No tolerance anymore in our society?

Mumtaz Qadri, third from right, the alleged killer of Punjab’s governor Salman Taseer, is greeted by his admirers as he arrives at a court in Islamabad, Pakistan, Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011



by Nayyar Hashmey


There has been an essay by Khurram Hussain in the Expess Tribune of Pakistan. I do not agree with all what Khurram says in his column but disagreeing doesn’t mean that everything he says is wrong. As a matter of fact, there is much logic in what he says; particularly in the context of the killing of ex governor Punjab by his bodyguard here in Islamabad.

Taseer’s particular stand on blasphemy law of Pakistan was a highly courageous, though contentious but rightful assertion. All of us are Muslims and love our Holy Prophet [PBUH]. He is the embodiment of tolerance, compassion and kindness. We are supposed to follow his path in each and every respect. Yet its a pity that we have made it a part of our Eeman [faith] that if somebody talks something sane, but carries the possibility of hitting the very scanty yet highly poisonous knowledge fulminated by bigoted mullahs, is treated as blasphemous.

Just yesterday a cousin of mine related to me an event when a medical rep started a row with a doctor in Multan’s leading hospital and urged him to prescribe medicines to his patients. Reportedly the doctor thought the medicines as spurious and hence refused to oblige with the request. This annoyed the rep and consequently hot words were exchanged between the two. The M.R. started abusing the doc. The doctor concerned was also enraged and in that fit of full rage, tore off the very visiting card of the MR and threw it into the dust bin… That was good enough an occurrence for the MR to make an issue out of this. He started shouting that the doctor had insulted the holy prophet because the visiting card carried the name Muhammad. Now the name of this man too was Muhammad and therefore that name stood on the visiting card.

At that moment no one thought what the factual position was and everybody was manhandling the doc for having done the sacrilegious act. The poor soul was taken to the police station and when some calm prevailed, the doctor explained to the SHO what actually had happened.

He was lucky that SHO got convinced of the facts otherwise the poor guy could also have come under the shot of some self styled Ghazi.

Our blasphemy law has no doubt become a tool for terrorists to use to punish and murder innocent people. However, this entire debate has nothing to do with the Prophet’s reverence.  It is simply about the fact that terrorists and like-minded individuals as well as ignorant persons like Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri are fed with the half baked knowledge that most of our clerics have and apparently get influenced from such mullahs who issue decrees of death as they did in case of Mr. Taseer for sympathizing with a Christian woman convicted under the law of blasphemy.

The knowledge of Islam as put into the heads of individuals like Qadri by illiterate or semiliterate mullahs supported by this law continues to empower the authorities with the right to frame innocent people for acts of blasphemy they never committed in the first place for over 90% of such  cases are raised on the basis of people trying to settle personal scores and blaming others to grab their land or settle a dispute in their own favor [as it happened in the case of doctor vs. the medical rep in Multan hospital].

Not all of the persons involved in such cases are Non Muslim but still the terrorist supporters have such influence that they continue supporting the law. These supporters of terrorism are the real troublemakers as they try to make the others believe that repealing the law is actually against Islam even when the law is so vaguely worded and murderers and killers are using it. These killers go unpunished as they kill and pillage because of this law and get what they want. In fact this is a law that facilitates terrorism and it is terrorists who are actually defending the law.

I personally never did support the ex governor as far as his political views were concerned and agree he was corrupt and had habits that may be described as un-Islamic but murdering someone just because we disagree with him is TERRORISM. The groups celebrating the brutality committed this day must be very ashamed of themselves.

The Quran states “Whoever kills a human being it is as if he has killed all of humanity”

It also states “Let my faith be mine and yours be yours.”

We have no right NO RIGHT to kill someone because we see him as un-Islamic.

It is sad that we Pakistanis do simply not understand the idea of live and let live. Some of those people supporting the murder may think they are the better Muslims but they are in reality the ones who have deviated from their religion.

Seen in the context as the things are today, am only afraid of the time [which doesn’t seem to be far way] when anybody could rise up to become everybody’s judge in the name of blasphemy.

As a Muslim I do believe extreme care and caution must be observed while making a reference or remark about the Holy Prophet yet this doesn’t mean that every Tom, Dick and Harry should rise up and decide what he thinks is right, and singularly takes upon himself the right to kill others  in the name of blasphemy.




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4 replies to “No tolerance anymore in our society?

  1. Dr. Nayyer Your above article deseve appriciation from all right thinking people but most of them will desist to do so due to the fact that it can bring troble for you .In contrat to all of them I my self being a semi critic of yourself and extreem critic of Islam due to several reasons will clearly say that in this article you have tied up your pen with such sense of fear .Why muslims like yourself hesitate to come forward to point out the traditions of distorted Islam is becouse of some ill founded doctorine of Islam it self among them the all of above is that Koran is a book of Allah which can not be amended .This believe makes the Islam a static religion which goes against the law of nature .In nature nothing is static .Every thing changes with change in time and space . Any way its a good change on your part .Its really a couragious article .Thanks .

  2. Recently I came across an article appeared on blog called opinion makers by some Mr Siddiqe in which he wanted to establish the murder of Taseer as a Islamic duty through a twisted language .Since I dont like and dont have ability to express my feelings in such a manner that is why I am more porn to be the Hindu haters so I dont bother the blasphemy law . Now it is my open reques with the present government in Pakistan to investigate this murder case thoroughly and punish the culprits involved from tail to the top without any delay.It is not a single man act but a chain of pseudo Islamic intelectuals are there in the chain.The foreign forces are there to help the minority right thinking people therefore there should be no hesitation in this regard on the part of present Govt. to take a quick action as a result The minority will quickly change in to majority and delay will perish the so called minority .

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