dumped them in the ocean and imported to the Holy Land a new crop of inhabitants. They hadn’t become a different people. They were the same people, but they had accepted Christianity as a religious faith.

These Khazars, these pagans, these Asiatics, these Turko-Finns, were a Mongoloid race who were forced out of Asia into eastern Europe. Because their king took the Talmudic faith, they had no choice in the matter. Just the same as in Spain: If the king was Catholic, everybody had to be a Catholic. If not, you had to get out of Spain. So the Khazars became what we call today Jews. Now imagine how silly it was for the great Christian countries of the world to say, “We’re going to use our power and prestige to repatriate God’s Chosen People to their ancestral homeland, their Promised Land.” Could there be a bigger lie than that? Because they control the newspapers, the magazines, the radio, the television, the book publishing business, and because they have the ministers in the pulpit and the politicians on the soapboxes talking the same language, it is not too surprising that you believe that lie. You’d believe black is white if you heard it often enough. You wouldn’t call black black anymore — you’d start to call black white. And nobody could blame you.

That is one of the great lies of history. It is the foundation of all the misery that has befallen the world.

Do you know what Jews do on the Day of Atonement, that you think is so sacred to them? I was one of them. This is not hearsay. I’m not here to be a rabble-rouser. I’m here to give you facts. When, on the Day of Atonement, you walk into a synagogue, you stand up for the very first prayer that you recite. It is the only prayer for which you stand. You repeat three times a short prayer called the Kol Nidre. In that prayer, you enter into an agreement with God Almighty that any oath, vow, or pledge that you may make during the next twelve months shall be null and void. The oath shall not be an oath; the vow shall not be a vow; the pledge shall not be a pledge. They shall have no force or effect. And further, the Talmud teaches that whenever you take an oath, vow, or pledge, you are to remember the Kol Nidre prayer that you recited on the Day of Atonement, and you are exempted from fulfilling them. How much can you depend on their loyalty? You can depend upon their loyalty as much as the Germans depended upon it in 1916.

We are going to suffer the same fate as Germany suffered, and for the same reason.


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  4. Since the author is still a Jew and not converted in to muslim therefore the perpose of his defection is clear that he further wants to reignforce the common muslim believe that one day there will be no Israeil on the world map .This will further increase the sufferings of muslims and that is what he wants to achieve by publishing such article .

    • U r wrong dr. akt, benjamin freedman was originally a jew & a zionist but later he left the zionism & converted 2 christianity. Why did he leave his original confession, the answer lies in what he describes in detail in the speech he delivered in 1961. Whether he converted to islam or shud hv become a muslim is off the point. Respected dr. akt, u try 2 derive flimsy and funny conclusions fm an article which am sure u dint read in full.
      Being an insider freedman knew the tactics of zionists specially those of baruch and sam untermyer both of whom were the real movers of putting in jewish money for british war efforts against germans in WWI. Had you read dr akt, the complete speech by benjamin freedman, then perhaps u wud not need to put in such ignorant remarks as the ones u hv ventured 2 put in.

  5. Mr. Wasi that is what I wanted to listen from you. We Hindus, never encourage conversions instead we say Iswar Allah tero Nam Sabko Sammati De Bhagwan .
    Any way my point is that dont take the above article seriously other wise Germans did rejuvenate but you are liable to be strangulated by foxes in the hide of sheep

  6. To me religion is a product of a long course of evolutionary process which derives certain norms according to impacts of the surrounding environment and it finally starts nursing a tradition which is site-specific in nature.When the tradition becomes the identity of a religion, the superficial difference becomes prominent otherwise all religions are having a common foundation and values that is why all of them are in existence with a considerable number of followers all arround the world.
    I therefore don’t think that by keeping beard or wearing burka one will become true Muslim .

    • Although ur comment on Islam is not pertinent to the remarkable speech dlvd by Benjamin Freedman (as above), yet u right: in Islam there is beard but in beard there is not Islam.

  7. That is why I emphasise that don’t get misguided by such defecters and try to evaluvate your faith in the light of present realities .Israeil is a reality and jehad against it is merely to exploit the sentiments of muslims to face them furthere more misrable conditions .

    • No dear, u r taking me wrong. I only said there is beard in Islam but in beard there is not Islam. But it duzn’t mean v shud 4get da reality. And da reality is not wat u believe. Israel has artificially bn created by US & Brits 2control oil wealth of da Middle East. It was created by throwing Palestinians out of their own homeland. Benjamin Freedman has done nothing but 2direct da attention of his fellow countrymen in da US 2recognize dis reality; that there is a state called Palestine & da one called Israel is “a geopolitically created illegal state established thru da economic imperialism of da west.
      Occupation of Palestine by da Zionists & of Kashmir by Indian forces might continue 4years but dis duzn’t mean that da reality will change. da British also occupied da Subcontinent 4 more than a century but ultimately had 2leave, so shall da Zionists in Palestine as well as Indians in Kashmir.

  8. Now you got my point.The war being fought to eliminate this thinking from the mind of mi informed people. Kashmir and Israile have been created for the above perpose and not for oil.Wait and see the consiquences many more years.

  9. Sajjad says on O.P blog……

    At present, it is a turning
    point for the liberation
    of Kashmir as the Valley
    is burning and bleeding.
    It is ample clear that
    India still wants to
    equate the innocent
    Kashmiris with
    terrorism and is keen to
    continue its state
    terrorism in Kashmir. It
    does not show any
    serious willingness to
    settle this issue in
    accordance with the
    wishes of struggling
    Kashmiris. Every body
    will agree that it is the
    right hour to resolve
    this old dispute on
    which Pakistan and
    India fought three wars.
    Nonetheless, the
    magnitude of the
    current movement is
    unprecedented in the
    history. The slogans for
    liberation in every nook
    and corner of India have
    strained New Delhi since
    independence. No
    doubt, Kashmir has
    reached the phase of
    solution. Taking
    cognizance of the new
    developments seriously
    at this sensitive
    juncture, Pakistani and
    Kashmiri leaders must
    take steps, making
    combined efforts to
    resolve this thorny
    issue. In this context,
    Pakistani government,
    Kashmir leadership,
    other Kashmiris, living
    in the Sub-continent and
    abroad must keep the
    tea pot boiling by
    highlighting the dispute,
    voicing the aspirations
    of the people for
    freedom.It is hoped that
    the day is not far away
    when the Kashmiris will
    be blessed with the
    fruits of independenc .?

    Now the international community knows very well about the muslim mentality .They prefer division rather than unification . Keep the pot boiling and face the consiquences.

  10. Dear Dr. AKT, Kashmiris r already facing the consequences & they care a damn abt wat India thinks on dis issue. They want their right of self determination 2which India is ethically, politically & legally bound, Its another matter that India tries 2shirk away from its international obligations by using its brute force in the valley. But dear Dr. AKT, brute force never can kill the inherent passion 4liberty present in a people. If brute force cud solve all political issues then the British would hv never left India & sung requiem 4 their Great Brtiish Raj. And for your info Dr. the power of the people of British India was no match 2what the British had who had an empire where sun never set. But it was the peoples’ struggle that made the British imperialists 2see sun setting on the great British Empire from the soil of India. Do you think Gandhi cud face the British bayonets, No. But the great soul called Gandhi had the power of truth with him and that made the British fear this half clad man who did not even carry a knife 2defend against the British might. So Dr. AKT, sooner India learns the lesson fm history better it is. Your hollow threats & chitaonis that Kashmiris will face consequences, then dear me they r already facing the consequences & sacrificing their lives just 2achieve their birth right, i.e. to decide their future themselves.

  11. […] During the two world wars the Am Brits already had perfected the science of telling lies to the world to such an extent that many Germans in the WWI thought their own country at fault. See Flood’s book on ‘Hitler: Path to Power’. And according to Hitler, says Flood, this was also the cause, in addition to that great conspiracy which Hitler termed prior to the Second World War as “the stab in the back” by the Zionists. See Benjamin H. Freedman’s speech at Willard Hotel in Washington D.C. here, here, here, and here. […]

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  13. […] During the two world wars the Am Brits already had perfected the science of telling lies to the world to such an extent that many Germans in the WWI thought their own country at fault. See Flood’s book on ‘Hitler: Path to Power’. And according to Hitler, says Flood, this was also the cause, in addition to that great conspiracy which Hitler termed prior to the Second World War as “the stab in the back” by the Zionists. See Benjamin H. Freedman’s speech at Willard Hotel in Washington D.C. here, here, here, and here. […]

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