Oh The memories…Growing up in Pakistan




by Nayyar Hashmey


Again our good old friend Zjeddy sends this beautiful piece. While reading this artful description of the good old days, I recalled my own past days when the rural-urban divide was not so deep as it has gone these days. Those were the simple but most enjoyable days of a simple life, simple games which were primitive yet innovative, rudimentaries, yet worth enjoying and the simplest of all, the most natural of all games back to nature, the addicion of nature watching turned into plays, the cloud games:


As I watch the clouds across the sky,
I am taken back to years gone by,
With the family in the cart on Sunday afternoon.
Someone would see a shape and pretty soon,
the cloud game would start:
Which was to see who could find,
The most cloud shapes of any kind.

There were always fish, big small boats, too,
As well as birds and animals up there in the blue.
Sometimes we could even see some big man’s face-
Just name what you will, it was there someplace!

This watching the clouds was an interesting game;
No two shapes were ever the same.
One’s imagination had to be pretty good-
This game helped keep young minds off of any more food!


I don’t know who wrote this piece, may be an Indian guy or a Pakistani,. No idea. Nevertheless I am putting up this here for you to read and enjoy the story…. of our good old days. A Must Read if you grew up in Pakistan.

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