Me, My College and My Physics Professor





By Nayyar Hashmey


5th October is World Teacher’s Day. While recollecting my memories of all the teachers I had,, I just asked myself; who was my best teacher and spontaneously came the reply, Hameed Askari. As I have also mentioned in this post on my favourite teacher, Physics has never been my cup of tea, yet all credit goes to my late teacher who imbibed in me a keen interest in this otherwise bore subject.

After having done my FSc, I didn’t continue my career in medicine, nor did I continue with Physics as major in my Graduate studies, yet the way Askari Sahib taught us Physics, I always remained in touch with things that Physics tells us in our practical world.

On this day of the teachers, I put up this post which is a bit of my memory of the teacher I revered as a mentor, loved as a father and honoured as a guide.


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