The Children In Connecticut; Not In Iraq

Coditions for Iraqi children worsen sharply in recent years as their humanitarian plight has fallen largely into neglect for focus on Iraq is not on the lives of Iraqis living day in, day out, with deprivation, with lack of food, with lack of medical supplies.
No! It is to give the occupation military a paycheck!
No! It is to give the puppet government a paycheck
No! It is to allow the puppet government to fly out of the country, and stay out, whenever they desire.
No! It is to allow the criminals in Washington, Democrat and Republican, who voted, and continue to vote for this genocide of a people, to survive in office.



To The Americans Who Are Questioning The Death Of The Children In Connecticut

“Madeline Albright; the former Secretary of State said, “killing of half a million children in Iraq was justified”. May we ask H O W?


by Nesreen Melek


Note for WoP readers: The forth coming piece of opinion from Nesreen Melek reminds me of the time when any of us sometime in his/her life, some time per force but more so out of one’s own choice has to live in a foreign land, you mostly have the pain, the anguish and the yearning for your homeland.

One may live for generations in a foreign land yet in spite of having one’s life in luxury, you remain foreign in a foreign land. Why, because the inborn love you have for your home, your mohalla, your street and above all your country haunts you where ever you go, wherever you stay, wherever you live.

I myself having lived for so many years out of Pakistan, though had all the worldly facilities, good salary, good perks and all that’s associated with developed countries highly advanced social living, still had always the same pain, same anguish same yearning for my dear homeland. I therefore can feel the feelings of a lady like Nesreen Melek who has so artfully depicted her’s in this piece.

Nesreen is an Iraqi woman, a mother and a poet. She lives in Canada but with an abiding love and devotion to her homeland, Iraq.

In Axis of Logic blog Nesreen is described in following words:-

It is very easy for us to become caught up in our busy-ness, working to end a war in a land we have never seen. Nesreen brings us back to the realities of why we protest, organize, write and publish.

When we begin thinking of war as some sort of drama being acted out in a land we have never seen, Nesreen reminds us of the children, mothers and fathers. She reminds us of the terrible details of what the U.S. has wrought in the war on the people of Iraq … the lost child trying to find a familiar face, the shocked mother, staggering aimlessly down a cratered street … the father, staring in disbelief at the body of his child in the back of a pickup truck, the poisoning of Iraqi soil with depleted uranium, the massive destruction on Iraq’s infrastructure and economy.

Living in faraway lands, one can feel the feelings of the writer for her dreamland called Iraq, yearning for her country, a country which was first occupied by Saddam Hussain’s brutal dictatorship and then invaded twice  by the Neoconic cabal under Bush the junior that ruled United States from 2001-2009.
And here now what Nesreen writes… [Nayyar]


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