The UN report is a time bomb

Bhutto, the first woman to become prime minister of a Muslim country, was killed on December 27, 2007 in a gun and suicide attack just after she had addressed an election rally in Rawalpindi, a garrison city near the capital Islamabad.



First a warning  note from Peter Chamberlin of There are no sunglasses weblog.

[The following report is dead-on accurate about the real dangers to Pakistan that the UN Bhutto Report might create in the near future.  When the time comes to quit playing nice, the United States will use the report in the UN to gain authorization from the Security Council for the use of military force, under Chapter VII authority.
“A Security Council Resolution is considered to be ‘a Chapter VII resolution’ if it makes an explicit determination that the situation under consideration constitutes a threat to the peace, a breach of the peace, or an act of aggression, and/or explicitly or implicitly states that the Council is acting under Chapter VII in the adoption of some or all operative paragraphs.”
This will give the planned invasion of Pakistan the appearance of legitimacy.  The “Establishment” of Pakistan will officially be branded as “state sponsors” of terrorism.  (Think of Radovan Karadzic.) If the people of Pakistan have any real hope of avoiding or surviving the planned onslaught it will be by quickly standing-up real leaders who will defend your country from the parasitic Establishment.]

Shafqat Mahmood


The drone attacks in the tribal areas have picked up since the Faisal Shahzad episode, as has the rhetoric from the United States. Attorney General Holder found a Pakistani Taliban link and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talked of severe consequences had the attack materialised.

These statements were tempered by the US military that, playing the good cop, praised Pakistan for its vital role in the Afghan conflict. Ambassador Holbrooke also tried to fudge the issue by suggesting that Clinton’s statement had been misinterpreted.

Whatever the real nature of the signals emanating from the US, one thing is clear. The botched Times Square bombing have reinforced negative perceptions in the West about Pakistan.

Coming on the heels of the media hype in India after Ajmal Kasab’s conviction, it puts not just a few criminals but the entire country in the dock.

Those in Pakistan always looking for a conspiracy are having a field day. Their prognosis is that ground is being prepared for an invasion. These dire predictions have been reinforced by veiled suggestions from the US that American ground forces may indeed penetrate into this country.

While this seems unlikely, the propaganda unleashed against Pakistan is a cause for alarm. Recent history of Western incursions into Afghanistan and Iraq indicates that negative reports about these countries were used as a basis to seek UN Security Council resolutions to justify an invasion.

In this day and age, international approval for an invasion by a super power is necessary. This is facilitated if there is enough negative material to paint the target country black. Or, even better, if there is a report by a recognised international body that has prima facie authenticity.

It is in this context that the report by the UN Commission on Benazir Bhutto’s murder becomes relevant to Pakistan’s current predicament. It accuses Pakistani state organs, or elements within, of having links with the Taliban and Al Qaeda. It suggests they were used by the Pakistani “Establishment” for assisting insurgency in Indian-held Kashmir. And it alleges a connection between organisations involved in cross border terrorism and Pakistani intelligence.

Though the Commission’s terms of reference were narrowly defined–to determine facts and circumstances of the assassination–it chose to go far beyond that. In a style reminiscent of investigative journalism, it went into Pakistan’s history, its political culture, the role of the establishment, and drew conclusions without substantiating anything. It did not indicate who was interviewed, what method of inquiry it had devised for itself and why it came to certain determinations.

These were serious lapses, as pointed out by leading lawyer Ahmer Bilal Sufi in a TV interview with Talat Hussain. The Commission was akin to a court of inquiry and its conclusions amounted to a judgement. Anything that it said had to be substantiated and backed by testimony. It did not have the luxury of vague hypothesis or veiled allusions.

It is important to remember that it is one thing for charges to fly to and fro in Pakistan about the establishment. Ever since the military became involved in politics, this has become an essential part of the Pakistani political lexicon.

But this report of the UN Commission is not for the Pakistani government or a part of the Pakistani political give-and-take. It has been submitted to the UN secretary general and is part of the Security Council archives. Any determinations that it has made can and will be used against Pakistan if and when the time is ripe.


It would also be important to remember that before the US invasion of Iraq a team of UN inspectors had been sent in to find out whether the country had an active nuclear programme. Their report was to be used for a Security Council resolution that would authorise an invasion. In the end, it did not come to that because the Inspectors were expelled by Iraq. But this in itself became a pretext.

Thus, UN reports are not some run-of-the mill documents. They are like a ticking bomb that can explode when the time is ripe. It is for this reason that the conclusions drawn by the Commission are so potentially damaging for Pakistan.

It first defines the establishment as the military high command and the intelligence agencies, plus leaders of some political parties, top bureaucrats and business people. In other words, the entire slice of the Pakistani ruling elite. It then accuses it of a variety of crimes.

In the case of Benazir Bhutto murder, it says: “Many sources interviewed by the Commission believe that the Establishment was threatened by the possibility of Ms Bhutto’s return to high public office and that it was involved in or bears some responsibility for her assassination.”

Talking about the Taliban connection, it says that “these elements (within the military) included, in particular, those who retain links with radical Islamists, especially the militant jihadi and Taliban groups and are sympathetic to their cause, or view them as strategic assets for asserting Pakistan’s role in the region.”

And on cross-border terrorist organisations: “The Pakistani military and ISI also used and supported some of these groups (Punjab-based jihadi organisations) in the Kashmir insurgency after 1989. The bulk of the anti-Indian activity was and still remains the work of groups such as Lashkar-e-Taiba, which has close ties with the ISI.” This last assertion is damning in the context of the Mumbai massacre.

No concrete evidence has, of course, been adduced to support these conclusions. These assertions are the normal stuff of hearsay that is prevalent in the media, but not enough for a UN commission report. As A G Noorani has observed in his article for the Frontline magazine in India, “the issue is not whether the assessments, the conjectures, ‘the hypotheses,’ and the homilies are sound or not. The issue is starkly simple. Such passages do not belong to the report of a UN inquiry, let alone one on a murder.”

I will not go into the reasons why Mr. Zardari was insistent on a UN Commission to investigate the assassination. Whether this was done deliberately to malign the military or not is a topic for another discussion. What concerns me is the time bomb ticking in UN Security Council archives. Are we going to let it remain there without a challenge?

There is only one answer. We cannot. The government has to write a strongly worded rejoinder to the conclusions drawn by the Commission regarding Pakistani state institutions. Whether any reply is received or not, whether the report is amended or not, we must place on record our objections. This is the only way to protect Pakistan’s national interest.

If this is not done, the government will be complicit in jeopardizing Pakistan’s future.


The writer is a former ambassador of the Pakistan Foreign Service. He can be contacted at his Email:
Source: There are no sunglasses
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26 replies to “The UN report is a time bomb

  1. We must place our objection on record aginst the UN report to safe guard our national interest …. Its a suggestion or a push to time to ripe . The former ambassoder must be knowing the fact that there are several cases againt the pakistan at UN related to NPT and terrorism .If the former regime in the past would have been sensitive to it the present condition may not arised .Now the present Govt. and Army is enjoing an international support due to the fact that they are intending to ractify the mistkes of the past regimes and they know it very well that it is the only way through which they can safeguard the national interest in the present scenario .

  2. Nayyar,

    I believe we’ve spoken about this before and of course this report worries me and I’m sure it worries you. Things are not going the way I would like them to but of course I expected that. Pakistan is basically under attack right now. I’m on your side.

    1. Jeff,
      Thanks a lot for your good wishes.
      Drone bombings started in Pakistan, with the connivance of the then dictator Mush of Pakistan. But even his patron, the doyen of the Neocons; GW Bush did not venture into a chain of bombings which Barack Obama started after taking over the affairs of the state of the United States in his hands. It was then already clear to all observers who had an on ground knowledge of the AfPak history, its terrain and its people that Obama will turn into a democratic war president which he actually did, and that will be the biggest strategic blunder by him.

      Unfortunately he did it and it tuned out exactly as was predicted by the people who knew this area . My friend Eric Margolis jotted down ( a highly pertinent and prognostic piece on the coming events that were going to cast their shadows under Obama’s democratic administration.

      Unfortunately this tragic drama of war, death and destruction is being expanded either in the name of terror, under Pak nukes in danger from Islamic insurgents or through such events as the one that happened on New York Times Square or some similar event [most probably through inside orchestrations]. It’s so funny Jeff that the US politicians and the Washington officialdom think the nukes technology as a piece of small chocolate in the hand of a kid which will so easily be snatched by some renegade extremists. [Personally am not in favor of nuclear Pakistan but when there is nuclear India, nuclear China, then why not nuclear Pakistan and in this regard even the Iranians too have every right to go nuclear].
      Actually Jeff its all a hypocrisy. US would like to remain 100% nuclear but would advise other nations on nuclear non proliferation. So as you say and all analysts also agree on this: U.S. is preparing a script that would orchestrate events which would culminate in a pretext for an overall attack [this way or that way] by which US can have a strategic corridor in Balochistan, a corridor [or the so called independent state of Balochistan] where US will have the fire power to encircle China on one hand and to control the pipelinestan on the other. This would further enable them have an eye over the Indians [though our Indian friends overlook this again as a grudge [enmity against Moavia not the love of Ali] as well as on the Russians.
      Shafqat’s article in this regard again is a timely message which has very aptly been amplified by Peter Chamberlin.

  3. Peter has rightly stated that the situations demands from the Pakistan to move as per demands of the world community otherwise it may subjected to a false flage operation any time .The situation is being persieved very well by the present Govt. and The army but they are lacking the support of radical muslims in the country .U.S with the help of rest of the world will do every thing which is essential for the existance of Israel and smooth supply of OIL in the world market .

    1. @Tewari,
      You are inferring something [which appeals to your mind] but Peter said nothing of the sort you’ve attributed [to him].
      To ask a sovereign, independent state to bow to the dictations of a super power otherwise face false flags, need no comments at all????
      What the US imperialists will do and their vassal states [who blindly follow them] will be decided once the U.S. Neocons have completed their mission. Your wishful pleasure won’t count. Their next target will be India.

  4. We are ALL targets. The enemy is clear. US/Israeli Zionists are coming for us all. We had better be vigilant and learn to love one another. We only have each other and they have armies, weapons and media and they are not nice people.

  5. When a religious streategy is adopted by a state to meet the goal of its territorial expansion then the religion remain no more a religion but a target for others to smash it to the extent that it can not remain as a means to its follower to realise the god , so is happening with Islam in present day world .The crisis are being faced bv muslim is solely due to their religion . Now the entire world is aware of the hidden agenda of the Islam and no one is ready to give any relaxation to radical muslim wherever they are . Pakistan has became the hub of such Islamic elements .It is no more a sovereign country but a den of Islamic fundamentakists . Only a seculas Pakistan can regain its sovereignity otherwise will always remain expose to false flags operations . It is in the intrest of Pak Govt. its army and for the youger generation to bear the presence of U.S and NATO army in Afghanistan for giving a new identity to the nation . So far India is concerned we are secular democratic and liberal state with enough potential to face any eventuality .We can not handle Pakistan but can handle USA and NATO so don’t bother for us and bother for Pakistan .

    1. @Tewari,
      First para of ur comment is based on self presumed projections. u being an Islamophob, v don’t & v can’t expect anything better fm u. u r just a mouthpiece 4 the Hindutva extremists who always find fault with Islam, Muslims in general & Pakistan in particular. Whenever u talk abt. radical Islam you totally fail to mention radical Hindu’s, radical Christians and the Zionists. Tewari, u think only u r right and all other r wrong. Ok. Go on believing in this, nobody can stop u from this but to my mind you are just a myopic Indian & therefore, no sensible analysis comes out of ur pen.
      What Pakistan is and what should it be, what it should not, is none of ur concern; u better not comment. In ur democratic, secular & liberal India ur prime minister himself is saying Pakistan is not a danger, it’s the Maoism, the Naxalites who pose the biggest threat to India’s security. But Mr. Tewari, u always wish to shove ur head in the sand becoz ur eyes r always set on demonizing Islam, Pakistan & the Pakistanis. As for ur contention that u cannot handle Pakistan but u can handle US and NATO army, plz first try to learn how to handle the Naxalites who r controlling 20 out of 23 states of the Indian Union.
      Wasi of Kundian

  6. Dr. Tewari,

    To delude yourself into thinking you can handle the US, NATO and Mossad/CIA is foolish. They will eat you up and spit you out faster then you can say “Help” and they won’t look back.

    The US/NATO, Mossad/CIA alliance is NO FRIEND of India’s even if you believe this to be so. It is NOT.

    This US/NATO alliance is ONLY friends to subservient puppet regimes that acquiesce to US/NATO needs which are the needs of the Multinational Corporations and the Central Banking cartel. As long as you provide ALL your natural resources and your civilian population as slave labor for the International Corporations they will love you. When you’ve been used up you’ll be hung out to dry.

    We have a 100 year history I can reference and more then 50 countries we’ve done this to. We have overthrown more then 30 political regimes, most of them Democratically elected and we have bombed to bits over 50 countries. We have usurped the natural resources and civilian populations of more then 100 countries and I ASSURE you, India is on the list.

    Don’t be so sure. India’s time will come and it will fall like the rest of the dominoes around the globe.

    Yugoslavia was once a country. It is now almost 10 countries. That’s called Balkanization. That’s what we do.

    Be nice to America or we’ll bring you Democracy. OUR democracy which is FATAL.

  7. @ jeff , you are absolutly correct . India can not have a direct confrontation even with Pakistan what to say with U.S. and NATO .but remembre the odd cold war period during which we remained non aligned and maintained our sovereinity despite of all possible pressure from the west . There is always means and mode to handle a power if you dont compromise on certain principle for some short term gain .Any way those were behind the terrorism in panjab are now active in supplying arms to Naxalite .The final result will be soon before them . India is not Yogaslavia .we believe in slow and sustainable revolution and not in quick red revolution .No one can dare to infringe our sovereinity .We are not pakistanee .We are secular and democratic respectable Indian .

    1. @Tewari, Sovereignty of India (the shining, brightening India) is under a serious threat from the “reds” in the north east and from the “greens” in the north west (Kashmir valley).
      From ur boastful patriotism, I am am totally convinced of the naivety of ur patriotism. God bless u.
      Wasi of Kundian

  8. I think the government of India is under threat from NATO on the left, the USA on the right, the Mossad at the Top and the CIA at the bottom.

    Now, if I told you the same about Pakistan 10 years ago you would not have believed me but look where we are today. Pakistan is threatened on ALL sides by NATO, the USA, the CIA and Mossad.

    I suggest that India is in that position and in the years ahead the noose will tighten.

  9. That’s the reason Jeff, I strongly believe both India and Pakistan need to sit across the table, solve their disputes and then adopt a joint South Asian approach towards global issues. The region called South Asia has vast reservoirs of mineral wealth, a great storehouse of agricultural produce and this huge landmass has such a dominant geostrategic position that it can play a highly effective role in the international arena. Unfortunately the vast resources of South Asian countries are being exploited by U.S. multinationals and politically both are playing into the hands of Pentagon and the CIA.
    This area, the subcontinent that used to be once a golden bird, was stripped of its gold, first by the British imperialists and now by the neo-imperialists [the U.S. and its allies].
    Until and unless, our Indian brothers come out of their megalomania of a great Akhand Bharat, South Asia will remain in the grip of NATO on the left, the USA on the right, the Mossad at the Top and the CIA at the bottom.

  10. Nayyar, you are 100% correct. The answer is a strong Indo/Pak relationship exclusive of all others and that would stem the tide of Imperialism that’s about to rip both of these countries wide open, and it’ll be the last time in history because neither will survive. This is what we do. We, meaning the US, destroy countries. The history is readily available for anyone who wants to read it. That’s what we do.

    An exclusive alliance against us it SURELY the answer.

  11. What we will imagine is not going to happen , It is the time which will play a decisive role in shaping our affairs .So don’t be in hurry let the greens and Red come togather and see the result .At present we have to remain vigilent to avoid proxies againt each other .

    1. Time and Tide wait for none, so why wait for time to shape up the destinies of billions of masses around the world, when the time is being utilized by the states and organizations mentioned by Jeff according to their own sinister designs.
      I know our intentions, our endeavors might not bear fruit very soon but allow me to borrow the last para of an essay [just posted on this site today] by Arthur Silber
      It says: “A note for those who write and talk about these issues. If you write on these subjects and if you talk about them regularly on the media, and if you do not state — repeatedly, with all the conviction and passion that you can command — that actions of this kind are insane, monstrous and deeply evil, you are not opposing the monstrousnessness. You are accommodating it, seeking excuses for it, trying to minimize it — or, to use the phrase I often employ in my own notes — you are “making friends with evil.”
      IF YOU DO THIS, YOU ARE NOT FIGHTING AGAINST THE MONSTROUSNESS. YOU ARE PART OF IT. [Note: The quote is personal as well as impersonal]

  12. A weak nation can not take initiative. You belong to a strong nation…… G6 ahead and oppose the monster .In fact it is you who invited them .Now tackle them .we are here to act on an appropriate time…. .Go ahead . Jeff your suggestion has to be followed by both of us ( India and Pakistan ) .We know it better than Pakistan .

  13. I am one person in a sea of many. Yes, I live in the heart of the beast.

    Fight it? Dr. Tewari, I invite you to join my war. I am on Facebook. I have 100s of intellectual Muslim friends, 100s of intellectual Jewish friends, 100s of intellectual Christian friends and 100s of intellectual Atheist friends. WE FIGHT THIS MONSTER EVERY DAY. Join me. Look at my videos with 200, 300, 400 and EVEN 600+ comments. Look at my essays. Join me Dr. Tewari, please.

  14. Dr. Tewari, here’s my motto.

    “Each one teach one”

    I am changing hearts and minds every day.

  15. @ Thanks a lot for considering me suitale for your motto….. Each one teach one .What I think that each one of us are already involved in it but their approaches to the issues are remarkably diffirent .It is because of the country they belong .You may even abuse your country becouse it has granted freedom of speech to every one .We are not so vocak .We move slowly along with time to challenge the odds . At present we have very kess to comment on India’s foreign policy.

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