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Mohsen Ali, who appeared as a private candidate in the B.A. exams held by the Punjab University, Lahore, and topped in the province belongs to a working class family and earned his livelihood for his family by working at a Tandoor.
He used to live in a room nearby a “tandoor” that he shared with more than a dozen laborers. While his fellows slept or watched TV, Mohsin used to study. During the hours of load shedding, he used to work at the “tandoor”, which earned him upto Rs.400 a day for bearing his study’s expenses.




by Nayyar Hashmey       


Ali Moeen Nawazish [AMN] is a columnist at the daily Jang Lahore. His Urdu column “Daur-e-Nau” or The New Age appears every week in the said daily. Every time he puts up his column, it has a special message for his readers. In one such column on August 12, he related the life story of a car washer named Akbar.
Ali Moeen who himself has been a top achiever is notable for passing 23 A-levels, which is a world record.

Ali Moeen Nawazish

He later graduated from the Trinity Hall, Cambridge, England.

In his column that I am mentioning here, is titled, ‘Let’s find Akbar’. Akbar is a car washer, a common poor Pakistani, who every day leaves his home to earn bread for the family. The man comes to a place near the shady trees in a not so called posh area of Islamabad, but a way side place along a nullah. Once on his workplace, Akbar takes a peepa [an ordinary canister] fills up with water from this nearby drain and would wash the cars his clients bring to him.

This Akbar, as I said, is a poor hardworking Pakistani fella who washes clients’ cars with such an alacrity that once a customer comes to him for washing of his car, he would always come to him and him alone.

By passage of time, so goes the story from Akbar’s real life, the number of his clientale increases and because of the hard work and sincerity he puts into his job; it increases many folds. Some years pass and then his work increases to such an extent that he also involves five of his young sons to assist him in his job.

Now all males in the family, the father and the sons are doing this job and their reputation spreads far and wide in the capital, so much so that even the top notch bureaucrats from Government of Pakistan, drivers of foreign diplomats stationed in Islamabad, Assembly members and ministers also send their cars for washing, polishing etc at Akbar’s place.

During all these times, Akbar never does compromise on the quality of work and service he provides to his clients. With the hard earned money, Akbar now is saving funds for his children, marrying them and finally to proceed to Makka for the Hadj.

In this petty and dirty job never does Akbar ask any one of the top notch guy from the GOP to help him for a white collar job either for his own self or for his kids.
With the same zeal that has become a hallmark of his work and service, he has now succeeded to get his sons married and two kids have been self employed as taxi driver and rent a car service. Its Akbar’s share savings with which he helps his two sons to buy their own cars for plying as a texi cab and rent a car service .

Akbar is still doing this job at the same old place, along side a drain washing the cars of his clients, who are so satisfied from his service that they won’t compromise switching over to any other car washer in the city.

Akbar’s story is the story of many poor Pakistanis who toil day and night, never stretch their arms to get some favour, either in cash or in kind. Its these Pakistanis, the sons of this land, who make me, you and all those who believe in the integrity, the sustainability and long life of our dear homeland, proud of our country and of ourselves.

AMN very rightly concludes his column with the sentence “Aao Akbar ko talash krain”. And when he says this, he means the awfully perverted governance in Pakistan which so badly needs a man like Akbar.

Having gone through Ali Moeen’s column, I further traced some young boys and girls, the Pakistanis who like Akbar toiled day and night, despite of all the odds they had in their way, to achieve what they wanted. This is the story also of Mohammed Mohsin and Kanwal Latif who respectively secured first and second position in Punjab University BA examinations.

Fellow blogger Ahmed Qureshi of PakNationalists adds very pertinent comment on achievement by both Mohsin and Kanwal. So writes AQ…

Thank you Mohsin. Thank you Kanwal. So long as Pakistan has sons and daughters like you, we are destined to move forward.

Move over Bill Gates, there’s a new whizz kid in town and he really is a kid. Gates may have been the world’s youngest self-made billionaire but Shafay Thobani, 8, could be his up and coming rival after becoming the world’s youngest Microsoft specialist.
The boy from Pakistan has mastered complicated internet protocol and domain name systems to become a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) in Microsoft Windows 7 Configuration and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2.

The real story of Pakistan is the one that you, Shafay, Arfa and other smart and hardworking Pakistanis epitomize, a country where ordinary Pakistanis would excel if not suffocated by failed leaders whose faces haven’t changed over the past quarter century and their parties have turned into armed militias and family holdings.

Despite such failed governance, our boys and girls, ordinary Pakistanis are the engine that drives progress and creativity in Pakistan. Long Live this Place of Saints, Long Live Pakistan and Long Live the people of Pakistan. 


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