Sikh Community Waiting for Justice

A Sikh woman who was widowed during the 1984 riots, at a demonstration near the Parliament House in Delhi.


by Zaheer-ul-Hassan

Few days back hundred of e-letters arrived in my mail box and all these were in particular response to my article “Pitching Sikhs against Muslims “. One email out of these so many, was so moving that I almost felt compelled to present it before my readers as well as to the attention of worthy Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.

The characters of the email have been changed for obvious reasons.

The email unveils the tragic plight of eighty years old Mrs. Balwant Singh of Amritsar, who is still waiting for her 12 years old Balbir Singh, who went to bazaar for buying bread (Chappaties) for her but, was shot by the soldier of the Indian army.

The poor old lady doesn’t know that her son proceeded to bliss and would never come back .When somebody invites the respectable lady, she says “Mera Balbir aaway ga Te phair akkathay khaNwaN ge“  (let my Balibir come and we will have meal together). After this she picks up the photograph of her son and starts kissing him madly. At times, starts crying or giggling suddenly.

The email sender further added that “condition of Balwant Kaur made me sad and sob”. Till the time I stayed there, she kept on asking “Puttar go to Bazaar and call my Balbir. May be he will listen to your call and come. After such a long time, he too may be burning with a longing as I am”.

The email made my day sad too and reminded me the never-ending saga of  Indian state terror against minorities. The Indian excessiveness almost touches barbarism. A famous Indian Sikh scholar Balbir Singh Sooch tersely remarks “Individual terrorism has always an end but the state terrorism ends never.” If terrorists don’t wish to be humans they should better be with the State.”

Lt Col Prohit and his comrades are the exact translation of the mentioned quotation. These terrorists were involved in storming militancy with the support of their mother agency RAW.

Indian government and their intelligence agencies have always tried to divert the world attention from their internal communal violence by targeting neighbouring states like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Recently, The Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh showed his concern over displacement of 35 Sikhs of Pakistani nationality living in Orakzai Agency. They were allegedly asked by Taliban militants to pay “Jaziya” for their protection otherwise leave the agency.

Strange enough, the Indian Prime Minister did n’t forget to talk about those 35 Sikhs of Orakzai Agency but  Manmohan Jee seems to have no concern for those two million Sikh families who were victimized on June 6, 1984. The wounds of those innocent Sikhs become afresh on June 6th, every year which have ever lasting effect on lives of the grieved families. There is no end to their sufferings. No one knows when Indian government will be able to reign in the notorious RAW from playing with the lives of minorities, be they the Sikhs, the Muslims, Christians or the Dalits.

Its no more a secret now that the extremist Hindus are backed by wicked politicians of ruling party. They are making every effort to eliminate the Sikhs by using tactics of creating hatred between Muslims and the Sikhs. The prime objectives of such government agencies always revolves around machinations that could generate rifts between these two communities which could provide a chance to extremist Hindus of killing two birds with one stone.

Historically too, Hindus had been the principal beneficiary of 1947 partition riots. They prepared the plot to eliminate Sikh and Muslim communities because of their self generated fear of emergence of two more future states i.e. Muslim Bengal and Khalistan.

Hindu extremists always have had strong desires to convert India into a “Maha Bharat “, which in other words would be a pure Hindu State.

To achieve their goal, the extremist Hindu groups present in the CBI and RAW are facilitating the Hindutva gangs and militant outfits who strongly believe that either minorities living in India should convert themselves to Hinduism or just leave India. No wonder that the Indian intelligence agencies are always on the move to defame Sikhs and others minorities.

I wouldn’t have known all about this, had I not read the book “Soft target” written by two Canadian Journalists (Mr. Zuhair Kashmeri & Brian McAndrew). The authors very vividly revealed RAW conspiracy against Sikhs. The book unveils how did the Indian intelligence blew its own Air India plane out of the skies over international waters, just to denigrate the Sikh nation and to muffle their voice for reclamation of lost Sikh Sovereignty.

In this tragic act of terrorism in the air, 329 people mostly Canadians were murdered through bombing. The whole act was planned and implemented by RAW in June 1985. The blowing of the aircraft was planned in tune with the first anniversary of Golden Temple and Holocaust of Sikhs.

Brij Mohan Lal and Surinder Malik were the two intelligence guys who were posted in Canada at that time. The former Chief of Indian Intelligence Bureau was the mastermind & was an active member of the RSS, involved in the Air India Plane bombing. His mission was to sabotage & defame the Sikhs in Canada and the world. Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) was the agency that did a tremendous job of raising the curtain to show the real script editors and actors of this tragic drama. The Canadian agency chased the culprits’ right to the Indian embassy and consulates and ultimately alleged Ripudaman Singh Malik, 58, and Ajaib Singh Bagri, 55 who were indicted by the Canadian judge from the charges of murder of 331 persons of Air India Bombing.

It was thus proved that the Indian security forces and its intelligence agencies were involved in slaughter of Sikh nationals of Canada with a view to suppress their demands of Khalistan. Another climax in the history of Indian brutality against Sikhs was the Operation Blue Star.

The operation was conducted against Sikhism’s holiest shrine, the Golden Temple from 4- 6 June 1984. Simultaneously at the time military attacked on Harmindar Sahib, 38 other Sikh temples were also embattled throughout the Eastern Punjab. Over 20,000 Sikhs were murdered.

The assault on Golden Temple was without any warning. Heavy artillery, tanks, Howitzer guns, and other mechanized weapons were used against innocent Sikhs. Surprisingly, the attack coincided with the religious celebrations on the occasion of the birthday of the Fifth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Arjan Dev Ji, who too was martyred while defending the dignity of the Sikhs.

Two main conclusions can easily be drawn from this macabre orchestration of the events, firstly: to humiliate the highest spiritual leadership of Sikhs and secondly to terrorize, crush the Sikh nation, humiliate and desecrate their dignity and their places of worship, the places from which every Sikh draws inspirations and finally to kill forever the struggle for Khalistan. As reported by the Amnesty International on May 28, 2008 over the last 14 years more than 250,000 Sikhs have been exterminated / tortured by Indian governments. The report further mentions that there were gross violations of human rights, including in Nandigram, in west Bengal, Kashmir and other parts of India. It is worth noting here that since 1989 Indian forces and the Indian intelligence have also murdered more than 200,000 innocent Muslims including Kashmiris. 6,300 women have been raped in various overt and covert operations through state sponsored terrorism.

The Sikhs even to this day clamor for the government to take action against EX Union Minister Jagdish Tytler, but Indian intelligence the RAW and the CBI with their totally biased investigations have declared him neat and clean. Then again in 2000, while the former US President Clinton visited India, these two state organs of Indian Union planned riots against Sikhs in which 38 Sikhs were killed and the blame was thrown on local Muslims.

However, to the good luck of the Muslims, the Sikh leaders smelt the rat when they came to know the actual plan and thus rejected the trick of blaming Muslims for anti-Sikh riots. It was fortunate for the Sikhs who read between the lines, how the incident was masterminded and by whom and for the Muslims as Sikhs never got up against Muslims in India.

But viewed in the overall context, the Hindutva politicians have been conspiring not only against Muslims but also toward the Sikh nation as a whole. This breed of Hindu fanatics came out of their camouflaged secularism when they played their “Bloody Holly’ with the Sikhs when late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was murdered. The notorious former Minister (with his special fathom for all non Hindu communities in India) Tytler sent an email to all local Hindu leaders demanding that Khoon Ka Badla Khoon Se LaiNge “ (now there will be blood for blood). So a mayhem was started, Sikhs were murdered, their properties looted, women raped, innocents children and Sikhs dragged out of their houses and killed. Sikh’s shops / houses were looted and then burnt. Conservative estimates tell that over 3,000 (some quote as high as 5000+) Sikhs were killed in just three days.

The worst episode took place on June 6, 1984. What an irony that Manmohan Sing (himself a Sikh) failed to provide justice and has never tried to even console the sufferings his community underwent in those days.
The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, whose name means “one who is a loved from the core of one’s heart” should know there are many like Mrs. Balwant Singh who are still waiting for their Manmohans on meals; without knowing that they are no more there.
Thanks to the mayhem generated by Tytler and Co. but definitely abetted by the Indian Army and security forces.

These poor, innocent families are waiting for the justice from so called secular government which unfortunately herself is found involved in elimination of Sikhs but the enthusiasm, sincerity, and loyalty of Sikh nationalists towards their cause does show that emergence of Kahlistan is sure to come one day, sooner or later on the world map and as  my Sikh brethren say Wah-e-Guru ka Khalsa, Wah-e-Guru ki Fateh….

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24 replies to “Sikh Community Waiting for Justice

  1. Lal masjid and blue star operation are the events having scar on the heart of each indian and Paklstani.Sikhs are known for extreem sacrifice they may forgive but Pakistan will remain in days to come.the intensions of the author is not clear.

    1. I am sorry- do not know much about reality behind LAL MASJID although I know truth never comes out and we all have notions and half baked, well made reason and stories about such incidents.
      Blue Star was created by Indira Gandhi because she allowed situation to go beyond control. A simple man having backing of ruling party- finds himself next to avatar of GOD and started killing innocent people in name of religion. This was backed and supported by ISI which was having full support and clean chits from USA. Now same USA is giving clean chits to India for it’s role in Afghanistan and Balouchistan.

      Sikhs suffered due to leadership crisis. This was and still is destiny of Sikhs. Delhi as usualy managed well in handling them by simple and old funda of Divide and Rule.

      This is agony that sikhs tried to create a Khalistan with the help of PAK, having no vision that this will eliminate their future generations. After 25 years, sikhs still are looking for ustice. They are not fighting for justice- they are just asking for it. Manmohan Singh can not do anything- because he belongs to same party which DID IT.
      It was an open and shut case- Delhi smartly spend years in probes and cases- thus fire is off now. Same formuls was used for 26/11 attacks and see- fire has died down now.

  2. Jt is in the interest of Pakistan that wrlters there do not touch the sensitive issues of India.We have a free press and well established democratic set up.Pakistan is now at the cross road. They have enough to remain confined on such issues.

  3. With respect to every sikh

    Sikhs are suffering due to their own faults and their fault is same what Indian muslims have done. No clear representation, inside fighting and success of DIVIDIE AND RULE formula.

    Sikhs can never be united- I am sure someday Muslims may stand on a common platform but for Sikhs it is very very difficult because Sikhs are having too much issues like CASTE and CREED.

    1984 happens because Govt. knew that Sikhs can not do much and they were not wrong either. Just imagine- Sikhs are supporting Congress in Punjab ..

    1. Insaaf is not to be beg- it is either provided or taken.

      You can see 25 years gone- and what are expectations of sikhs of Delhi now ? Compensations ? or what ?

      Courts have given clean chits and shits…nothing will be and can be done now. This is closed case.
      You can hate congress but you can not support Akalis. Both are same stuff. If you want to do something for SIKHS and PUNJAB- bring young people on front…

  4. Some time Insaaf is given by GOD if man fails to give it, but Sikhs will never be on the mercy of others and hope muslims will also follow them to have a Jakaat free society.

    1. Tewarhi Ji,

      Am sorry I could not get to your viewpoint. Extremism whether done by the individuals, groups, communities, followers of one religion or another, and by states cannot be condoned on any count. And mostly it is a difference of opinion, difference of a religious belief or peoples’ expression for their rights that governments normally ascribe to their wishes as unpatriotic and resort to excessive measures. Massacre of Sikhs in 1984, anti-Muslim, anti-Christian riots in India and elsewhere are as much condemnable as are the excesses perpetrated by individuals and some extremist groups in Pakistan.

      1. @ Nayyar Hashmey

        Well said Sir. And Dr. Tiwari- there is a point in it. I think somewhere deep down SIKHS suffered due to same OLD REASON. Unity and leadersip. It was leadership crisis which led a simple man to become next to GOD figure and goes out of control- and thus started killings, rapes in name of religion, in name of GOD.

        Indian muslims are againt being played with by politicians and we all see like BJP, which uses the word RAM MANDIR when election comes- Muslims leadership is also very sacattered and confused.
        This is strange and dramatic that still MODI like people wins in GUJRAT because still Muslims votes for him. I was told while there that they agree that MODI transformed Gujarat and thus they vote for him for all that infrastructure and quality of life MODI brought to their state.

        PUNJAB is going back- no water, no electricity and all corrouption…PUNJAB is dead corpse now. Who is to blame ?
        Sikhs themselves- because they alllowed to be looted and played with.

  5. A few points:

    – The Indian army did not have howitzer guns in 1984, so there is not question of such weapons having been used in Operation Blue Star.

    – Bhindranwale is supposed to have accumulated arms and ammunition inside the Golden Temple with the help of RAW and not ISI. He had been put up there to help decimate the Akali party, so that Congress could win in Punjab. He, however, turned hostile. So, he was merely a RAW agent who turned hostile.

    – Had Bhindranwale not been voicing at least some genuine concerns, would there have been a ‘leadership crisis’?

    – Had Bhindrawale been a true Sikh, would he have camped with so many armed men inside the Golden Temple and risked desecration of Sikhism’s holiest shrine? Would he not have valued the sanctity of Harmandir Saahib more than his own life and the lives of his followers? He could have carried out his military campaign from anywhere except from within the Golden Temple premises.

    – There is clear evidence of ISI-support to armed insurgency in Punjab, post-Bhindrawale. So, Sikhs did caught in a proxy war between India and Pakistan and were used as pawns by both sides to further their own ‘strategic’ objectives.

    – Between the ‘Sikh-killer’ Congress and the ‘Muslim-killer’/’Christian-killer’ BJP, how much choice does a voter have in India?

    – Hardly any Muslims vote for Modi in Gujarat. He wins largely on account of extreme right-wing Hindu vote.

    – Mr. Zaheer-ul-Hassan attempts to paint things purely in black and white, whereas there always are shades of grey, as in this case.

  6. @ sidhhusaaheb

    I beg to differ because I was young and had gone through considerable exposure to many type of people in that decade and I can assure you that..

    1. It was full and clear support by ISI in full daylight.

    2. This is not true that Modi wins only due to Hindu votes- have a visit to Gujarat and only then one can understand. Besides clear cut state sponsored genocide- Modi enjoyed a reputation among many muslims too. Sole reason is development and the way Modi worked for Gujarat.

    3. This is correct that Bhindrawala was Indira’s man but he gained all arm support from accross the border. Chinese mousers, pistols and AK 47’s …enough supply to hold two operations…ISI was of hope that sikhs will be able to dissect India’s head but it could not be done.

    4. 1984- was a planned genocide to crush sikhs and again Delhi did it in age old style and see, still it is managing with ease. FORMULA:- DIVIDE AND RULE

    5. I liked your lines and views about Sikh Killer and Muslim/Christian Killer parties…and I also endorse your view that even today, Indians do no thave any choice.

    In nutshell and coming back to 1984 and post 84 era, Sikhs were taken on big ride because everyone used this movement in their own interest. Even BADALS- they make good use of the movement but as it happens in past too- common man paid the price with blood and they are still paying for it.

    Conclusion: There is no outcome, use and point in fighting for justice for 1984 riots. Because much of the acused are already dead and those who are alive- had been protected by courts.

    There is no hard voice for justice, from Sikhs itself.

  7. The intention of the article is clear to all. It is intended to re- green the wound of Sikhs so to establish that when an integral out fit of Hinduism is suffering in India then what to say about Indian Muslims.The owner of this black sheep blog always talk about Akhand Bharat and says ,Now it is impossible . Just in the next post he says nothing is impossible. Any way Akhand Bharat is still existing in the heart and mind of each and every patriotic Hindustani but now no one wants to take all thouse back having dead cells on their brain. Filter process is on in the Pakistan, it may be possible that remaining lot will try wash their sin by re-constructing statue of lord Buddha at Baniyan to prove their ability to live with India or within India.At present thei existance of such people apears to be on stack. SAVE PAKISTAN and help Army and Govt. to realise the on going mission.

    1. @ Dr. A.K. Tewari

      – There is a saying in Punjabi “If crows start wishing bad to the cattle, not a single cattle would die”.

      – As far an “Akhand Bharat” I would advise my respected reader to go through a recently published book by BJP stalwart and the ex foreign minister of India, Jaswant Singh. This book titled “Jinnah, India – Partition – Independence” throws ample light on how the Congress leaders frustrated Jinnah’s intention to forge a Hindu Muslim united platform to extract independence from the British. Gopal Krishana Gokhale went even to declare Jinnah as an ambassador of Hindu Muslim unity.

      – In the very first few chapters, the author emphasizes the role of Islam in Indian polity. This role added further weight to Jinnah’s frustrations at the hands of Congress Hindu leadership which ultimately led to former’s demand for a separate nationhood.

      – Much of what Jaswant Singh has said in his book though is correct and true, I would further add:

      The vast subcontinent called India had always two separate, distinct and almost different streams on sub-continental mainland. The northwestern stream what we call as Indus Civilization was always distinct from the Gangetic civilization. This geographic cum cultural distinction was always vivid on the subcontinent’s landscape.

      – Pakistan is a reality and to think of an “Akhand Bharat” is a dream. Everybody has a wish to have dreams of one’s liking. That is quite human, natural and also a democratic right of all human beings. So if you believe in “Akhand Bharat” we respect your opinion but this does not mean that you start expecting every one to subscribe to your particular view /s.
      – And things like reconstructing Bamiyan Buddha in Afghanistan or expecting us Pakistanis to start living as part of “Akhand Bharat” is like rewriting the history according to one’s own wish.

      – Though we do not agree with what Taliban did in Afghanistan, particularly their harsh interpretations of Islam and the way they implemented this in their state apparat; demolition of Bamiyan Buddha which to our mind was a great heritage site, is also highly condemnable yet this doesn’t mean that an outside power should start attacking a state. Attack by US and other countries on Afghanistan in no way was justified then nor is it now.
      – And what is happening now is still worse. Whatever the puppet regime in Islamabad thinks or does is one thing but what the people of Pakistan think is an entirely different thing.
      – We in Pakistan do believe that India and Pakistan should have a united south Asian approach to world affairs but this does not mean that this should be done by digging up the grave of “Akhand Bharat”.

      [Note: In a single breath you say “but now no one in India wants to take all those dead cells back on their brain” yet in the same breath you want those dead cells back as part of “Akhand Bharat”. Tewarhi Ji, Jo chahay apka Husn-e-Krishma saz kre].

  8. Mad cow disease is the resuit of a invisible change in the protein molicule ,Crow is not needed for it. If the statue of Lord Buddha will be not reconstructed ,there will be more bloodshed in the region. And it will have a cascading impact.

  9. @ Hashmey..Your comment is not required .Let it be evaluvated by the readers of this Black sheep Blog.

  10. I do not think that any article is to OPEN UP the wounds of sikhs. But once again it is a platform for everyone to express what they feel about it.

    You can express your views about many incidents in IND and PAK…and can express your views about them. False propaganda is expected and is present on internet but my experience is that if you do not fall-down and start abuses and unnecessary show of patriotism by abusing people and their faith…you can CAN make your point- although you hardly find two people agreeing to it.

    I find myself agreeing with Mr. Hashmi – specially where he describes history of this region.

    But where Pakistan is a reality- I do agree with little doubt about it’s quality because PAK is / was always in hands of feudal lords. Same way, akhan Bharat is no doubt a dream but still Bharat manages to survive besides parties like Congress and BJP sucked and played with it.

    Akhand Bharat needs a vision but what we see today is not democratic vision but HINDU vision. I do not think that India can be a akhand bharat on a religious lines. It will take lot of time for people to understand that democracy was a luxury-infact they were always being rules at by imperialism.

    Pakistan, was and even today is living on the edge. And I am afraid that if present situation goes out of hands- Pak may go further down which we Indians do not want to see- atleast common man of India do not wish that common man of Pakistan suffers and I think this feel is reciprocal.

    Coming back to origional topic- I do not think that 1984 Sikh genocide has any value for anyone now. See- couple of days have gone and this issue is already gone cold. No one cares- even voice from Sikhs have died down.

  11. I think this feel is reciprocal ?
    @ least at present I myself can not be a selfdeceiver.Thanks for suggesting possible Akhand Bhart ,at present we can negocite on the suggested line but the ulimate aim will be the reconstruction of Statue and temple , this could be the foudation of new Akhand Bharat on religious ground…..
    Will like to have further interaction, Sir,

  12. @ A.K Tiwari

    1. Please type my name correctly- for a serious writer, this is not a positive impulse.

    2. I do not [ DO NOT ] advocate vision of AKHAND BHARAT on religious lines [quote] I do not think that India can be a akhand bharat on a religious lines[/quote]

    I always thought that religion is personal issue and not a state or national issue. We in India- one one hand feels that we live in democracy and have equal rights then why our govt. asks for religion and even caste on many paperworks ?

    Sir-India was always divided and rules and this is still going ON – this time tide is turned for BIHARIS and UP people. A decade back same was done for PUNJAB.
    You know what wonders me ? Both times…it was congress in rule.

    BY the time i am typing these lines- India is hot with what MNS did in MAHARASHTRA assembly- and once again this was all having congress backups. These goons were made politicians by congress by supporting MNS against SHIV SENA.

    Same formula was used for Punjab which backfired and then 1984-Delhi was revenge for the same.

    1. @hindblogger,

      You can still see many Bulleh Shahs at any dargah in Pakistan especially when the Urs of a Saint / Sufi poet is being celebrated. There you may even find so many young females aka “Malañgni” girls dancing to the beat of a drum or a vocal musical rendition of a Saint’s poetry. The ambience overall there depicts the ecstasy of a spirit burning for love, as experienced by Bulleh Shah and so many other Sufi poets, replicated by the followers, on such occasions.

      Unfortunately, the phenomena called Taliban; and these Taliban are so numerous viz, The Pak Taliban, the TTP walas, the Afghani, Indo American etc. etc. but particularly it is the followers of the Deobandi school of thought,who are primarily supported by the Saudis, are hitting the Sufi Shrines and such religious scholars who support Sufism (which being a liberal thought is a belief in the spirit of accommodation and tolerance for opposite view points).

      The spirit of Sufism is deeply embedded in the psyche of Pakistani masses and come what may, this psyche cannot be and will not be rooted out. BTW to witness such scenes of devotion, one needs to attend the Urs celebrations of Baba Ji Bulleh Shah, Syed Waris Shah, of Lal Shebaz Qalander at Sehwan Sharif in Sindh and on so many such dargahs scattered all over Pakistan.

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