Bin Laden dead long before US raid

 Apropos the Abbotabad incident, here and there, are confusing and conflicting reports. One report said he tried to use his wife as a human shield. Then there is a second report that says there were no arms there but some people did offer resistance. What type of resistance and how did they resist; the CIA story is silent about all these aspects.



by Nayyar Hashmey


The news following this note is based on a statement by Iranian minister of intelligence, wherein the minister affirms that based on the intelligence his country had of al-Qaeda leader, OBL died years ago because of the disease he had. Although Mr. Heider did not elaborate what disease the dreaded al-Qaeda leader had but most probably it was the kidney failure that ultimately took his life.

There are many accounts by different people who had been close to al-Qaeda and those who never favoured al-Qaeda but had always tracked the activities of OBL. All such people are of opinion that the al-Qaeda chief died some time in the mid of this new millennium’s first decade.


Question arises, why then this great Tamasha conducted by no less a person than the president of the United States of America himself. The successful kill mission he entrusted to the US Navy Seals who then drowned the “chief terrorist” in the sea.

I do not say for sure what US government is saying is 100 percent wrong but analyzing the whole situation from what has been reported in the media, by US officials including president Obama himself, independent media as well as the neutral reporting done by so many other sources, I cannot but subscribe to the view that there is something, something hidden – not being disclosed.

The shooting of such a high valued target with the mere description that his final burial rites were performed according to Islamic customs and the dead body thrown into the sea, is so flimsy that many people are raising their fingers. They are reluctant to buy the story.

There is no detail as to who performed his Islamic burial. Islamic burial means giving final bath to the dead body and then offering a Namaz Janaza, [special prayers beseeching God to forgive the sins, the wrong doings of the deceased and these prayers are of course led by an imam who is followed by other Muslims in offering the prayers after him.

Then in Islam, as rightly says Mr. Moslehi, there is no concept of throwing a dead body into the sea.

Let’s for a moment recall the capture of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain by US forces from a spider hole. His capture, his trial and his hanging, all those things were properly filmed and up to minutest detail, spread throughout the world using all types of media, and we believe that it was real Saddam and no double of him, no fabrication, no cooking of a story to kill, again of a high valued target. But when we look at the bin Laden story, the loop holes appear that make us conclude: the writer has definitely had a weak plot to construct a logical narrative, a true to life story which could have made the people accept as real. But not this time. The white House has been misled by the Pentagon and the CIA or perhaps White House itself wanted what they’ve done.

Looking at the whole thing and with my exposure to the Americans during my professional life, the Americans always like to opt a win-win situation.


This win-win situation lies somewhere else than what has been reported to make the people believe.

The whole act had nothing to do with OBL. The Americans did have information on some high valued [sans OBL] al-Qaeda leaders who took refuge in the Bilal Town locality of Abbotabad. On 2nd of this month they raided a compound here and reportedly took the body of OBL when he was shot after a little resistance by him.

Again here and there, are confusing and conflicting reports. One report said that he tried to use his wife as a human shield to protect himself. Then there is a second report that says there were no arms there but some people did offer resistance. What type of resistance and how did they resist; the CIA story is silent about all these aspects.


Well the story of OBL shootout in Abbotabad is but a smoke screen.

And through this the Americans have killed too many birds with one stone. Let me explain how:

They tested the efficacy of Pakistani defense. Should they make such a raid in future what type of resistance or counter measures they can expect from Pakistani defense establishment. Unfortunately on this count our defense seems to have failed miserably.

In this regard, I recall a similar raid in the 1980’s when Israel attacked the Iraqi atomic centre at Ossirak. The Israeli planes took off from their base in Israel, flew all the way over Saudi airspace. Nobody intercepted them. Saudi radar inactive, Saudi air defense inactive and they reached Iraq, attacked Ossirac and safely landed at their home base in Israel.

The flash strike by US Navy Seals appears to be an action replay. They came, they violated Pakistan air space, illegally entered a sovereign territory, Pakistani radar inactive, Pakistani air defense inactive, they did their job precisely as they wished and flew back home safe and sound.


Because OBL died years ago.

Pakistani intelligence too had years ago said that OBL was dead. Many independent observers said the same thing.

Now OBL is given a second life to secure a sweeping victory to the US president, a president who has a sagging popularity and on the verge of an electoral defeat at the hands of his Republican rivals. The American public has gradually been going strong against the war in Afghanistan and there has been an urge to draw back US forces from that country

There has been high rate of unemployment and the war infested economy is hitting the common man everywhere in the United States.

With the killing mission at Abbotbabad, Obama’s popularity has suddenly surged to new heights.

Many observers feel that Obama riding high on the popularity wave of OBL kill mission may win the next year presidential elections in the US.

The US has successfully been able to paint Pakistan as a nation that harbors such arch terrorists as Osama bin laden. So tail twist the Pakistani rulers to go according to the dictates of the American Reich or otherwise face the music [Unfortunately our rulers already are much tamed when it’s a matter of facing the Americans].

Now that OBL has been “killed” by the Navy Seals, new high valued targets will be located within Pakistan and similar raids might be conducted to get the next in the line of al-Qaeda’s high command like Dr. Ayman al Zawahiri, and the resisting Taliban Mullah Umar, the Haqqanis and anybody else whom America may name as terrorist and missions will be launched to hit these high valued targets in similar manner.

By using the world’s mainstream  media, US has tried to convey a message to the pro al-Qaeda and pro Taliban forces that as far as they are concerned there is no difference between Pakistan and the United States and hence target not only the United States but also Pakistan because “as far as we are concerned both are our enemies”.

By constructing this OBL story the US has successfully brought the whole world to presently concentrate on one man [OBL] only but in reality smoke screen has been laid to test some similar mission  / s to attack Pakistan’s nuclear facilities. I pray to Almighty Allah and have faith in the patriotism of such men in our bureaucracy, in our civil and armed forces who love their homeland as much as we do and they would try their level best to safeguard our nuclear sites in a way that the sinister arms of CIA can’t reach them but unfortunately the way we have shown out ineptness in meeting a sudden challenge I am quite afraid of a repetition of Abbotabad affair somewhere else in Pakistan.

Its an open secret that the CIA is bent upon destabilizing Pakistan which may result in fragmentation of the Pakistani motherland into different independent states. As the AmBrits very well know these fragmented states will be wholly and solely dependent upon the United States and therefore, will be much easier to control.

A big deterrence in this regard has always been our nuclear arsenal. Although personally am not in favour of such weapons, yet when there are a number of nuclear states in your neighborhood you can’t leave yourself to the mercy of other nuclear states who can squash you through a nuclear blackmail. Though morally not desirable yet in the world of geopolitical realities, such nuclear blackmails are order of the day.

US has throughout our contemporary history used UN to meet its imperialistic agendas. It attacked Iraq although the country did not have any weapon of mass destruction [which was latter admitted by US herself].

It attacked Afghanistan because the Taliban government there had refused to hand over OBL to America. [Now that OBL is dead as the Americans themselves say, would the US and NATO withdraw their forces from Afghanistan??]

The Pakistani nuclear arsenal is like a thorn in the eye of the Pentagon, they will whip up all propaganda once again on the hackneyed theme of Pakistani nuclear sites being not safe and prone to being snatched by the terrorists and hence a danger for  the security of the United States and the” free world”.

So all said and done, our motherland is in dire straits and it is now the duty of us all Pakistanis to rise to the occasion and see how, we, all of us in our individual capacities or collectively prepare ourselves to meet the deadly challenges that  beface us in the near or the far future.

Personally I don’t have much faith in our current rulers, neither is there any such hope in the opposition in waiting that they would deliver.

Unfortunately the governance in our country is a game of musical chairs. A party comes, completes its term [mostly an interrupted one, by either facing a coup d’etat or through dissolution of the assemblies and the mid term polls]. I pray that the current government completes its term. But as the things are, if the situation continues like this, it might be too late.

So dear readers, let’s act, rise! and demand our rulers become the patriotic sons of the Pakistani motherland and for this all of us will have to endeavor, will have to struggle for making this country a great nation which it rightly deserves to be.

Peace to you, peace to the world and may Almighty Allah be with you. Amen.

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  1. An excerpt from a post by Raja Mujtaba in a Pakistani blog site:
    Basically, the whole
    game is being played
    around Pakistani nukes.
    The US is finding
    excuses to attack
    Pakistan. Militarily,
    Pakistan is much
    stronger than the other
    countries in the region
    therefore the US cannot
    take any chance or play
    games with Pakistan.
    Everyone can realize the hollowness of the above statement.

  2. A pertinent comment in a Pakistani blog site says:
    At this key juncture in
    an essential
    relationship, should
    Americans kill more
    Muslims, further
    advancing The Clash
    storyline? Or should
    Pakistan and the U.S.
    join forces to create a
    new narrative founded
    on peace through
    human dignity and

  3. If the US has any
    sense of maturity, first
    of all it should stop
    cackling like a hen which
    has laid an ordinary egg
    but makes so much
    racket as if it has laid an

    Indeed Osama bin Laden was a high
    value target, but after
    eliminating it at a cost
    of over 100,000 lives in
    Afghanistan, Iraq and
    Pakistan, having
    sacrificed nearly 7,000
    US armed forces
    personnel and spending
    12 trillion dollars, is the
    world a safer place?
    Al-Qaeda is an ideology;
    killing Osama has not
    killed the ideology. Even
    if the US has eliminated
    Osama, it needs a reality
    check, since it has not
    even dented the
    ideology of Al-Qaeda;
    unless it eradicates that
    ideology, the world will
    not be safe.
    The above analysis by the Chinese, of the recent development in the ongoing war on terrorism reflects the sense of maturity of its leadership.

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