Arresting Taliban to Cover America’s Ass [4 of 4]

American born al Qaeda militant Adam Gadahn. The daily Telegraph of London reports the arrest of Adam Gadahn as a major victory for the US-led battle against al-Qaeda and follows the recent detentions of several Afghan Taliban commanders in Karachi, including the movement’s No 2 commander. US officials did not immediately confirm Gadahn’s capture. Photo: REUTERS



by Nayyar Hashmey


I agree with what Peter says in first 3 paragraphs of his story. [You will find these paras before the image of former Guantanamo Bay detainee Binyam Mohamed]

Actually it is a love-hate relationship between US and Pakistan. When interests are in full sync, they turn into love. When, rivalry, though to call it rivalry will  rather be a big word as Pakistan can neither be a rival to America nor it can aspire to, so let’s call it a clash of interests, it then becomes a ‘hate’ relationship. But I personally think it’s all a humbug.

The Pak politicians adopt a posture i.e. of indifference, anti-US or something like a ‘hate’ feeling towards Washington, mostly to avoid a sudden backlash by the people of Pakistan, who never did benefit from Pakistan’s “most allied ally” of the United States of America relationship whether it was the honeymoon period between Washington and Islamabad or was a period of interests’ conflict which in any way never benefited the people.

Our leaders though do orchestrate a massive display of such signs as “Thank you America” when they feel benefited from this relationship and when they feel of being “bossed” by the officials from the State department, then these billboards are replaced  by “Yankees go home” or “Down with America” shoutings and signs.

In the following two paragraphs [You can see these paras below the image of Binyam Mohamed], again Pete is right. It’s both. The State department/CIA guys perhaps wanted to bypass the Paks which of course means its high ups in the ISI, who seem to have signaled the CIA that if you could talk to the Taliban at our cost, then we can do ‘this’ as well. Secondly there has been a good number of news as well that US having been forced to strategize steps by which she could avoid heavy losses to its forces, then its worth considering buying them out.

And Jeff I wish to share something personally with you and the readers that I have blood relations; from my maternal side with the Pashtuns and I know that some tribal leaders are terribly lusty so could be that Americans identified such elements in Taliban leadership and it is possible that with hefty sums Americans might have been able to persuade these ‘ISI assets’ why fight with us when we can offer you something better than what the other side is offering.

Through this process Am’s could have not only bought these assets but would have extracted their links as well. So here too Peter is quite logical and right and this is what he refers to in his following paragraph.

Quote: “The true meaning of the arrests can be ascertained from the timing of the events.  It may have been primarily an American/Pakistani operation to isolate Taliban leaders who had either negotiated with the British, or had been held at Guantanamo.  British courts had taken up the case of Binyam Mohamed and American officials publicly stated that disclosing classified information about US abuse of this detainee would damage intelligence cooperation between the agencies of the two nations”. Unquote.

In the successive part of his article, where he has detailed the name of major Taliban leaders, I don’t know much about the others but one Mullah Rocketi in Afghanistan’s northern belt, had put the Taliban after 2001; and this included Taliban from Pakistan also who were packed into steel barrels and fire was alighted beneath these barrels. It was reported that when the sealed humanware in the barrels rocked during the bodies burning process [roasted], the sadistic Mullah enjoyed the scene like the old Romans enjoyed the tearing of slaves’ bodies by hungry lions in the coliseum of Rome.

My further information especially where he has  time-lined the events, and his subsequent  views is much limited, hence unable to comment on this aspect. But what he says in the paragraphs following this part, I fully endorse his views.

The paragraphs one above the image of Hafiz Saeed and the other following the same image, are fully endorsed too.

On his information regarding ISI’s involvement in using the Taliban for inter sectarian riots and other acts of terror, again my information in this regard is also much limited, hence unable to comment further on this aspect too.

My further information especially where he has  time lined the events, is also much limited, hence unable to comment on this aspect of the story. But what he says in the subsequent paragraphs, I fully endorse his views.

Again what he says in the paragraphs one above the image of Hafiz Saeed and the other following the same image, I fully agree with him.

On his information regarding ISI’s involvement in using the Taliban for inter sectarian riots and other acts of terror, again my information in this regard is much limited, hence unable to comment further on this aspect of the story.

Coming to his analysis on Rigi’s arrest by Iranian authorities, and ISI role in this regard seems to me too as valid one and therefore, I agree with him in this regard.

Peter’s assessment about the central Asian drama seems to be the most pragmatic part of the story, Central Asia. If you combine Balochistan with Afghanistan  and with Central Asia, the new great game starts unfolding before you, as this is the area which holds strategic position for every one i.e. Pakistan, China. India, Russia and the West.

As regards his assessment on Americans opting for Hekmatyar’s role, it could be so, but I doubt Americans would be ready so soon to come to an understanding with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. First, because he is a highly qualified Mullah (unlike others who though have an ever burning flame of Islamic Jihad in them like Mullah Umar etc., yet are academically poor).

In contrast Hekmatyar has been teaching at a University and had a very close relation with Pakistan’s Jamat-e-Islami. He is quite a formidable factor in the current drama going on in Afghanistan. But as always the case is, in war games nobody comes to ‘talking’ until and unless one is forced to. If the Americans do not have any other possible alternative, the scenario presented by Peter may very well hold.

Now about the part regarding the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan. The TTP is reported to have been behind the terror attacks in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Peshawar. These acts of terror included the suicide bombings as well. And being Muslim, howsoever bad he may be, he can never think, I repeat, even think of attacking some body in a mosque. It’s as simple as that. No Hindu would attack a Mandir and no Sikh would even think of such act /s in a Gurdwara. This is possible only when such an undertaking is either a false flag or otherwise some lunatic may do this. In later case there can be some singular incident but not on such a large scale as they have done it in Pakistan.

I am in full agreement with Peter’s analysis as presented by him in the last part of his story. [This starts from the paragraph where he mentions about president Obama having taken over administration in White House.]

And with this, I conclude my comments on Peter Chamberlin’s highly useful and analytical coverage of this most recent event (of an on-going saga of so called war on terror). Once again peace be to you all.


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35 replies to “Arresting Taliban to Cover America’s Ass [4 of 4]

  1. Thank you so much Dr. Hashmey!

    I want you to understand how very valuable you’re opinions are to me regarding these purposeful conflicts that we Americans are involved in.

    As an American, with children and grandchildren I believe all of us have a duty to understand what it is that’s being done globally in our names since American soldiers are certainly killing people using my name, even if I disagree with the killing.

    So to have and understand the perspective from someone living in the middle of it all and someone I can communicate with also, is invaluable and I can’t thank you enough.

    It’s difficult but not impossible for me to follow these events but I’m trying to do so. There are many various groups involved.

    What I do know is that between the intelligence communities involved, the CIA, Mossad, MI5, ISI and RAW and even the Chinese and Russian intelligence organizations, there MUST BE collusion amongst them to create chaos. That’s what they do.

    I have what I consider two very close and valuable Muslim friends. One in Pakistan, you, and one in England. My British friend is a Catholic convert to Islam. I love you both. Both of you have told me unequivocally that Islam is a peaceful religion and I knew that already but your words reinforce my belief.

    It’s the injection of outside influences that have caused this death and destruction and I really wish our soldiers and intelligence people would just come home. If Pakistan only had to work with Pakistan progress could be made.

    As always I wish you good health and happiness.

  2. Peace some time essentialy preceeded by power polarization against the enemy of peace .that is what going on .Ultimatly peace will prevail and a respected exit of all foreign forces will be possible from Afghanistan as it is happening in Iraq but it will take time and its own course . This realization is quickly percolating among all concerned but the rate is slow becouse of the adverse role of the so called intellectuals.

  3. @ Peff …Who will not deplore the killing but it is the interpretation which works to sadow the pain of one side or the other in our heart .Your learned Pakistani friend has a unipue skill of interpretation with a firm believe that his attempt will yield a positive impact on the reader but the reality is just opposite to it . For eg. When he says a muslim . a hindu or a Sikh can not explode in mosque .in temple or in Gurudwara respectivily .It is baseless to mention when it is a fact that terrorists belong to no religion and therefore deserves to be eleminated .That is what going on .It is not a war against any religion , creed ,colour or country therefore one can also contribute through the use of power of his pen for saving the life of innocent people and to eleminate such enemy of humanity .It is not only spying agencies of different countries but entire world appears to be in coalition . Now their game is over .Non state acters will be not allowed to exist .It is the resolve of world community at the floor of UN .

      1. Since I use mobile phone for the purpose therefore many a times such errors remain due to small size of the laters.I hope our readers are kind enough to ignore such errors….Yes, I konw it is not the excuse, Sorry Jeff.

    1. @ Dr. Tewari,
      Its exactly what I wanted to convey that terrorists have no color, caste, or creed. If they do have something called creed, then its only the hate and the destruction they can cause. I stress once again, no Muslim, not even a bad Muslim like me, would even think of an attack in a mosque. Its possible only when its a false flag or otherwise an insane would do it..

  4. Dr Tewari,

    I would suggest that the terrorists, as has Dr. Hashmey, are CIA, Mossad, MI5, ISI, RAW and others with distinct financial and military interests in the area and that suicide bombers are misguided by covert intelligence operations.

  5. Hello, all. Here I thought that this latest article had no effect. Dr. Hashmey has a powerful intellect and a very large heart, I should have known that he would dissect it to reveal its merit, if any.
    The games of the secret agencies will be the death of us all, if we let them. I believe that this is perhaps mankind’s greatest moment of testing, whether we deserve to live our lives as free men, or not. If we rise to the challenge of the moment–unraveling the multiple great games (psyops) that the agencies have trapped us all in–then we will have proven ourselves worthy to be called “men” and not something far less.
    The Wahabi “Islam” that the CIA and ISI and their friends have forced upon the trusting souls of Pakistan and Afghanistan is NOT from God, but is a terrorist political science devised by CIA mind controllers. The brainwashing that is the central part of this pseudo-religion creates both suicide bombers and renegade false-leaders.
    The groundwork has already been done to carry this false-religion and all its attendant woes into Central Asia–the grand prize of all the schemers. I predict that concentrating on stopping the next phase of the great game plans will force us to temporarily oppose any new realignment of American/Pakistani forces that allows American troops a free hand to destabilize Central Asia.

    1. @ Peter Chamberlin,
      Thanks for your comments on this blog. I really feel honored to see you here.

      The subject you have touched in this post is of very special significance to us in Pakistan because we along with Afghanistan are suffering the most.

      What is happening in Pakistan nowadays is a spillover of what’s happening in Afghanistan. But as all of us agree, we must strive to awaken the general public [wherever they are, whoever they may be] who perhaps might not be aware of the coming dangers which this beautiful planet is facing at the hands of the players of the coming new great game in Central Asia and as I have already said, the agenda of this new game is destabilization of Central Asia which starts right from the holy land (Palestine) to Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and finally the former Soviet Republics.

  6. @ Cham .The space provided to you is not by the gentle-man pointed by I dont know how much space he has in his heart but the fact is it that it has been provided by World Press . My experience is some thing else .Any way,.I personaly feel benifited and hounered to read your comment on this blog..

  7. GREAT commentary here. I’ve linked this article on Facebook via commentary and in personal emails to friends.


    1. @ Jeff Prager,
      Thanks Jeff, You are doing a lot of favor to me, to other readers as well as to those friends with whom you are in contact at Facebook. I personally believe the words of truth & understanding should be scattered like fragrance of cool breeze in the spring which is very much in air these days.

      In spite of those horrible attacks on 12th of this month in Lahore, we feel the freshness, the fragrance and a liveliness amongst the people of Lahore who still move like any other day which is a sign to those prophets of hate and destruction that whatever they may conjecture, scheme or conspire, their designs are going to be frustrated at the very hands of the common citizenry whom they target every other day.

  8. @ jeff. Peace will have to prevail . Frame the term and condition . Your links could be helpful in this regard .

  9. I have always had a warm spot for Pakistan, since I have always felt somewhat responsible, at least partially, for the situation you guys face today. Many years ago I was a powerful advocate for Afghanistan and what you folks were doing to help them get free from the Communists. What has gone down since then is what compels me to act today, in my own way.
    Pakistan needs to be freed from the Imperial mission it has been saddled with. The way to do that is to free the truth from the many layers of lies which keep it hidden. The people have to stand-up to the American mercenary Army and refuse to be led in a new jihad expedition into Central Asia. The divide and conquer sectarian strategy that keeps you at each others’ throats is a cruel thing that cannot stand exposure. When the people of both our countries are allowed to see what we have together done and what we could do together now, government had better get out of the way.

  10. Peter, I hope people will eventually see that. I won’t hold my breathe and I’m getting older faster then people are waking up. Have you reread the preface or welcome or whatever it’s called on Sunglasses? I think I’m out of chewing gum too, but I’ve been out of gum for years and it continues to get worse. What you’re doing, what Dr. Hashmey is doing, what I’m doing and what others nationwide and worldwide isn’t working very well. I’m not discouraged but not fully hopeful either.

  11. @ Jeff…Respected Sir, I can undersand the depth of pain that you hve in your heart .We are also very afraid of about the situations of the probable future . The kye to peace rests with Muslims .Now it is up to them to prove that Islam is realy a religion of peace . At present this religion has a distorted image world wide .Religious intolrence is on the decline.Halal has been banned , Burka , and other Islamic signs are loosing respect . The concerned community is also puzzeled .They feel all these change is due to religious rivalary .where as the fact is entirely different . Let us try to put our bits and work FOR SAVE EARTH CAMPAIGN . Perhaps environmental concerns may give us a new way to solve our intricate problems .This sector can explode the job opportunities . The hands holding Gun will get engaged and there will be no firings .

  12. @ Peter, Jeff and all,

    Peter, I fully agree with all what you say and thank you indeed for your warm feelings for the people of Pakistan [I hope it’s for the people, not for our government/s for the dirty jobs done by our governments have seldom been in the interests of Pakistan].

    Many people here in Pakistan say Pakistan is for sale and they are not wrong. But they say it NOW. I experienced this many years ago.
    I was visiting then the National Assembly in Islamabad with a friend of my elder brother, late Syed Tahir Ahmad Shah [there are two posts on this blog about him].

    This man was a member of the Punjab Assembly and there along with him, I observed how each & every MNA had some thing in his hand by which he could benefit his relatives, friends, chamchas and people from the business community who had of course their vested interests to extract from the men in power.

    I experienced this many many years ago, and it was horrible to watch the extent to which our system had gone rotten and why our country needed & still needs a massive overhaul.

    Unfortunately this mess was created by our respective governments be they, the army men or the civilians and was an outcome of our civil /military leaders’ alliance with the AmBrits right from the start.
    But basically it were the Americans (who as representatives of the same Military Industry Complex) during the cold war came over here (after we had the army guys saying ‘yes sir’ to the Americans).

    Unfortunately this trend set by the Wardi walas was so luring, so juicy that the successive civilian setups, who succeeded the men in uniform also followed them blindly.

    Consequently we have now been so much entangled into this vicious web of ‘most allied alliance’ that revolutionary efforts would be required. And this is what all of us makes us to join hands.

    I agree with you Jeff when you say US ought to help countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan with the weapons of education, clean water, proper education, schools, jobs, sewage treatment, hospitals and medical centers, an honest legal system and total freedom of religion. [And as a matter of fact all developing countries need this too].

    As a Muslim I thank Allah that the lawyers’ protests and the resistance of the incumbent Chief Justice of Pakistan to the former dictator Gen. Pervez Musharraf has given a new life to our judiciary, so at least they now seem to have gotten rid of “the law of necessity”.

    I don’t know how long will it last, but change for the present at least is a blessing for we have seen in Pakistan the army generals’ illegal occupation of this country granted indemnities by our high courts as well as the federal court [through this notorious “law of necessity”].

    Of course people don’t need guns and bombs to fight, today against the Soviets, tomorrow against the Taliban, and then day after tomorrow against Iran or the Chinese or the Indians merely because CIA would wish them to do so.

    The people need equality and justice for all regardless of race, creed, color, sexual preference or religion. The answer is education alone.
    That probably won’t happen since the Powers That Be don’t want that to happen and we will witness terror far into the future. Many of us are fighting for freedom but many more fight against us. We have pens and keyboards and they have guns and bombs.
    But Jeff I have learnt from my teachers “Pen is mightier than the Sword”. And that conviction beckons me not to use swords. Neither do we wish, nor have we been tuned to nor under the magic spell of a megalomania which the governments in all countries under discussion create through the media and the state apparat, and thus fatten up their riches by the billions.

    And now about the second part of your comments:

    Please excuse me Jeff, but I would say let’s not be pessimistic, things are changing and they are changing at a fast pace as you yourself say but with the change coming, not every thing is turning rosy nor would it ever do, or turn into a paradise which we Muslims believe there is one in heavens [for people with noble deeds]. But in no way it means it should turn into a hell that it’s now.

    India finding every thing bad with the Pak’s, Pak’s finding every thing wrong with the Indians and then the AmBrits using the age old maxim of fuelling up differences; of religion, race, language, sects, caste and tribes between different countries, communities and ethnic groups just to mould them according to their own imperialistic designs.

    But in spite of all this I think we should never lose hope. I once again would say, things are not going to turn rosy soon, nor will they in the very near future.

    I would reproduce a story here that I studied long time back in my elementary school.

    This story is related to an old man sowing the seed of a mango tree into the soil. A boy comes to him and says “Baba Ji, [You grand old man!] you are so old & sowing this seed of mango but you won’t live longer enough to eat its fruit.”

    The old man smiled and said “I know it too, my young boy, till this tree is going to bear fruit, I will no more be there nor do I aspire to. I am planting this mango for my children and for you and you will sow one for your children to come to eat its fruits” So efforts count. Result as we Muslims say ‘Leave to God’, and as you would say being an atheist ‘if there is will there is a way’.

    And lastly, some borrowed words from the “About” page of a fellow blogger whom I discovered just yesterday. I also intend to put up a post from the blog [if she allows me] for readers of ‘Wonders of Pakistan’ site.

    “The absolutely unsolicited political opinions of a 40 something American female who is mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more! After watching a country I love struggle for the past 8 years, and watching fear and ignorance run rampant I decided I can’t keep quiet any longer”.

    The wonderful thing about a blog is it is mine, I don’t have to be politically correct, I don’t have to be diplomatic, I can be direct and to the point. If I step one toes…you know what that’s ok! There is too much at stake to be worried about offending somebody, and if I offend you, maybe I will also cause you to think, and if you think, then maybe things will change…

    Salam (Peace) to you and all my other readers.

    Nayyar Hashmey

  13. A wonderful commentary Nayyar and of course I’ve come to expect that balanced perspective from you which is what draws me back here with almost every post.

    The Baba Ji is right of course and as you might know I do have beautiful little grand babies. Two girls. And my one child, a girl too. So they will undoubtedly make even more babies and that’s why both of us fight on and keep hope in our hearts. The children that live on once we’ve departed.

    At the very same time I see the forces that we oppose as very, very evil. Motivated by power and money, things people such as ourselves understand but aren’t compromised by. We’re simpler people. We don’t need that power or that extraordinary affluence because we find happiness in the smaller things in life. Friendship is one of those things and that’s something we share having never met and remaining 1000s of miles apart. That’s the part of the human spirit that endures in the face of oppression and injustice motivated by fear and greed.

    This war won’t be soon over and to consider that it might would be myopic. Still, we all need to have hope and we all need to continue, if even in only a very small way, to write to educate the rest.

    I have to tell you, you do an outstanding job of it and I’m very proud to be associated with you, with this web site. I hope for more friends much like you in the years to come.


  14. Dr. Tewari,

    I hope you’re right. It would be a pleasure to see the hands with guns drop their guns and fight the war to save the environment.

    Also, yes, Islam has a black eye from the American propaganda machine, the British propaganda machine and the intelligence organizations of both countries. Let’s hope that the world can see that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, acceptance and justice. I know it is so there’s no reason the rest of the world can’t learn the same thing.


  15. @ Jeff ,. I know that it is against the norm to point out the draw back of any other religion but when it is well known to all of us then its not proper to blame the propaganda machines for the present state of muslim community world over .Where ever they are peace graduly departs from there . Why It is so . Let us think on this core issue ..If we continued to ignor the fact and hold responsible others due to moral obligations then the things will never change .

  16. How do we create the will to resist in both our peoples?
    How do we motivate people to join others who are actively resisting the Empire builders?
    The Internet has provided us with a two-edged sword, one that both cuts us and cuts for us. For every advantage it brings to our military masters (you know that they monitor every word we write and every site we visit), it brings us multiple opportunities to communicate and develop our research of what has been done to us and what is planned. There is a document floating around the net called Silent Weapons for a Quiet War, which reveals the schemes and machinations used to indirectly control our actions. Knowledge of such things provides us an understanding of how things like chaos theory and Hegelian dialectic are used to outwit us. It is nearly an impossible thing to explain our adversary’s actions, where they often take actions that appear contrary to their known intentions. The most glaring example of this is the creation of terrorists by those claiming to be fighting against terrorism. This is our government’s specialty. In light of efforts to intensify both patriotism and nationalism, it is easy to understand why so many people fight against the known truth, the message that we are all risking our lives to get across.
    Our revolution is against powers and principalities that hate truth and real human freedom. We cannot, and would not, fight our battle with the force of arms, unless it was in our own self-defense. We must act like the old grandfather, who plants the mangoe tree, knowing that he will never taste the fruit thereof, or emulate one of the heroic fathers of both our religions, Moses, who led the freed slaves to the Promised Land, but was never to enter himself. We must spread the seed of truth about what we have learned about our common past, so that those who survive our plucking-up will be enlightened. In their tasting the fruits of our knowledge, truth will grow within them, reinforced by the knowledge of the price that many of us will surely be forced to pay.
    We owe it to the future to use the knowledge that we have accumulated in our own searches, if only by posting it on Internet sites where it can be accessed by others. This is why I started There Are No Sunglasses and why I wrestle with my own thoughts to write something everyday
    Truth is a virus that cannot be contained.

  17. Hey All,

    Peter, it’s very difficult for us, at least it is for me. In an intellectual sense only because it’s exhausting to observe and justify the very common lack of knowledge and poor observational skills held by most of the populace and the burden that that presents.

    What you’re saying, in essence, is how does one fight a sinister foe when one doesn’t possess a sinister motive nor a wicked or nefarious demeanor and that’s understandable.

    Your answer is essentially to spread the truth and that of course can be a disheartening process because results are slow to be revealed.

    It seems to me that no matter what web site I access, whether mainstream or entirely obscure I’m able to log in which means that over the years I’ve managed to join almost everything, everywhere from Fox and the Washington Post to Sunglasses via WordPress.

    I’m retired and not long for this life but like you I’ll leave a legacy of information spread far and wide across the internet. That’s all any of us can do right now and naturally it’s crucial to maintain this thing, the internet, just as it is since that seems to be all we have to spread these critical, vital words.


  18. Truth… ,Let us forget this word for a while .Concetrate on ground reality .We have to be practical .A very thin line exist between biotic and abiotic entity so is between truth and false .Our eyes having poor resolution and hence we have to move where time will lead us .War against terrorist ,against non state actors is the only visible reality to the world .

  19. U@ jeff Peter and all concerned .Truth that we wanted to propagate has been over shadowed .The only religion grown in the lap of nature having a complete Dashan (not philosophy ) to develop a human community through its culture and tradition based on AHIMSHA (Non violence ), so to be in complete peace with nature .Those crushed us in the past are still crushing us .There is no change in their intensions .After Ajanta and Ellora the statue hunters again rejuvinating and have shown their presence in Afghnistan and else where .Modern armies of the world is in hunt of them and not us and certainly not thouse who believe in word -war and not in world- war .THEY ARE ALSO AIMING PEACE .Let’s hope that that some thing new will emerge out of on going events . Try give it a right direction so the cost we are paying could be minimised . Love will have to prevail not among us but with nature as well .

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