Eid Greetings



We at Wonders of Pakistan wish all our readers, a very happy Eid Mubarik.

Eid-ul-Azha is a symbol of a great sacrifice. Let this symbol be a struggle for peace not only for people of Pakistan but for all peoples around the globe. Let the humanity have the joyous, and festive spirit of Eid-ul-Azha to enter an era of peace, security and progress. Amen!


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6 replies to “Eid Greetings

  1. @ Dr. NAYYAR, It is about your Eid greeting.

    During Eid=ul-Azha, we find blood of animals every where and you are talking about peace on this day,

    Ayesi Id Aapko hi mubarak.

    We are waiting the judgement on related issue subjudicial in Pakistani court.

    About half of the human population living on this earth is feeling the pain of mass slaughter of animals on this single day, but you shouldn’t forget that some one of them is thinking these animals equal to their real mother.

    As an environmentalist and as a vocal commenter I would like to repeat..

    Ayesi Eid. ..AAPKO…..hi mubarak.

    1. 4YOU
      Slaughter of humans is GOOD
      Slaughter of animals is BAD
      Attack on innocent lives by rains and reigns of terror is GOOD
      Attack on rains and reigns of terror is BAD
      Attack on others’ faith is GOOD
      Attack on others’ faith is GOOD
      Attack on others’ faith is GOOD
      But attack on my own faith is BAD

  2. @ Dr. Nayyar, Its not faith but prejudice and blind faith. Its though a fact that Hajrat Ibrahim offered the life of his own son as the supreme sacrifice to show his devotion to the will of Allah s.w.t., who was later turned alive by God’s will, yet the innocent non lingual animals are now the loveliest thing for Muslims to sacrifice in the name of Allah. However, its also a fact that these animals are a part of our extended family and many Muslims do it not as a token of that supreme sacrifice but more so as a ritual, a custom to show more of extravagance in the name of Qurbani (sacrifice) than a qurbani in its real spirit.
    An interesting but abhorring fact is this, that most Mullahs reject the idea of a real spirit of qurbani and propagate it more as a religious riwaj (or custom).

    1. You are right Dr. Sahib,
      In many ways, the spirit of sacrifice has by and large gone away from what Allah ordained all Muslims to follow at the time of Eid-ul-azha.

      Many Muslims practice it more as a ritual than what originally has been the concept of animal sacrifice on the greater Eid.

      I personally do believe that there is a lot of room to incorporate the spirit of Itehad, but its quite unfortunate that a majority of Muslim population is either illiterate or half educated and hence blindly follows the Mullahs and these Mullahs are like typical priests in other faiths, who always dislike a modern approach to theological matters, which is why the supreme concept of sacrifice in the name of Allah on Eid-ul-Azha sometimes becomes a mere ritual.

      Its because of these times and practices that Allama Iqbal lamented on the state of Muslims in the subcontinent when he saw that Muslims relegate themselves more to rituals than the real connotation of Islam as a Deen.

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