Obama’s extraordinary achievement in Iraq [2 of 2]

The political, economic and moral implications of this military disaster could haunt us for years to come

The United States is leaving Iraq. It is not leaving because it accomplished its mission of replacing a hostile regime in that country with a friendly regime. America is leaving because the Iraqis are kicking America’s soldiers out. The U.S. has replaced one hostile regime in Iraq with another hostile regime.



by Latheef Farook


Later reports emerged of the US military using banned napalm, poison gas and other outlawed weapons to kill innocent civilians. Hundreds of “melted” bodies proved that the napalm gas had been used. Residents said “Americans used everything – tanks, artillery, infantry, poisonous gas and other non-conventional weapons to raze Fallujah to the ground.

They used these weird bombs that put up smoke like a mushroom cloud. Then small pieces fell from the air with long tails of smoke behind them. Pieces of these bombs exploded into large fires that burnt the skin even when water was thrown on the burns. Phosphorous weapons as well as napalm are known to cause such effects and people suffered so much from these.    

There has been nothing like the attack on Fallujah since the Nazi invasion and occupation of much of the European continent— the shelling and bombing of Warsaw in September 1939 and the terror bombing of Rotterdam in May 1940. All the talk about precision bombing in Iraq is dust thrown in the public’s eyes.

Nearly 4,500 American fighters died before the last U.S. troops crossed the border into Kuwait. David Hickman, 23, of Greensboro, North Carolina, was the last of those war casualties, killed in November by the kind of improvised bomb that was a signature weapon of this war.

Bush dispatched harmless young American soldiers, with their full lives ahead of them, to kill Iraqis and in the process, around 4,500 Americans, were killed and around 30,000 young American men, some married with families, returned home maimed, burnt, mentally crippled and destined to suffer for the rest of their lives. 

Besides the pain of being physically disabled, the conscience of these young men, burning inside their minds, were also haunted by the ghosts of the innocent Iraqis they killed, tortured, maimed and raped. Haunted by the blood they spilled and all that they did and saw in Iraq – burnt out corpses of  innocent Iraqis and their loved ones, screams of the suffering, cries of limbless children, weeping widows and fatherless daughters, they scream in sleepless nights in different corners of America.

While they will have to live with this agony for the rest of their lives, what about the pathetic plight of the mothers, wives and children and other loved ones who need to put up with the agony of these young American men for the rest of their Lives?   

During this, darkest of dark hour the helpless Iraqis expected their Arab brothers to protect them. Instead, Egypt stood fully behind Bush and Blair while Saudi Arabia supplied the American troops with petrol and airport facilities to bomb the Iraqis.

Today the entire Iraqi population remains traumatised and the obscene images of crimes cry out to the Heavens for vengeance.  

Iraq’s infrastructure is in ruins. There is lawlessness everywhere with sectarian thugs and gangs funded by America and its puppet regime virtually running the show, driving terror among people already subjected to unbearable sufferings.

Iraq today is a country of two million widows and five million orphans many of whom are homeless and living in streets. Almost a third of Iraq’s children suffer from malnutrition. Some 70 per cent of Iraqi girls no longer go to school. Medical services, once the best in the region, do not meet minimum standards. There are an estimated 1.5 million widows in the country, 10 percent of Iraq’s female population.

The poverty rate has risen from 15 percent before the war and occupation to 55 percent today, with a quarter of the population living in extreme poverty. More than two and half million Iraqis, 20,000 of them doctors, are in refugee camps in neighbouring countries, four million Iraqis are refugees in their own country while more than half the population suffer from starvation. Iraqi society and infrastructure have been destroyed, drinking water polluted, power supply disrupted while schools, hospitals and other places are all in shambles.

According to website Information Clearing House   the number of people killed up to Monday 19 December 2011 include Iraqis “1,455,590″, and the U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,801.

The wars cost U.S. taxpayers an estimated $4 trillion- $ 80 billion a year over a period of 50 years. This comes at a time when around 65 million Americans survive on food stamps.

The often-raised question is: why has the international community, which prosecuted Slobodan Milosevic, and issued arrest warrant on Sudan’s President Omar al Bashir for war crimes, not brought war crime charges against George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and others for their crimes against humanity in Iraq?

These are the great democracies and their elected leaders who preach human rights and blackmail smaller nations.

This is what Bush described as “mission accomplished” and extraordinary achievement”?  George Bush invaded Iraq to fulfill the 2500 year old Jewish dream to destroy Iraq.  Who benefitted by this medieval style barbarity?

Certainly not the innocent American people but Jewish lobbies, weapons industry, oil companies, banking  and finance sector and other corporate conglomerates who constitute what is now being described as the  ONE PERCENT of American society.

The irony is that these crimes were committed with the shameful collaboration of Arab dictators in Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.  It is this very same America   preaching human rights and accusing others of war crimes.

Latheef Farook is a senior journalist who, after working for almost ten years in the Ceylon Daily News and the Ceylon Observer, led a group of journalists to Dubai in 1979 to relaunch Gulf News. He returned home after a quarter century working in the Gulf and is now based in Colombo. His email sanagency@yahoo.com

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  1. Blood is after all blood whether it is of man or animal .

    STOP IT !
    STOP IT !

    I know the above demand or desire is unrealistic so is the unrealistic aim of the article .

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