Sino-Indian Border Vibrations: Viewpoint China

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The Chinese have two major claims on what India deems its own territory. One claim, in the western sector, is on Aksai Chin in the northeastern section of Ladakh District in Jammu and Kashmir.

The other claim is in the eastern sector over a region included in the British-designated North-East Frontier Agency, the disputed part of which India renamed Arunachal Pradesh and made a state. Several sections of the 2,200-mile border remain under dispute between the two Asian giants. India wants a Chinese-controlled section of Kashmir the size of Switzerland. China claims parts of Tibet what India calls its state of Arunachal Pradesh covering an area three times that size.



Because it’s China and India. Simply put, any spat between the two nations matters. Together, they account for 38 percent of the world’s population, and in 50 years, they’ll account for half of the world’s gross domestic product. And don’t forget, both have nukes. Bad relations between China and India are bad for everyone. Also, any shift in Sino-Indian relations over Kashmir could affect Pakistan, another nuclear state.




by Zhuhu Shanshan


An online poll conducted by on June 10 shows that 90 percent of participants believe India poses a big threat to China after India announced it would dispatch 60,000 troops to the border with China.


The red inked line in subcontinent’s north west and the other in the north east are the two areas which stand in dispute between the two big neighbors in Asia.

The tension along the disputed border between the two countries has escalated in the last few weeks after India’s latest military move. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh claimed that despite cooperative India-China relations, his government would make no concessions to China on territorial disputes.

The Indian government’s tough stance has won applause among Indian extremists, but it’s not well-received in China.

About 74 percent people in the poll by believed China should not maintain the friendly relations with India anymore after its military provocation. And more than 65 percent of people taking part in the poll believed India’s actions were harmful to bilateral ties and it is more harmful to India.

India’s military moves could cast a shadow over bilateral relations, said Dai Xun, an expert in military affairs, who described India’s actions as “plundering a burning house”, when the international community was focused on a reported nuclear test in the DPRK, destroying the mutual trust between neighboring countries.

An expert in the Asia-pacific region, Sun Shihai, with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences told the Global Times that the two countries share a lot of mutual interests, so India has to cooperate with China; but India also needs to show its “will and resolution” to both domestic politicians and the international community.

“It (additional deployment) is not helpful t o resolve the border dispute, and could easily cause regional tension,” Sun said.

In 1962, India and China fought a brief war over the 3,500 km Himalayan border area. The two countries later signed a treaty and agreed to maintain “peace and tranquility” along the disputed frontier, but since then have made little progress.


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9 replies to “Sino-Indian Border Vibrations: Viewpoint China

  1. China has nothing to fear from Indian military moves, as long as it has no evil intentions. As a sovereign nation India can not lower guards against an adversary, it can not trust.

    It is not difficult to understand that China is not comfortable with a rising India. However it can not stop that from happening.

    China must learn to respect India for what it is, instead of trying to wish it away.

    And China must must not forget that India’s nuclear weapons are for protection of its territorial integrity, and all of China’s new found prosperity might vapourize in no time, in the event of any war with India.

  2. The historical bond between India and China can not be compared with any othere country in the world. The unfortunate war in 1962 was the result of misunderstanding and communication gap. India and China along with Russia are the three power centers in Asia who will decide the fate of the continent and no other contry can play their game without their consent in the region. The border dispute between the two Giants clamping the great Himalayan range will be decided amicabily in due course of time across the table.

  3. Sir,

    The socalled Chinese think tanks DONOT HAVE FIRST hand knolwedge about India like the legenderay Chinese Huang Psuang and FaHien.
    Ask any of them
    1.Do they know Nalanda?
    2.Do they know where is Kushinagar and why it is important for Chinese?
    The Chinese have grown and also have built teremndous infrastructure. They are model to entire Third World including India for the progress they have achieved as well as self respect they show when dealing with westerners like the Australian Spy case of TINTO.
    But they fear Tibetan and Uighurs seperatism fomented by USA. They cannot openly accuse USA because their entire export goes to USA, so they take on India. India has learnt its lesson of 1962 war especially not using its Airforce. It also knows China has built pipeline into bay of Bengal, given arms to Bangladesh and Myanmar, and Srilanka apart from her traditional brother nation Pakistan. So we Indians have to be on guard. We cannot be and are not going to be dependent on US nuclear umbrella.

  4. We are not concerned with whom the present Chineese set- up is influenced to take immidiate advantage well in their national interest.What I am taking about the developments of the series of events in which if the Indian approach of crisis management will be ignored by any of the world power, then it will become more critical and can lead to a point of no return. In such a situation again the solusion will have to be suggested by the three power centers of Asia. The consences in them will emerge among the only on the basis of their historical linkage to emerge the world from such a situation. The present link of CIA would be bound to play a constructive role. They also know it very well, therefore now they appear to bring about required change in dealing with Asian issues and are working for long term relation with the three Asian Giants in this era of global economy where the fussion of the three giant economy of Asia with U.S. economy is a must to ensure world peace. What I feel that statue of lord Buddha will come up at Baniyan once again as a result of th above coehission of world forces for mutual benifit as well as for the benifit of humanity as a whole.

  5. We are not concerned from whom the present Chinese set up is influenced to take immediate advantage well in their national interest.What I am taking about is the development of the series of events in which if the Indian approach of crisis management is ignored by any of the world power, it will become more and more critical and will lead to a point of no return. In such situation again the solution will have to be suggested by the three power centers of Asia. The consencus amongst them will emerge only on the basis of their historical linkage. The CIA’s present link is bound to play a constructive role. They also know it very well, therefore, now they appear to bring about required change in dealing with Asian issues and are working for long term relatios with the three Asian Giants in this era of global economy. So a fusion of the three giant economies of Asia with yhat of the U.S. A. is a must and this would ensure world peace. What I feel is that the statue of lord Buddha will come up once again at Bamiyan as a result of above cooperation between leading world forces.

  6. India is playing a dangerous game. Suffering from a collective low self-esteem based on 200 years of colonialism by the British and thentrhe 1962 border war lost to China, it is now seeking to stand its ground against China. Filled with new found confidence and strength based on domestic and western media hype about India being a super power and its newly elected majority government giving the ruling party unfettered ability to dictate new policies without question from the other minority parties, it has now gone ahead with a “forward policy” on the disputed territory to China’s hand. India needs to listen more to its pragmatic and realistic politicians who are thinking more rationally in a long term policy with regard to a much richer economic relationship with China than a minor border war that could escalate into a full blown war between 2.5 billion people with nuclear weapons.
    I suspect that once again the western powers are pulling the strings behind the scenes seeking a confrontation between the two asian giants knowing full well that it is the true victor if events come to pass. If india and China were to ally themselves economically and politically, this will truly be the Asian century. If they were foolish yo go for a war against each other and destroy one another then this will once again be an American century. China is the legal sovereign government over this territory for the simple fact that the Dalai Lama by religious tradition and dogma can only be born in Tibet. He was born in southern Tibet therefore it is Tibetan territory based on that logic.
    Always a thorn in China’s side, he has stated that he will be reincarnated outside of China in a democratic country. This is where outside forces have laid out their strategy. If southern Tibet is in Indian hands then the Dalai Lama can reincarnate outside China and yet not break Tibetan religious traditions because it would still be Tibet that he’s reincarnating in, only now its controlled by a democratic India. The Chinese will not cave into Indian or western pressure on Tibet, it is a national and stragetic interest that is too vital to give up. How this will turn out will be interesting.

  7. Nothing is hot between China and India. Thouse who wish to create a rift between the two giants of Asia are thinking that it is the only way through which they can get apportunity to play their heinous game in the region. Confrontation with China can never be in India’s interest and so is the case vis-a-vis. Now both are mature enough to realize the consequences of war and its impact on the world peace. The silence mode at present is already paying a good dividend for both of them. As far as the issue of Dalai Lama is concerned, that too can be solved by reinstating him and his community at Bamiyan to construct the statue of lord Buddha . Both country are silent and looking the developments with keen interest and are prepared to reap its advantage. China has already reaped it at Xinjiang.

  8. Such a biased article, not surprising from Pakistanis. You Pakistanis just watch India and China develop, but for it you just hang on to Chinese tail and think it’s doing good for it’s people. Lol you Pakistanis.

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