Updates: September 2013 (WondersofPakistan.com/)


Dear all, 

Following is a wrap up of posts put up on Wonders of Pakistan  (http://wondersofpakistan.com/) in the month of September 2013. 

Since this site is still in a transitory stage, therefore, some of the links in the site may not be working. Nevertheless, we are working on this and soon all links, and other things missing will be updated.. Your feed back in this regard will be much appreciated.

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Total # of posts this month: 20 

1.    Modern Day Feminism is a Fig Leaf for an Anti-Islamic Crusade


Posted 06 Sep 2013

2.    11 Awkward Photos That Prove What We All Knew About U.S. Foreign Policy


Posted 10 Sep 2013

3.    Murdering The Wretched Of The Earth


Posted 11 Sep 2013

4.    الطاف بھائی دی نویں فتوری گھڑوُس


Posted 11 Sep 2013

5.    Getting to the bottom of the rebels’ chemical weapons use in Syria [1 of 2]


Posted 12 Sep 2013

6.    Getting to the bottom of the rebels’ chemical weapons use in Syria [2 of 2]


Posted 12 Sep 2013

7.    Whose Karachi is it?


Posted 14 Sep 2013

8.    A beautiful Bird With A Soft Heart


Posted 14 Sep 2013

9.    The West Dethroned —Washington is “The Axis of Evil”


Posted 15 Sep 2013

10.   Putin Rebuffs Obama


Posted 15 Sep 2013

11.   Nothing like a Ford Truck……..


Posted 18 Sep 2013

12.   I did it, I had it


Posted 16 Sep 2013

13.   Should Karachi be handed over to the Army [1 of 2]


Posted 18 Sep 2013

14.   Should Karachi be handed over to the Army [2 of 2]


Posted 18 Sep 2013

15.   Commando complex


Posted 19 Sep 2013

16.   Nanotechnology and us


Posted 21 Sep 2013

17.   Leaders who do not heed


Posted 25 Sep 2013

18.   We are Martyred due to our Love for Pakistan


Posted 28 Sep 2013

19.   No More Lies, Mr. Obama!


Posted 29 Sep 2013

20.   Sunday Mass murder


Posted 30 Sep 2013

In addition to the title of each post which is linked to the post (hover your mouse over title and click), have also given the respective URL’s. If the title doesn’t work, copy paste the URL in your search bar, and you will likewise reach the desired post.


Plz go though content of your choice. As always I would be glad to have your brief, review or comment (or even a note of dissent).




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