Obama’s great reversal is the key to the Psywar

Taking command: President Obama talks with members of the national security team in the White House situation room following the conclusion of the mission





by Peter Chamberlin


The United States, in 2011, is in a strange, sad state.  The people stand (or sit), sick and divided, despairing over the fact that we cannot force logic upon our friends and relatives, seeing them wallow in the nothingness of political delusion.  Half of the people believe in the official national narrative being spoon-fed to us daily by Washington.  The other half is certain that the “official version” of all recent key historical events is a lie, intended to mislead the misinformed American people into going along passively with the great national lie.

The strangeness of the moment in time, which may finally entomb the entire race, is compounded by the great reversal in the narrative, which Barack Obama is forcing upon us.  He has moved in secret, so as to create the deceptive appearance of separation between his administration and the revolutionaries, insurgents and terrorists who are reversing the narrative in the oil regions.

He is covertly deploying the assets prepared by the Bush Administration to carry-out the next phase of the American “war of aggression.”  (The war that was allegedly begun as a defensive war has long been exposed to be an unending resource war of aggression.)  It is becoming apparent that the “war” has a strong element of political warfare, fought by both violent and non-violent means.

North African and Middle Eastern, radical activists have been carefully selected by CIA behavioral technicians, who have brought selected radicals who demonstrated great leadership potential, to the United States for special training in political agitation by State Dept. NGOs (“non-governmental organizations”), before being returned to their homelands with essential electronic gear and funding, to carry-out the destabilizing skills that they have been taught.

 The “Arab spring” movement, war on Libya, support of Bahraini repression, the coming Pakistani double-cross, as well as a possible double-cross of both sides of the Israel/Palestinian issue—all of these simultaneous events are key elements of Obama’s great reversal of the national narrative.  The alleged killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan at this precise time is intended to “flip” the opinions of the American majority, so that they will support a new war against Pakistan, our old ally.

The theme of the reversal is the “genius of Obama.”  This gambit is an attempt to repair Obama’s image, after he has exposed himself to be a slimier carbon copy of George Bush.  It is a carefully choreographed psychological warfare operation, intended to capture the minds of the unbelievers—to convince the misinformed American masses that our government is doing the right things in the world, instead of their exact opposites.  Our government is in the business of creating and multiplying evil, and all the people of the world, except for Americans, understand this fact.

The great national narrative that keeps so many of us deceived and delusional makes the unsubstantiated claim that we are at war with international terrorism, even though the opposite of this statement is closer to the truth—our government has created most of the militant groups that are called “terrorists” today, even the infamous “al-Qaeda.” 

We armed and organized the “Mujahideen” who fought the Soviets in Afghanistan, then allegedly cutting-off their supplies and funding after the Russians pulled-out.  These fighters then merged with volunteers from local religious schools (madrassas), who called themselves “Taliban” (the translation for “students”).

Despite the government claim that the CIA abandoned the Mujahideen before they became the Taliban, thousands of recruits from this same group were drafted to fight a series of covert wars for the CIA, stretching from Bosnia, to Chechnya, to Egypt and Libya, and beyond.

The truth about the American terror war is that it is a clean-up operation, eliminating the leadership and foot-soldiers we have hired and trained to fight for us in these covert wars. It is only half-true, that we are cleaning-up the mess that we have created in using radical militants as elements of American foreign policy—we are still using many of those same militants to conduct America’s secret policies in Libya, Iraq and in Russia, among other targeted states.

In Obama’s great reversal, we sometimes claim to fight against our old “al-Qaeda” militants, other times, the connections between us are revealed.  This contradiction is the Achilles’ heel of the national program of psychological warfare aimed at the American people and the rest of humanity.  How we exploit this contradiction to the advantage of the beleaguered human race, is a question that remains unanswered.  Our great hope is that sanity will prevail when the great push is on to invade Pakistan, since they have been caught red-handed by the Abbotabad raid, as the protectors of bin Laden and his gang.

It is highly unlikely that anything we can do will penetrate the American blood-lust now being celebrated at the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden, but there is a chance that the “official story” about bin Laden’s killing and disposal at sea, that is being supplemented by the photoshop image of the allegedly freshly killed bin Laden will inspire more people to question the line of garbage being fed us.  After the dust settles from whatever is planned next, perhaps more people will recall these new lies in the chain of constant lies that have led us from one war to the next war.

Whatever happens next, perhaps it will be so morally outrageous that it will, at least, derail the lying Barack Obama, denying him a second term.


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These gimmicks can’t bail out America [3 of 4]

The mystery surrounding the recent Pakistani arrests of Afghan Taliban leaders can best be seen in this & the following alleged pictures of Mullah Abdul Salaam.  This one is from the German magazine Der Spiegel.  It may be remembered that the northern Afghan territory of Kunduz is allegedly under Salaam’s command, a district under German NATO troops].



by Peter Chamberlin


The TTP project continued to rain havoc upon Pakistan, forcing the Army to finally take action, even though the local tribes had opposed past military offensives.  The TTP would rain such hell down upon the heads of the innocent people of FATA and the NWFP that they would welcome the Army with open arms and even accept an American drone war in their midst.  Anything, as long as someone got rid of those pesky militants! (more…)

Arresting Taliban to Cover America’s Ass [2 of 4]

Muslim Khan, [one of Pakistan’s most wanted] arrested by Pakistani security forces. Muslim Khan was chief spokesman for the TTP in Swat. He was the first one in the series in which many others Taliban leaders including those from Afghanistan [ fighting against NATO & ISAF forces in Afghanistan] have been arrested by Pakistan.



by Peter Chamberlin


The multitude of theories on the reasons for the arrests are divided between cooperation and confrontation theories, either it is explained by mutual interests or by rivalries.  In my opinion, it is both. (more…)

Comments on Peter Chamberlin’s Article: Arresting Taliban to cover America’s Ass [1 of 4]

According to reports from the western media, Afghan Taliban deputy leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Barodar, image above, was leading peace efforts, after having been released from custody in Pakistan. The reports said: Barodar has been meeting with Taliban commanders in Afghanistan and Pakistan, with security guarantees from both governments and the US.
Four other Pakistan-based Taliban leaders supportive of Barodar are also thought to have been in contact with US authorities, and are reported to have travelled into Afghanistan under NATO escort on several occasions.
But the ISI, Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence said “there is no truth in the fact that Barodar was released recently”. It was amid such conflicting reports that ISI ultimately declared that it indeed had arrested the Mullah, reported to be the deputy commander of the Afghan Taliban.




by Nayyar Hashmey


An Afghan official says two Taliban “shadow governors” from northern Afghanistan have been arrested by Pakistani authorities, including one very senior commander for the militant group in the country’s north. These arrests are the subject of this article written by my friend Peter Chamberlin.  Another friend then asked me to put this article under review and give my own personal opinion].

So here now is this 2 piece article by Peter Chamberlin, followed by my own observations on what has been said- been so meticulously analyzed in his article. As I promised to a friend in absentia (for I have never met him in person, yet he is such a lovable soul, a man with beautiful thoughts and kind wishes for the whole of humanity that you enjoy and benefit having a meaningful dialogue with him). (more…)

Paramilitary Pretense, Who Controls the Predators?

(Left) In an exclusive interview to As-Sahab, an Islamic website, Mullah Nazir of South Waziristan gives his version of ‘Pakistani Taliban phenomena.
’In a world where all the Western media and most of the foreign press has proven that it cannot be trusted to tell the truth we cannot possibly know who our soldiers are fighting in Pakistan or why.  Every news source gives another version of the “official truth” as determined by the powers that be.  We know that we are witnessing at least one strategic “great game” unfolding in the region, more likely, there are multiple psychological warfare operations playing-out in Pakistan’s western region.

Both the US and the Pakistani Government lie about Taliban

When both, the American and the Pakisani government regularly lie about the Taliban that they fight and others that they want to fight, then it makes as much sense to find reports by someone who has interviewed the accused militants themselves.  The following quotes [in dark blue] are from Pakistani Taliban TTP leader Maulvi Nazir, taken from an interview with him on the Islamic site As-Sahab.
Should we ever believe the word of a “terrorist/freedom fighter,” for that matter, should we ever believe words crafted by psy-operators?  Whatever the truth about this man’s words, the As-Sahab interview is a rare opportunity to peer into the mind of a TTP leader.
At 34, Mulla Nazeer Ahmad is representative of the new Taliban, just like his teammates Nek Mohammad, Baitullah Mehsud, Maulana Fazlullah and the Dadullah brothers.

Why do most of the Taliban commanders use titles such as Mullah, Maulvi or Maulana? Who trains them?

This is the new Taliban, most of them bearing the honorary title of  “Mullah, Maulvi or Maulana,” because they are graduates of the *radical Saudi/US Sunni madrassas where, from an early age, they are brainwashed, by studying radicalized texts, such as the disinformative “Jihadi textbooks*” which were produced for the CIA by the University of Nebraska’s Afghanistan Department. )Tutored in the guerilla sciences in the CIA/ISI training camps which were built for “jihad” against the Soviet occupation forces, too young to participate themselves, these “extremist” radicalized boys were *ticking time bombs, awaiting the next jihad.
Here in the tribal areas, the Mujahideen are content with war. When there is no war, they start depressing. We are not afraid of war. War has raised the spirits of the Mujahideen.
This second-generation militant army was set into play as part of the long-range plans of the first extremist American president and vice president, Ronald Reagan and Bush Sr., by the same two out-of-control spy agencies who had trained and armed their brothers and fathers in the eighties. *The continuity of their plan determined US foreign policy for the next thirty years.)  In 1996 a second extremist American president set these mujahedeen veterans and trainees loose upon the people of the former Yugoslavia.  Again, in 2001, a third extremist American administration called forth the militant militia, this time to play act the part of a mythic Islamic army of superpower stature.  From the remnants of the final battle of the Cold War arose “al Qaida,” the threatening slayer of superpowers.
This interview with Pakistani Taliban leader Nazir or ”Nazeer” offers a unique glimpse into this “enemy” conjured-up by the CIA and the Pakistani secret service ISI, to represent all of the Islamic world in this apocalyptic Republican production of a “clash of civilizations.” In contradiction to every story on the unfolding war against Pakistan that is carried by the subservient American, Pakistani, Indian and British presses, Nazir tries to set the record straight on who he is and who his men are fighting, before the Obama escalation gets underway and every unofficial news story gets swept away by the Western news filters.

ISI LOGO Pakistan_thumb[3]

Maulvi Nazir should know the truth about recent CIA/ISI collaboration in the war on terror, since he has lately been the focus of a psychological warfare operation known as the “Taliban split.”  For the past year he has been a special target of the most expensive manhunt in history, with Predator drones sweeping the land in “open season” hunts on Pakistani Taliban leaders. Dozens of remote controlled hunter/killers have prowled the skies over S. Waziristan trying to get a Hellfire missile shot at this slippery leader (they wounded him once).

Mullah Nazir denies he is working for Pakistan’s ISI

In the interview, Nazir dispels the manufactured myth that he has been working with the Pakistani Army to separate the “moderate Taliban” from the unreconcilable “al Qaida” types.  He claims that the dispute within the Pakistani Taliban between himself and Baitullah Mehsud was brought about by the ISI to split the movement.  He denies that the Taliban have attacked anyone other than military forces, or that they were part of the group that attacked Mumbai, alluding to another militant group at work in the area.
We do not know the Mujahideen who sacrificed their lives in India, but we lament our loss that why we could not go forth ourselves to lay down our lives there. The sacrifice they offered was a very great one. It lofted the spirits of the Mujahideen. We pray for them and consider them to be sincere with Allah. As for India, it should know that immense numbers of the Mujahideen lie awaiting for them here in the tribal areas and inside Pakistan. If it proceeds to attack, then let it be aware that Allah willing, we are fully able to answer back and too ready to give away our lives..

Terms Jihad in Kashmir as wrong coz both governments i.e. of India and Pakistan are Kufr (the infidels)

He rejects the separate peace deal that was signed between the TNSM militant group led by Maulana Fazlullah and the ANP led government of the NWFP, prior to military operation in Swat, Dir & Bajaur as a deception to divide the organization. He rejects the militant groups waging war against India in Kashmir as tools of ISI.
This is an affair being run by the ISI and it is ludicrous to hope that the Shariah or Islam shall come this way. Thus the Jihad through which the ISI has put people into deception can bear no fruit. Our advice to those of our brothers is that they should support us here and join forces with us. We offer sacrifices to establish the Shariah and the law of Allah. The Kashmiri Jihad does not help us forward in achieving our objectives. There is a law of kufr in India and a law given by the British in Pakistan. One of these two brands of kufr shall prevail in Kashmir. It isn’t Islam that would reign…and so our sacrifices will go in vain.
It is our sincere advice to those of our Mujahid brothers that they should renounce servitude to the ISI.

TTP funded by India, Russia or Israel?

Nazir refutes local conspiracy theories that claim his group works for, or is funded by India, Russia or Israel (but he fails to mention Iran).
These tribes have done Jihad against the British and the Soviets before this, and we simply are Mujahideen. This propaganda against us is absolutely false. We have risen for Jihad and are giving sacrifices to establish the rule of Shariah. The assertions that we have come from India and that MOSAD finances us are a stratagem of the ISI. We haven’t received money from anyone and have been Mujahideen from old times. These tribes have been sacrificing since the British era and are laying down their lives to this day. We fight with them in Afghanistan too and are enemies of the occupation forces there. This propaganda is utterly false and groundless. Anyone who is in doubt should come here and observe us and have a look at the state of affairs…and then come to a decision about who gives us money…is it India or someone else? Pakistan has put the people in deception that India or perhaps Russia finances us. Come on! We have warred Russia before this! And we are enemies to India and MOSAD.


He says that the terror attacks against other Muslims at local markets and mosques are the work of the government or someone hired by the government.
Actually, it is the ISI that does operations in mosques, not the Mujahideen. They are enemies to us and so they scare people about us being thugs and things like that. We are Mujahideen and we never carry out martyrdom operations in the vicinity of Muslims. It is the Army upon which we execute such operations. The Army is our target because it has aided the Americans. We do carry out martyrdom operations throughout Pakistan but we renounce and condemn those of them in mosques and marketplaces. It is our enemy that does it.

Drone attacks conducted with an understanding and support of the Government of Pakistan

Nazir claims that all the “spies” who were executed lately for planting tracking devices for Predator drone attacks worked for the ISI. Nazir also contends that the whole public uproar over the Predator attacks is a stage-managed production, since the ISI already controls the targeting of the drones by planting these SIM-card transmitters.
Pakistan has misled the common people that America carries out these attacks and we cannot do anything to stop them. All the spies that we have caught turned out to be employees of Pakistan. The location-tracking SIMs that they used, had been provided by Pakistan. We have also released their video clips. The spyware and intelligence is fully associated with the Army. A couple of days ago, an American CIA officer confessed that Pakistan’s airbases are being used for these attacks and that Pakistan itself is involved in them. They have even threatened us themselves that it is we who are striking you and that either you should renounce Jihad or we would attack. The assertion that America is behind this and we are helpless is only meant to deceive the public. All these attacks that have happened and are still happening are the work of Pakistan.
The entire drama generated in the international media over these ongoing drone attacks has been intended to raise Americans’ temperatures and to agitate the Pakistani people into embracing a war against the American and Pakistani-created “Taliban.”  It is extremely difficult to understand why individuals within the Pakistani government and military would participate in this plot to dismember Pakistan. The pay-off must have been irresistible.  It should be obvious by now that a large segment of Pakistan’s leaders work for the American government.

The purpose of the “Taliban split” psyop was to convince the people of Pakistan and the United States that there was a growing division between our governments, especially between our spy agencies.  We were supposed to believe that the Taliban were exclusively a Pakistani creation, forgetting that the entire operation was CIA from start to finish, in order to create a straw man foil to America’s role of hero, as it led a Western crusade to end this international “terrorist” operationPakistan was to be our patsy in a genocidal operation, intended to sacrifice India and Pakistan to save the gods of Wall Street. (more…)
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