The Great Game- Renewed – I.5

“Tim Osman” was the name assigned to Osama bin Laden by the CIA for his tour of the U.S. and U.S. military bases, in search of political support and armaments. […] There is some evidence that Tim Osman … visited the White House. There is certainty that Tim Osman toured some U.S. military bases, even receiving special demonstrations of the latest equipment. Why hasn’t this been reported in the major media…? The answer is that the US is now obsessed by the Afghan war i.e. operation Geronimo, and therefore the western media too put a blind eye to OBL’s days with the CIA.




by Hassan Rizvi


He allowed a free hand to the CIA approved Wahabi Islamic doctrine to gain a firm foothold in Pakistan. Passing pro-Islamic legislation, he allowed FIB (Faisal Islamic bank) to start Islamic banking systems, and created Islamic courts. Most importantly, he imposed a new religious tax which was used to create tens of thousands of madrassas, or religious boarding schools, where “Islamic text books’ printed in USA and approved by CIA were taught. These schools would be used to train and indoctrinate a large portion of future Islamic militants using courses developed in the USA.

“Radical Islamist ideology began to permeate the military and the influence of the most extreme groups crept into the army,” writes journalist Kathy Gannon in her book ‘I is for Infidel’. The BBC later commented that Zia’s “Islamization” policies created a “culture of jihad” within Pakistan that continues until present day. Meanwhile ISI took over to continue the field work and launched a massive campaign of terrorism, assassinating hundreds of teachers and civil servants in Afghanistan.”

For Iran, in November 1978 former Under Secretary of State George Ball was appointed as advisor to President Carter! This is most amazing for he was known to hold the view that the US should drop support for the Shah of Iran in favor of the radical Islamist opposition of Ayatollah Khomeini. Later during his exile The Shah would note with bitter hind sight,” It should have been clear to me that the Americans wanted me out. What else was I to make of the Administration’s sudden decision to call George Ball as advisor on Iran?”

Image right: Agha Shahi – the then Foreign Secretary of Pakistan, Lt. General [R] Mujib ur Rehman [Zia’s Advisor on Information], Zbigniew Brzezinski [National Security Advisor to the then US President], US President Jimmy Carter, and American Backed Military Dictator General Ziaul Haq.

For Al-Qaeda around 1978-79 (the details are fuzzy) Osama Bin Laden visited the US and Britain -or both -ostensibly for the treatment of his son Abdul Rahman born with hydrocephalus. However the required treatment-an operation – was never carried out. More likely he went there to get his final briefs first hand!


Ayatollah Khomeini returned from exile in France on January 16, 1979.By February Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi is deposed and Ayatollah Khomeini took over as Iran’s new leader. At first the US was taken aback by the new fundamentalist Islamic government, and Brzezinski contemplated a military coup to stop Khomeini.

In March, there was a major revolt in Herat province. Russian Intelligence noted that it had support from outside-particularly Iran. This convinced Brzezinski that Khomeini was fiercely anti-communist, and he soon decided that Iran’s new government can become part of his “arc of crises. The US embassy remained open, and more US officials came to Iran to begin tentative talks. The CIA started working (re-working) with Iranian intelligence to destabilize the pro-Soviet government in Afghanistan.

By April 1979, US officials start having their first meetings in Pakistan with opponents of the Afghan government. Robert Gates –a junior officer then, but later to become CIA Director – recalls that in one such meeting on March 30, 1979, Under Secretary of Defense Walter Slocumbe wondered aloud whether there is “value in keeping the Afghan insurgency going, ‘sucking the Soviets into a Vietnamese quagmire.’”

In May, a CIA special envoy also meets these Afghan Mujahideen leaders at Peshawar. All of them have been carefully selected by the Pakistani ISI. One of them is Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a drug dealer, and brutal warlord. His extreme ruthlessness is considered a plus. Over the next 10 years over half of all US aid to the Mujahedeen will go to his faction. In June /August there are further large scale army mutinies within Afghanistan.

According to the official US version CIA aid to the Mujahideen began after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan. However President Carter had formally approved covert aid in July. And as Brzezinski’s confessed later on: “that very day, I wrote a note to the president in which I explained to him that in my opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention”. Charles Cogan, who later headed the CIA covert aid program to Afghanistan, will call Carter’s approval on 6th July a “very modest beginning to US involvement.” In fact, this is not correct because the’ Safari Club’ along with the ‘rogue CIA’ had been aiding the rebels since well before 1978.

Meanwhile, Hafizullah Amin overthrows Daud in a military coup in October 1979, and invites the Soviets.

In early November 1979, Brzezinski had secretly met with Iranian Prime Minister Mehdi Bazargan, as well as Iran’s foreign minister and defense minister, in Algiers. But shortly before the meeting, the US agrees to allow the Shah, dying with cancer, to come to the US for medical treatment. Khomeini is enraged, and on November 4, just three days after the Algeria meeting begins, students take over the US embassy in Teheran. Brzezinski’s (Safari Club’s?) attempts to create an alliance with Khomeni’s Iran collapse.

On December 8, 1979 the Soviets invaded Afghanistan; surprisingly on December 26 Russian troops turn against the invitee and kill him! Later declassified high-level Russian documents show that the Russian leadership believed Amin to have had secret contacts with the US embassy and was probably a US agent; and that because of this “the right wing Muslim opposition” has “practically established their control in many provinces… using foreign support.”

They therefore installed a communist regime led by Babrak Karmal which was openly hostile to Pakistan. The Russians will later be proved correct when in a 1998 interview, Brzezinski, revealed that earlier in the year Carter authorized the CIA to destabilize the government, provoking the Russians to invade and later topple Amin’s government! It seems Russia had been invited into Afghanistan by a Khomeini cultivated US agent – even though Iran was no more a part of the team!

Brzezinski wrote a memo to President Jimmy Carter after the Soviet invasion suggesting that success in Afghanistan could give the Soviets access to the Indian Ocean. He advised that US should continue aid to the Afghan Mujahideen. He also added, “This means more money as well as arms shipments to the rebels and some technical advice.” He concludes the memo with, “[W]e must both reassure Pakistan and encourage it to help the rebels. This will require a review of our policy toward Pakistan, more guarantees to it, more arms aid, and alas, a decision that our security problem toward Pakistan cannot be dictated by our nonproliferation policy.” Carter accepted Brzezinski’s advice. Pakistan would be rewarded to become a nuclear power in exchange for help in implementing Brzezinski doctrine of Islamic Militancy!

Over the next decade CIA and Saudi Arabia would channel a huge amount of money through ISI, (estimates range up to $40 billion total for the war) to support the Mujahideen guerrilla fighters opposing the Russians, forcing the USSR into a decade-long war which it could ill afford. It was as Brzezinski insisted, a war that brought about “The demoralization and finally the collapse of the Soviet Empire”. In my next article I shall show how this covert operation involving ‘radical Islamist militants’ was developed and implemented by CIA.

[This concludes the first part of this series of posts. To continue reading the second part, click here].

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  1. (Notice new blog address:
    “No Sunglasses.” It seems that I have pissed someone off, so temporarily, I hope, I have been banned from posting.)

    Keeping the Profit In Oil and Persistent War
    By: Peter Chamberlin

    The accelerating pace of events in south and central Asia suggest that we are nearing the end of the “nice guy” phase in the terror war, where the need to keep-up appearances is overridden by military considerations.

    Until now, everything done by America or her allies has been marked by a need to maintain the appearance of “political correctness.” Nobody was allowed to reveal shocking information, or act in ways that revealed the Empire’s end game, which would require a big push, a major “surge.” It has always been the plan that when optimum conditions were achieved, a major military push would be required, to achieve the goals which were out of diplomacy’s reach. That deadly moment is upon us.

    Everything that is planned for us relies on the principle of duality, two tracks are followed toward every important goal. The two tracks alternate between confrontation and cooperation with each other, sometimes they are allies, sometimes they are enemies. We see this most clearly in the multiple dramas that play-out before us, disguised as the “war on terror.”

    Our brilliant, conniving planners understand how to play both sides in every conflict. This fact explains why countries like Pakistan and India would cooperate in their own demise. (SEE: Committing Treason for a Piece of the Pie) This also explains the Russian cooperation with American plans in its former satellites, such as Kyrgyzstan, where American agents have just undone the first “Tulip revolution” with a second revolution, with Russia’s help. Together they have divided the Kyrgyz people and lit the fuse for more upheaval in neighboring countries. Putin sees it as a chess match with Obama and Brzezinski, risking everything for the sake of promised profits.

    Concerning the issue of the pipeline wars, every nation that is involved in any way, is destined for a great disappointment, if American plans for them bear fruit. Who knows, tomorrow they might actually get the pleasure of seeing American oil companies drowning in oil and gas profits, in a devastated world where the majority of people worry more about food than fuel. In exchange for enduring world war III, very few nations will profit. With or without Unocal’s new pipelines, there will be gas at the pumps, priced as high as the market will bear.

    The US military has invested heavily in creating a panic atmosphere, concerning the so-called “peak oil” issue. Because the American military seems to be worried about tomorrow’s fuel, “peak oil” concerns are given legitimacy and a personal sense of urgency that would not otherwise be possible. Military leaders seem more concerned with ensuring that war remains profitable than in filling an actual need. When the time for the big military push comes, many people will accept it as a necessary evil, even though common sense would otherwise tell them to resist war aggression.

    The planned pipelines from Georgia to Turkey and from Turkmenistan to Pakistan rely on achieving a balance between bribery and intimidation, to maintain an image of American benevolence, in order to gain the permission of every potential pipeline country government just long enough to build the energy conduit and establish security. After that, resistance will be impossible. This plan cannot succeed by diplomacy alone, because of the natural divisions of tribes, nationalities and religion. For this reason, the military must have its big push, its “surge,” to grab the great prize.

    So you have the two tracks of military force and diplomacy coercing and cajoling the targeted nations into compliance with our plans. The message that is communicated between them is—“Deal with us, or be broken.” It is that simple, yet it is so complex. Pakistan, more than any other nation, understands the two faces of America. American aid comes with the understanding that the Pakistani Army would wage war upon its own people. In order to gain access to American aid, Pakistan supports a war on terror that intends to divide and occupy large sections of the country along the transit route.

    The illusion that American forces will withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq next year brings political support to Obama and the Democrats, who are portrayed as weak by his right-wing critics. Obama needs a strong military victory before this November’s Congressional elections—the only question is where he will choose to make his stand with America’s worn-out military forces. Without gaining undeniable access to either Pakistan or Iran, no pipeline plans can go forward.

    In ‘Final Solution’ Frenzy – Part Four: Final Solution for Pakistan, the central Asian reporters point to a confluence of strategic factors which may indicate new drastic military action taking place after July. Considering the quality of their past research, their warnings should be taken seriously. Their research has given teeth to accusations of CIA involvement in the Mumbai attacks and foreign destabilization of Balochistan, especially significant are their reports of a Russian/US/Indian alliance against Pakistan.

    Much has been written about the US/Indian efforts to destabilize Pakistan, especially via Afghan rebuilding projects, but practically nothing has been written about the Russian/American partnership to destroy the nation we know as Pakistan. If all goes according to plans, Russia will have her revenge for the jihadi humiliation and American oil companies will have another slice of the pie.

    Thanks to the American-Russian-Indian troika, the drug-running Northern Alliance has been revived and given control over Afghanistan’s government, its army and national police force, in order to wage war against Afghanistan’s Pashtun population. In the American vision, all Pashtun are all considered to be “Taliban.” When the monstrous tubular monuments to American materialism are finally constructed on Pashtun land, Unocal and their oily friends will have the last laugh on the Taliban.

    The saddest part about this entire sick, opportunistic scenario is that, if all goes according to plan, the majority of the earth’s people will feel gratitude towards America and everybody involved, even though they gained nothing for the struggle and the suffering that they would not have already had, regardless of whether the pipelines were built now or twenty years from now. All that luscious smelly gas would have continued to flow from those gas pumps, no matter what.

    This whole swindle, war and all, was never really necessary; the only positive outcome will be the increased profits for a few hundred trillionaires. We, who survive the game, will gain nothing more than our wisdom for lessons learned, but what good does this knowledge do any of us now?

    How does foresight, or deeper insight, help us today, as we stand on the threshold of a major war escalation? If knowledge is the greatest form of resistance, then how can we translate knowledge of American intentions into effective forms of resistance? What actions could be taken to oppose plans for Asian conquest?

    Any effective action would consist of defusing trigger points, which are integral parts of the surge plan. A trigger point is any situation that can inflamed through social agitation. Cases in point would be the Kyrgyz revolution, or the Moscow bombings, which could have easily caused a miscalculation by government or local leaders that caused violence to spiral out of control. Any sane or moral individual would recognize the inherent danger in such a situation and would naturally move to help calm tensions. The problem in this scenario is the provocateur. There will be plenty of agitators on hand to thwart anybody seeking to keep heads cool.

    We all have moral choices to make, as we see the impending escalation of this unnecessary criminal war—When our moment of testing comes, will we give our consent to this ongoing atrocity, or will we find ways to resist? I am sick with the certainty that this moment of testing is much closer than most of us dare to think.

    1. Pakistan is a nuclear state and Iran is desparatly trying to aquire it . Since India is an accepted nuclear power to the world community and every one knows it very well that it has been developed not for use but for deterrence .not against the Pakistan but against the other big powers . The nuclear Pakistan has never been a matter of concern to India due to simple reason that we have more muslim population than Pakistan and the size of Pakistan is too small to indulge in such misendevour with India .Now USA and its allies are working for easy access to the natural resouces of central Asia and middle east .This can be only possible by having full control on both Pakistan and Iran actions in the region therefore they know the value of their presence in Afghanistan .In the present scenario the role of India,China and Russia is very clear .They will remain comfertable by keeping a nutral position till a new power balance could emerge to ensure stability in the region and that will be only possible after the solusion of the Kashmir issue .

    1. Thanx Peter for your message informing me about your Truck Art Project. Some years ago, a former colleague and a friend of mine Umair Ghani had undertaken an exploratory journey to cover the truck art of Pakistan. This was an interesting as well as pretty absorbing piece on this subject.

      I can of course link up your website with that piece so that people who are primarily focussed on this famous art show, on the roads of Pakistan can access your site straightaway from that post.

      But before I do that, I would like to know a bit more about your project i.e. how and where are you doing this, where are you holding your exhibition, will it be in Islamabad too (I am based in Rawalpindi, Bahria Town so it would be quite convenient for me to visit your expo and then may be I can put up some of your images which I have indeed found much fascinating, on my blog.

      Perhaps you can send me your contact # so that I can speak to you directly. My mob # is 0322 4038774


      Dr. Nayyar Hashmey Editor

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