Wahhabi Doctrine: Origin and the Manifest under House of Saud [2 of 3]

Ibne Saud had widespread ambitions of his own for further consolidation and expansion of his rule. An astute operator, he immediately saw the value of Abdel Wahab’s new religion of naked atrocity for furthering his own aims for power. To put arrangements on a proper footing, a formal compact was signed between Ibne Saud and Abdel Wahab. This compact, which holds undisputed validity even stands till this day.





Dear readers of this blog, today I have a story to tell. Very few tell this story as it is. You will need to read this several times and read this with full attention to the subject am talking about. If you do that you will gain a valuable insight which will help to guard you against bad pitfalls.

As I sit with my PC thinking where to start this essay, the TV before me is blaring more bad news.

It reports, as it does every day, that the brave Islamic “terrorists” have shot and killed four helpless women who were junior government functionaries employed to go around house to house delivering polio drops to infants.

God! Why does this killing go on day after day? Who are the“terrorists?”

This is a long, sad story and there is a lot more to explain. A small guy like me cannot tell it all, but perhaps I can offer some hints. Then you can go on and look for more, yourself. Now please sit up and read attentively. Or close this window and find another time to read the rest of this heart-rending tale.

First a little bit of geography.

Look at these two maps below – of Saudi Arabia.




The map on the top shows the area of Arabia called Hejaz. This area also hosts Mekka and Madina. Our holy Prophet is from there, so he is also referred to as Hejazi.

Map below shows the area called Najd. This desert highland lies to the east of Hejaz and spans the middle area of modern Saudi Arabia something like this:


Now to continue. On one occasion our Holy Prophet (SAWW) was sitting surrounded by many people. That was usual. Someone catches the attention of the Prophet (SAWW) and asks for prayer for his home area, Yemen. The Prophet raises his hands and prays for Yemen.

Someone else makes a similar request for Najd. The Prophet pays him no attention. Someone else requests prayer for Syria. The Holy Prophet immediately complies. The earlier person again requests prayer for Najd. The Holy Prophet again ignores. Later when the same person makes the same request for the third time the Holy Prophet says, please note: 

“From Najd will arise two horns of Satan.”

I would also like to relate two other ahadith which please keep in mind as you read along.

“I do not fear that shirk will enter my umma.” “But I do fear the time when they will come into great wealth.”

To digress a little, we are all impressed by the enormous religiosity we see in Saudi Arabia, for instance. Is it fake? Not at all. So here we come to another important incident in the life of the Holy Prophet. In this incident we once again meet with another man, from where? Of course from Najd!

Our Holy prophet, in the presence of sahaba, was distributing some materials to various persons. Amongst those present was a man from Najd, of the tribe of Bani Tameem, by the name of Zul Khwasir. He gets up and says
“Muhammad, fear Allah.”

Replied the Holy Prophet, if I don’t fear Allah, who will?”

After this comment, Zul Khwasir, the Gustakh-e-Rasool, turned around and stomped out in sheer arrogance. This show of disrespect enraged those present. Khalid Bin Walid asked the Prophet for permission to go after the man. That was refused. However, the Prophet (SAWW) made significant remarks to the following effect:

Remember the appearance of this man. From this man will come a people who will recite the Quran but its message will flee away from them like an arrow which has left the bow. These people will kill Muslims. The appearance of this man has been described as one with deep sunken eyes, a bushy beard, a prominent dark mark on his broad forehead and every sign of a staunchly practicing Muslim.

Abdel Wahab Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab, the founding father of the Wahhabi doctrine. 

Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab, the founding father of Wahhabism, writes the following in establishing a key doctrinal argument of his innovated religion: as also from Najd, and was from the same tribe of Bani Tameem. He created a religion dedicated to killing Muslims.

But let us get go back to the main story. Time moves on. We come to the 18th century. On Nov. 15th, 1703, a man was born in Najd in a town called Uyayna again in the same tribe called Bani Tameem. He was named Muhammad Abdel Wahab by his father who was a man learned in Islamic books. Abdel Wahab lived a long life of up to 90. He died in 1792. Abdel Wahab took a lot of interest in studying Islam.

Strangely, he was immensely attracted by a 13th century religious cleric by the name of Ibne Taymiyyah. Ibne Taymiyya, on the basis of his convoluted thought processes came to the discovery that the parents of the holy Prophet (SAWW), were kafirs. 

Please remember the Holy Prophet’s parents had died before the advent of the Prophet’s mission. Ibne Taymiyyah also argued that anyone visiting the Roza Mubarak of the Holy Prophet was in deep shirk and also that Allah’s angels who were reported to be visiting the Roza Mubarak were also mushrik. 

Ibn Taymiyyah was arrested for blasphemy. He died in jail. This man’s works thereafter went under the carpet where they lay dormant over the next 500 years – until the 18th century. Then he was re-found and re-energized by Abdel Wahab, who incorporated Ibne Taymiyyah’s ideas as key articles of faith in his new religion. But let us resume our main story.

Young Abdul Wahab was a sharp student of religion. Evenso, he found great merit, not in mainstream Islam, but, as I said, in the long-lost theories of Ibne- Taymiyyah, especially focused on the theories of universal shirk amongst Muslims. Once his mind was made up, and, in direct contradiction to the Hadith I quoted above that shirk will not enter this ummah, this new radical stood up and declared unilaterally that



His father, who noticed clear indication in his son as a “Gustakh-e-Rasool” and also noticed his acute ambition and propensity for evil, threw him out. This was not the end but the start of his son’s mission. The theory of shirk was invented by contorting the definition of shirk to an absurd extent.

Other innocent terms were also massively changed to fit the new religion. These words were shirk, bidah and ghulu. One needs to understand this. To do that please spare a few minutes to see the short video at the following link:


The speaker is an Arab but English sub-titles help.

You will need to go elsewhere for a full biography of Abdel Wahab, but in time he fell in partnership with a local warrior named Ibne Saud. This vile character is characterized as “warlord” of Najd.

Ibne Saud had widespread ambitions of his own for further consolidation and expansion of his rule. An astute operator, he immediately saw the value of Abdel Wahab’s new religion of naked atrocity for furthering his own aims for power. To put arrangements on a proper footing, a formal compact was signed between Ibne Saud and Abdel Wahab. This compact, which holds undisputed validity even today, had many clauses, such as:

1. Thrust for power would rest on Abdel Wahab’s undiluted proclamations and edicts of the new religion with special emphasis on killing of mushrikeen.

2. Property of killed mushrikeen were property of the “Mujahideen.” Property included all assets, not only physical assets but also surviving women who would be taken as sex slaves/concubines.

3. Once power is expanded and consolidated, all absolute administrative authority, that is kingship, would rest with Ibne Saud and his progeny.

4. The power of the clergy would vest with Abdul Wahab and his offspring.

5. These two powerful branches of state shall operate without friction against each other. (Which is why we never see any maulvi commenting on the horrendous and shameful conduct of the royals of Saudi Arabia.)
Ibne Saud’s daughter was married to Abdel Wahab as a seal of the contract.

AND THUS: At long last, the grave prophecy of the rise of two horns of Satan from Najd had materialized!

OK. So what happens next? Implementation.

Again, I cannot tell here the entire story of all that led up to the declaration of the kingship of the House of Saud in 1932, the only country named after a man, by himself. Significantly, its capital, Riyadh, was placed in Najd, not in Hejaz.

The story of the rise of the Horns of Satan is, amongst other things, a story of great horror: of massive genocides of Muslims, their murders, loot, rape, brigandage. This is the story of one of recent history’s big free-for-alls of a bandit king, his off-spring and his allies.

These allies included England and France, colonial countries who had their eyes on the destruction of the ruling Ottoman Empire for swallowing up their dominions in the Middle East. Even though I cannot describe here detailed story of the vast brigandage and murder in the criminal history of the ascension to power of the House of Saud together with, and building upon, the religion of Abdel Wahab, however, relevant references to well-documented and researched books on the subject are available.

Exact estimates of Muslim men, women and infants murdered by these diabolical killers are not easy to come by. General assessments have placed the number of fatal casualties of Muslims at between 2 to 2.5 lakhs.

Here I will tell a little only about some of the blood-curdling atrocities perpetrated in the name of Islam.

The Wahabi forces surrounded Taif. It is a town in Hejaz. The outnumbered residents sued for peace by accepting offered terms that they accept the religion of Abdel Wahab. Gates of the city were opened after agreement. Wahabi armed men then entered the city and SLAUGHTERED EVERYONE, men, women and infants. Here I will hand you over to a historian who died a hundred years ago. Please click on link below and listen to the video talk.



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