India and Afghanistan Running Scared Into the Arms of the Beast

If the India/Afghan security agreement and the US-India Security Cooperation Project have given India foolish ideas of relying on its new superpower (fading) buddy, in some vain glorious attempt to “solve its Pakistan problem,” it should take another look at another superpower “backed” war…Israeli invasion of Lebanon, 2006. 
After responding to Bush/Cheney prodding and promises of overwhelming US support, Israel started a war with Hezbollah in Lebanon, with the intention of eventually pouring across the Syrian border, under the umbrella of US air cover. 
That American air support never came, because the IDF couldn’t live-up to all the hype associated with the image of “invincible” Israelis and they were unable to wipe-out the allegedly “weak” Lebanese Resistance Forces (Hezbollah). 
Will the same fate await the Indian Air Forc as it attempts to overwhelm Pakistani defenses in a planned “cold start” operation?  


“Reinforcing fears in Islamabad that New Delhi is preparing for a war that may engulf the whole region.


Peter Chamberlin writes:

[If the India/Afghan security agreement and the US-India Security Cooperation Project have given India foolish ideas of relying on its new superpower (fading) buddy, in some vain glorious attempt to “solve its Pakistan problem,” it should take another look at another superpower “backed” war…Israeli invasion of Lebanon, 2006.  After responding to Bush/Cheney prodding and promises of overwhelming US support, Israel started a war with Hezbollah in Lebanon, with the intention of eventually pouring across the Syrian border, under the umbrella of US air cover.  That American air support never came, because the IDF couldn’t live-up to all the hype associated with the image of “invincible” Israelis and they were unable to wipe-out the allegedly “weak” Lebanese Resistance Forces (Hezbollah).  Will the same fate await the Indian Air Force as it attempts to overwhelm Pakistani defenses in a planned “cold start” operation?  Everyone assumed that Mr. Singh had more sense than this–to get suckered into one of America’s lethal schemes, such as this.

We all assumed that that large baby-blue turban was hiding a large brain beneath it.  Has he forgotten the image of Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein, before the great Iran/Iraq double-cross?

Panic, on India’s part, just because the false narrative manufactures the lie of “American withdrawal from Afghanistan,” is as insane as it is stupid.  The leaders of both India and Afghanistan are running scared, especially after the master psyop move of Rabbani’s murder and with him, the end of Karzai’s hopes.  Being herded like sheep is NOT a sign of leadership.  You are being played like suckers, as they lead you away from any possible peaceful solution to your regional problems (largely a result of CIA handiwork) into the arms of Kali (goddess of death).

Never forget for a second, that Pakistan has always worked for America…still does.  If you have a Pakistan problem, it is primarily an “American problem.”  Pakistan has been a pain in your asses and American leaders love that.  Remember them?  You know, your new partners (SEE:  Image of the Beast, here, here and here )?]




by Waqar Ahmed


Recent developments on the eastern border have alarmed Pakistani policymakers and military officials, who are keenly observing India’s preparations for a conventional war with Pakistan in the context of Cold Start war doctrine. There has been a chain of developments, some highly significant and others seemingly trivial, all tied to the overall scheme of things, which aims at destabilising its neighbour and building a formidable war machine to strike within the Pakistani borders. First, in the context of current events, is Afghan President Karzai’s recent visit to New Delhi and the signing of a strategic accord with India at the heels of ex-President Burhanuddin Rabbani’s assassination. While one side of the equation that has been brought into the spotlight shows that the accord will pave the way for India to train the Afghan armed forces and police, the other side that remains veiled could contain clauses that may affect Pakistan’s internal and external security. According to policymakers here in Islamabad, the accord requires careful thought at all levels. The critical point to remember is that India has no role whatsoever in Afghanistan yet Indian interference and policies are at the root of many of the problems that Pakistan is facing today. “This accord is a short-sighted narrow-minded move that would harm Afghanistan, both in the short and long term,” warned a regional expert while evaluating the accord and its impact on the region.

Second, the Indian army is holding a massive two-month long winter exercise at the Pakistan border, bringing a potent strike corps, the Bhopal based 21 Corps, in the Rajasthan desert. The exercise involves battle tanks and artillery guns besides Indian Air Force assets. Intriguingly, ‘Sudarshan Chakra’ Corps will be aiming to build its capacities for “breaching the hostile army’s defences and capturing important strategic assets deep inside enemy territory.” The exercise is the third of its kind this year. The summer war game Vijayee Bhava, in the Rajasthan desert, involved the Ambala-based 2 Kharga Corps, and the Pine Prahar exercise in the plains of Punjab was staged by the Jalandhar-based 11 Vajra Corps, both held in May this year. The question is: why is India holding three massive war games in a year at the Pakistan border that aim at capturing important strategic assets deep inside the enemy territory?

Third, a key development across the border has been the deployment of Su-30 fighter aircraft near the Pakistan border. The significance of the fact that the aircraft is the most sophisticated in the region and that it has been deployed along the Pakistan border at this crucial juncture is not lost on policymakers in Islamabad.

Two other related but under-reported events have been the extension of the runway at Kargil by India and its decision to acquire six more C-130J aircraft, the latest version of the intractable workhorse, reinforcing fears in Islamabad that New Delhi is preparing for a war that may engulf the whole region.

Sources said that policymakers in Islamabad are alive to the alarming developments across the border and ready to counter the challenge through a clear, well-executed regional strategy.



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17 replies to “India and Afghanistan Running Scared Into the Arms of the Beast

  1. It has never been India’s policy to initiate war but when there will be an influx of refugees both in India and Afghanistan from Pakistan, then to consolidate our democracy and our secular state; we will always be ready to help as we helped Mukti Bahini. However, for us the option of war is always the last resort.

    1. Dr. A. K. Tewari, your comment bespeaks of the mind of a text book defined war monger. And you just base your assertion on whims. Why should refugees from Pakistan go to India and Afghanistan, who will be those refugees? A concoction of your mind!!!

  2. War is not the product of an individual-s mind .You can blame Bush. Obama. Blair for on going war but it is a majority decision of world community to dig the grave of fanatic Islam .

    1. There is nothing like fanatic Islam.
      Fanaticism is a phenomenon that rests with particular mindset, of individuals and groups and such people are not only confined to the Muslims alone, they exist amongst adherents of all faiths including the Christians, Jews, and last but not least the Hindus.
      Moreover when you say the war will dig the grave of fanatic Islam, that’s something which projects a totally prejudiced view you hold against Islam. We too want to dig the grave of fanatics whether they are Muslims, Christians Jews or Hindus but when you only single out the Muslims as adherents of fanaticism, this shows your partisan outlook.
      By digging the grave of so called fanatic Muslims which in essence have been nurtured by different forces both national and international, its quite possible that the US might dig her own grave as well, after all Afghanistan through centuries has been a graveyard of empires, so this time may be its the great Pax Americana which is in line now.
      It’s the very reason sound thinking Americans as well as peace loving people around the world are against this war on terror. We all wish United States to continue as a true democracy advancing the great noble values set by its founders, for downfall of America will not be the downfall of a country but a great country whose progress, whose great traditions of righteousness are as much of significance to all of us as they are to the American people there in the United States.

      1. oooooohhhhhhh what a view here…….it seems you Muslims think that all problems in this world are being faced by Muslims alone and that they only are getting worst treatment across the globe …Will u answer who is responsible for this…I guess u know better. On one hand you take billion dollar aids from that country and still you are criticizing her …why so??????….

  3. I do not think current political leadership in India is capable of waging war against any country. Neither is the public sentiment, especially when country is suffering from so many problems such as inflation, corruption and terrorism.

    The so called gestures of aggression which author has mentioned have always been there and would always be going on just because armies around the world are not sitting ducks but they keep on planning and executing their doctrines. India doesn’t have matching force against China and a threat of Pakistan+China combined together is what driving all these modernisation activities.

    I am concerned to see newer posts coming into your blogs which speaks of fear, hatred & panic. I am hopeful that your blog will focus on issues which are relevant, peaceful and bridging the divides rather than burning the bridges!

    Please do understand that there are plenty of people in the world who love harmony, respect every religion and hold very high regards for Islam and its beautiful principals.

    Your friends from India!

    1. Am sorry Aagosh that am responding to your comment quite late. I do understand your views particularly with respect to certain posts which are authored by observers and analysts from Pakistan and elsewhere which are critical of Indian establishment’s policies toward Pakistan. This is the same here in Pakistan where establishment is still embroiled in the 1947 environment thus widening the gulf between the two neighboring states.

      But we do bring such material also on these pages because we believe all types of views should be brought before our readers. By overlooking the fact that the thinking in the two countries is always harmonious, peaceful and non belligerent is like shoving our heads in the sand.

      Dear Aagosh, differences between us are colossal and deeper than the oceans and higher then the peaks of Himalaya, but in spite of this we have so many commonalities, so many beautiful things to share, which is why we at Wonders of Pakistan are not at all afraid of divergent views coming on the pages of this site.

      We believe India and Pakistan have a common destiny to tread. Time will come when the two governments will come to senses and perceive the advantages [of a common south Asian approach towards global affairs], but to do this, India will have to come out of its current megalomaniac approach [an approach which is being hyped up by the great state of Amerika]. We in Pakistan made the same mistake by jumping into this Ummah badwagon [which was hyped by the United States to build our faith against infidels [namely the Hindus and essentially the Communists of the Soviet era]. Now the same US is prompting India to act as a bulwark against the Chinese. I do not say that the Chinese will behave like angels when there is a war between India and China [which personally I don’t think will ever come, because both nations can’t afford war at this juncture when their economies are entering the phase of becoming financial giants [and for this they need peace not war.] Similarly I don’t think India will wage a war against Pakistan. Again India needs peace to sustain its booming economy. Pakistan herself can’t afford a war against India insofar as it is already in a state of war internally as well as externally.

      And Aagosh, side by side with such posts, we also bring material which speaks of good bilateral relations between India and Pakistan.

      As regards our views on Indo-Pak friendship, I must say, we have come a long way to realize this – after having recognized the way we have been befooled by our establishments who played, and to a large extent still are playing in the hands of the Americans. But as your former foreign minister Jaswant Singh has admitted in his remarkable book, that while delving in to the history he came to realize that after all Jinnah was not wrong to ask for Pakistan, he as a matter of historical record and facts was pushed into demand for Pakistan for what the All India Congress had behaved against Muslims of India. So like Jaswant Singh we too have realized that being hawks against India means serving the interests of US military machine which mints its profit this way or that way. If there is peace between India and Pakistan and if we go a step still further, between India and China, the American war machine will face a big slow down, if not a standstill, an outcome which may not be something desirable to the taste of our great Uncle Sam but definitely would enable the economies of all the three states to a level that they will see themselves as “really in-dependent” states of Asia.

  4. The time has been ripped enough to solve some of the pending problems in South Asia, which is why we couldn’t realize peace in the region. The situation has reached to a point that suggests now or never. So far west was interfering through Pakistan, now China is being invited. We, therefore, have to counter such forces which are encouraged by Pakistan, and who wish to snatch Kashmir from us in the name of religion. Thus we should help those who want to transform Pakistan into a secular, democratic state.

    1. Dr. Tewari, had you read the article in depth, you wouldn’t have taken such pains to comment. In his preceding note, my friend Peter Chamberlin of ‘There are no sunglasses’ website has himself emphasized the very fact that all what is happening in Afghanistan is not necessarily the doing of the ISI alone, for ISI mostly works in tandem with the CIA. Same is the case with the RAW of India. Peter has tried to convey this message to the Indians, that they shouldn’t be deluded by all what Americans are saying to them against Pakistan and China.

      With all the love and respect I have for the great people of the United States of America, the US administrations mostly have mercilessly used other nations and disposed them off like tissue paper when their job was done.

      India being the most favorite of the Americans now, should take this point into consideration. First they prodded Pakistan to adopt an aggressive posture against India and now they are prodding India to do the same. We the people of Pakistan have realized how the US functionaries prevailed upon our successive governments to adopt an anti India stance, but this stance has brought us no benefits. Similarly an anti Pakistan stance by the Indians on America’s behest will equally be as dangerous for them as it has been for us.

      Mano na mano Jane Jahan tumhain ikhtiyar hae
      Ham naik–o-badd hazoor ko samjhayay daitay haen.

  5. We are not an encapsulated thinkers. We are not leaded nation but leading nation. Last 64 years has given us to bloom on our own. Conspirationist will fail at every front.

  6. @Bharat, Muslims have been singled out all across this globe by the powers that be. Of course they are suffering at the hands of the imperialists. Why? Because in spite of having vast energy reserves they are dependent upon the United States of America and this is because the rulers in most of these Muslim states have their own axes to grind.
    As far Pakistan getting billions of dollars from the United States, for your information Pakistan has incurred a cumulative loss of 61 US billion dollars for participating in this so called war on terror. 5000 of its fresh, young blood in uniform have been sacrificed on the alter of this ‘war on terror’, 35000 Pakistanis, the innocent civilians, children, the young and the old have died as a result of this war and in return a few billions are doled out by the US for fighting her war, which is why the Pakistani people are against this war which has brought nothing to the people but killing of our sons, destruction of our property and a terribly insecure security situation. The people of Pakistan do not agree with Zardari Gilani duo, who wander with their begging bowl from door to door which is why in the recent ratings conducted by the Gallop Pakistan Zardari was rated as the most unpopular of all the politicos in Pakistan.

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