People of Libya! Choose the deep blue sea, or: the devil

No body could predict what could he, be up to in the next jump of his personal whim and wish. However, in spite of his craziness, we Pakistanis had developed a penchant for him, so much so that the Cricket Stadium in Lahore was renamed as Qaddafi stadium after him. So too did many Pakistanis who named their kids after him as were the streets in different cities of Pakistan, all a symbol of people’s love for the Libyan leader.





by Nayyar Hashmey



Again its Mitha, my sweet friend from Calgary, Canada. He referred me this post; an interesting piece indeed for it allows us insight into the very complex persona of Muammar Qaddafi, the Libyan dictator president.

 I do give in; the man has been a hero of my youth days, particularly for his strong, defiant stand against the Pentagon hegemonists.

 Late Pakistani prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had developed a special and personal rapport with the Libyan leader during the second International moot, the OIC member countries had in Lahore in 1974, the two leaders from the Muslim world, I mean the late King Shah Faisal of Saudia and Muammar Qaddafi of Libya had overnight become the hero of the Pakistani people.

 Those were the days when an Indian friend of mine [of his friendship am very proud of – even till this day], was studying in France and had a French girl friend. Her girl friend too was very fond of Qaddafi [much to the chagrin of my Indian friend who never liked her girl friend’s praise of Qaddafi].

 Even in those days many people took him as a crazy fellow. No body could predict what could he be up to in the next jump of his personal whim and wish. However, in spite of his craziness, we Pakistanis had developed a penchant for him, so much so that the Cricket Stadium in Lahore was renamed as Qaddafi stadium after him. So too did many Pakistanis who named their kids after him as were the streets in different cities of Pakistan, all a symbol of people’s love for the Libyan leader.

 He enjoyed the admiration and love of Pakistanis including myself for a pretty long time. Because of his special and personal friendship with late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, he even pumped in millions to help the Jiyalas of the Pakistan Peoples Party who, to escape the wrath of the then dictator president Gen. Zia-ul-Haque had sought asylum in England.

  I don’t know about other Pakistanis but I at least was totally disappointed, when the same Qaddafi started spitting his craziness onto Pakistan as well.

Generally we in the East always like the macho men and he was of the type [the way he stood defiant against various US administrations]. As he says in this interview he also faced the bombardment by US on his tent where his young adopted daughter was killed by the US attackers.

 But the same defiant, intrepid Qaddafi turned into a meekling when in the reign of George Bush Jr. he buckled in before the US president, denouncing all for what he had taken a bold and defiant stand.  He finally admitted to the Americans that he was the man who was responsible for the Lockerbie bombing and in response paid billions to the families of those killed in the Lockerbie crash. So far so good. But then his craziness started extending to even declare Pakistan as a theocratic state [merely to please George Bush] and went further in telling the Americans that he was developing a nuclear bomb with the help of Pakistani scientists. Question is not that developing nuclear weapons is a good thing, the question is the bowing down of a hero merely because he now considered that by seeking the support of the US administration [whom he so heroically had opposed] he was able to perpetuate his dictatorship [which he indeed did] and that he had decided to abandon his programme, a decision that in the eyes of the US rendered him change from a demon to a decent guy.

 He also gave an interview where he made his quite idiosyncratic remarks about Pakistan as a religious state and referred the country’s exclusive raison d’être as religion and religion alone. It was these crazy remarks that made me scribe down my own thoughts rebutting his very foolish assessment of Pakistan now. [Readers interested in reading this interview with my own reaction to his diatribe can see this by taking this link here].

 Now this is a fact that he indeed turned Libya from a desert land into one of Africa’s most progressive nation, but then there is this human instinct that after bread and butter people do demand rights, rights to speak free, write free and to express opinions as to what sort of man, what sort of leader do they wish as their leader, not a self elevated dictator king who just names his own self as president of the republic.

 In the current spate of agitations that rock the whole of middle east including north African Muslim nations, the Libyans started a movement against him. In the beginning the whole world stood behind them but later when truth started coming out of the Libyan turmoil, it transpired that the movement for democracy has so meticulously been hijacked by the Pentagon that now it has become a battle between Qaddafi and the US.

 The US meddling is something which stands against the very international norms. America or for that matter no country whosoever, whatsoever, has any right to meddle in the affairs of another country. This struggle is squarely between the Libyan dictator and his people. Let the Libyans decide the fate of their country and its leadership to their own determination, whether they ultimately want the dictator to continue or replace him with a true democratic set up.

 In principle, I like any other democratic minded person, am all out for a true democratic polity not only in Libya but in all other Muslim lands including our own. But democracy or no democracy, it’s purely an affair between the people and Muammar Qaddafi, for a democracy imposed through the hidden agendas of the Pentagon like the one they have had here in Pakistan, a sham democracy erected on the infamous NRO signed between the former dictator Musharraf and the Pakistan Peoples Party. The NRO has though been repealed through an amendment but unfortunately the artificial setup that was forged in Dubai where the prime mover was one of the neocons in George W. Bush administration, former US ambassador in Kabul [who is interestingly of Afghan descent] Mr. Zalmay Khalilzad. The US orchestrated regime that we have in Pakistan now or the one we had been having prior to the present Zardari Gilani duo, has plunged this country into an abyss. I pray to Allah Almighty the people of Libya are spared this tragedy. But as it is always, Allah helps those who help themselves, the people of Libya particularly who are out on the streets fighting the tyrant, must understand, for them it is a choice between the deep blue sea and the devil, they should accept any of the two. Worst option will be to ask for democracy through an outside force which means there would be a sham democracy in Libya as the one we have here in our land of the pure.

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4 replies to “People of Libya! Choose the deep blue sea, or: the devil

  1. Quaddafi stadium in Pakistan is indicative of the attachment the people of Pakistan have for the Libyan president Muammar Qaddafi.

  2. The two-directional
    hurricane over Pakistan…….
    Put up a
    united front to defeat
    foreign conspiracies
    before it is too late. The
    recommended step are:
    First: all unwanted
    foreign elements must
    be traced and deported
    Second; all secret
    written or unwritten
    agreements should be
    Third; principled stance
    over drones should be
    taken to stop US from
    this madness, or the
    case be referred to the
    Fourth; Pakistan must
    detach itself from
    counter productive war
    on terror.
    Last but not least; Pak-US
    relations should be
    nurtured on basis of
    trust and mutual respect
    rather than on master-
    slave basis…..
    ,.,.Opinion Makers

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