Many are dying for our having hoped Obama would not practice Imperialism

It sounds terribly naive to have hoped a U.S. president whose candidacy was selected and backed by our most powerful bankers would be permitted, just may be, perhaps by virtue of his being black and well spoken, to modify the intense imperialism that has characterized all previous presidencies since, if not including, that of Teddy Roosevelt and before. He said he would bomb Pakistan and he has. He indicated he would be willing to sacrifice men, women and children to assassinate leaders of those warring against American occupations and he has. He said he would, and he did, send more troops to broaden the war against Pashtun Taliban, formerly the Reagan approved and recognized government of Afghanistan. Then how could we befool ourselves to think Obama will be different from his predecessors?


“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.” –Winston Churchill


by  Jay Janson


In retrospect, does it not sound terribly naive that we would hope a U.S. president whose candidacy was selected and backed by our most powerful bankers would be permitted, just maybe, perhaps by virtue of his being black and well spoken, to modify the intense imperialism that has characterized all previous presidencies since, if not including, that of Teddy Roosevelt and before?

He said he would bomb Pakistan and he has.

He indicated he would be willing to sacrifice men, women and children to assassinate leaders of those warring against American occupations and he has.

He said he would, and he did, send more troops to broaden the war against Pashtun Taliban, formerly the Reagan approved and recognized government of Afghanistan.

He has praised Americans for having fought the Vietnamese in their own country and keeps American troops in Iraq, though he called Iraq a “dumb war.” when seeking the votes of citizens no longer supporting that war.

He has praised European settlers for their westward march across America without acknowledging the death and suffering of the indigenous peoples of the continent whose nations the settlers from across the sea

He pre-justified the week long massacre of Gaza, and kept silent during the chilling dispatch of four hundred Palestinian children along with over a thousand of their relatives and friends

While still a candidate, he signed on to giving hundreds of billions of dollars to bankers who favor, propagate and profit from wars.

We could have been pretty sure Obama would never condemn the industrial investment banks of Henry Ford, Rockefeller, General Motors, General Electric, IBM, Dupont, Joe Kennedy, Prescott Bush, Averell Harriman, Brown Brothers, J.P. Morgan,Chase Bank, Allen and John Foster Dulles, Standard Oil of New Jersey, Union Carbide, Westinghouse, Gillette, Goodrich, Singer, Eastman Kodak, Coca-Cola, ITT, and media magnates William Randolph Hearst, the UP Syndicate, the Chicago Tribune, and others for having backed Adolph Hitler and invested in arming the Germany of the Nazis up to superpower status, knowing full well (and in most cases pleased) that Hitler persecuted Jews and Communists.

Obama has always proclaimed capitalism and the United States as, overall, “a force for good in the world.”

“Hope springs eternal.” is the saying often applied to circumstances that don’t appear to warrant hope.

Zen Buddhists, practicing a strict application of highly disciplined mind, understand “hope’ and “fear’ as two sides of the same coin. Just as fear can have a negative function, hope can paralyze, can be made to substitute for action and can becloud accurate appraisal and decision making.

Both hope and fear anticipate something that has not yet happened. For example, hoping that a certain damn will not break is similar to fearing that it will. Fear and hope, not unlike prayers evoked in their name, are retreats
from endeavor, a postponement or avoidance of involvement. As does fear, hope lessens the awareness and attention so critical to decisive action.

Millions of progressives, even if not completely hooked by the campaign slogan of “change” hoped that Obama would be different. But, as the wise saying goes, “Hoping doesn’t make it so.”

Before the election our priority was getting a Democrat elected as America’s first black president, and we felt obliged to lay low so the rabid and ignorant right wing plurality out there would not associate Obama with criticism of America, or the peace movement which corporate media characterizes as appeasement and weakness. Immediately after inauguration Obama bombed Pakistan as promised (a promise most assuredly
meant for the ear of the military complex).

“What does  imperialism mean? It means the assertion of absolute force over others.” Robert Lowe 1878

During our present generation, the lies, misrepresentations and treachery of U.S. presidents (Obama now included), Congresses and a Pentagon subservient media cartel have caused a multi massive amount of Muslim children to fall in harms way of lethal U.S. military action in Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq again, Pakistan and Yemen. This merely continues a century long history of vicious and cruel armed Western imperialism in Muslim lands: various sub-Saharan African colonies, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Iraq, since the Ottoman empire was sliced up for England and France with United States of America in profitable acquiescence.

Our hope was incredibly misplaced, that once in office, Obama would have acted contrary to his promises of bellicose intentions and as an exception to all his imperialist predecessors, that he had only pretended to be a hawk before an war indoctrinated electorate in order to gain office. A capitalist chief executive allowed to place the lives of children being slaughtered by U.S. military in poor Third World countries above the interests of Wall Street war profits would have no precedent.

Extremists fighting for justice in a world of U.S. military hegemony hold the millions of Americans limiting themselves to only hoping for a safer fate for foreign children, guilty and responsible as the
Commander-in Chief Obama’s other officials of U.S. corporate governance.

Americans in general have a good amount of leisure but little or no interest in the crimes of their government abroad. Among them are many Americans who are personally disturbed or uncomfortable particularly about their awesomely powerful military taking the lives and limbs of children. But the greater part of pangs of conscience is devoted to hoping rather than any action at all.

Those who seek news and information beyond that twisted on TV and in tabloids, will know of daily atrocities by the same boastful military that though having a large military facility less than three hundred miles from the Haiti earthquake zone did little more than block the aid coming into the Port-au Prince airport from other nations, disembarking its fine Navy hospital ship from Maryland only three days after the quake struck.

Since hope and fear are two sides of the same coin, obviously fear of retribution beyond that of 9/11 is more prevalent than the hope that our killing will cease.

 Writer is an historian, activist, musician and writer. He has lived and worked on all the continents and whose articles on media have been published in China, Italy, England and the US, and now resides in New York City.
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5 replies to “Many are dying for our having hoped Obama would not practice Imperialism

  1. Interesting. Marklar belongs to a web site I’m also a member of and I’ve even mentioned you in my blog Dr. Hashmey. This is a well written post.

    Of course Obama was not a disappointment to me. I knew what to expect. Bush on steroids.


  2. Everywhere Muslims are fighting for Muslims themselves and not for the humanity as a whole. It is due to their Islam-centric outlook and actions that they have been isolated from others. They disintegrated the USSR and attempted to disintegrate China in Xinjiang province. They are now busy to disintegrate India in the vale of Kashmir. But the situation has now drastically changed. The Palestine and Kashmir issues are now to be solved unilaterally without seeking any opinion/interference from the Muslim community because they were given enough support and time to arrive at a peaceful settlement of these issues. But the time they were given was utilized by them to create forces for armed resistance in different parts of the world. This has therefore left fear in its wake and there is no hope left for such people or for their causes.

    1. What a funny logic Dr. AKT, did Napoleon fight for humanity or did Hitler fight for humanity or even your so rabidly admired, and so much worshipped US neocons. I presume they too are fighting for humanity???? Ha ha ha….
      In human life and in human history, the bitter truth has always been that every country fights for itself, be it the Americans, the Indians or us Pakistanis. Real fact of life is that even a neighbor would not fight for you until and unless you do something at par for him.
      As far the Islamo-centric outlook, do you think your Hindutva brothers fight with an Islamo-centric outlook? Of course not. They fight for Hindutva ideology as much as the Muslims fight for their ideology. Dr. Sb. in our hard real day life every body fights for one’s own interests. When Muslims fight for their own interests, it is quite natural. Iraqis fight for their own homeland, so do the Afghanis who want to free their home likewise from the occupation forces. The will of the people who fight the war of their liberation, is an inborn urge as they want to live the way they like for themselves.
      The disturbances in China’s Xinjiang province are a machination of the rogue CIA elements who want to destabilize the Chinese mainland peace environment so that there builds up a momentum like the one it did in Afghanistan against the Soviets. But alas! Dr. AKT, much water has flown down the rivers here as well as in the Peoples Republic. We are living in the new millennium. The days of Brzezinski doctrine are over now, hence US dreams to create a storm in Xinxiang’s cup of tea by a colour revolution / Islamic separatism is no more going to work now. The Muslims now know what the Pentagon guys have in their mind when they talk of human rights, liberty and democracy.
      As regards Kashmir, the people of Kashmir themselves are in revolt against India. In the last 63 years India with its 700,000 strong army has not been able to win over Kashmiris, how can they do so now? Kashmir will become independent one day whether it does so with the help from Pakistan or even without it.
      Barring Kashmir, there are not much serious disputes between the two of us. Once India comes to realize the fact that it cannot hold Kashmiris under its yoke for long and grant them the right of self determination (which India promised to grant them on the floor of in the United Nations so many times) its then and only then that the subcontinent will enter an era of real peace.

  3. Islam is a religion of peace but Muslims have failed to ensure peace in the region; what to say then about pöor Hindus. After Hindus, Bhoddhists and the Sikhs, Christians have now entered in south Asia as the local Neocons, the Zionists have invited them in a big way and both in India and Pakistan and else where they have entered forcefully. We don’t have Dorones in hand but a begging bowl. Then how would it be possible to achieve peace in the region. A a large mass of humanity lives in India, China and Russia who appear to preferr remain a silent spectater to the current scene.
    The balance of power is clearly evident, so go ahead Mr. Wasi to establish Islamic peace in the reagion. Good Luck. Then thereafter you will get time to extend help to Kashmiri Muslims and those of Palestine. At present you better think of yourself. Mr. Wasi.

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