Faces of Change, not Change of Faces!

On Imran Khan’s massive jalsa in Lahore, America’s prestigious Huffpost has this to say. As the country looks ahead to a national election later this spring, the biggest wildcard is shaping up to be cricket legend Imran Khan, who rallied at least 150,000 flag-waving supporters in the eastern city of Lahore last week.
After years of trying to gain a foothold in Pakistani politics, the shaggy-haired, ruggedly good-looking 60-year-old has finally elbowed his way into the big league. Casting himself as a populist anti-corruption crusader, he is seen as a threat to the two parties that have long dominated elections.



by Nayyar Hashmey


Umair Ghani is a man of diverse traits. He is writer and a renown photographer. Has earned many awards in the realm. He is also a man well conversant with Sufism, a concept that is very much needed in today’s Pakistan, a Pakistan that is so badly riddled with the extremists of all sorts, but mainly the rabid Wahhabism, the Saudi brand of Islam that is slowly eating up the liberal sociopolitical outlook of the Pakistanis.

For such extremists, Sufis who believe more in the humanistic spirit of Islam [factually, the real face of this religion of peace], offer an elixir, an antidote to the infestations that have corroded the minds of these renegade youth. Such is the stage of these infestations that they are ready to kill even their co religionists in the name of Islam, an Islam they think is the real version, but in fact is a version that the greatest blesser of mankind, the Holy prophet Muhammad (S) absolutely despised.

Coming back to the main issue, I was talking about Umair Ghani. As I said Umair is a man of diverse traits but the trait which I love in him is the one that I recognised when both of us were associated with a journal in Lahore. Though many years younger to me, I found Umair with this trait. He is an amicable, conscientious and ever ready gogetter and above all a good friend.

After huge public meeting; the PTI’s jalsa, Umair sent me some beautiful images that he captured while he was attending the jalsa where the great Khan of Mianwali delivered the address at Lahore’s historic Minar-e-Pakistan Park. [Umair sent me these images with his brief note, the very next day this jalsa was held. I, however, could not upload these immediately as I am now in the process of transferring the material from WondersofPakistan, from its WordPress free portal to an independent domain (http://wondersofpakistan.com). And hence the delay.

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5 replies to “Faces of Change, not Change of Faces!

  1. Thanks for liking the post, Though a simple click, it means a lot to us at ‘Wonders of Pakistan’. Will be posting more on this and similar subjects in future as well . Take care and as always stay inspired.

  2. For anyone who wants a change from the well known corrupt political parties in the field, barring a few like JI who are otherwise not acceptable being too orthodox, the only hope is Imran Khan who has done something for Pakistan no one else has done. One must visit SK Cancer hospital to see what he has created. Apart from world cup and a university in a backward area, he has spent his money apart from gathering from the public to create these wonderful institutions. Who
    else has done this or anything near it?

    1. You are right krafique. IK has done a wonderful job. He is the only hope now among the politicos of Pakistan. What I do not subscribe to, however, is his accepting the usurper lot of P. Musharraf like Khursheed Mahmood Qausri, JahangirTareen etc.

      These people joined IK because they know he is emerging as a winning horse. There doesn’t seem much of loyalty to IK’s vision / programme. Quite possible if IK’s PTI doesn’t emerge as the single largest party, they may switch to the other side.

      If IK wins, they have their own agenda. In such case people of Pakistan will again be ditched as they have been by the other parties.

      1. I will vote for him because he is much much better than all others.
        I give him margin that he may not be what one may want but he is still better. As for old horses from other parties, I guess he can still handle them even after they win.
        What other choice I have? Zardari, N. Sharif, MQM, ANP, JI..etc.

  3. Very well said, Khalid Rafique Sb. The old horses. They are old and to that are spent. Let’s pray that Imran turns up to be a winning horse. and if he wins, does all to translate his vision into a real, Naya Pakistan.

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