Does it Matter if Michael Jackson, Princess Diana Were Muslim?


RPK Addresses The Issue of Asian Muslim Inferiority Complex. We say Asian (including Arab), because this strange phenomena of looking for endorsement by Western Stars is a primarily if not exclusively Asian phenomena which reveals an insecurity and inferiority complex.


So, does it really matter whether Lady Diana became a Muslim before she died? Would Islam benefit if Prince Charles or the Queen herself became a Muslim? Does this really enhance the image of Islam, as most Muslims believe it would?

by Raja Petra Kamarudin

There are many who are pleased with the revelation brought on by the death of Michael Jackson. This is of course the revelation that he may have converted to Islam. These happy people were also pleased that Cassius Clay became a Muslim (and is now called Muhammad Ali) and in most likelihood Princes Diana and astronaut Neil Armstrong did as well — although I don’t think these personalities concerned actually publicly said so.
Why is it so important to Muslims that these superstars converted to Islam? So they died as Muslims. Or maybe they never became Muslims and died as Jews or Christians or whatever. Does it really matter one way or another what religion they professed before they died? What is it to us anyway? Would it not be their business more than ours?
I suppose to some this would be very meaningful. To know that extremely important people like Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali, Princes Diana and Neil Armstrong may have all become Muslims gives us that feeling of winning. This proves that we were right all along. And everyone likes to feel that he or she was right and enjoy the satisfaction of being able to say, “I told you so!”
Would it mean anything to Muslims if one million poor and starving Africans converted to Islam? Probably not and we really don’t care if it were 100 million poor and starving Africans who had converted. It is not the numbers that count. We don’t care about quantity. We are concerned about the ‘quality’ of the converts.
One million or even 100 million poor and starving Africans converting to Islam is not something to be proud of. But if Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, was to become a Muslim then that is cause to celebrate with the slaughter of 100 camels and 300 sheep. That proves beyond any shadow of doubt that Islam is the correct religion and it further proves that I was right all along in subscribing to Islam. Hey, even Prince Charles agrees with me and Prince Charles is no ordinary human being.
This ‘we won’ and ‘we were right all along’ is not only a Muslim obsession but also an obsession of all religions. So before you take this as a cue to start your Islam-bashing please note that the word ‘Islam’ can be replaced with the word ‘Christianity’, ‘Hinduism’ or whatever. No religion is exempted from this ‘competitive spirit’ and the obsession to ‘prove itself’ by the converts it attracts — and the higher the profile of the convert the higher your win and the stronger your message of being ‘right’.
Instead of harping on the number of new converts you are able to attract and the high profile or high quality of these converts, I would rather focus on the high quality of your existing practitioners and ask whether they are doing justice to the religion they are supposed to be professing. What does it matter if Queen Elizabeth herself converted to Islam if the rest of the five million or so Muslims in Britain leave much to be desired as far as their conduct is concerned.
Why are properties in non-white areas in Britain lower than in an all-white area? Well, basically this is because in a non-white area the crime rate is very high. Even your car insurance is higher if you live and park your car in these ‘black’ areas — especially if you don’t own a garage and park your car on the street.


Granted, not all the non-whites are Muslims. Some are Christians, Hindus, or whatever. Nevertheless, if that particular Briton happens to be a Muslim rather than a Jew, Christian or Hindu, you can safely bet that that person would be non-white rather than white. So, while not all non-whites are Muslims, most Muslims are non-white. And the crime rate is higher in non-white areas (as it is in ‘white’ council areas).
So, does it really matter whether Lady Diana became a Muslim before she died? Would Islam benefit if Prince Charles or the Queen herself became a Muslim? Does this really enhance the image of Islam, as most Muslims believe it would? What would really enhance the image of Islam would be if property in non-white areas are exactly the same price as property in the white areas and your car insurance is not loaded because you live and park your car in a non-white area.
If Michael Jackson really did die a Muslim then well and fine. Good for him. It does not do anything for me anyway. The same as far as Lady Di is concerned and for the rest of the British Royal Family as well. The fact that these high profile people became Muslims does not add value to Islam. What would add value to Islam would be when you buy a car in Britain and you don’t end up paying double the insurance premium because you live in a high-crime rate ‘Muslim’ neighbourhood’ or that your home is cheaper in value because all your neighbours are non-white Muslims.

Now that would make me real proud indeed.

Source: Mathaba
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  1. This is for Raja Petra Kamarudin who wrote this “What is there to be proud of?”
    R.P.K. You are missing the point !! Its important because these people are regarded as Heroes. They are legendary figures already in their living life and they influence the masses around the entire globe, whether you like it or not or whether you agree with or not.

    Its important because they were freemasons who turned their backs on the devil and turned to Allah. They have the ability, capacity and influence to spread the good words of Allah to the world!
    There is a lot to be proud of, so think before you write such stupid comments about your fellow Muslims.

  2. Its also the people of the world who benefit by listening and learning from the people they look up to so much, which is why they all have been murdered
    You r a very ignorant human, if we can call you that ! or maybe you too r a mason!

  3. And as you have mentioned ‘what would make you proud ‘boils down to how much you are paid for this and that. You r not a true Muslim but just a materialist! Plain and simple as that.

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  5. It is the quality not quantity that matters in this world. A dot sized Israel is keeping the Arab world under its feet for the last 60 years. Merely 0.l million American army personnel have taken over 40 million Iraqis. So conversion is not going to be a good sign for any religion in the above sense.

  6. According to the breaking news his brother Jermaine Jackson, Michael Jackson was about to announce his conversion to Islam clearly during his last musical performance in London 02. A massively popular star such as
    MJ would have made a huge impact all over the world talking about beauty of his new religion Islam, and
    of course this would upset those NWO Zionists who try to distort and destroy the true image of Islam. Recently
    they falsely attach the 9/11 attacks on Muslims, though every single evidence showed us that 9/11 was decidedly an
    inside job, so they sadly murdered Michael Jackson, as they did with every loving soul on this planet.
    MJ always sang for peace and love, which reminds me of Bob Marley! Time only will
    tell that MJ’s death was nothing but an assassination, since I heard about MJ’s conversion to Islam and I very much got interested in this great loving and peaceful religion.

    R.I.P Michael and thank you.

  7. reseaved my space videoand show fils now

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  9. […] Kamarudin so rightly calls an ‘inferiority complex’ of Asian Muslims. In our previous posts (here and here ), we highlighted this weakness amongst Muslims and now the third and the final post on […]

  10. Well, Mr. R.P. K…why r these great figures converting to Islam? Coz they have everything, they taste everything yet they don’t feel at peace…they search for an answer…they find out about Islam…they know then where to find peace…your comments are stupid…this shows u know nothing about Islam…first, search, explore, learn, then bluff! Why didn’t they convert to Hinduism? Or stay Christians? Why not the poor? Coz they are very rich, they have everything but they look for peace and they find the answers and the answers are in slam….the poor in Africa need to first meet their basic needs, I don’t think religion could be on their mind…I guess your mind too is poor and undernourished to understand this! You r jealous! That’s all! What an inferiority complex…? You are scared that these so many ppl wanted to know now why Islam and they got the answer to WHY ISLAM?

  11. We care because we like to see westerners leave their majority religion Christianity. Also most Africans are Muslim anyway around 40.5%. So its not that exciting if Africans are Muslim becoz most of them are anyway and we also don’t want our favourite singers to be tortured in the grave.

  12. First of all ‘Raja Petra Kamarudin’ you are judging muslims by their actions. Lets say a muslim man commited murder, you do not blame the religion you blame the person as he is a fucked up person. Islam is the most peacful of religions and people dont seem to realise that. All over the world there are christians who commit crime, white men rape, kill, steal and so on, just as muslim men do, but just because the white man does that we do not blame it on christianity because christianity doesnt teach you to commit sin now does it?

    If michael jackson did convert to islam, its not supposed to do anything for you. dont be so selfish. But yes it is supposed to open your eyes. Muslims want people to convert only because we know they wont be punished. The quran clearly states that the disbelievers are the fires fuel in hell. So i hope michael did convert.

  13. As Muslims, we believe that if you are a disbeliever of Islam, you will be punished in the grave and you will not be granted heaven. If Michael Jackson or Princess Diana did convert to Islam, just before there death, then they are truly lucky. I say this because Allah will wipe there sins clean and they will be in heaven for all eternity. So that is why Muslims think it is important. Michael Jackson was such a good guy, he changed the world! Look how much he gave to charity. He deserves to rest in peace and I hope Allah has forgiven him for changing his face. Subhan’ Allah!

  14. This site very fantastic and educational !!

  15. The article is written with a clear intention that the problem in west China is being fomented by USA under the garb of human right violations in the Xinjiang province, but her real motive is to check the economic growth of China, therefore, Muslims ought to remain calm and quiet. This is a favorable suggestion for the Chinese but it does not mean that it will allow Kashmir like situation to happen there where Kashmiri Pandits have been compelled to become refugees in their own country, instead it will continue to encourage Hans migration there to ensure complete integration of the area with mainland China. China will not take risk like India to maintain the cultural identity of the people living there. The power balance in the world has changed due to which Muslims in the world want to keep China on their side, which is helpful to it to fulfill its ongoing plan of changing the demography in its devour through Hans migration in the area. It is my sincere advice to Govt of India to take lesson from China to solve Kashmir problem in the same manner. Don’t miss the opportunity. The era of duel game is now over in the world.

  16. What a nonsense comment!!!
    OF course high profile people always have a big impact over people all over the world and make them think on the truth that Islam as a religion is. Can’t you imagine that millions of fans Michael had in every part of the world would learn that he found inner peace in Islam. I don’t mean to say that Islam benefits from his conversion but he would certainly have influenced the people that‘s as simple as that. Besides: that since he was such a goodhearted person we do not want him to have trouble in his grave and go to hell forever coz everything about his world has finished now for him, nothing can help him now, not his fun, not his money, not the title, nothing! but only ALLAH. If he found Islam in his heart even in his last days, we do believe ALLAH Almighty may bless him His mercy although his non believer family is still putting his body to torment. He will surely find peace with ALLAH (Insh’ Allah). AND ANOTHER POINT IS THAT HE IS THE ONLY WESTERN PERSON WHO GOT A LOT OF PRAYERS ( FATIHA’S) FROM MUSLIMS AND THIS IS SOMETHING ONLY ALLAH PERTMITS TO HAPPEN.

  17. REAL FACT: Princess Diana and Michael Jackson NEVER did convert to become Muslim!

    • Yes they DID, go check out the evidence. which is available everywhere on the net.

  18. They both converted into islam, people out there are just feeling bad about why islam is such a peaceful religion. Most people dont know about the beauty of islam because they dont know what it is.

  19. Islam teaches parity and peace among all mankind. Islam does not incline Muslims to hate non-Muslims which is why there has been a tremendous manifest of an increasing number of non-Muslims now joining the true religion that Islam is. Why? Because they find Islam religion of peace which it truly is.
    In the Philippines alone, where the Christians dominated the country in Asia, hundreds and thousands of Christian Catholics are now reverting to Islam, but media outfits refuse to publish this, rather they call these new Muslims as terrorists who deserve to be imprisoned and punished..Soon the time will come when all Christians in the Philippines will be back to the fold of Islam thus turning it as a Muslim nation in Asia. Look at the people, who hate Islam, they flagrantly attack Muslims in different ways almost everywhere on the globe but in site of this Islam is expanding even in the very heart of those Christian countries who day and night attack Islam and its followers.

    • I appreciate your visit and comments. Thank you

      • I’m just surprised when I read that princess Diana died after she embraced Islam.

  20. Perhaps they converted in to Islam due to the fact that they wanted to enjoy the pleasure of Polygamy and polyandry.

    • What nonsense Dr. AKT, in the world of celebrity polygamy is already being practiced on a large scale. For this they don’t need to change their faith.
      Islam allows four wives under certain conditions. On the other hand non believers have one wife (which they must as per law) but many “unofficial wives” which they keep beyond the law. As far polyandry in Islam such a concept is absolutely unconceivable. When you make such statements that are totally incorrect, highly prejudiced and a mere imagination of your foul mind, you start ranting against Islam and the Muslims.
      For your information, many Hindus in India do indulge in polyandry and these husbands not only include humans but even animals like dogs. See the YouTube videos that Mr. Farjaad2 sent in here
      In case you haven’t read these comments, here is what he says: For your these embarasssing-2-urself arguments, I have nothing to say but to show
      The problem with the Hindus is that they blame Pakistan for the very things they are guilty of such as terrorism, intolerance and inbreeding etc.
      Here are the links on Hindu inbreeding:
      Hindu women marry their uncles, grandmothers, cousins and dogs too.

      This one is the most heinous. An old woman account of how her husband was butchered by Hindus:
      This tells us beyond any doubt the Hindu “sense” of life.
      Tiwari, you should do your homework before making ridiculous statements.

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    Your writing style is awesome, keep doing what you’re doing!

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    my breakfast coming again to read additional news.

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