Updates: November 2013 (WondersofPakistan.com/)


Dear all, 

Following is a wrap up of posts put up on Wonders of Pakistan  (http://wondersofpakistan.com/) in the month of November 2013. 

Since some features of the site continue to be under process, therefore, some of these may either be missing or may not be working. Nevertheless, we are trying that these are sorted out soon. Your feed back in this regard is much appreciated.

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November 2013

Total # of posts this month: 16 


1.    Jeewé Jorhi Sheraan dì


Posted November 06, 2013

2.   FATA: An Introduction


Posted November 10, 2013

3.   Fighting Terrorism: Military Operations Were a Success


Posted November 10, 2013

4.    A Sinister Proposal


Posted November 13, 2013

5.    Ashura: The Day When Love Died


Posted November 13, 2013

6.    After Every Karbala


Posted November 13, 2013

7.    Hussain’s Greatness


Posted November 15, 2013

8.   “Photoshopping”



Posted November 18, 2013

 9.    A Class of Her Own [1]


Posted November 19, 2013

10.   A Class of Her Own [2]


Posted Oct 19, 2013

11.   A Class of Her Own [3]


Posted November 19, 2013

12.   15 minutes in the world of ‘nowhere’ meeting two angelic humans


Posted November 23, 2013

 13.   Espresso Sospeso (1)


Posted November 26, 2013

 14.   Espresso Sospeso (2)


Posted November 26, 2013

15.   Pictures from the magic kingdom of love, courage, and kindness


Posted November 30, 2013

16.   Kind Faces of Humanity


Posted November 30, 2013

In addition to the title of each post which is linked to the post (hover your mouse over title and click), have also given the respective URL’s. If the title doesn’t work, copy paste the URL in your search bar, and you will likewise reach the desired post.  Plz go though content of your choice. As always I would be glad to have your brief, review or comment (or even a note of dissent).  






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    Updates: November 2013 (WondersofPakistan.com/) | Wonders of Pakistan

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